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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Latest Storm Information

Time again for the Happyoblivion Show!  Thanks for tuning in. And all you wonderful people, please prepare & stay safe!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the rightovers - canyon country
ACBs - ocean
sports - saturday
westkust ~ dishwasher "last forever" [run for cover]
for tracy hyde - first regrets (Japan)
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - natty parade (Japan)
lamp japan - last train is at 25 (Japan)
acid house kings - i write summer songs for no reason
heavenly - wish me gone
teenage fanclub - sometimes i don't need to believe in anything
the pains of being pure at heart - say no to love
the bilinda butchers - heaven holds a place
teen daze ~ it starts at the water "morning world" [paper bag]
sleuth - good on the inside (i don't mind) (Canada)
aline - chaque jour qui passe (France)
exiles - kill the lights
the fin. - the end of the island (Japan)
obedient wives club - this is it (joe ng remix) (Singapore)
red sleeping beauty - always (Sweden)
les bicyclettes de belsize - the commercial
space daze ~ alone in the shadows "capture a thing" [beautiful strange]
the golden eaves - no other (Germany)
1:23pm Surf Set
the storms - thunder
burt rocket - the spy who came in from the surf
the del-rios - storm warning
the surfites - rainy days in space
dick dale & the del-tones - tidal wave
atomic mosquitos - danger island
the scarlets - stampede
the typhoons - south of heaven
the red planets - chases lead to crashes
ducktails ~ surreal exposure "st. catherine" [domino]
tame impala ~ the moment "currents" [interscope]
boyish - second summer love (coming back!) (Japan)
the sun days - don't need to be them (Sweden)
pajama people - shake me away
milkyway - shine (go to california)
tacachale chamber orchestra ~ don't wake up "ocean floor funeral" [cuscowilla conservatory]
twin within - we talk "horizontal lines" [hidden pony]
kensei ogata - golden hair (Japan)
wavves - way too much
kevin - let me be the one
the school - do i love you?
pizzicato five - mon amour tokyo
helen love - we are all the lo-fi kids
puffy amiyumi - boogie woogie no. 5
camera obscura - let's get out of this country
white shoes & the couples company - tentang cita (Indonesia)
velocity girl - there's only one thing left to say
mocca - i would never (Indonesia)
craft spells - after the moment

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Welcome back to the Happyoblivion show!  Keeping an eye on that tropical storm/hurricane as well--it is super humid today.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
chirology - the color waves
obedient wives club - that boy (Singapore)
the shermans - fly away
red sleeping beauty - always (Sweden)
a novel resort - olympia (Denmark)
funeral advantage - should have just
sleuth - true (Canada)
dayflower - heart shaped tambourines
moon types - know the reason
swirlies - pancake
the golden eaves - no other
bodyheat - upside down (Scotland)
youthmemory - raspberry (Japan)
aline - la vie electrique (France)
gardens & villa ~ fixations "music for dogs" [secretly canadian]
korallreven - here in iowa (Sweden)
grubs - windwaker (UK)
yorkshire fields - here without u mane
fault - silencer (Indonesia)
exiles - dawn patrol
horsebeach - it's alright (UK)
pure morning - stirling (Mexico)
the spook school - burn masculinity
the honeydrips - gamlestan (Sweden)
1:24pm Surf Set
the kilaueas - caravan
bitch boys - mach one
nebulas - dragunov
the run-a-bouts - wild fire
the scavengers - curfue
burt rocket - bedouin banzai
the surfites - gremmie's blues
junk culture - indian summer
jens lekman - postcard #33
Double Françoise - busy doin' nothin' (brian wilson cover) (France)
space daze ~ was never "capture a thing" [beautiful strange]
destroyer - times square
les bicyclettes de belsize - sebastian
sports - the washing machine
the bird & the bee ~ will you dance? "recreational love" [rostrum]
megane panda - natsu no machi (Japan)
lia pamina - cómo es (Spain)
homecomings - great escape (Japan)
camera obscura - every weekday
the school - do i love you?
the yearning - everybody knows (i'm still in love with you)
beach vacation - escape
boyish - nice joke (Japan)
teen runnings - stars (Japan)
dolphingull - my secret hills forever (Japan)
pelle carlberg - i love you, you imbecile (Sweden)
juvenile juvenile - feel the same (Japan)
little racer - dancing
bmx bandits - in the afterglow

