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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Thanks for tuning in on this Memorial Day Weekend.  Stay cool if you can!  Playlist updated as show progresses.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
letting up despite great faults - disappear
los popov - dobap [Spain]
san francisco ~ una vaina bajo tu cama "ada" [elefant] [Spain]
shin rizumu - harunoniji [Japan]
the leaves - maybe tonight [Japan]
ACBs - ocean
plant cell - blue hydrangea [Japan]
autumn leaves - you didn't say a word (the ballad of plum tucker)
gomes the hitman - maybe someday [Japan]
papa topo - Ópalo Negro [Spain]
nixon & sally shapiro - alice
beverly - crooked cop
coughs - in the morning [Japan]
red sleeping beauty - tell me more (don lennon version) [Sweden]
summer twins ~ ouija "limbo" [burger]
the sun days ~ i keep on wondering "album" [run for cover] [Sweden]
swimming tapes - souvenirs
stephen's shore - ocean blue
bubblegum lemonade - ten years younger
tender trap - talking backwards
ivory past - party time [Japan]
linda guilala - accidente [Spain]
1:20pm Surf Set
the surfaders ~ teenage rendezvous at the ballroom "a greater silence" [turbasco]
the concussions - stiletto
man or astro-man? - put your finger in the socket
kaiser george & the hi-risers - i'd rather be with you
the barbary coasters - please please me
the volcanics ~ twilight "stompin' garage" [double crown]
the kanaloas ~ tally ho "surf a go go!" [double crown]
pale lights - girl in the park
boyish - dreaming boogie [Japan]
lightning in a twilight hour - black circles
the trash can sinatras ~ let me inside (or let me out) "wild pendulum" [red river]
summer fiction - perfume paper
the simple carnival - over coffee and tea
argo - alternate ending
the suncharms - sort it out
the dentists - water for a man on fire
martha - ice cream and sunscreen
cub - my flaming red bobsled
hospitality - betty wang
the very most - good fight fighting (featuring Adriano do Couto from Postal Blue)
alpaca sports - my favourite girlfriend
the recreations - summer days [Japan]
sunny summer day - shining light [Indonesia]
ride - magical spring
the jesus & mary chain - i can't get enough
death by unga bunga ~ tell me why "pineapple pizza" [jansen] [Norway]
kids on a crime spree - dead ripe
the crookes ~ six week holiday "lucky ones" [modern outsider]
the spook school ~ try to be hopeful "try to be hopeful" [fortuna pop]
the chandler estate ~ el camino real "infrastructure" [jigsaw]

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thanks for tuning in!  Bunch of tunes from bands playing at NYC Popfest, which is happening this weekend.  Playlist updated as show progresses.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
i saw you yesterday - malibu
allo darlin' - northern lights
homecomings - dancing in the moonlight [Japan]
the primitives - spin-o-rama
sally shapiro - if you ever wanna change your mind (tommy '86 remix)
soft science - gone
the trash can sinatras ~ the family way "wild pendulum" [red river]
lightning in a twilight hour - the sky beyond the sky
postal blue - northern England (the wild swans cover) [Brazil]
the chills - heavenly pop hit [New Zealand]
the spook school ~ books and hooks and movements "try to be hopeful" [fortuna pop]
even as we speak - falling down the stairs [Australia]
halfsour - grump
the hermit crabs - bravado and rhetoric [Scotland]
mercury girls - ariana
tiny fireflies - youth
beverly - don't wanna fight
je suis animal - secret place [Norway]
alpaca sports - i love you [Sweden]
young romance - pale [UK]
los bonsais - hijo del senor [Spain]
sambassadeur - hours away [Sweden]
summer twins ~ florence "limbo" [burger]
1:20pm Surf Set
dick dale & the del-tones - the victor
the madeira - burning mirage
man or astro-man? - everyone's favorite martian
spr-4 - parabolic!
the kanaloas ~ the day of malibu war "surf a go go!" [double crown]
stronzo gelantino & the boo-men - do the demare
the volcanics ~ the sabotage "stompin' garage" [double crown]
bent shapes - 86'd in '03
avaleya and the glitterhawks - mary girl
big quiet - ghost
chorusgirl - dream on, baby blue
selvática - el castigo [Spain]
cristina quesada - ya no puedo más [Spain]
pale lights - mother cries
night school - last disaster
seuss - sunny girl [Japan]
the recreations - winter balloon [Japan]
ivory past - hold its shine [Japan]
evripidis and his tragedies ~ buying time "futile games in space and time" [snap! clap!]
the orielles - joey says we got it
the suncharms - sort it out
rose melberg - bear in a cave
les bicyclettes de belsize - beatnik my guest (2016 remix)
san francisco ~ todos los besos del mundo "ada" [elefant]
watoo watoo - ce vide [France]
the pirouettes - qu'est-ce que sera demain (Yves Simon cover) [France]
tv girl ~ for you "who really cares" [s/r]
pictured resort - sun [Japan]
moscow club - band of outsiders [Japan]
teen runnings - high school love [Japan]
boyish - s.s.l. (in the blue shirt remix) [Japan]
pity sex ~ pin a star "white hot moon" [run for cover]
the fin. - divers [Japan]
OJ law - after all [Malaysia]
bmx bandits - i wanna fall in love

