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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Last day in May and hurtling towards the summer already!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
kensei ogata - gerbera (Japan)
the ACBs - ocean
bubblegum lemonade - she brings the sunshine
ok?no!! - party!!! (Japan)
the pains of being pure at heart - until the sun explodes
real estate - beach comber
the springfields - sunflower
the strange creatures - i feel like i'm on drugs
the saint valentine state - moments are moments
what we did on our holiday - a world apart
arctic flow - without her
the fin. - veil (Japan)
close lobsters - now time
king of prussia ~ your work is magic "Zonian Girls… And the Echoes That Surround Us All" [minty fresh]
teen runnings - don't care about me (Japan)
mymeans - souiu ko to data (it was that kind of thing) (Japan)
sugar me - 1,2,3 (Japan)
tanaka of the year! - (we're) under the sun (Japan)
cristina quesada - pineapple princess (Spain)
papa topo - robot (Spain)
helen love - spin those records
1:20pm Surf Set
meshugga beach party - s'vivon
the 'verb - bikini sunrise
the razorblades - life's too good to waste it away
the goats - fuzzy slippers
the surfites - planetary stroll
the meltones - astronomic
tropical popsicle - ghost beacons
the luxembourg signal - wishing pool (broiler room session)
heart noir - left behind
gingerlys - jumprope
nightlands ~ so far so long "oak island" [secretly canadian]
hooverphonic - in bloom (Belgium)
iron and wine - grace for saints and ramblers
tape waves - age of consent (new order cover)
papercuts ~ still knocking at the door "life among the savages" [memphis industries]
kishi bashi ~ philosophize in it! chemicalize with it! "lighght" [joyful noise]
the groovy cellar - ask mr magic (Germany)
kiyohei yonemitsu - falling (Japan)
the hi-life companion - dark heart
soft science - blue
gold-bears - for you
marine life - fool of a kind
dent may & his magnificent ukulele - 26 miles (santa catalina)
Band À Part - Franny Y Tú (Spain)
los waldners - Ícaro (Costa Rica)
modern rivals ~ the ice "cemetery dates" [s/r]
champagne riot - heart stab (Denmark)
pale lights - steps to the ruins
she sir - kissing can wait 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cool off from the sweltering heat with all the coolest music around!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
tape waves - looking at the sun
papercuts ~ still knocking at the door "life among the savages" [memphis industries]
kishi bashi ~ the ballad of mr. steak "lighght" [joyful noise]
beach party ~ catch that train "made in los angeles" [s/r]
teen runnings - don't care about me (Japan)
lykke li ~ i never learn "i never learn" [atlantic]
kiyohei yonemitsu - choking down (Japan)
the french pop dream - the 1st day of summer
marine life - the young and the free
don't cry shopgirl - bring me home
gingerlys - summer cramps
guided by voices ~ pan swimmer "cool planet" [guided by voices]
the new mendicants ~ cruel annette "into the lime" [one little indian]
king of prussia ~ storming the beach "Zonian Girls… And the Echoes That Surround Us All" [minty fresh]
falso primer ministro - ovejas (Argentina)
band a part - verano azul, invierno nuclear (Spain)
los waldners - la moto (Costa Rica)
destroyer - chinatown
the arctic flow - isle of palms
ringo starr - no no
tv girl - on land
secret colours ~ mrs. bell "positive distractions" [s/r]
sebadoh ~ the freed pig "lyla foy rough trade exclusive bonus mix cd" [rough trade]
linda guilala - mis ideas son
doggy - jamais aussi loin (France)
super vhs - runaway (Japan)
the mysteriums - the savage
dick dale & his del-tones - lobo
the lost boys of penzance - winds of barcelona
the surfites - mercurian surf stomp
the secret samurai - the khazar
the spook school - here we go
modern rivals ~ dig up the sunset (danse macabre midnight) "cemetary dates" [s/r]
brittle stars - may
the hi-life companion - sabatini
simian ghost - cut-off point
champagne riot - goldrush (Denmark)
the pains of being pure at heart - simple and sure
the radio dept. - we made the team
pale lights - manhattan
northern portrait - happy nice day (Denmark)
tacocat ~ you never came back "nvm" [tacocat]
shonen knife - (love is like a) heat wave
wild nothing - chinatown
craft spells - from the morning heat
club 8 - hot sun
mini dresses - hot sun
pizzicato five - the International Chappie's Cheer-Leading Team (The Readymade One Man Remix)
temples ~ the guesser "sun structures" [heavenly]
suede - hit me
pulp - do you remember the first time?
