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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Going heavy on music from the UK today!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
hearsays - headrest [Japan]
daisy jaine - desert meets forest [Japan]
alvvays - adult diversion
best friend - beach parking lot
sailyard - saint romance about a girl [Japan]
le superhomard - sweet winter (le superhomard sweet summer remix) [France]
the very most - this is where i should be (featuring Sam Counsil)
the wedding present - montreal
the field mice - between hello and goodbye
the frank and walters - indie love song
the primitives - rattle my cage
lloyd cole & the commotions - rattlesnakes
camera obscura - anti-western
allo darlin' - still young
belle & sebastian - we are the sleepyheads
shadowgraphs - countryside
ride - taste
super furry animals - (drawing) rings around the world
primal scream - velocity girl
british sea power - please stand up
teenage fanclub - sidewinder
the lightning seeds - the life of riley
the jesus & mary chain - i can't get enough
1:20pm Surf Set
the charades - all around in space
the splashdowns - saturn 5
the kilaueas - antenna moon
the scarlets - stampede
the krontjong devils - butterfingers
the beechwoods - tight spot
bikini atoll beach party - fez paradox
the jokers - purple crackle
the boo radleys - wake up boo
smiths - rusholme ruffians
the wonder stuff - merry go round
the charlatans UK - the only one i know
gene - be my light, be my guide
james - be my prayer
pulp - do you remember the first time?
kinky machine - shockaholic
carter the unstoppable sex machine - the only living boy in new cross
cast - history
the la's - there she goes
echobelly - great things
menswear - daydreamer
supergrass - caught by the fuzz
cornershop - brimful of asha (norman cook remix)
lush - lit up
suede - hit me
elastica - car song
ash - girl from mars
the mighty lemon drops - inside out (live)
blur - there's no other way
the verve - bitter sweet symphony

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Today is the final day of KTUH's Radiothon! Please support the Happyoblivion Show on KTUH. Call 956-5288 to pledge or go to! Tune in 12-3pm on KTUH 90.1fm, 91.1fm North Shore, digital cable 866, or The KTUH Radiothon 2017 T-shirt would look great on you!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
beverly - crooked cop
e'spaniel - just another day
secret meadow - water in the flowing river [Indonesia]
the spook school - gone home
the sun days - get him off your mind [Sweden]
puffy amiyumi - circuit no musume (the readymade JBL mix '99)
kero kero bonito - picture this
band á part - long distance [Spain]
teen runnings - high school love [Japan]
hurry - fascination
the crookes - i wanna waste my time on you
red sleeping beauty - tell me more [Sweden]
homecomings - perfect sounds forever [Japan]
lake - tracks and tunnels
san francisco - todos los besos del mundo [Spain]
the orchids - she's just a girl
surfer blood - voyager reprise (another summer of love remix)
velocity girl - tripping wires
tv girl - birds don't sing
presentable corpse - through waves of fog
northern portrait - some people [Denmark]
jens lekman - the end of the world is bigger than love [Sweden]
1:20pm Surf Set
los kahunas - another summer song
the surfites - surfville
the kanaloas - the bronzee bull
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - having an average weekend
the surf zombies - candyass
martin cilia - surfabilly
los venturas - makaha surf
nebulas - bus stop
sambassadeur - final say
someloves - know you now
swimming tapes - souvenirs
the lodger - the good old days
strange babes - holiday
kids on a crime spree - i don't want to call you baby, baby
the minders - yeah yeah yeah
tender trap - love is hard enough
softies - postal blue
the perfect english weather - the sweetest feeling
eggstone - like so
acid house kings - what you wanna do
youthcomics - and his car [Japan]
stephen's shore - ocean blue
ride - twisterella
the icicles - la ti da
allo darlin' - the polaroid song
bedroom eyes - dancing under influence
la casa azul - la fiesta universal [Spain]
attic lights - war years (reworked by la casa azul)
the stone roses - what the world is waiting for