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Thanks for tuning in!  Playlist updated as show progresses.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
apples in stereo - what's the #
the decibels - (so you're) in love again
push kings - florida
watoo watoo - pourquoi es-tu devenu si raisonnable (wedding present cover) [France]
the very most ~ things too obvious to sing (featuring Geoff Crestwell from Pellow)
club 8 - the friend i once had [Sweden]
the crookes ~ i wanna waste my time on you "lucky ones" [modern outsider]
and summer club - surfer girl [Japan]
ivory past - searching for your love [Japan]
holiday - everything you say
softies - sixteen months
heavenly - escort crash on marsten street
kensei ogata - her twinkle eyes [Japan]
misterfireflies - kira-kira
the shermans - fly away
charlie darling - since yesterday
the trash can sinatras ~ ain't that something "wild pendulum" [red river]
gomes the hitman - seikimatsu no koronbusu [Japan]
sally shapiro - dangerous
boyish - dreaming boogie [Japan]
selvática - el castigo [Spain]
summer twins ~ stop & go "limbo" [burger]
would-be-goods - temporary best friend
go cozy - sophie starlight
1:20pm Surf Set
thunderhead - thunderhead
burt rocket - ho-dad hot dog
the surfites - rebels route (the angry breed cover)
men in grey suits - carcharias hustle
the kanaloas ~ the bronzee bull "surf a go go!" [double crown]
the volcanics ~ bullseye "stompin' garage" [double crown]
pizzicato five - twiggy twiggy
go! team - ladyflash
the silent love - a teenager in love [Indonesia]
acid house kings - what you wanna do [Sweden]
from bubblegum to sky - some kind of fantastic
ciao bella - a glorious night at the YWCA
milkyway - shine (go to california) [Spain]
lush - 500
the orange peels - grey holiday
someloves - know you now
swiss alps - pelican dive
the stone roses - all for one
the stone roses - fools gold
belle & sebastian - put the book back on the shelf
cast - back of my mind
orange peels - something in you
red sleeping beauty - stupid boy
red sleeping beauty - tell me more
san francisco ~ BSO "ada" [elefant]
the icicles - regret
beulah - hey brother
bearhug - fireworks
the primitives - petals
velocity girl - drug girls

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thanks for tuning in!  Playlist updated as show progresses.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
tennis - never work for free (patrick carney mix)
the bird and the bee - will you dance (Robert DeLong remix)
postal blue - quiet heart [Brazil]
john girgus & the legendary house cats - synthesize (FM)
linda guilala - cosas nuevas [Spain]
plant cell - spirit who dwells on or in a mountain and forest [Japan]
lightning in a twilight hour - black circles
manon meurt - glowing cityscape [Czech]
evripidis and his tragedies ~ dreamboat "futile games in space and time" [snap! clap!]
the orielles - jobin
the suncharms - magic carpet
red sleeping beauty - if you want affection [Sweden]
the pirouettes - qu'est-ce que sera demain (Yves Simon cover) [France]
space daze ~ go slow "terrestrial mosey" [s/r]
go cozy - fruit flies
mercury girls - ariana
the railway children - brighter
some gorgeous accident - luminescence [Philippines]
alpaca sports - as long as i have you (when nalda became punk remix)
les bicyclettes de belsize - francois the postman (2016 remix)
tesco chainstore mascara - say goodbye
summer twins ~ florence "limbo" [burger]
1:24pm Surf Set
the mighty landshark - devil's dragstrip
the surfites - moon buggy
audios amigos - el avispon
death by unga bunga ~ dollar slice "pineapple pizza" [jansen]
the mobsmen - chunkje
the kanaloas ~ el rodo "surf a go go!" [double crown]
hoshi - on top of the fence [Japan]
san francisco ~ todos los besos del mundo "ada" [elefant]
attic lights - war years (reworked by la casa azul)
the strange creatures - despite everything [Philippines]
soft science - breaking
the sun days ~ get him off your mind "album" [run for cover]
recreations - smile again [Japan]
gomes the hitman - jozetsu sutakkato [Japan]
yaoyoros - toke dashita natsu ni [Japan]
the chills - when the poor can reach the moon
cozy catastrophes ~ go steady with me "Have You Ever Heard of Cozy Catastrophes?" [jigsaw]
summer fiction - on and on
the leaves - maybe tonight [Japan]
pale spectres - your boyfriend's girlfriend
juniper moon - solo una sonrisa [Spain]
cola jet set - dosificate [Spain]
other too pure songs - sunday [Japan]
pictured resort - now and on [Japan]
brideshead - at 45 rpm [Germany]
the spook school ~ books and hooks and movements "try to be hopeful" [fortuna pop]
jessica & the fletchers - air balloon road [Spain]
the very most ~ you're in love with the sun (featuring Lisle Mitnik from Fireflies and Tiny Fireflies)
tv girl ~ (do the) act like you never met me "who really cares" [s/r]
camera obscura - i missed your party
army navy - the mistakes
dot dash - tatters
the airplanes - big world
the delgados - everybody come down