mystic braves ~ in the past "desert island" [s/r]
the secret history - god save the runaways

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Please support KTUH in Soundtap Madness by listening to us on  We've made it to the sweet 16.  Mainly for bragging rights, but we know KTUH listeners are the greatest!  Just make sure you log in and listen lots to KTUH. Thanks!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
shorts - berlin 1971
almirante ackbar - mujer fatal (Peru)
simian ghost - cut-off point
joanna gruesome - anti parent cowboy killers
minipop - chances
the very most - congratulations forever
the arctic flow - isle of palms
teen runnings - don't care about me (Japan)
the apples in stereo - everybody let up
falso primer ministro - mejor (Argentina)
arts & leisure - seconds from flight
constantin veis - swing the world by its tail (Greece)
earth earth - strange love, her deep river (Japan)
the hi-life companion - our years in the wilderness
glaciers - better days (Australia)
zebras - try (Australia)
los waldners - no soy valiente (Costa Rica)
the pains of being pure at heart - until the sun explodes
Trémolo - algas (Argentina)
pale lights - boy of your dreams
kenji takaoka & ryunka - sunny nari (Japan)
kiyohei yonemitsu - choking down (Japan)
yoshi hikoseki - hawaii (Japan)
1:25pm Surf Set
the twang-o-matics - test drive
the surfites - comet's tail
the insect surfers - delmarva
sputnicks - so much love
los venturas - beach bunny
tuff love - seafoam
the suncharms - tranquil day
space daze - line up on the solstice
peru - are we lost?
gingerlys - better hearts
the shapiros - gone by fall
lunchbox - letter from overend
tape waves - somewhere
les bicyclettes de belsize - the girl with the paintbrush
tesco chainstore mascara - you lost me at hello
the wedding present - yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
the minders - yeah yeah yeah
carsick cars ~ could you be there (China) "3" [maybe mars]
she sir - condensedindents
champagne riot - a friend of a friend (Denmark)
oj law - tongue-tied (Malaysia)
post modern team - forget me not (Japan)
the fin. - misty forest (Japan)
the gentle isolation - let's go slow (Philippines)
king of prussia ~ a parting, a loss "Zonian Girls… And the Echoes That Surround Us All" [minty fresh]
modern rivals ~ in tuxedo "cemetary dates" [s/r]
secret colours ~ quite like you "positive distractions" [s/r]
generationals ~ making time "I Saved Latin!- A Tribute to Wes Anderson" [american laundromat]
the spook school - are you who you think you are
lost tapes - poetry dates (Spain)
tacocat ~ stereogram "nvm" [tacocat]

Saturday, May 10, 2014

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
oj law - escape plan (Malaysia)
post modern team - bachelor kisses (go-betweens cover) (Japan)
the gentle isolation - faraway (Philippines)
the yearning - why's she making those eyes at you?
