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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Many thanks to Mr. Modular for covering the Happyoblivion Show last week!  Also, it's time for holiday indie music.  Enjoy!

the hannah barberas ~ christmas time is here ~ christmas bandwagon
rope store ~ never had christmas
the crookes ~ it's just not christmas without you
remington super 60 ~ a winter song [Norway]
gomes the hitman ~ churchbells ringing [Japan]
Max & Eliza (from Wallflower) ~ Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Like The Way That I Used to do [Japan]
ray anthony ~ christmas trumpets/we wish you a merry christmas ~ ultra-lounge christmas cocktails, part one
go jimmy go ~ sleigh ride ~ holiday hell yeah!
les bicyclettes de belsize ~ bad christmas (cover version) ~ the 12 days of christmas
the very most ~ this year, christmas came november 4th
the school ~ kiss you in the snow
math and physics club ~ cold as minnesota
figure ~ christmas eve of 1992 [Japan]
homecomings ~ winter bargain [Japan]
tramgirl karaoke club ~ an Eighties Christmas Song
the perfect english weather ~ call me (christmas single)
fireflies ~ x-mas song
the perfect english weather ~ call me (christmas single)
les bicyclettes de belsize ~ christmas card 1983
axolotes mexicanos ~ te espero en navidad  [Spain]
nixon ~ anorak christmas [Sweden]
fandaze ~ big socks [Japan]
gomes the hitman ~ deck the halls [Japan]
french pop dream ~ silver bells (remastered)
the school ~ kiss you in the snow
1:20pm Santa's Surf Set
space cossacks ~ christmas island
mel-tones ~ silent night
the hollyberries ~ i wanna go surfin' with santa
the surfites ~ staffan var en stalledrang
aqualads ~ angels we have heard on high
the kanaloas ~ x-mas palm tree
the rory mcbrides ~ (we like) eggnog!
tiki joe's ocean ~ jingle bells
bubblegum lemonade ~ show me a miracle
popguns ~ in red and white
the hit parade ~ i love christmas
les bicyclettes de belsize ~ a very indie christmas
northern portrait ~ leave the trees alone [Denmark]
attic lights ~ why should christmas be so hard?
the prissteens ~ christmas is a time for giving
modular ~ el viaje magico de santa claus [Spain]
tesco chainstore mascara ~ last christmas
the hopefuls ~ holiday
the primitives ~ you trashed my christmas
les bicyclettes de belsize ~ white horses
the boy least likely to ~ christmas isn't christmas
the hit parade and amelia fletcher ~ christmas tears
the marbles ~ christmas song
belle & sebastian ~ santa, bring my baby back to me
the very most ~ wombling merry christmas
camera obscura ~ the blizzard
daydream cycle ~ christmas is here [Philippines]
allo darlin' ~ hymn on the 45
tender trap ~ leaving christmas day
bathing beauty ~ christmas tears
summer cats ~ plastic christmas trees
beanpole ~ let it snow
serenades ~ come home
karibean ~ xmas vibrations [Italy]
sharon jones & the dap-kings ~ 8 days (of hannukah) ~ it's a holiday soul party

Saturday, December 1, 2018

The superb Mr. Modular will be subbing for me on the Happyoblivion Show today. Tune in!

