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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Today is October 31, so we bring you music relating to Halloween!

future bible heroes - death opened a boutique
moscow club - ghost dance (Japan)
club 8 - we're all going to die
la casa azul - niño zombi (Spain)
big quiet - ghost
belle & sebastian - sukie in the graveyard
the john buzon trio - mr. ghost goes to town
the nightmare before christmas - this is halloween
ferns - death of a lifetime (Malaysia)
girls names - i could die
kids on a crime spree - trumpets of death
tullycraft - if you take away the make-up, then the vampires will die
shonen knife - ghost train
little racer - ghosty
the bird and the bee - witch
teeny frahoop - eat candy (Japan)
lake - skeleton costume
po! - haunt you
besties - zombie song
telekinesis - ghosts and creatures
shin rizumu feat. sodapop - mysterious candy (Japan)
tullycraft - dig up the graves
jumprope - notes from a chateau ghost
pale lights - ghosts of youth
barcelona - haunted by the ghost of patty
1:20pm Spooky Surf Set
the surf zombies - candyass
twang - night of the twang creatures
man or astro-man? - munster's theme
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - zombie compromise
dr. frankenstein - hallucination #4 (gas station)
men in grey suits - death vana
1:30pm Short Ska Set
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - monster rock
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - vampire
specials - ghost town
oingo boingo - dead man's party
beach house ~ days of candy "depression cherry" [sub pop]
dangerous ponies - ghosts
her space holiday - ghost in the garden
ursula 1000 - graveyard stomp
fairmont - you haunt me
the 10p mixes - my monster
ACBs - no kink in my costume
gypsy and the cat - zombie world
starf****r - bury us alive
the nightmare before christmas - sally's song
future bible heroes - digging my own grave
magnetic fields - zombie boy
the depreciation guild - sky ghosts
veronica falls - found love in a graveyard
from bubblegum to sky - vampire
redd kross - meet frankenstein
jonny - wich is wich
the ramones - pet sematary
toxie - haunted
stereo total - c'est la mort
cut off your hands - buried
wild nothing - shadow
wynton marsalis - dead man blues

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Many thanks to DJ Ryan Dancemachine for guest hosting the Happyoblivion show last week!

Felt a little nostalgic this week, so the second half of the show features mostly older Britpop, from the days of cassette tapes and CDs.  Enjoy!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
brideshead - at 45rpm (Germany)
public access TV - patti peru
the orchids - the coolest thing
destroyer ~ dream lover "poison season" [dead oceans]
the death of pop - only now
teto 2 - a map of you (Sweden)
hibou ~ glow "hibou" [barsuk]
villa!! - hiva oa (acoustic) (Japan)
silver screen - only ever yours
alpaca sports - i love you (Sweden)
moscow club - celine (feat. Amanda from Alpaca Sports) (Japan)
the school ~ every day "wasting away and wondering" [elefant]
craft spells - our park by night
the airplanes - big world
detective agency - daggers
requin chagrin - bleu nui (France)
talking bush - desperate (Russia)
Iko Chérie - dreamin
obedient wives club - that boy (joe ng remix) (Singapore)
seadance - playin' (France)
other too pure songs - sunday (Japan)
the revolving paint dream - mother wash my tears away
1:20pm Surf Set
men in grey suits - pipeline
the knights - tale of a 280 pound shoe salesman
the dead rocks - la terrible maldicion de tutankamon
the meltones - fault line
freddy countryman - back up and push
the surfites - space encounter
the sidemen - volo no. 1062
burt rocket - fiberglass frenzy
teenage fanclub - star sign
from bubblegum to sky - some kind of fantastic
the muffs - my lucky day
pearlfishers - an ordinary day out in the suburbs
nick lowe - so it goes
ride - twisterella
the charlatans uk - the only one i know
elastica - car song
pulp - do you remember the first time?
echobelly - great things
bmx bandits - serious drugs
supergrass - alright
the stone roses - she bangs the drums
the jesus & mary chain - far gone and out
blur - there's no other way
kinky machine - shockaholic
lush - lit up
gene - sleep well tonight
cast - finetime
menswear - hollywood girl
morrissey - all you need is me
the cure - in between days
new order - run

Friday, October 16, 2015

The excellent DJ Ryan DanceMachine will be subbing in for me on the Happyoblivion Show this week.  Check out his playlist at

I'll be back next week (Oct. 24)!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Thanks for tuning in to the Happyoblivion Show!  Last week's show turned out better than I expected. Sometimes everything just clicks.  That's the magic of live unscripted radio!