Saturday, March 11, 2017

It's Radiothon time! Please help support the Happyoblivion Show and KTUH.  Call us at 956-5888!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the radio dept. - heaven's on fire  [Sweden]
the courtneys - silver velvet [Canada]
lia pamina - better off without you [Spain]
linustate - small world [Japan]
Capitán Sunrise - Tardes de café con leche [Spain]
letting up despite great faults - ride
halfnoise - in the summer
the very most - today it is even better
starry eyed cadet - worlds collide
secret meadow - same old fear [Indonesia]
post modern team - fade away [Japan]
verandah - let's summer [Japan]
the school - you make me hear music (inside my head)
barcelona - west coast radio
moscow club - echo beach [Japan]
alpaca sports - telephone [Sweden]
the jesus & mary chain - down on me
layne - beautiful life [Japan]
northern portrait - when goodness fails [Denmark]
le superhomard - dry salt in our hair [France]
youthcomics - and his car [Japan]
silver screen - really no wonder
the golden eaves - no other [Germany]
1:20pm Surf Set
men in grey suits - hawaii 5-0
the meltones - the perfect wave
dick dale & his del-tones - (ghost) riders in the sky
the concussions - have mersey
the surfites - moon made
the reverb syndicate - the martini cluster
burt rocket - boss board
moscow olympics - still [Philippines]
lush - burnham beeches
summer twins - stop & go
the bilinda butchers - all my friends
the recreations - swing together [Japan]
boyish - youki na onanoko no uta [Japan]
pictured resort - away to paradise [Japan]
camera obscura - french navy
heavenly - escort crash on marsten street
teenage fanclub - baby lee
san francisco - una vaina bajo tu cama [Spain]
the suncharms - wash away
homecomings - don't worry boys (halfby & last aloha island disco mix) [Japan]
juvenile juvenile - feel the same [Japan]
kensei ogata - gerbera [Japan]
gomes the hitman - jozetsu sutakkato [Japan]
les bicyclettes de belsize - beatnik my guest (beat mix)
tesco chainstore mascara - this heart is breaking
cola jet set - lo mejor esta por llegar [Spain]
beach beach - just like before [Spain]
club 8 - a small piece of heaven
apples in stereo - skyway
holiday - all i want
hoshi - on top of the fence [Japan]

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Welcome to the first Happyoblivion Show in March!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
ribet towns - metro [Japan]
balloon at dawn - march [Japan]
no vacation - Dræm girl
temples - certainty
presentable corpse - through waves of fog
day wave - untitled
beach beach - tasteless [Spain]
for tracy hyde - on the beach [Japan]
diners - fifteen on a skateboard
the courtneys - lost boys [Canada]
best friend - words in this language
the bats - no trace [New Zealand]
the jangleberries - 7:52 [Australia]
daisy jaine - desert meets forest [Japan]
fazerdaze - lucky girl [New Zealand]
funeral advantage - please help me
lawrence arabia - another century [New Zealand]
small imperfections - better hold on [Sweden]
the zephyr bones - weird summer [Spain]
surfer blood - matter of time
hearsays - headrest [Japan]
1:20pm Surf Set
the typhoons - south of heaven
the concussions - storm team dave
the volcanics - laguna
the kanaloas - elevator drop
the surfites - comet's tail
the insect surfers - delmarva
secret samurai - l'ultimo basamento
the splashdowns - point of no return [Germany]
dokkoise house - pablo [Japan]
village - stranger thoughts [Canada]
the echo dek - nightvision [Japan]
simian ghost - stop moving [Sweden]
hanadorobow - baskin robbins [Japan]
secret meadow - followed by the voice [Indonesia]
space daze - follow my light back home (tiny fireflies remix)
jens lekman - what's that perfume that you wear?
belle & sebastian - blues are still blue
the primitives - been hiding (aisler's set cover)
laetitia sadier - double voice extra voice
some gorgeous accident - evergreen days [Philippines]
c.c.f. - like it [Japan]
moscow club - radio vietnam [Japan]
camera obscura - i need all the friends i can get
letting up despite great faults - legends
e'spaniel - knots
teenage fanclub - live in the moment
kuryakin - take my hand
swimming tapes - souvenirs
lush - lit up
ride - seagull