I'll be back next Saturday with indie holiday tunes!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
the dekkoes ~ row the boat
the vapour trails ~ the inner truth
death cab for cutie ~ autumn love ~ thank you for today
elvis costello & the imposters ~ i let the sun go down ~ look now
the pains of being pure at heart ~ everything with you ~ the pains of being pure at heart
vince guaraldi trio ~ thanksgiving theme ~ vince guaraldi and the lost cues from the "charlie brown" television specials
lamp ~ slow motion [Japan]
the school ~ put your hand in mine ~ wasting away and wondering
the strange creatures ~ mananatili ~ phantasms  [Philippines]
garbage online ~ L/M [Japan]
lens mozer ~ i wanna love you
moscow olympics ~ still [Philippines]
pure mids ~ no time to kill
papercuts ~ sing to me candy ~ parallel universe blues
camden ~ scars
the charade ~ my song to you ~ a real life drama
watoo watoo ~ au fond des allees [France]
sally shapiro ~ starman ~ somewhere else [Sweden]
stereolab ~ get a shot of the refrigerator ~ fab four suture
tv girl ~ pretty boys ~ death of a party girl
1:20pm Surf Set
the nebulas ~ dragunov ~ nebulas
the kilaueas ~ checkmate 100 ~ mundaka calls
surf me up, scotty ~ downhill madness
man or astro-man? ~ big track attack ~ experiment zero
the surfites ~ marching robots ~ escapades in space
the stingrays ~ panic beach
the concussions ~ stiletto
pictured resort ~ stars above [Japan]
chelsea times ~ behind the glasses [Japan]
le superhomard ~ meadow lane park ~ springtime EP [France]
kero kero bonito ~ flyway ~ time 'n' place
summer magic ~ a certain little chord
dot dash ~ parachute powerline ~ proto retro
soft science ~ still ~ maps
the perfect english weather ~ emigrant song (what's the weather?) ~ don't you wanna feel the rain?
slow hello ~ cold turkey [Philippines]
girl in red ~ we fell in love in october [Norway]
decibels ~ whole wide world
the proctors ~ crystaline part 2
the sunbathers ~ every day ~ a weekend away with...
dylan mondegreen ~ don't call me
the fin. ~ outskirts [Japan]
outerhope ~ out to sea [Philippines]
figure ~ daylight [Japan]
pale lights ~ through the lynchgates (lake ruth cover)
alpaca sports ~ books i've read ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
youthcomics ~ and his car [Japan]
cooper ~ luz ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacion [Spain]
neleonard ~ jonas ~ un lugar imaginado [Spain]
skittle alley ~ love is an action (by rene) [France]
oslo oscillator ~ newlands [Norway]
sappy ~ get back [Japan]

Saturday, November 17, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
chelsea times ~ time is gonna come [Japan]
the perfect english weather ~ only shadows
kero kero bonito ~ swimming ~ time 'n' place
brilliant at breakfast ~ strawberry v [Indonesia]
the very most ~ flying m ~ custom songs and remixes
featherfin ~ keep on walking [Norway]
rose melberg ~ not just to be loved by to love (jonathan richman cover) ~ september
tullycraft ~ westchester turnabouts ~ lost in light rotation
franklin's kite ~ the colours they bring ~ hurdles and rewards
finnmark ~ tugboat (galaxie 500 cover)
cape canaveral ~ 1865
world at last ~ girl on a boys' bike
skipping girl vinegar ~ here she comes ~ chase the sun
bubblegum lemonade ~ pretty girls make waves
the smittens ~ first bus
the hi-life companion ~ you're the greatest ~ say yes!
marcE68 (marc elston) ~ crazier
northern portrait ~ murder weapon [Denmark]
math and physics club ~ across the paper
alpaca sports ~ saddest girl in the world ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
acid house kings ~ wipe away those tears ~ sing along with acid house kings [Sweden]
club 8 ~ my heart won't break ~ moshi moshi: pop international style [Sweden]
velocity girl ~ drug girls ~ simpatico
1:20pm Surf Set
the surfaders ~ sharkbait ~ a greater silence
the mobsmen ~ lazurite ~ fraternitas aurem factorum
incredible sucking spongies ~ sputnilks thema
the knights ~ tale of a 280 pound shoe salesman
the meltones ~ return of the surfin' headhunters
chancellor's ~ jam
dick dale & his del-tones ~ cotton picking ~ king of the surf guitar
les bicyclettes de belsize ~ secrets (4-tet version)
milkyway ~ i know ~ up, up and away [Spain]
el palacio de linares ~ ciervo y erizo [Spain]
winter & triptides ~ desaparecidos ~ estrela magica
neleonard ~ sorpesa, vacio ~ un lugar imaginado [Spain]
trashcan sinatras ~ in the music
the lightning seeds ~ a small slice of heaven ~ sense
the hermit crabs ~ i don't know how
pocketbooks ~ falling leaves
the felt tips ~ dear morrissey ~ living and growing
the charade ~ my song to you ~ a real life drama
bart & friends ~ see you one more time
the blanche hudson weekend ~ let me go
the shermans ~ sweet as honey
red sleeping beauty ~ you and me [Sweden]
brideshead ~ love & happiness ~ never grow up [Germany]
they go boom!! ~ missing person
boyracer ~ nothing left
strawberry story ~ close my eyes
softies ~ count to ten
go sailor ~ fine day for sailing
watoo watoo ~ la rue d'avant ~ la fuite [France]
stereolab ~ hallucinex ~ sound-dust
lush ~ i have the moon
ride ~ taste ~ nowhere
teenage fanclub ~ thin air
from bubblegum to sky ~ the gurls & the shoo be doo-wop

