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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sometimes, music is the only that can pick you up...

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
beulah - a good man is easy to kill
the hit parade - you didn't love me then
silver screen - mercy
northern portrait - murder weapon
tullycraft ~ agincourt "lost in light rotation" [magic marker & fortuna pop!]
azure blue - sunset
the moments - faraway (Japan)
arctic flow - you never will
obedient wives club - murder kill baby (Singapore)
majestic - bub
pocketbooks - every next day is an adventure
empire theory ~ colors "colors" [s/r]
au revoir simone ~ crazy "move in spectrums" [instant]
camera obscura ~ every weekday “desire lines” [4ad]
heavenly - over and over
acid house kings - sleeping
super morrissey bros. - this charming man
morrissey - the last of the famous international playboys
teenage fanclub - free again
minor leagues - please don't throw my love away
someloves - i didn't mean that
the decibels - allison
the hi-fives - i go feral in just 3 days
1:20pm Surf Set 
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - having an average weekend
surf heroes - wipeout
the mysteriums - kon-tiki
frankie & the poolboys - teke, teke, teke
tarantinosNYC - mr. wolf
la casa azul - la fiesta universal (Spain)
papa topo - sangre en los zapatos (mi amor)  (Spain)
apples in stereo - glowworm
push kings - nine straight lines
incredible force of junior - generation
the bilinda butchers - hai bby
wild nothing - only heather
city riots ~ lonely hearts "sea of bright lights [s/r]
young prisms - runner
twig - please don't turn me into a murderer
pushy parents - secret secret
the delgados - girls of valour
alexander von mehren ~ winter comes "aeropop" [the control group]
dent may ~ it takes a long time "warm blanket" [paw tracks]
tesco chainsaw mascara - mr. grey sky
the wild swans - disintegrating
velocity girl - i can't stop smiling
ski lodge ~ looking for a change "big heart" [dovecote]
outerhope - no end in sight (Philippines)
the colleagues - daydreaming (Indonesia)
summer heart - beat of your heart
les bicyclettes de belsize - beatnik my gueast (beat version)
crocodiles ~ she splits me up "crimes of passion [frenchkiss]
washed out ~ paracosm "paracosm" [sub pop]

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last day of summer, already?

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
northern portrait - when goodness falls
silver screen - change to fall
pocketbooks - falling leaves
autumn leaves - the summer's gone
the very most - autumn air
layur - sisi timur (Indonesia)
tesco chainsaw mascara - you lost me at hello
les bicyclettes de belsize - the first day of school
theory of discoustic - refraction from the sun (Indonesia)
Et Tu Brucé ~ The Turning Of The Screw "suburban sunshine" [sona blast!]
transmittens - holiday
northern spies - 2am
the spook school - i'll be honest
city riots ~ sucker punch "sea of bright lights [s/r]
super furry animals - northern lites
bubblegum lemonade - susan's in the sky
the wild swans - liquid mercury
la casa azul - cerca de shibuy (Spain)
washed out ~ all i know "paracosm" [sub pop]
moscow club - ghost dance (Japan)
tv girl - she smokes in bed
the kissaway trail ~ cuts of youth (razor love) "breach" [yep roc]
the polyphonic spree ~ popular by design "yes, it's true" [good records]
strawberry whiplash - what do they say about me
1:20pm Surf Set
dick dale & the del-tones - riders in the sky
tremelo beer gut - junkie tools
urban surf kings - moguls
the illuminoids - funeral for queen mary
the surge - rippin'
crocodiles ~ heavy metal clouds "crimes of passion" [frenchkiss]
the jesus & mary chain - can't get enough
smittens - turn the music up
tullycraft ~ queenie co. "lost in light rotation" [magic marker & fortuna pop!]
even as we speak - blue eyes deceiving me
the fin. - night time (Japan)
goldspot ~  the border line "aerogramme" [mt. hoboken records & nice music group]
summer heart - i wanna go
the hit parade - my stupid band
the camerawalls - a gentle persuasion (Philippines)
camera obscura ~ william's heart “desire lines” [4ad]
the electric pop group - believers
greyjoy ~ idle thoughts "greyjoy EP" [s/r]
alpaca sports - i was running (tiny fireflies remix)
homecomings - you never kiss
the raveonettes - my boyfriend's back
shonen knife - boys
the well wishers - here comes love
dent may ~ corner piece "warm blanket" [paw tracks]
clubfeet ~ acalpulco & LA "heirs & graces" [illusive/plant]
violens - sariza spring
band a part - cascabel
teen runnings - sightseeing (Japan)
elektone - falling into you (Singapore)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

