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Saturday, February 23, 2019

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
the decibels ~ sometime in the morning (the monkees cover)
i was a king ~ hatchet [Norway]
mikey collins ~ waste
fanclub ~ dreamers
lost tapes ~ six by six [Spain]
plant cell ~ kaleidoscope (rebuild) [Japan]
the boys with the perpetual nervousness ~ close the doors
picnic republic ~ make it happen! ~ homework [France]
the artisans ~ two hits, three misses
pale spectres ~ better than love [France]
le superhomard ~ karaoking ~ meadow lane park [France]
los bonsais ~ ¡no quiero salir! ~ hinoki [Spain]
cariño ~ momento inadecuado ~ movidas [Spain]
the primitives ~ lose the reason (reworked by modular)
space daze ~ cosmic sign
swimming tapes ~ pyrenees [Sweden]
neleonard ~ podemos [Spain]
kero kero bonito ~ hey parents
jens lekman ~ wedding in finistere [Sweden]
le superhomard ~ SDVB ~ meadow lane park [France]
la casa azul ~ podria ser peor [Spain]
nos miran ~ no te veo enamorado [Spain]
CSS ~ hits me like a rock [Brazil]
1:20pm Surf Set
the volcanics ~ vesuvian
9th wave ~ victory at sunset
martin cilia ~ koko head
the vibrants ~ wildfire
space party ~ spanish song
the surfites ~ gnarly charlie brown
the meltones ~ go big or go home ~ surf sensation
burt rocket ~ savage iceland ~ savage iceland
watoo watoo ~ au fond des allees [France]
stereolab ~ international colouring contest ~ mars audiac quintet
the pirouettes ~ danser dans les boites de nuit [France]
melicoton ~ les filles de perimony [France]
double francois ~ les french chanteuses [France]
clementine ~ agua de beber [Brazil]
mermonte ~ motorique [France]
carriere solo ~ so low [France]
yelle ~ florence en italie [France]
candids ~ sun [France]
tahiti 80 ~ crush! [France]
skittle alley ~ it's hard to find love [France]
alpaca sports ~ eiffel tower  [Sweden]
los bonsais ~ presentimiento ~ hinoki [Spain]
the ambient light ~ you
1900 yesterday ~ hey you [Indonesia]
anne marie ~ we do [Indonesia]
seal pillow ~ sensei [Thailand]
humsikk ~ i can always be around you [Indonesia]
lazy eye ~ sun lover [Indonesia]
the lousy pop group ~ i'm waiting for you to shine [Indonesia]
tullycraft ~ hearts at the sound ~ the railway prince hotel

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Indie pop music for your Valentine's Week!

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
alpaca sports ~ i'll do anything you want ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
acid house kings ~ say yes if you love me [Sweden]
red sleeping beauty ~ top love [Sweden]
brideshead ~ love & happiness ~ never grow up [Germany]
goodly thousands ~ kiss me upside-down
rizumu & ikkubaru ~ love sunset [Japan]
musique le pop ~ falling in love [Norway]
tv girl ~ legendary lovers ~ death of a party girl
the school ~ valentine
le mans ~ oh romeo romeo! [Spain]
PEP ~ as lovers
tracyanne & danny ~ it can't be love unless it hurts
the perfect english weather ~ the sweetest feeling
math and physics club ~ that's what love is
pelle carlberg ~ i love you, you imbecile [Sweden]
rocketship ~ kisses are promises
skittle alley ~ boy meets girl [France]
bubblegum lemonade ~ your valentine (takes me back in time)
the decibels ~ thinking about you ~ scene, not herd
push kings ~ the wild ones
lunchbox ~ give a little love
kensei ogata ~ someone will love you [Japan]
the dayoffs ~ love, love, love
teenage fanclub ~ what you do to me
1:20pm Surf Set
the concussions ~ a skilled, generous lover ~ newaygo sound machine
dick dale & the del-tones ~ take it off
sputnicks ~ so much love
men in grey suits ~ pray for sex
the volcanics ~ fool around ~ stompin' garage
the kilaueas ~ why do fools fall in lava ~ touch my alien
fazerdaze ~ bedroom talks ~ morningside [New Zealand]
benjamin schoos feat. dent may ~ all night every night [Belgium]
pains of being pure at heart ~ young adult friction
summer aviation ~ love so fine
rocket 3 ~ i choose love
youth in my videotapes ~ you don't know i love you [Japan]
guille milkyway ~ in love [Spain]
lia pamina ~ wrap your love around my heart [Spain]
the yearning ~ how do you make somebody fall in love?
holiday ~ obviously love
girls ~ saying i love you
cozy catastrophes ~ coworkers in love
the spook school ~ i want to kiss you
franny & zooey ~ i love you [Dominican Republic]
go sailor ~ together forever in love
gabardine ~ it's love ~ constant and true - a tribute to the songs of rose melberg
softies ~ i love you more
heavenly ~ our love is heavenly
allo darlin' ~ kiss your lips
the muscadettes ~ i'm in love
the siddeleys ~ love grows (where my rosemary grows)
camera obscura ~ this is love (feels alright)
bmx bandits ~ i wanna fall in love
alpaca sports ~ i love you [Sweden]
puffy amiyumi ~ angel of love [Japan]
saint etienne ~ lover plays the bass
stereo total ~ amo amor a tres [Germany]
barcelona ~ everything makes me think about sex
post modern team ~ i just wanna make love to you [Japan]
slow beach ~ lover lover [Japan]

