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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Today is the best of 2012 show!  Thanks for all you wonderful listeners for tuning in.  Have a wonderful New Years!

Starting off with favorite songs of the year, in no particular order.  Then towards the end of the show, we will count down the the best albums (or EPs) of the year!

Wild Nothing - Only Heather
Alpaca Sports - I was running
Homecomings -  you never kiss
Raveonettes - downtown
Papa Topo - Roselles i Esbarzers     [Spain]

teen daze - divided loyalties
sunny summer day - in summertime   [Indonesia]
Jens Lekman - the end of the world is bigger than love

the well wishers - here comes love
junk culture - Indian summer
minor leagues - please don't throw my love away

the camerawalls - my life's arithmetic means   [Philippines]
TV girl - misery
obedient wives club - this is it   [Singapore]
the primitives - thru the flowers
belle & sebastian - crash   [primitives cover]
the asteroids galaxy tour - heart attack  [Denmark]
kishi bashi - bright whites

Saint motel - Benny Goodman
magnetic fields - your girlfriend's face

Dent May - best friends
band a part - cascabel   [Spain]
the Frank and Walters - indie love song   [Ireland]
young prisms - runner

van she - beat of the drum
poor moon - holiday
gold motel - at least we tried

hospitality - betty wang
shonen knife - ghost train   [Japan]
post modern team - heartbreak   [Japan]

metric - the void
teen runnings - make it better   [Japan]
family of the year - st. croix
jukebox the ghost - oh, Emily
jjamz - suicide pact

cape canaveral - crazy love   [Denmark]
best coast - up all night

kotki dwa - the end    [England]
dum dum girls - season in hell
savoir adore - regalia

2:20pm--TOP TEN releases [LP or EP title in brackets] for 2012:
10) Beach House [Bloom] - the hours
9) Seapony [Falling] - tell me so
8) Outerhope [No end in sight EP] - no end in sight   [Philippines]
7) Nous non plus [le sexe et lat politique] - c'est vrai, bebe!
6) Miniature tigers [Mia Pharoah] - easy as all that
5) Allo Darlin' [Europe] - wonderland
4) Bilinda Butchers [Goodbyes EP] - teen dream
3) Violens [True] - totally true
2) Moscow Club [self-titled album + Bradbury EP + Radio Vietnam EP] - Radio Vietnam
1) the School [reading too much into things like everything] - never thought I'd see the day

Bonus songs:
ladyhawke - gone gone gone

veronica falls - teenage
pushy parents - secret secret

lux - the window

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Special holiday show today!  I'll be away next week, so Maynard G will be filling in for me.  The Dec 29th show will be the best of 2012!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Special holiday indie pop show this Saturday!  It's going to be all crammed into one show on the 15th.

Maynard G will be kindly covering for me on Dec 22.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Special guest DJ Tony, formerly of "It Don't Mean a Thing," joined me today in studio and then did the alumni show afterwards.  Thanks Tony!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Feeling a bit retrospective today.  In the next few weeks we will be doing the holiday special and then the best of 2012, so stay tuned!

Stayed a bit extra today, but forgot to snap a photo of the 3rd page. If I remember, I'll post it next week.  Sorry!

UPDATE--I added the 3rd page. Enjoy!