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Welcome back to the Happyoblivion Show! We have lots of friendly geckos around our house, eating bugs and just being cool little lizards.  I would like to think they are fans of indie pop, indie rock, and pop from around the world...

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
Double Françoise - Les French Chanteuses
the decibels - create action
tullycraft - skyway
close lobsters - just too bloody stupid
apples in stereo - that's something i do
boyish - L/O/C/A/T/I/O/N (Japan)
les bicyclettes de belsize - the first day of school
obedient wives club - that boy (joe ng remix) (Singapore)
kero kero bonito - chicken
space daze ~ everyone knows "capture a thing" [beautiful strange]
club 8 - what shall we do next?
the dentists - sorry is not enough
the wedding present - love machine
the rightovers - canyon country
milkyway - magic people
northern portrait - bon voyage (Denmark)
smiths - nowhere fast (august 1984 peel session)
telekinesis - sheila take a bow
twangy twangy - ask (Japan)
destroyer - dream lover
the loud family - jimmy still comes around
lunchbox - heaven
the magnolias - when i'm not
salad boys - dream date (New Zealand)
the skeletons - things we need
1:20pm Surf Set
the 427's - the stingray shuffle no. 1
man or astro-man? - journey to the stars
crazy aces - stomp it
men in grey suits - mt. st. genevieve
secret samurai - don't fear the reverb
the meltones - break point
burt rocket - ho-dad hot dog
surfer blood ~ point of no return "1000 palms" [joyful noise]
yo la tengo - upside down
the push kings - i hate everyone but you
ducktails ~ headbanging in the mirror "st. catherine" [domino]
alpaca sports - let's go somewhere
the hi-life companion - sabatini
coach station reunion - i've been here before (Spain)
bodyheat - beautiful and programmed to kill (song for sharon) (Scotland)
letting up despite great faults - ride
autumn stones ~ endless war "escapists" [MAPL]
post modern team - in the city (Japan)
the go! team - blowtorch
pizzicato five - domino
Band A Part - No sé por qué (Spain)
momoiro clover z - geddan (Japan)
jens lekman - kanske ar jag kar i dig
the secret history - our lady of stalingrad
the chandler estate - spies
my favorite - the informers
hinds - chili town (Spain)
plums - parking lots
karibean - surfing in the woods (Italy)
the pains of being pure at heart - my terrible friend
deep fields - oh well

Saturday, August 8, 2015

KTUH website & internet stream are back!

