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Saturday, November 25, 2017

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
the proctors ~ you and me and the sea
turnover ~ super natural ~ good nature
makthaverskan ~ in my dreams ~ iii [Sweden]
pictured resort ~ southern freeway [Japan]
watoo watoo ~ l'absence ~ le fumalin [France]
tsuchi yamakoto ~ at the new town [Japan]
theatre royal ~ all i need
real estate ~ stained glass ~ in mind
martin courtney ~ vestiges
teenage fanclub ~ when i still have thee 
midlake ~ it covers the hillsides ~ the trials of van occupanther
dent may ~ you can't force a dance party
jens lekman ~ evening prayer ~ life will see you now
northern portrait ~ some people [Denmark]
toshiaki yamada ~ small good things [Japan]
my little pony ~ skipping down the street
alvvays ~ saved by a waif ~ antisocialites
cut copy ~ counting down ~ haiku from zero
the radio dept. ~ this thing was bound to happen ~ running out of love
pains of being pure at heart ~ my only ~ the echo of pleasure
le super homard ~ mister corn [France]
homecomings ~ don't worry boys ~ sale of broken dreams [Japan]
1:25pm Surf Set
the madiera ~ burning mirage
los venturas ~ beach bunny
man or astro-man? ~ complex 34
the atomic blast ~ the amazing hypno-bear (on a unicycle)
the run-a-bouts ~ wild fire
don't ~ i'm not ready to leave
the zephyr bones ~ secret place ~ secret place [Spain]
capitรกn sunrise ~ el cubismo, la vanguardia [Spain]
lia pamina ~ wrap your love around my heart [Spain]
stars in coma ~ dream up my future child [Sweden]
the silent love ~ party police (alvvays cover) [Indonesia]
hearsays ~ talking across the room [Japan]
the courtneys ~ frankie ~ ii
plume of feathers ~ first date
teen runnings ~ seatown punk [Japan]
beach house ~ equal mind ~ b-sides and rarities
seapony ~ imagining things ~ be here again EP
destroyer ~ sometimes in the world ~ ken
kuchucamera ~ pisu de ikou [Japan]
anemoneyouth ~ time machine [Japan]
fazerdaze ~ jennifer ~ morningside [New Zealand]
day wave & hazel english ~ pda (interpol cover)
triptides ~ love me too ~ afterglow
pure mids ~ maybe it's alright
dead leaf echo ~ lemonheart ~ beyond desire
picnic republic ~ back on me ~ picnic republic [France]
kero kero bonito ~ big city
neon bunny ~ oh my prince [Korea]
ccf ~ wth [Japan]

Saturday, November 18, 2017

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
the recreations ~ someday i will [Japan]
gomes the hitman ~ rainbow and sneakers [Japan]
day wave ~ something here (acoustic)
secret meadow ~ i am you [Indonesia]
the dayoffs ~ love love love
morissey ~ spent the day in bed (PanoS double bed mix)
alvvays ~ lollipop (ode to jim) ~ antisocialites
fazerdaze ~ lucky girl ~ morningside [New Zealand]
cults ~ i took your picture ~ offering
hazel english ~ more like you ~ just give in/never going home
the popguns ~ a dream of her own ~ sugar kisses
the courtneys ~ silver velvet
boys ~ all my friends [Sweden]
terry vs tori ~ larusso [Spain]
worst place ~ better days
seapony ~ imagining things
sambassadeur ~ days [Sweden]
acid house kings ~ under water [Sweden]
club 8 ~ the next step you'll take ~ strangely beautiful [Sweden]
star tropics ~ swept away
secretly french ~ things you tell me [Sweden]
french pop dream ~ who cares what the stars are called
1:23pm Surf Set
burt rocket ~ twang-o-matic terror
man or astroman ~ you can't get good riblets in space
the jokers ~ purple crackle
the concussions ~ trouble gum
the kanaloas ~ el rodo
the meltones ~ you'll never surf in this town again
letting up despite great faults ~ wrapped ~ neon
cut copy ~ black rainbows ~ haiku from zero [Australia]
kisses ~ funny heartbeat
best friend ~ we are all awful people
jens lekman ~ wedding in finistere ~ life will see you now [Sweden]
wallflower ~ nowhere (ice choir remix) [Japan]
youthcomics ~ youth in our backyards [Japan]
capitan sunrise ~ vigilantes de playas y nubes [Spain]
la bien querida ~ si me quieres a mi ~ fuego [Spain]
la casa azul ~ podria ser peor [Spain]
juniper moon ~ solo una sonrisa [Spain]
cooper ~ hyde park [Spain]
the fin. ~ outskirts [Japan]
fireflies ~ selfish
math and physics club ~ all the mains are down
gateballers ~ rabusongu o utanai kimi ni [Japan]
and summer club ~ sunbeam is waiting [Japan]
a certain smile ~ mexican coke
jetstream pony ~ like you less
cuberry ~ vr mv [Japan]
last leaves ~ other rivers
town of mirage ~ tarinai [Japan]
makeout point ~ audrey [Sweden]
hibou ~ mr brightside 
holy ~ heard her [Sweden]

