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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Last weekend in March!  Here's today's playlist.

I'll be out next week (April 5), but the superb Maynard G from the Kitchen Sink will be filling in with his version of the show, what he calls the "Happily Oblivious Show!"

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the proctors - trouble with forever
arts & leisure - rescue me
carsick cars ~ wild grass (China) "3" [maybe mars]
BMX bandits - serious drugs
blondfire ~ where the kids are "young heart" [tender tender rush]
she sir - continually meeting on the sidewalk of my door
wallflower - this love is not wrong (Japan)
boyish - just for fun (Japan)
golden teardrops - i can't let you slip away
slow hello - minty fresh (Philippines)
the very most - things to obvious to sing
alpaca sports - telephone (pale spectres remix)
when nalda became punk - a secret plan (Spain)
sunny intervals - counting the days back to you
smittens - typing texting
cub - she's like a rainbow
velocity girl - tripping wires
tiger trap - you're sleeping
magnetic fields - you and me and the moon
future bible heroes - living, loving, partygoing
tullycraft - skyway
the simple carnival - the problem with friends
the field mice - sensitive
heavenly - escort crash on marston street
1:23pm Surf Set
dick dale & his del-tones - mexico
the surfaders - showdown at the tumbleweed inn
the surfites - rainy days in space
los venturas - beach bunny
the tikiyaki orchestra - makaha
the space rangers - beluga sunrise
shonen knife - bad luck song
shop assistants - seems to be
pains of being pure at heart - come saturday
talulah gosh - be your baby
acid house kings - underwater
camera obscura - let's get out of this country
teenage fanclub - sidewider
ride - twisterella
intergalactic noise - green and blue
craft spells - breaking the angle against the tide
flyying colours - wavygravy (Australia)
night flowers - bound
pastel power - sun was high (so was i)
rocketship - hey hey girl
yo la tengo - here comes my baby
tacocat ~ time pirate "nvm" [tacocat]
the hit parade - on the road to beaconsfield
temples ~ the guesser "sun structures" [heavenly]
real estate ~ talking backwards "atlas" [domino]
OJ Law - escape plan (Malaysia)
stereolab - wow and flutter
summer heart - u got all i'm looking 4
new ride - see a star (Indonesia)
moscow club - choo choo train (Japan)
slow beach - lover lover (Japan)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sometimes a show is like a culinary experiment, throw some ingredients together, and hope that they complement each other and become a wonderfully tasty conglomeration.  Of course, we always start with quality ingredients! Bon appetit!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
trembling blue stars - november starlings
eternal summers ~ a burial "the drop beneath" [kanine]
the proctors - seven wonders
jens lekman - an argument with myself
the pains of being pure at heart - the body
wild nothing - chinatown
when nalda became punk - indiepop or whatever (Spain)
HUSH! - cruel
aberdeen - sunny in california
beth arzy - coming up for air
watoo watoo - le soir (France)
stereolab - narco martenot
attic lights - mona lisa
phantogram ~ celebrating nothing "voices" [universal]
slow beach - slow down (Japan)
the very most - things too obvious to sing
acid house kings - would you say stop (sunny intervals mix)
british sea power - living is so easy
the hit parade - you didn't love me then
ducktails ~ honey tiger eyes "wish hotel" [domino]
temples ~ shelter song "sun structures" [heavenly]
1:25pm Surf Set
rev hank - cyclops
los kahunas - goofin' around you
martin cilia - futurama
the surf zombies - flat black
the tikiyaki orchestra - kono's revenge
voice of the beehive - i say nothing
tacocat ~ you never came back "nvm" [tacocat]
james and the express - when your heart is breaking
the new mendicants ~ out of the lime "into the lime" [one little indian]
woods - size meets the sound "bend beyond" [woodsist]
northern portrait - life returns to normal (Denmark)
math and physics club - that's what love is
yaz - only you (live)
strawberry whiplash - now i know it's you
le futur pompiste - my trophy
martha - 1997, passing in the hallway
new ride - see a star (Indonesia)
alpaca sports - she'll come back for Indian summer (The Royal Landscaping Society Mix)
nina persson ~ jungle "animal heart" [the end]
cardigans - rise and shine
sambassadeur - subtle changes (Sweden)
the popinjays - vote elvis
ningenclub - light (Japan)
school - head over here (Sweden)
the primitives - nothing left
thumpers ~ dancing's done "galore" [sub pop]
linda guilala - morir ahogada (Spain)
flyying colours - bugs
habibi ~ sweetest talk "habibi" [burger]
pink martini & the von trapps ~ dream a little dream "dream a little dream" [heinz]

