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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Seen on Facebook: a very nice post from the wonderful band Alpaca Sports and a great comment from Jeremy Jensen of the Very Most!  Today's playlist below.  Thanks for tuning in!
super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
papercuts ~ life among the savages "life among the savages" [memphis industries]
the smittens - love record breaker
the yearning - it's you that i want
johan hedberg - kickar grus (Sweden)
cassolette - our cars
night sports - substance (Denmark)
zebras - try (Australia)
strange babes - holiday
the hi-life companion ~ sabatini "our years in the wilderness" [no pudding annie]
the school - when i fall in love
gym and swim - octopussy (Thailand)
cold beat - mirror
cocktails - don't bother
paellas - cut out (in the blue shirt remix) (Japan)
photon - la fuite en arrière (en-joy)
ablebody - after hours
kensei ogata - bunny girl (spitz cover) (Japan)
wild balbina - stay alive
ivor macgyver - saliva
cosines - out of the fire
the proper ornaments - magazine
post modern team - the girl i never (Japan)
true i.t.c. - exit (Norway)
1:20pm Surf Set
dick dale & his del-tones - break time
the surfites - space coach
los venturas - beach bunny
hayward davis and his quintet - bubble gum rock
the meltones - the perfect wave
the pains of being pure at heart - until the sun explodes
the golden dregs - a life aquatic
teen runnings - i wonder what your mom's thinking (Japan)
pale sunday - emma's house (the field mice cover) (Brazil)
the lemons - lemoncita
juni järvi - looking at you is like looking at the sun (Sweden)
the very most - the motor-vu lights
alpaca sports - she'll come back for indian summer (band a part remix) (Sweden)
tape waves - all i can see
boyish - soccer club (Japan)
barcelona - kasey keller
le man avec les lunettes - Don’t Get Fooled By The Football Players’ Summery Outfit (Italy)
friends - our love is true
tv girl ~ birds don't sing "french exit" [s/r]
tenderfist - social club (Malaysia)
palmy - crush (Thailand)
white shoes & the couples company - tentang cita (Indonesia)
trespassers william ~ fairest of the seasons "I Saved Latin!- A Tribute to Wes Anderson" [american laundromat]
craft spells - komorebi
comet gain - sad love and other short stories
parcel post - centimetres
seagull travels - dream of the 90's stars (Japan)
special favorite music - machi wo arukeba (Japan)
the strange creatures - despite everything (Philippines)
slow beach - lover, lover (Japan)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

What a coincidence to have the first day of summer on a Saturday this year!  Well, you know what that means--the Happyoblivion summer song spectacular!  Indie-pop and summer, what better combination?  So let's do a summer-themed special show today.

Also, many thanks to the super DJ Audy for filling in for me last week!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the french pop dream - the 1st day of summer
the school - summer's here
tesco chainstore mascara - sun's shinin' for you
sunny summer day - in summertime (Indonesia)
tullycraft - wild bikini
summer heart - u got all i'm looking 4
aberdeen - super sunny summer
day ravies - sun up
gingerlys - summer cramps
the popguns - red white and blue
night flowers - summer rain
when nalda became punk - summer, you and me (Spain)
pop at summer - sunny day parade (Indonesia)
sunny intervals ~ until the summer "step into spring" [s/r]
wallflower - summer's end getaway (Japan)
obedient wives club - summerloove (Singapore)
carnival park - this feels like summer (Philippines)
the arctic flow - one wretched summer
tanaka of the year! - (we're) under the sun (Japan)
tape waves - looking at the sun
jacob borshard and helena sundin - summer will have its way
the electric pop group - summer's day
the very most - A Mid-80s Lower-Middle Class Family Summer Road Trip
1:20pm Surf Set
los kahunas - another summer song
aqua velvets - summer at dreampoint
frankie & the pool boys - ewa on the beach
mighty surf lords - sunset on maui
the beach boys - all summer long
boyish - summer portraits (Japan)
acid house kings - i write summer songs for no reason
wild nothing - summer holiday
the hi-life companion ~ meet me at the pier "our years in the wilderness" [no pudding annie]
king of prussia - spain in the summertime
kensei ogata - on the beach (Japan)
youth in my videotapes - summer rain, beside me (Japan)
even as we speak - swimming song
strawberry whiplash - looking out for summer
mise en scene - endless summer
slow beach - hawaii (Japan)
little ripple - light of summer (Japan)
future bible heroes - real summer
pearlfishers - we're gonna save the summer
nous non plus - Yé-Yé C’est l’Été (Summer Song)
jumprope - bright summer sky
the simple carnival - caitlin's on the beach
puffy amiyumi - swimming pool
sweater girls - summer girls
the moments - summershine (sea urchins cover) (Japan)
the ladybug transistor - like a summer rain
club 8 ~ hot sun "above the city" [labrador]
preston cochran - summer flings

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Welcome again to the Happyoblivion Show and thanks so much for tuning in!  Some great new music from the Hi-Life Companion, TV Girl, the Bilinda Butchers, King of Prussia, and some tracks from the new Eardrums Pop "Between Two Waves" compilations. 

I will be out next week, but super alumni DJ Audy will be filling in for me.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
king of prussia ~ carolina, carolina "Zonian Girls… And the
arctic flow - isle of palms
papercuts - do you really wanna know
keen on girls - sea wave
future bible heroes - real summer
tape waves - looking at the sun
secret colours ~ positive distractions "positive distractions" [s/r]
gingerlys - better hearts
the pains of being pure at heart - simple and sure
the sarah palin theme song - in my scene
space daze - line up on the solstice
the paris work-in - i will think of what you said
TV girl - birds don't sing
hearsays - the blind (Japan)
sameblod - suddenly (Sweden)
tacocat ~ snow day "nvm" [tacocat]
snow den - the beat comes
ok?no!! - that's OK, NO problem (Japan)
michael kamen - brazil
manic sheep - broken (Taiwan)
kulkas 2 pintu - pensil2b (Indonesia)
little big league - year of the sunhouse
silver screen - really no wonder
oj law - start stop (Malaysia)
minipop - rocket
1:25pm Surf Set
the mighty landshark! - devil's dragstrip
the surfites - moon made
the twang-o-matics - tennessee deadshot
the gamblers - moon dawg!
the meltones - vista del mar
glaciers - learning (Australia)
constantin veis - sweet hill observatory (Greece)
the magnetic fields - young and insane
kensei ogata - gerbera (Japan)
teen runnings - don't care about me (Japan)
kiyohei yonemitsu - choking down (Japan)
simian ghost - cut-off point
lykke li ~ never gonna love again "i never learn" [atlantic] 
laura k - beach comber (real estate cover)
real estate - talking backwards
the bilinda butchers - edo method
the steinbecks - at arkaroo rock (Australia)
the hi-life companion - meet me at the pier
the saint valentine state - moments are moments
marine life - the young and the free
beatles - across the universe
sambassadeur - kate (Sweden)
beatles - let it be
nightlands ~ born to love "oak island" [secretly canadian]
kishi bashi ~ the ballad of mr. steak "lighght" [joyful noise]
pizzicato five - it's a beautiful day
helen love - let's go surfing