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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Welcome to the first Happyoblivion Show on the 90.1FM frequency!  We were the very last show on 90.3FM before the transmitter change last week.  Hopefully you can hear us in more places...

UPDATE: our transmitter is offline temporarily.  If you cannot hear us on the radio, find the stream at or the TuneIn Radio App.

playlist updated as show progresses, starting at noon Hawaii Standard Time
super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the fin. - silver from over the river
unlikely friends - satellite station
the chandler estate ~ flash "infrastructure" [jigsaw]
pictured resort - promised paradise
boyish - youki na onanoko no uta
plant cell - pearl (chapter house cover)
gingerlys - better hearts
san francisco ~ Todos Los Besos Del Mundo "ada" [Elefant]
milkyway - silly things
juniper moon - Sólo Una Sonrisa
holy wave ~ wendy go round "freaks of nurture" [reverberation appreciation]
kawairitsu - kagefumi
charlie darling - feels like heaven
adult books ~ nihilism for beginners "running from the blows" [lolipop records]
cullen omori ~ LOM "new misery" [sub pop]
day wave ~ stuck "hard to read" [liberator]
evripidis & his tragedies - fifteen again
marlover - just a boy
postal blue - weather sensitive [Brazil]
tv girl ~ heaven is a bedroom "who really cares" [s/r]
the very most - polygraph (featuring Charles Bert of Math & Physics Club)
1:20pm Surf Set
sleazy surfers - movin'
ventures - hawaii five-o
aqua velvets - holly tiki
man or astroman? - you can't get good riblets in space
the derangers - rio sangre
dick dale & his del-tones - mexico
burt rocket - wave vehicle
the meltones - the last papaya
death of pop - locomotive
eerie wanda ~ vinny "hum" [beyond beyond is beyond]
death by unga bunga ~ lady fondue "pineapple pizza" [jansen] [Norway]
boyish - Hikōkigumo sora ni hitosuji
recreations - smile again
wild nothing ~ tv queen "life of pause" [captured tracks]
evening cinema - roller coaster
the buildings - different shades of blue
the king in mirrors - superheroes
seagull travels - Waiting on top of the hill looking at stars
peaness - fortune favours the bold
tenkiame - totetsu to hakudaku
typhoon club - chushu
the spook school ~ i want to kiss you  "try to be hopeful" [fortuna pop]
the crookes ~ if only for tonight "lucky ones" [modern outsider]
dressy bessy ~ lady liberty "kingsized" [yep roc]
cozy catastrophes ~ go steady with me "Have You Ever Heard of Cozy Catastrophes?" [jigsaw]
the school ~ don't worry baby (i don't love you anymore) "wasting away and wondering" [elefant]
trembling blue stars - november starlings
avaleya and the glitterhawks - mary girl
red sleeping beauty - mi amor
hibou - hide away
beach vacation - escape

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Today's show will be the last one ever on our 90.3FM frequency! At 3:00pm today, we should be changing over to our new 90.1FM frequency and increasing from 3000 to 7000 watts!

Radiothon still going on as well. We need help to maintain the station! Donate at  

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
lush - 500
sunny summer day - in summertime (feat. Cris Miller) [Indonesia]
doggy - mon colonel [France]
marine life - big sur
martin courtney ~ vestiges "many moons" [domino]
plant cell - indi blue [Japan]
the airplanes - big world
the hit parade - you didn't love me then
summer fiction - dirty blonde
obedient wives club - that boy (joe ng remix) [Singapore]
shin rizumu - if you hear a bell [Japan]
cozy catastrophes ~ arbor day "Have You Ever Heard of Cozy Catastrophes?" [jigsaw]
the spook school ~ i want to kiss you  "try to be hopeful" [fortuna pop]
the wild swans - melting blue delicious
the icicles - la ti da
knife pleats - one step too far
yaoyoros - toke dashita natsu ni [Japan]
the crookes ~ if only for tonight "lucky ones" [modern outsider]
postal blue - brighter [Brazil]
evripidis & his tragedies - secrets of the moon
surf city - spec city
1:20pm Surf Set
men in grey suits - hawaii 5-0
the kilaueas - antenna moon
the reverb syndicate - the martini cluster
the madeira - nightrider
the surfaders ~ dust from the sun "a greater silence" [turbasco]
ski lodge - time
day wave ~ hard to read "hard to read" [liberator]
charlie darling - since yesterday
kawairitsu - kagefumi [Japan]
cullen omori ~ hey girl "new misery" [sub pop]
shin rizumu - harunoniji [Japan]
pale spectres - your boyfriend's girlfriend [France]
some gorgeous accident - heaven sent [Philippines]
giorgio tuma with laetitia sadier - maude hope
marlover - farewell in the 60's [Spain]
tv girl ~ for you "who really cares" [s/r]
the very most - things too obvious to sing (featuring Geoff Crestwell from Pellow)
death by unga bunga ~ best friends "pineapple pizza" [jansen]
british sea power - please stand up
brideshead  ~ the mermaid "never grow up" [dufflecoat]
decibels - radio
milkyway - radio milkyway
magic kids - radio
elvis costello - radio radio
washed out - it all feels right
the go! team - the power is on

Saturday, March 12, 2016

2016 KTUH Radiothon!

Please show your support for KTUH and the Happyoblivion Show!  KTUH Radiothon is our fundraising drive for the year.  Your support will help us make important improvements to the station.  This includes an upgrades and other equipment for improved sound and reception.  Obtaining a backup translator will help prevent the loss of signal in case of lightning, other electrical issues, or when we have to service the main transmitter.  We are also moving to a new transmitter very soon, so you will be able to hear us island-wide at 90.1FM.  Thanks for your support!