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Beware the ides of March!  If your name is Caesar, watch for your foes amongst your so-called friends.  Otherwise, tune in to KTUH and listen to the only station that truly loves you...

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
fireflies - fourth of july
summer heart - u got all i'm looking 4 (Sweden)
night flowers - neverlands
linda guilala - mis ideas son (Spain)
postbox - miss sunshine (Singapore)
the very most - bosco theme
the pains of being pure at heart - simple and sure
eternal summers ~ gouge "the drop beneath" [kanine]
bilinda butchers - teen dream
lowell - the bells (Canada)
dear boy ~ green eyes "dear boy EP" [s/r]
young romance - break my heart by morning (UK)
neil young - harvest moon
satellite stories ~ australia "pine trails" [xyz] (Australia)
aberdeen - sink or float
when nalda became punk - a secret plan (Spain)
acid house kings - I Just Called to Say Jag Älskar Dig (Sweden)
pink martini & the von trapps ~ fernando "dream a little dream" [heinz]
dean wareham - love is colder than death
slow beach - lover lover (Japan)
cola jet set - suena el teléfono (Spain)
Guatafán - Pink Punk Party (Spain)
Les Très Bien Ensemble - À Hélène (Spain)
1:22pm Surf Set
the silvertones - bathsheba
the scarlets - stampede
reverb galaxy - 10 miles to nags head
don't - i'm not ready to leave
the sidemen - der kmmissar
rocketship - your new boyfriend
the fin. - the end of the island (Japan)
the wild swans - melting blue delicious
soft science - blue
sunny intervals - watching cities from satellite towns
the yearning - see you again
the orange peels - back in san francisco
tesco chainstore mascara - tomorrow (2014 remix)
making marks - bruises (Norway)
alpaca sports - just like johnny marr (Sweden)
les bicyclettes de belsize - astronaut (beat version)
northern portrait - new favourite moment (Denmark)
tacocat ~ snow day "nvm" [hardly art]
sambassadeur - hours away (Sweden)
silver screen - come, go, return
temples ~ the guesser "sun structures" [heavenly]
the new mendicants ~ cruel annette "into the lime" [one little indian]
carsick cars ~ everybody comes to the city now, everybody wants to be free but don't know how (China) "3" [maybe mars]
a novel resort - turning to ashes (Denmark)
Малыш Камю (Malish Kamu) - Как солнце (like the sun) (Russia)
blondfire ~ life of the party "young heart" [tender tender rush]
albino bears - take flight from your flotsam (Scotland)
alvvays - adult diversion (Canada)
lake - perfect fit
lost tapes - war in the netherlands (Spain)
moscow club - echo beach (Japan)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Brand new music from When Nalda Became Punk, Alpaca Sports, and other favorites.  Look for the indiepop feature on the KTUH Radioblog, too!