simian ghost - cut-off point
deers - trippy gum (Spain)
kumu yusuke - riri la ri (Japan)
alvvays - adult diversion (Canada)
stereolab - daisy click clack
almirante ackbar - cientos truenos (Peru)
Band à Part - La Merienda (Spain)
beverly - you can't get it right
minipop - rocket
treefight for sunlight - come closer (Denmark)
your favourite songs - peter and sally (Brazil)
glaciers - learning (Australia)
Falso Primer Ministro - Alealandia (Argentina)
la mala vida - el golpe (Argentina)
los waldners - ella usaba vestidos (Costa Rica)
Panchitox - El Anciano Soñador Absorto en Sí Mismo (Argentina)
Trémolo - Transparente Polen (Argentina)
1:23pm Surf Set
the surfites - around the galaxy
west samoa surfer league - point zero
y niwl - dauddegpump (Wales)
the dead rocks - la terrible madicion de tutankamon
the vibrants - scorpion
the meltones - kung fu saturdays
pale lights - 4 o'clock in the morning
sleepyhead - different colored letters
space daze - line up on the solstice
tabiken - for ayase (Japan)
super vhs - remember the night (Japan)
The Lost Omelette-makers - A calor dun corpo estraño (Spain)
cosines - disclosed stories
devon williams - games
gold-bears - yeah, tonight
shorts - berlin 1971
love dance - losing faith
king of prussia ~ anna nordeen "Zonian Girls… And the Echoes That Surround Us All" [minty fresh]
delorean - warmer places
modern rivals ~ yvaine "cemetary dates" [s/r]
secret colours ~ take it slow "positive distractions" [s/r]
mystic braves ~ valley rat "desert island" [s/r]
tea cozies ~ here comes my baby "I Saved Latin!- A Tribute to Wes Anderson" [american laundromat]
champagne riot - moonstruck (Denmark)
constantin veis - sweet hill observatory (Greece)
the wedding present - gazebo
temples ~ shelter song "sun structures" [heavenly]
tacocat ~ party trap "nvm" [tacocat]
pink martini & the von trapps ~ fernando "dream a little dream" [heinz]

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Welcome back to another set of great indie pop!  Thanks for tuning in!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
super VHS - runaway (Japan)
northern portrait - the young and hopefuls (Denmark)
king of prussia ~ actuary "Zonian Girls… And the Echoes That Surround Us All" [minty fresh]
the hi-life companion - dark heart
kulkas 2 pintu - pensil2b (Indonesia)
skittle alley - no one came (France)
raindrops - sin and its mesmerizing beauty (Indonesia)
doggy - jamai aussi loin (France)
the fin. - the end of the island (Japan)
fandaze - cloud, cloud (Japan)
henry's dress - definitely nothing
simian ghost - never really knew
warayouth - should be enough (Thailand)
ancient times - nightschool
boyish - summer portraits (Japan)
deadbear - snow in Tokyo
finnmark! - Brännö (UK)
obedient wives club - murder kill baby (Singapore)
modern rivals ~ the dead leaves (danse macabre midnight) "cemetary dates" [s/r]
the wellington - a thousand yards (Indonesia)
king of prussia ~ every girl "Zonian Girls… And the Echoes That Surround Us All" [minty fresh]
in the white - i don't wanna be there (Japan)
deers - bamboo (Spain)
club 8 - a small piece of heaven
1:25pm Surf Set
the surfites - moon buggy
pirato ketchup - that's right
bang mustang - six waves under
los venturas - transsibirskaya magistral
man or astroman? - everyone's favorite martian
oj law - tongue-tied (Malaysia)
constantin veis - sweet hill observatory (Greece)
the very most - patricia
alpaca sports - i was running (tiny fireflies remix)
jens lekman - the end of the world is bigger than love
dent may - you can't force a dance party
silver screen - mercy
someloves - know you now
beulah - gene autry
#poundsign# - telephone
the crabs - anything & everything
manic sheep - broken (Taiwan)
moscow club - radio vietnam (Japan)
the pains of being pure at heart - simple and sure
the radio dept. - i don't need love, i've got my band
linda guilala - mis ideas son (Spain)
post modern team - i just wanna make love to you (Japan)
night flowers - neverlands
alvvays - adult diversion (Canada)
sunny intervals - south circular
lost tapes - by you (Spain)
stereolab - super-electric
wild nothing - the body in rainfall