Saturday, February 9, 2019

super furry animals  ~ juxtaposed with u
business of dreams ~ keep the blues away
lost tapes ~ the bill [Spain]
rain paints ~ funeral rain [Japan]
fanclub ~ stranger
the perfect english weather ~ pennies in the jar ~ don't you wanna feel the rain?
pearlfishers ~ the young picnickers ~ young picnickers
the sunny street ~ pottery & glass
math and physics club ~ baby i'm yours
girl in red ~ we fell in love in october
young scum ~ wasting time
the icicles ~ outside in
le superhomard ~ paper girl (cucumber remix) [France]
cristina quesada ~ think i heard a rumour ~ hero [Spain]
the pirouettes ~ oublie moi  [France]
cariño ~ bisexual ~ movidas [Spain]
watoo watoo ~ les reflets [France]
la peur ~ raindrops [Indonesia]
double francois ~ peu importe [France]
linus of hollywood ~ ready for something good
orange peels ~ something in you ~ circling the sun
allen clapp & his orchestra ~ something strange happens
someloves ~ know you now
attic lights ~ louis ~ love in the time of shark attacks
ciao bella ~ a glorious night at the YWCA
1:20pm Surf Set
blackball bandits ~ slalom under the pier ~ the lost mission
the shockwave! ~ gasping runner ~ contact from space
surf me up, scotty! ~ coyote
reverberati ~ rotowash ~ combat surf
the doltones ~ les aventuriers ~ dance or die
the mobsmen ~ gold factory ~ fraternitas aurum factorem
the kilaueas ~ la gondola lactasia ~ touch my alien
smokebees ~ miyoko [Japan]
beulah ~ night is the day turned inside out ~ the coast is never clear
teenage fanclub ~ free again
the decibels ~ allison ~ the bart thurber sessions
burrito panza ~ barcelona [Spain]
young agings ~ stars ~ before i go [Japan]
cola jet set ~ ahora te quiero mas [Spain]
fake laugh ~ honesty
saint etienne ~ a good thing
evripidis and his tragedies ~ secrets of the moon [Greece]
the last detail ~ take my hand
tullycraft ~ hearts at the sound ~ the railway prince hotel
the very most ~ you're in love with the sun
apples in stereo ~ seems so ~ tone soul evolution
the minders ~ more and more ~ hooray for tuesday
nothing painted blue ~ K for karnival
holiday ~ here we are again ~ ready, steady, go
velocity girl ~ the all-consumer ~ simpatico
summer cats ~ super
space daze ~ pass you by
the marías ~ Déjate Llevar
destroyer ~ heroes

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Playing lots of music from Japan today!

super furry animals  ~ juxtaposed with u
kero kero bonito ~ fish bowl
the go! team ~ the art of getting by
picnic republic & friends ~ time to feel alright [France]
attic lights ~ ruby's song ~ love in the time of shark attacks
superfriends ~ let's talk about feelings [Japan]
plant cell ~ magenta [Japan]
fazerdaze ~ little uneasy [New Zealand]
club 8 ~ i wasn't much of a fight [Sweden]
elen never sleeps ~ anna from heaven [Japan]
tsuchiyamakoto ~ good morning and farewell [Japan]
super VHS ~ runaway [Japan]
friends ~ since i made a mistake [Japan]
teen runnings ~ high school love [Japan]
young agings ~ unconsciousness ~ before i go [Japan]
TALON ~ someday [Japan]
youthcomics ~ weekend [Japan]
hobby club ~ for maurice
the sweetest touch ~ precious time [Indonesia]
fandaze ~ cloud, cloud [Japan]
boyish ~ color film [Japan]
stereolab ~ hallucinex
yelle ~ tristesse/joie [France]
paellas ~ cat out (in the blue shirt remix) [Japan]
1:25pm Surf Set
centuries ~ outer limits
kingargoolas ~ acme speed dynamite
frankie and the pool boys ~ san quixote
the meltones ~ distant shores
the gamblers ~ moon dawg!
the surfites ~ danger ahead '66
the kilaueas ~ pelangaplopoofarasot ~ touch my alien
the fin. ~ snow (again) [Japan]
post modern team ~ hypnotized [Japan]
lilacs ~ drifting clouds [Japan]
moscow club ~ band of outsiders [Japan]
hotel mexico ~ its twinkle [Japan]
breezesquad ~ living in dullsville [Japan]
pictured resort ~ stars above [Japan]
juvenile juvenile ~ feel the same [Japan]
the recreations ~ smile again [Japan]
evening cinema ~ genshoku no machi [Japan]
special favorite music ~ summer serve [Japan]
shin rizumu ~ superfine [Japan]
balloon at dawn ~ one hundred days [Japan]
mariana in our heads ~ anemone [Japan]
slow beach ~ lover lover [Japan]
lucky tapes ~ peace and magic [Japan]
for tracy hyde ~ first regrets [Japan]
tori project ~ aa, sukarashiki hibi! [Japan]
gomes the hitman ~ rainbow and sneakers [Japan]
lamp ~ the afternoon wind [Japan]