Today's playlist, enjoy!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
pop at summer - sunny day parade (Indonesia)
mini dresses - emmi
slow hello - under rug swept (Philippines)
bubblegum lemonade - dead poets make me smile
pains of being pure at heart - everything with you
summer heart - u got all i'm looking 4
red sleeping beauty - the young pretenders (Sweden)
a novel resort - everything we ever hoped for (Denmark)
she sir - bitter bazaar (Austin, TX)
when nalda became punk - daylight saving time (Spain)
my light shines for you - little little (Chile)
young romance - pale (UK)
albino bears - rope's end! (Scotland)
artgruppe - i won't survive
northern portrait - when goodness falls (Denmark)
temples ~ shelter song "sun structures" [heavenly]
youthmemory - dreamin' (Japan)
blessin' - mono
carsick cars ~ wild grass (China) "3" [maybe mars]
trembling blue stars - idyllwild
HUSH! - cruel
SANS - bluebird
kidXL - forget you (Australia)
1:20pm Surf Set
the storms - thunder
the mysteriums - apache
tarantinosNYC - mr. wolf
the lost boys of penzance - winds of barcelona
the nova rays - the dare
archipelago - hang-up
latimer house ~ this is pop  "all the rage" [honk]
ruby the rabbitfoot ~ sing to me "new as dew" [normaltown]
making marks - lemon sheets (Norway)
the new mendicants ~ sarasota "into the lime" [one little indian]
sunny intervals - counting the days back to you
Малыш Камю (Malish Kamu) - Мокро (wet)  (Russia)
eternal summers ~ 100 "the drop beneath" [kanine]
sambassadeur - subtle changes (Sweden)
soft science - cold
kids on a crime spree - sweet tooth.
misterfireflies - simple man (graham nash cover)
tacocat ~ stereogram "nvm" [tacocat]
bart davenport - wearing the changes
teto 2 - why don't you find out for yourself (Sweden)
the simple carnival - everything that grownups know
the silent love - why don't you love me (Indonesia)
the very most - wond'ring
alpaca sports - just for fun (cover by Cristina Quesada) (Sweden)
Band À Part - postales desde la costa esta (Spain)
from bubblegum to sky - some kind of fantastic
attic lights - orbison
blondfire ~ dear in your headlights "young heart" [tender tender rush]
dum dum girls ~ little minx "too true" [sub pop]
habibi ~ sweetest talk "habibi" [burger]
lush - for love

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wow, March already?  Welcome to the new month with all kinds of great indie pop music!  Thanks for tuning in.  Don't forget, you can download the show (about an hour or two after completion) using the link above.  Here's today's playlist:

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
starf**r - boy toy
dominant legs - already know that it's nice
dum dum girls ~ cult of love "too true" [sub pop]
trilingual - como te vas
cut copy ~ take me higher "Free Your Mind" [Loma Vista]
Band À Part - postales desde la costa esta (Spain)
yelle - ce jeu
should - animate
pains of being pure at heart - say no to love
tripping the light fantastic - heavy heart
death vessel ~ mercury dime "island intervals" [sub pop]
september girls - green eyed
language of flowers - it's not you
the fin. - the end of the island (Japan)
from bubblegum to sky - the flash
attic lights - mona lisa
blondfire ~ where the kids are "young heart" [tender tender rush]
northern portrait - the young and hopefuls (Denmark)
a novel resort - turning to ashes (Denmark)
she sir - kissing can wait
alpaca sports - just like johnny marr (Sweden)
habibi ~ detroit baby "habibi" [burger]
1:20pm Surf Set
man or astroman? - planet collision
the meltones - custom cruiser
the sea turtles - slippery flippers
husky & the sandmen - diamond eye
the reverb syndicate - the martini cluster
the ventures - hawaii five-o
nina persson ~ silver like the moon "animal heart" [the end]
jupe jupe ~ new stars in the sky "crooked kisses" [s/r]
there is thunder in our hearts - april tears (Sweden)
the mary onettes - naive dream (Sweden)
the new mendicants ~ shouting match "into the lime" [one little indian]
Малыш Камю (Malish Kamu) - В лето (in summer) (Russia)
arts & leisure - upside down
sambassadeur - subtle changes (Sweden)
cecelia ann - gris (Spain)
soft science - blue
les bicyclettes de belsize - beatnik my guest
silver screen - really no wonder
beach vacation - washington weather
slow beach - lover lover (Japan)
teen runnings - sightseeing (Japan)
the yearning - everybody knows (i'm still in love with you)
papel pintado - el lado frio de la almohada (Spain)
when nalda became punk - song for carrie matheson (Spain)
sunny intervals - carbis bay
making marks - bruises (Norway)
red sleeping beauty - just for fun (Sweden)
klaus & kinski - brilla como una estrella (Spain)
tesco chainstore mascara - just the weight you are
obedient wives club - summerloove (Singapore)