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Many thanks to DJs Tommy Fox & Irie-Sistable for filling in on the show last week!  Back on air today for Minithon 2018.  Please help support KTUH--give us a call (808) 956-5288 or donate at!

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
tv girl ~ king of echo park ~ death of a party girl
winter & triptides ~ amiga ~ estrela magica
the go! team ~ if theres only one thing you should know ~ semicircle
gomes the hitman ~ twilight, twilight, dawn [Japan]
peter bjorn & john ~ living a dream ~ darker days
fade ~ fall in love
beverly kills ~ melodrama
the strange creatures ~ palipad hangin ~ phantasms [Philippines]
featherfin ~ the crimson spill [Norway]
neleonard ~ mi mentira favorita ~ un lugar imaginado [Spain]
alpaca sports ~ without you ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
kero kero bonito ~ time today ~ time 'n' place
chelsea times ~ behind the glasses [Japan]
the perfect english weather ~ only shadows
the sunbathers ~ summer's gone
the fin. ~ midnight song [Japan]
attic lights ~ hit and miss ~ super de luxe
dutch criminal record ~ waiting on the weekend
cooper ~ salto ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacion [Spain]
whyte horses ~ i saw the light
the mayfields ~ all you ever say
dot dash ~ dead letter rays ~ proto retro
1:20pm Surf Set
los kahunas ~ goofin' around you
the kanaloas ~ swallow tail ~ surf a go go!
men in grey suits ~ goldfinger ~ men in grey suits
burt rocket ~ savage iceland ~ savage iceland
the surfites ~ space encounter ~ escapades in space
husky & the sandmen ~ diamond eye
the aquamarines ~ hammerhead
cut copy ~ ocean blue
frokedal ~ david [Norway]
snail mail ~ heat wave ~ lush
surf city ~ spec city ~ jekyll island [New Zealand]
superette ~ pretty picture
picnic republic ~ are you ready [France]
winter ~ zoey ~ ethereality
worst place ~ dreamer
oslo oscillator ~ newlands [Norway]
french pop dream ~ i started something new when there's still so much left unfinished
beths ~ future me hates me ~ future me hates me [New Zealand]
swimming tapes ~ easy strand
watoo watoo ~ modern express [France]
ambient light ~ summer thoughts
red sleeping beauty ~ tonight tonight tonight [Sweden]
lia pamina & dario persi ~ so far tonight [Spain]
soft science ~ sooner ~ maps
last leaves ~ golden days to come
math and physics club ~ baby i'm yours
capitan sunrise ~ dicen que te vas ~ la vida en la casa del arbol [Spain]
axolotes mexicanos ~ trececatorce [Spain]
burrito panza ~ barcelona [Spain]
dronjo kept by 4 ~ grass roots [Japan]
azure blue ~ my final candle
boys ~ rabbits [Sweden]
the suncharms ~ film soundtrack
dante matas ~ a colourful headache
putochinomaricon ~ el test de la bravo y la superpop

Saturday, October 27, 2018

It's time for the annual Halloween-themed Happyoblivion Show!