Ways to support the Happyoblivion Show:
1) Call (808) 956 - 5288 during the show 12-3pm on Saturday, March 12, 2016.  This is the easiest way to donate!
2) Go to and click on the link to donate.  Then send an email to to tell the station you donated for the Happyoblivion Show!

Pledge prizes:
  • The first $50+ donation of each hour will receive a KTUH Swag Bag and a T-shirt.
  • $50 donation: KTUH Radiothon T-shirt.
  • $100 donation: KTUH Swag Bag filled with KTUH goodies
  • $300 donation: KTUH 90.1 FM logo engraved HydroFlask (40oz)
  • $350+ donation: all of the above premiums!

Playlist updated as show progresses:
super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
death by unga bunga ~ make up your mind "pineapple pizza" [jansen]
dressy bessy ~ if you should try to kiss her "kingsized" [yep roc]
avalea and the glitterhawks - mary girl
letting up despite great faults - teenage tide
band à part - verano azul, invierno nuclear
the bilinda butchers - edo method
recreations - winter balloon
boyish - 1990
pictured resort - now and on
alpaca sports - i love you
the school ~ all i want from you is everything "wasting away and wondering" [elefant]
the golden eaves - no other
tv girl ~ (do the) act like you never met me "who really cares" [s/r]
the very most - good fight fighting (featuring Adriano do Couto from Postal Blue)
camera obscura - honey in the sun
heavenly - escort crash on marsten street
the hi-life companion - meet me at the pier
homecomings - great escape
juvenile juvenile - feel the same
kensai ogata - gerbera
night flowers - chaser
gomes the hitman - jozetsu sutakkato
1:20pm Surf Set
madiera - intruder (surf coasters cover)
the surfites - ankle busters
dick dale & the del-tones - taco wagon
burt rocket - boss board
los venturas - beach bunny
les bicyclettes de belsize - beatnik my guest (beat version)
tesco chainstore mascara - tomorrow
cola jet set - ahora te quiero mas
club 8 - late nights
the apples in stereo - everybody let up
lia pamina - whirlwind
acid house kings - save it for the weekend
hoshi - on top of the fence
teen runnings - high school love
northern portrait - some people
brideshead - at 45 rpm
the lodger - the good old days
houndmouth - sedona
kyohei yonemitsu - choking down
math and physics club - love or loneliness
silver screen - really no wonder
the simple carnival - caitlin's on the beach
teenage fanclub - baby lee
the minders - yeah yeah yeah
the orange peels - back in san francisco
jens lekman - postcard #33
tullycraft - stowaway
rose melberg - we're through
velocity girl - there's only one thing left to say
strawberry whiplash - stop, look and listen

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Welcome to the first Happyoblivion Show in March! Big news at KTUH--Radiothon starts tomorrow March 6 and runs through March 12.  Next week's show will be a Radiothon special, plus we will be switch to our new frequency 90.1FM at the end of the show at 3pm, if all works as planned.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
night flowers - sleep
alpaca sports - need me the most
the school ~ wasting away and wondering "wasting away and wondering" [elefant]
the muscadettes - earthquake
homecomings - you never kiss (Japan)
plant cell - azusa (Japan)
brown recluse - impressions of a city morning
martin courtney ~ northern highway "many moons" [domino]
the hit parade - my stupid band
cozy catastrophes ~ hideaway "Have You Ever Heard of Cozy Catastrophes?" [jigsaw]
SaToA - sprout (Japan)
monochrome chocolate - kizuna (Japan)
literature - 14 seconds
lost tapes - war in the netherlands
post modern team - heartbreak (Japan)
sambassadeur - final say
muffs ~ changes "a salute to the thin white duke - the songs of david bowie" [cleopatra]
ski lodge - crush your heart
death by unga bunga ~ best friends "pineapple pizza" [jansen]
eerie wanda ~ to dream again "hum" [beyond beyond is beyond]
true love always - summer trains and tears (7" mix)
the spook school ~ vicious machine  "try to be hopeful" [fortuna pop]
1:20pm Surf Set
dick dale & his del-tones - hava nagila
the madiera - surf fidelis
the meltones - astronomic
burt rocket - bedoin banzai
the surfites - barrel run
the silvertones - bathsheba
tikiyaki orchestra - aloha, baby
the very most - today it is even better (synthpop version - featuring Laz McCluskey)
gypsy & the cat - inside your mind
super furry animals - inaugural trams
wild nothing - the body in rainfall
recreations - winter balloon (Japan)
hariguem zaboy - tender mind (Thailand)
tv girl - taking what's not yours
wildhoney ~ thin air "your face sideways" [top shelf]
the leaves - i'm not ready (Japan)
the crookes ~ i wanna waste my time on you "lucky ones" [modern outsider]
watoo watoo - searching for mr. right (France)
letting up despite great faults - teenage tide
summer fiction - perfume paper
california snow story - my life is only a daydream
kuryakin - take my hand (Sweden)
boyracer - nothing left
english singles - ordinary girls
northern portrait - the young and hopefuls (Denmark)
brideshead ~ if i sing for you "never grow up" [dufflecoat] (Germany)
cola jet set - no te enamores de mi (Spain)
balloon at dawn - short hair (Japan)
dressy bessy ~ kingsized "kingsized" [yep roc]
pictured resort - head west (beaf remix) (Japan)