The KTUH website is up and running at again and the streaming audio link is on the left side  where it says "LISTEN LIVE".  Oh, and the return of Premier League Football as well.  Hooray!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
ducktails ~ surreal exposure "st. catherine" [domino]
summer camp ~ you're gone "bad love" [moshi moshi]
the gentle isolation - US rock (Philippines)
le man avec les lunettes - jonathan david (belle & sebastian cover) (Italy)
obedient wives club - that boy (Singapore)
dos prompt - icarus (white hinterland cover)
space daze ~ alone in the shadows "capture a thing" [beautiful strange]
best friend - swallow
tape waves - the horse (beach fossils cover)
coach station reunion - a matter of time (Spain)
bodyheat - sleep on it (Scotland)
letting up despite great faults - sophia in gold
boyish - 8000 days moratorium (Japan)
the sun days - get him off your mind (Sweden)
autumn stones ~ in with the out crowd "escapists" [MAPL] (Canada)
major leagues - someone sometime (Australia)
horsebeach - june (Manchester)
stars in coma - your kindness (Sweden)
funeral advantage - sisters
strawberry story - close my eyes (Japan)
youthmemory - raspberry (Japan)
deep fields - flat business
1:20pm Surf Set
the stents - crawler
killer bananzz - freaks of nature
burt rocket - the wreck
king pelican - el santo stomp
the kilaueas - jaws
the del-rios - storm warning
the surfites - barrel run
stereolab - eye of the volcano
milkyway - fizzy dizzy (Spain)
vacaciones - ahora sí! (Spain)
guatafán - pink punk party (Spain)
fonda - in the coach station light
ghost transmissions - waiting around (Spain)
Papel Pintado - Ayer, hoy y mañana (Spain)
cinerama - deer caught in the headlights
kensei ogata - golden hair (Japan)
teeny frahoop - eat candy (Japan)
mariana in our heads - flash shot (Japan)
new life (andrew marr from ski lodge) - god will never come for us
sleeping sun - wool strings (Japan)
matilde davoli ~ realize "i'm calling you from my dreams' [loyal to your dreams]
tame impala ~ reality in motion "currents" [interscope]
wavves - way too much
bleached - searching through the past
the hi-fives - losing sleep
surfer blood ~ covered wagons "1000 palms" [joyful noise]
the arctic flow - isle of palms
#poundsign# - lou gehrig
the bilinda butchers - the lover's suicide
sambassadeur - kate
allo darlin' - wonderland
the bird & the bee ~ we're coming to you "recreational love" [rostrum]
acid house kings - brighter
the frank and walters - indie love song

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pssst, it's time for the Happyoblivion Show! The KTUH website and internet streams are still out of service, but you can go to, stream KTUH live at, or download the show (after the show is done).

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
third mirror - briller comme des etoiles (the pirouettes remix)
the pains of being pure at heart - until the sun explodes
beulah - gene autry
northern portrait - when goodness falls (Denmark)
the birthday kiss - starting to come back to life
letting up despite great faults - mass devotion
the popguns - still waiting for the winter
yo la tengo - here comes my baby
cristina quesada - let's get together (Spain)
jacob boshard and helena sundin (Cake on Cake) - Summer Will Have Its Way
the decibels - some people
wild meadows - jennifer
autumn leaves - the summer's gone
big troubles - time bomb
the crabs - debuntante
la casa azul - como un fan (Spain)
frida & ale - crazy love
les bicyclettes de belsize - the london nobody knows
young romance - swollen hearts, bitten tongue
go sailor - last year
zipper - phone song
bodyheat - poor girl (Scotland)
the treasures of mexico - stars
the bird & the bee ~ lovey dovey "recreational love" [rostrum]
1:20pm Surf Set
centuries - outer limits
blau & die surfgrammeln - die taurige grammel
the violentures - big hit
nebulas - von schlieffen plan
the surfites - ankle busters
dick dale & the del-tones - cotton picking
the marauders - sliding in
burt rocket ~ sea-n-shore "fiberglass frenzy" [double crown]
plums - parking lots
seadance - back home (France)
the sun days - i keep on wondering (Sweden)
boyish - second summer love (comng back!) (Japan)
seapony - dreaming
gwenno ~ chwyldro "y dydd olaf" [heavenly] (Wales)
the chandler estate - flash
milkyway - feelings (Spain)
the death of pop - headaches
best friend - this is the day (the the cover)
night flowers - sleep
momoiro clover z ~ 宙飛ぶ!お座敷列車 [Chū tobu! Ozashiki ressha] "5th dimension" [cleopatra]
totos - some more love (Japan)
cheerleader - a million ways
strange babes - million years from now
wild nothing - chinatown
miami horror ~ wild motion (set it free) [dine alone]
kid wave - best friend
talk in tongues ~ after tonight "alone with a friend" [fairfax]
gypsy & the cat - lost control (Australia)
tahiti 80 - t.d.k. (France)
nightlands - so far, so long
belle ghoul - timepieces
the school - i will see you soon