Playlist updated throughout the show.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
coughs - waking and sleeping (Japan)
the orchids - she's just a girl
deep fields - leonidas
jens lekman - postcard #33
strange babes - maybe one day
surfer blood - voyager reprise (another summer of love remix)
pictured resort - head west (Japan)
red sleeping beauty - always (Sweden)
cub - she's like a rainbow
jessica & the fletchers - jane's song (Spain)
the delgados - everybody come down
the rightovers - canyon country
the push kings - i hate everyone but you
dot dash - the winter of discontent
Double Françoise - Les French Chanteuses (France)
the pirouettes - oublie moi (France)
the pearlfishers - everyday i read the stars
brideshead - the world stopped turning (Germany)
the icicles - snappy
the yearning - it's you that i want
richard hawley - tonight the streets are ours
silver screen - really no wonder
jesus & mary chain - sometimes always
1:20pm Surf Set
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - harlem by the sea
man or astro-man? - gargantua's last stand
tikiyaki orchestra - mana pacifica
the surge - rippin'
the meltones - in praise of the lime
el ray - circus monkey
the 'verb - bikini sunrise
burt rocket - boss board
moscow club - band of outsiders (Japan)
gomes the hitman - kotoba wa uso-tsuki (Japan)
hearsays - talking across the room (Japan)
Iko Chérie - good to you again
tiny fireflies - taken
boyracer - everyone's a critic
the school ~ til you belong to me "wasting away and wondering" [elefant]
alpaca sports - where'd you go (Sweden)
the death of pop - rayban party
death by unga bunga ~ stare at the sun "tell me why" [jansen]
crayon fields - love won't save you
juvenile juvenile - i love only when you're cute (Japan)
attic lights - future bound (reworked by la casa azul)
René - Confesiones Tirado En La Pista De Baile (Fear Of Tigers Remix)
panda bear ~ the preakness "crosswords" [domino]
some gorgeous accident - a million miles away
the cannanes - hit the wall
painted palms ~ tracers "horizons" [polyvinyl]
apple light - shirokutoketeku (Japan)
mercury girls - golden
surf city - leave your worries (New Zealand)
beach house ~ space song "depression cherry" [alternatif]

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Welcome back and thanks for tuning in to the Happyoblivion Show!  Playlist updated throughout the show.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
gomes the hitman - unicorn and a new horizon (Japan)
moscow club - carven (Japan)
hibou ~ hide away "hibou" [barsuk]
the icicles - chasing fireflies
tesco chainstore mascara - sun's shinin' for you
the depreciation guild - dream about me
brideshead - me and the stars and the sea (Germany)
the lightning seeds - the life of riley
gene - be my light, be my guide
attic lights - war years (reworked by la casa azul)
big troubles - never mine
camera obscura - i don't do crowds
sambassadeur - between the lines (Sweden)
lia pamina - whirlwind (Spain)
pocketbooks - cross the line
parcel post - centimetres
the hit parade - my stupid band
beach vacation - washington weather
les bicyclettes de belsize - stop the calvacades (beat version)
1:20pm Surf Set
bay of pigs - retribution
burt rocket - twang-o-matic terror
the meltones - villa of mysteries
the violentures - big hit
the surfites - gremmie's blues
the kilaueas - triumphator electric
men in grey suits - walk don't run
the starfires - billy's blues
gardens & villa ~ fixations "music for dogs" [secretly canadian]
friska viljor - i gave my life
boyish - heartwarm guitar (Japan)
the school ~ wasting away and wondering "wasting away and wondering" [elefant]
helen love - teenage soap opera
the golden eaves - no other
big quiet - ghost
pictured resort - now and on (Japan)
obedient wives club - that boy (Singapore)
alpaca sports - need me the most (Sweden)
acid ghost - overthinking
aloha aloha - L'Odyssée (France)
wallflower - feverfew (Japan)
wild swans - english electric lightning
mountain states - 1984
the muscadettes - earthquake
death by unga bunga ~ make up your mind "tell me why" [jansen]
o - mon echo (France)
the death of pop - gardens
line & circle - out of metaphors
viewtorino - getting better (Japan)
a certain smile - hold on call
crayon fields - she's my hero
juvenile juvenile - feel the same (Japan)