weekends > weekdays

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
washed out ~ it all feels right "paracosm" [sub pop]
cape canaveral - oblivious (galaxie 500 cover)
hefner - the king of summer
the hit parade - on the road to beaconsfield
the lodger - the good old days
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - piece of peace
crocodiles ~ i like it in the dark "crimes of passion [frenchkiss]
amida - class of 2000
silver screen - really no wonder
alexander von mehren ~ neuschwanstein "aeropop" [the control group]
dent may ~ born too late "warm blanket" [paw tracks]
arctic flow - you never will
#poundsign# - it's so hard
neko case ~ city swans "The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You" [ANTI]
jens lekman - the end of the world is bigger than love
beach vacation - i saw you
strawberry whiplash - you make me shine
the fin. - night time (Japan)
the moments - undercurrent (Japan)
tullycraft ~ elks lodge riot "lost in light rotation" [magic marker & fortuna pop!]
goldspot ~  somewhere in the east "aerogramme" [mt. hoboken records & nice music group]
ski lodge ~ down on this southern tip "big heart" [dovecote]
superchunk ~ FOH "i hate music" [merge]
1:22pm Surf Set
dick dale & the del-tones - the wedge
the madeira - the saracen
the mobsmen - chunkje
secret samurai - l'ultimo basamento
atomic mosquitos - banzai fallout
club 8 ~ straight as an arrow "above the city" [labrador]
acid house kings - save it for the weekend
go! team - ladyflash
lush - single girl
velocity girl - the all-consumer
camera obscura ~ i missed your party “desire lines” [4ad]
summer heart - beat of your heart
post modern team - by the sea (Japan)
korallreven - the truest faith
delorean - stay close
strfkr ~ atlantis "miracle mile" [polyvinyl]
beach house - wishes
the camerawalls - markers of beautiful memories (Philippines)
the gentle isolation - faraway (Philippines)
tesco chainsaw mascara - tomorrow
les bicyclettes de belsize - these days
alpaca sports - she'll come back for indian summer
northern portrait - i give you two seconds to entertain me
pure bathing culture ~ pendulum "moon tides" [partisan]
gypsy and the cat ~ soul kiss "the late blue" [alsatian]
paper kites ~ when our legs grew tall "young north" [nettwerk]
teen runnings - sightseeing (Japan)
trilingual ~ nunca "trials and ways" [s/r]

Saturday, September 7, 2013

All good music for good boys & girls:

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
barcelona - beautiful
bubblegum lemonade - susan's in the sky
the hit parade - you didn't love me then
the proctors - trouble with forever
the delgados - everybody come down
washed out ~ falling back "paracosm" [sub pop]
city riots ~ wait for you "sea of bright lights [s/r]
the raveonettes - too close to heartbreak
the electric pop group - not by another
strawberry whiplash - stop, look, and listen
the moments - undercurrent (Japan)
the ballet - difficult situations
silver screen - only ever yours
the wild swans - chloroform
goldspot ~  the border line "aerogramme" [mt. hoboken records & nice music group]
ski lodge ~ i always thought "big heart" [dovecote]
teen runnings - sightseeing (Japan)
annemarie - bubblegum i see (Philippines)
elen never sleeps - silver (Japan)
tullycraft ~ wake up, wake up "lost in light rotation" [magic marker & fortuna pop!]
the charade - monday morning
trilingual ~ como te vas "trials and ways" [non market records]
push kings - number ones
1:23pm Surf Set
the meltones - tiki cabana
Stronzo Gelantino & The Boo-Men - Do The Demare
The Sidemen - Volo No. 1062
Husky & The Sandmen – Diamond Eye
camera obscura ~ every weekday “desire lines” [4ad]
club 8 ~ a small piece of heaven "above the city" [labrador]
pale spectres - didn't know where to go
tesco chainsaw mascara - writer's block
the orange peels - back in san francisco
wild nothing - chinatown
kissing party - wasters wall
outerhope - lost year (Philippines)
the strange creatures - stargazer (Philippines)
spring boutique - happy song (Philippines)
the sweet nothings - the day of the popshow
the camerawalls - a gentle persuasion
pocketbooks - harbour lights
rocketship - i'm lost without you
northern portrait - some people
the french pop dream - eurostar, the musical
the decibels - windy
the high-fives - love you better
the secret history - isabelle & the music
yakuri cable - stars fall down (Scotland)
greyjoy ~ distance "greyjoy EP" [s/r]
superchunk ~ out of the sun "i hate music" [merge]
the gentle isolation - sea horses (Philippines)
the very most - sod off
the fin. - you can see it in the blue (Japan)