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
big quiet ~ ghost
summer twins ~ demons
la casa azul ~ niño zombi [Spain]
shonen knife ~ ghost train
little racer ~ ghosty
the john buzon trio ~ mr. ghost goes to town
gypsy and the cat ~ zombie world [Australia]
club 8 ~ we're all going to die [Sweden]
they go boom!! ~ candy
girls names ~ bury me
shin rizumu feat. sodapop ~ mysterious candy [Japan]
future bible heroes ~ digging my own grave
barcelona ~ haunted by the ghost of patty
magic kids ~ candy
the besties ~ zombie song
num contena ~ smile when you're dead [Japan]
teeny frahoop ~ eat candy [Japan]
dangerous ponies ~ ghosts
tullycraft ~ dig up the graves
the belafontes ~ skeleton
crocodiles ~ electric death song
from bubblegum to sky ~ vampire
redd kross ~ meet frankenstein
jonny ~ wich is wich
1:20pm Surf Set
twang ~ night of the twang creatures
blackball bandits ~ skull dance
blackball bandits ~ swingy creepy
the kilaueas ~ black phantom twang
shadowy men on a shadowy planet ~ zombie compromise
rondo hatton ~ riding the coffin
the kanaloas ~ boneyard reef
man or astro-man? ~ munster's theme
tokyo ska paradise orchestra ~ monster rock
the aggrolites ~ grave digger
tokyo ska paradise orchestra ~ vampire
specials ~ ghost town
tokyo ska paradise orchestra ~ skull collector
ursula 1000 ~ graveyard stomp
moscow club ~ ghost dance [Japan]
veronica falls ~ found love in a graveyard
lia pamina ~ ghost [Spain]
autumn leaves ~ phantom girl blues
the bird and the bee ~ witch
the very most ~ zombies in the city of trees
telekinesis ~ ghosts and creatures
cut copy ~ so haunted
starfucker ~ bury us alive
magnetic fields ~ zombie boy
gene ~ haunted by you
ferns ~ death of a lifetime [Malaysia]
her space holiday ~ ghost in the garden
fairmont ~ you haunt me
lake ~ skeleton costume
toxie ~ haunted
jumprope ~ notes from a chateau ghost
po! ~ haunt you
supermoon ~ witching hour

Saturday, October 20, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
transit my youth ~ help [Japan]
next time passions ~ win the universe [Greece]
funeral advantage ~ CEOT7K
youthcomics ~ weekend [Japan]
kero kero bonito ~ flyway ~ time 'n' place
stereolab ~ super-electric ~ switched on
for tracy hyde ~ emma (reimagined) [Japan]
young agings ~ you found me [Japan]
swimming tapes ~ easy strand
the beths ~ happy unhappy ~ future me hates me [New Zealand]
the proctors ~ seven wonders
the perfect english weather ~ pennies in the jar
the sunbathers ~ big boy now ~ a weekend away with...
math & physics club ~ across the paper
corinodakao ~ aerial swing [Japan]
the fin. ~ through the deep ~ there [Japan]
club 8 ~ a small piece of heaven ~ above the city [Sweden]
puffy amiyumi ~ sunday in the park ~ splurge [Japan]
tv girl ~ king of echo park ~ death of a party girl
the go! team ~ hey! ~ semicircle
helen love ~ my imagination ~ day-glo dreams
still dreams ~ invisible
1:20pm Surf Set
the mobsmen ~ flamenco ~ scelerats syndicate
killer bananazz ~ freaks of nature
dick dale & the del-tones ~ night rider
man or astro-man? ~ intoxica ~ destroy all astromen!!
the concussions ~ doc rockblock ~ newaygo sound machine
burt rocket ~ spy vs spy vs spy ~ savage iceland
the kanaloas ~ elevator drop ~ surf a go go!
mermonte ~ motorique [France]
sugarcube ~ tonight
tangingugun ~ spring is over [Japan]
featherfin ~ the crimson spill [Norway]
vamping ~ incantations X
the sweetest touch ~ precious time [Indonesia]
alpaca sports ~ saddest girl in the world ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
acid house kings ~ i just called to say jag alsker dig [Sweden]
summer twins ~ stop & go ~ limbo
dent may ~ love song 2009 ~ the good feeling music of dent may & his magnificent ukulele
jens lekman ~ an argument with myself [Sweden]
northern portrait ~ when goodness falls [Denmark]
the lightning seeds ~ the life of riley ~ sense
the essex green ~ smith & 9th ~ hardly electronic
martin courtney ~ northern highway ~ many moons
richard hawley ~ tonight the streets are ours
the holiday crowd ~ anything anything
the mayfields ~ all you ever say
EggS ~ i fell in love
pooll ~ i secretly went on a journey [Japan]
yusuke tsuruta ~ rain falls gently girl [Japan]
strawberry whiplash ~ now i know it's you ~ hits in the car
juvenile juvenile ~ perfect lies (teto 2 remix) [Japan]