Saturday, November 11, 2017

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
dent may ~ dream 4 me ~ across the multiverse
jens lekman ~ our first fight ~ life will see you now
the zephyr bones ~ secret place [Spain]
triptides ~ rewind ~ afterglow
strawberry whiplash ~ you make me shine
pizzicato five ~ my baby portable sound
pale sunday ~ shooting star [Brazil]
push kings ~ number ones
starry eyed cadet ~ happy place
the orielles ~ let your dogtooth grow
puzzles y dragones ~ fuerzas absurdas [Spain]
party jacket ~ canopy
pure mids ~ these days
boys ~ rabbits
alvvays ~ your type ~ antisocialites
eri n - powder blue [Japan]
cut copy ~ stars last me a lifetime ~ haiku from zero [Australia]
lililips ~ xoxo feat. usagi disco [Japan]
sally shapiro ~ starman [Sweden]
moscow club ~ radio vietnam [Japan]
the apples in stereo ~ dream about the future ~ travellers in space and time
1:25pm Surf Set
the surf mist ~ atlantis rising [Australia]
the splashdowns ~ gene kraz's white waistcoat
the concussions ~ storm team dave
the twang-o-matics ~ tennessee deadshot
the mutants ~ beachwolley mudparty
the bitch boys ~ the breeze & i
jaded juice riders ~ sir
destroyer ~ in the morning ~ ken
treasures of mexico ~ let's start at the beginning
autumn leaves ~ you didn't say a word (the balled of plum tucker) ~ treats and treasures
#poundsign# ~ starry night
the very most ~ number five
heavenly ~ itchy chin ~ the decline & fall of heavenly
lia pamina ~ sycamore tree [Spain]
pep ~ stephen
the yearning ~ dreamboat ~ dreamboats & lemonade
the school ~ when i fall in love
the icicles ~ ralphy rodriguez ~ a hundred patterns
the popguns ~ a beaten up guitar ~ sugar kisses
anna burch ~ 2 cool 2 care
tripping the light fantastic ~ heavy heart
even as we speak ~ falling down the stairs
other too pure songs ~ sunday [Japan]
alex lahey ~ i love you like a brother ~ i love you like a brother
soft science ~ blue
lush ~ for love
stereolab ~ narco martenot
totos ~ documents [Japan]
feti ~ waffle house [Japan]
boy pablo ~ everytime [Norway]
hater ~ blushing [Sweden]

Saturday, November 4, 2017

November already!  Gather 'round for the Happyoblivion Show!

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
and summer club ~ sunbeam is waiting [Japan]
balloon at dawn ~ march [Japan]
terri vs tori ~ high tide [Spain]
worst place ~ dreamer
cults ~ recovery ~ offering
star tropics ~ windfall
makthaverskan ~ leda ~ iii [Sweden]
french pop dream ~ who cares what the stars are called
pictured resort ~ southern freeway [Japan]
saint romance ~ about a girl [Japan]
picnic republic ~ waiting for the sun [France]
pearlfishers ~ we're gonna save the summer ~ young picnickers
secret meadow ~ endlings [Indonesia]
the proctors ~ you and me and the sea
destroyer ~ cover from the sun ~ ken
jetstream pony ~ had enough
loveles ~ david [Japan]
the youth hostel ~ kanashi [Japan]
mariana in our heads ~ september [Japan]
le superhomard ~ dry salt in our hair [France]
mademoiselle nineteen ~ au jardin [France]
starry eyed cadet ~ worlds collide
1:20pm Surf Set
the doltones ~ mysterioso [Finland]
the kilaueas ~ checkmate 100
shadowy men on a shadowy planet ~ bennett cerf
the concussions ~ doc rockblock
the surfites ~ planetary stroll [Sweden]
the sidemen ~ der kommissar
stereolab ~ super-electric
anemoneyouth ~ time machine [Japan]
dent may ~ a little goes a long way ~ across the multiverse
jens lekman ~ how we met, the long version ~ life will see you now
cut copy ~ no fixed destination ~ haiku from zero
alvvays ~ hey ~ antisocialites
fazerdaze ~ a little uneasy ~ morningside
math and physics club ~ all the mains are down
the waterfalls ~ somewhere [Japan]
baggy suit little ~ in your dream [Japan]
youthcomics ~ youth in our backyards [Japan]
the spook school ~ still alive
triptides ~ love me too ~ afterglow
strange babes ~ holiday
tahiti 80 ~ crush! [France]
tv girl ~ birds don't sing
beverly ~ you can't get it right
allen clapp & his orchestra ~ something strange happens
the trash can sinatras ~ only tongue can tell
the hit parade ~ you didn't love me then
the lodger ~ the good old days
silver screen ~ a little more each day
coughs ~ waking and sleeping [Japan]
talulah gosh ~ don't go away
pale sunday ~ emma's house (the field mice cover) [Brazil]