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Saturday, February 25, 2017

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
hanadorobow - back to the future [Japan]
letting up despite great faults - pageantry
tender trap - step one
the very most - patricia
homecomings - you never kiss [Japan]
day wave - something here
no vacation - Dræm girl
juvenile juvenile - just like you do [Japan]
pictured resort - away to paradise [Japan]
the silent love - prisilla [Indonesia]
secret meadow - same old fear [Indonesia]
evening cinema - genshoku no machi [Japan]
michelles - all is forgiven
beach beach - just like before [Spain]
ted leo and the pharmacists - bottled in cork
the zephyr bones - black lips
orange peels - something strange happens
linda guilala - mucho más joven [Spain]
space daze - line up on the solstice (the very most remix)
northern portrait - new favourite moment [Denmark]
starry eyed cadet - baby please come home
sunny summer day - in summertime (new version)
1:25 Surf Set
9th wave - victory at sunset
el supernaut - billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles (ode to captain haddock)
the kanaloas - the day of malibu war
the kilaueas - luna tiki
man or astroman? - you can't get good riblets in space
the meltones - incognito
the trabants - coast of capri
swimming tapes - cameos
teenage fanclub - i'm in love
the hang ups - so we go
giorgio tuma - mountain elia k [Italy]
lia pamina - sycamore tree [Spain]
the holiday crowd - anything anything
gypsy & the cat - life [Australia]
the arctic flow - waiting for the right time
eggstone - like so
the perfect english weather - the sweetest feeling
heavenly - me and my madness
wild swans - english electric lightning
holiday - prostitutes in town
the cure - close to me (closet remix)
the cure - just like heaven (super mario style)
calum bowen - lovely city
band á part - long distance [Spain]
los wálters - baby [Puerto Rico]
pizzicato five - my baby portable sound
e'spaniel - just another day
the proctors - daydream girl
les bicyclettes de belsize - stop the calvalcades
wild nothing - chinatown

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Playlist for today:

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
gomes the hitman - koi no mikiri hassha [Japan]
post modern team - rockin chair (oasis cover) [Japan]
clan de venus - miércoles [Mexico]
brown recluse - impressions of a city morning
la casa azul - sucumbir [Spain]
plant cell - queen of the night [Japan]
the yearning - see you again
secret meadow - vexation [Indonesia]
letting up despite great faults - pageantry
watoo watoo - close the curtains (space daze cover) [France]
cristina quesada - ya no puedo más [Spain]
the death of pop - like always
horsebeach - alone
ribet towns - parade [Japan]
daisy jaine - under the sun [Japan]
laetitia sadier - undying love for humanity [France]
kensei ogata - my small garden [Japan]
hanadorobow - typhoon club [Japan]
still corners - history of love
puffy amiyumi - angel of love
summer aviation - love so fine
1:20pm Surf Set
aqua velvets - shakahoochie
burt rocket - sea-n-shore
blau & die surfgrammeln - die taurige grammel
HJ - mr. D's mystery
bang mustang - six waves under
the surfites - waggin' your tail
the wedding present - i'm not always so stupid
youthmemory - april kisses [Japan]
alpaca sports - telephone [Sweden]
shop assistants - seems to be
the orchids - apologies
acid house kings - are we lovers or are we friends [Sweden]
neleonard - pues es verdad [Spain]
luby sparks - hateful summer
surfer blood - frozen
the bilinda butchers - hai bby
starry eyed cadet - happy place
mccarthy - governing takes brains
lancastell - acropolis [Mexico]
the arctic flow - waiting for the right time
the jangleberries - she was terribly mistaken [Australia]
eggstone - like so
swimming tapes - cameos
the simple carnival - elizabeth's house
camera obscura - lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken
ACBs - surface
temples - strange or be forgotten
kero kero bonito - heard a song
homecomings - don't worry boys (halfby & last aloha island disco mix) [Japan]
youthcomics - l.l.d. [Japan]
fake laugh - if only
martin courtney - vestiges