Saturday, October 13, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
Day Wave~
Still Let You Down
Bird Streets
~Betting On the Sun
Lala Lala~
Lens Mozer
~Cut My Heart in Two
senyuman senja
~galaxy of sina & glow eye [Indonesia]
The Suncharms
~Film Soundtrack
Swimming Tapes
~Easy Strand
The Vapour Trails
~the inner truth
~Supercar [Japan]
Kero Kero Bonito
~Visiting Hours
The Pirouettes
~Ça Ira Ça Ira [France]
~Die Happy
Watoo Watoo
~Au Fond Des Allées [France]
~Magical Spring
the dekkoes
~cash for your car
~money [Indonesia]
Alpaca Sports
~Without You [Sweden]
Pizzicato Five~
It's A Beautiful Day [Japan]
Pushy Parents~
Secret Secret
Whyte Horses
~I Saw the Light
Dutch Criminal Record
~Waiting on the Weekend
1:25pm Surf Set
The Aquamarines
~An Ordeal Involving Five Strangers
Blackball Bandits
~The Lost Mission
The Mobsmen
~Mediterranean Blitz
Men in Grey Suits
~Mt. St. Genevieve
The Meltones
~Carvin' the Drift
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
lipstik lipsing
~Suburban Love [Indonesia]
The Goon Sax
~A Few Times Too Many [Australia]
Picnic Republic
~before it all gets over [France]
The Fin.
~Shedding [Japan]
The Sweetest Touch
~Precious Time [Indonesia]
Kero Kero Bonito
~Dear Future Self
Oslo Oscillator
~Newlands [Norway]
Dronjo Kept by 4
~autumn river [Japan]
The Hi-Life Companion
~Dark Heart
~Graciela [Spain]
Johnny Payne~
Lazy Love
Tracyanne & Danny
~Can't Get Over You
The Electric Pop Group
~The Best of Times
Tripping the Light Fantastic
~Heavy Heart
~Out to Sea [Philippines]
Stephen's Shore~
The Sun [Sweden]
~David [Norway] 
Basement Revolver
The Recreations
~Smile Again [Japan]
Acid House Kings
~save it for the weekend [Sweden]
The Go! Team
~If There's One Thing You Should Know
Starry Eyed Cadet
~Worlds Collide
letting up despite great faults
Camera Obscura
~Do It Again
~Lit Up
the ambient light ~ summer thoughts
le superhomard ~ paper girl
tesco chainstore mascara ~ sunʻs shininʻ for you
strange hellos ~ we are trouble
the dentists ~ space man
the bilinda butchers ~ teen dream
wild nothing ~ chinatown
pictured resort ~ away to paradise
the apples in stereo ~ everybody let up
tahiti 80 ~ crush!
hoshi ~ on top of the fence
tv girl ~ birds donʻt sing
juvenile juvenile ~ planet heaven
beverly ~ crooked cop
jens lekman ~ the end of the world is bigger than love
gomes the hitman ~ jozetsu sutakkato
linustate ~ small world
the golden eaves ~ no other
brideshead ~ at 45 rpm
cut copy ~ black rainbows
fazerdaze ~ little uneasy
alvvays ~ lollipop (ode to jim)
the radio dept. ~ heavenʻs on fire
halfnoise ~ in the summer

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Maxing out the jangle meters today with pure indie pop!