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Tunes for your Valentine's Day weekend!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
teenage fanclub - i'm in love
ablebody - heart keep
the smittens - together forever in love
the perfect english weather - the sweetest feeling
the school - valentine
rizumu & ikkubaru - love sunset [Japan]
holiday - obviously love
the yearning - fools fall in love
lia pamina - love [Spain]
math and physics club - that's what love is
youth in my videotapes - you don't know i love you [Japan]
the silent love - a teenager in love [Indonesia]
brideshead - love in june [Germany]
postal blue - love and promises [Brazil]
red sleeping beauty - mi amor [Sweden]
milkyway - in love [Spain]
barcelona - everything makes me think about sex
camera obscura - this is love (feels alright)
bmx bandits - i wanna fall in love
alpaca sports - i love you [Sweden]
go sailor - together forever in love
acid house kings - say yes if you love me [Sweden]
lunchbox - give a little love
1:20pm Surf Set
tikiyaki orchestra - polynesian village love theme
dick dale & the del-tones - take it off
kaiser george & the hi-risers - i'd rather be with you
freddy & the heartaches - womp womp
sputnicks - so much love
men in grey suits - pray for sex
the volcanics - fool around
halfnoise - love you back
ice choir - amorous in your absence
gypsy & the cat - tragedies of a love song
tv girl - lovers rock
pains of being pure at heart - young adult friction
push kings - the wild ones
the bird & the bee - lovey dovey
stereo total - amo amor a tres
post modern team - i just wanna make love to you
goodly thousands - kiss me upside-down
pelle carlberg - i love you, you imbecile [Sweden]
gabardine - it's love
muscadettes - i'm in love
the gentle isolation - love you like i do [Philippines]
lipstik lipsing - suburban love [Indonesia]
bubblegum lemonade - your valentine (takes me back in time)
rocketship - kisses are always promises
heavenly - our love is heavenly
mocca - i think i'm in love [Indonesia]
clover - hershey's kisses [Indonesia]
girls - saying i love you
the brilliant corners - love
pale lights - sweetheart
the spook school - i want to kiss you
allo darlin - kiss your lips
teen runnings - high school love [Japan]
the siddeleys - love grows (where my rosemary goes)
simon love - the meaning of love

Saturday, February 4, 2017

On air 12-3pm today.  Thanks for tuning in!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
starry eyed cadet - worlds collide
eggstone - like so
linustate - small world [Japan]
plums - parking lots
neleonard - ya ni cuento [Spain]
capitán sunrise - canción de aki y sakutaro [Spain]
the arctic flow - waiting for the right time
letting up despite great faults - pageantry
secret meadow - endlings [Indonesia]
obedient wives club - look at us [Singapore]
best friend - disappear/reappear, etc
post modern team - i'm shakin (rooney cover) [Japan]
the courtneys - silver velvet
presentable corpse - through waves of fog
surfer blood - the letter b
coco - no signal [Mexico]
the jangleberries - crackers and cheese [Australia]
soft regime - pedestrian sunset [France/Germany/England]
verandah - let's summer [Japan]
cristina quesada - hinageshi no hana [Spain]
the simple carnival - go away i like you too much
the radio dept. - sloboda narodu [Sweden]
layne - beautiful life [Japan]
1:20pm Surf Set
the kilaueas - antenna moon
big surf - ace 10
nebulas - nebulop
el ray - circus monkey
the sidemen - peligro
hang ten hangmen - terror tube
the surfites - surfville
eddy crampes - le courage des oiseaux [France]
postal blue feat. marc elston - from across the kitchen table [Brazil]
northern portrait - i give you two seconds to entertain me [Denmark]
le superhomard - dry salt in our hair [France]
youthcomings - L.L.D. [Japan]
juvenile juvenile - just like you do [Japan]
giorgio tuma - foxes don't lie [Italy]
lancastell - acropolis [Mexico]
the moments - vivid (old lacy bed cover) [Japan]
carnival park - this feels like summer [Philippines]
lazy lorelei - sunshine [Philippines]
silver screen - here to hold you 
mocca - i would never [Indonesia]
some gorgeous accident - see you shine (feat Cris Miller from Silver Screen & Arina from Mocca) [Philippines]
some gorgeous accident - heaven sent [Philippines]
the very most - here comes your man (pixies cover)(tuff version)
yo la tengo - here comes my baby (cat stevens cover)
boo radleys - there she goes (la's cover)
velocity girl - sorry again
lush - burnham beeches
sambassadeur - final say [Sweden]