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
kero kero bonito ~ flyway ~ time 'n' place
the beths ~ uptown girl ~ future me hates me [New Zealand]
the fin. ~ pale blue (acoustic version) [Japan]
tracyanne & danny ~ baby's got it bad
alpaca sports ~ baby what can i say? ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
love dance ~ skisse #3 [Norway]
math & physics club ~ weekends away
colin clary ~ i miss the bubblegum
the sunbathers ~ never coming back ~ a weekend away with...
pocketbooks ~ cross the line
the felt tips ~ backwards born
honeybunch ~ mine your own business
the fairways ~ get it right
summer cats ~ super
pale sunday ~ shooting star [Brazil]
pipas ~ wells street
the charade ~ monday morning
a smile and a ribbon ~ book cover
my little pony ~ breakup with myself
nixon ~ this town [Sweden]
horowitz ~ animal soup
holiday ~ it's wrong to love ~ ready, steady, go
the pearlfishers ~ everyday i read your stars
the simple carnival ~ over coffee and tea
the orange peels ~ so far
happydeadmen ~ life inside a frame
the bank holidays ~ folded in half
1:20pm Surf Set
daytonas ~ sound barrier
mic's masters ~ sandstorm
the starfires ~ billy's blues
the vibrants ~ wildfire
blue stingrays ~ monsoon
burt rocket ~ the spy who came in from the surf
the meltones ~ tiki cabana
pelle carlberg ~ clever girls like clever boys much more than clever boys like clever girls [Sweden]
red sleeping beauty ~ you're the kind [Sweden]
stars in coma ~ amelie [Sweden]
the hobbes fanclub ~ why should you tell the truth?
brave irene ~ hit the grass running
bunnygrunt ~ superstar 666
the shermans ~ fly away
glo-worm ~ stars above
brideshead ~ me and the stars and the sea ~ never grow up [Germany]
they go boom!! ~ somewhere in England
twig ~ please don't turn me into a murderer
the hermit crabs ~ stop this now
the deirdres ~ fun to pretend
bart & friends ~ these words are too small
days ~ downhill
poastal blue ~ it won't last
dream diary ~ bird in my garden
fireflies ~ searching for the sunshine
annemarie ~ apple (suicide on your stereo set) [Indonesia]
the haywains ~ why do i get the feeling your mother hates me?
the crabs ~ mission impossible
the icicles ~ regret ~ arrivals & departures
transmittens ~ words and smiles
california snow story ~ my life is only a daydream
bubblegum lemonade ~ dead poets make me smile
strawberry whiplash ~ you make me shine
the siddeleys ~ things will be different
would-be-goods ~ enemies of promise

Saturday, September 29, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
orange peels ~ something in you ~ circling the sun
swimming tapes ~ easy strand
soft science ~ diverging ~ maps
alpaca sports ~ a new boyfriend ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
kero kero bonito ~ make believe
the ambient light ~ summer thoughts
les bicyclettes de belsize ~ beatnik my guest
the beths ~ future me hates me ~ future me hates me [New Zealand]
the sunbathers ~ warmth of the sun ~ a weekend away with...
the proctors ~ crystaline part 2
whyte horses ~ i saw the light
red sleeping beauty ~ tonight tonight tonight [Sweden]
worst place ~ dreamer
cooper ~ graciela ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacion [Spain]
frankie cosmos ~ duet ~ vessel
sappy ~ get back [Japan]
tv girl ~ blue hair ~ death of a party girl
capitan sunrise ~ dicen que te vas ~ la vida en la casa del arbol [Spain]
peonies ~ thin holidays [Indonesia]
le superhomard ~ paper girl [France]
math and physics club ~ love again
the go! team ~ plans are like a dream u organize - semicircle
1:20pm Surf Set
the doltones ~ department s ~ dance or die [Finland]
the mobsmen ~ barbershop accident ~ fraternitas aurum factorem [Norway]
reverberati ~ los gatos ~ combat surf [Italy]
the surf coasters ~ vamos por ahi [Japan]
the aquamarines ~ hammerhead
frankie and the pool boys ~ spin the bottle ~ spin the bottle
the wild swans ~ disintegrating ~ tracks in snow
northern portrait ~ i give you two seconds to entertain me [Denmark]
the very most ~ patricia
allo darlin' ~ golden age
tender trap ~ step one
close lobsters ~ just too bloody stupid
the goon sax ~ sleep EZ ~ we're not talking [Australia]
tape waves ~ age of consent
new order ~ regret
new order ~ run
new order ~ bizarre love triangle
suede ~ it starts and ends with you
my favorite ~ the informers
the pirouettes ~ rever de toi [France]
kuchucamera ~ shonen buru [Japan]
my little airport ~ charming scarf [Hong Kong]
obedient wives club ~ this is it [Singapore]
serenaide ~ the girl from katong [Singapore]
strawberry whiplash ~ now i know it's you
the vapour trails ~ sparky's dream (teenage fanclub cover)
beat mark ~ boxes [France]
the dekkoes ~ row the boat
pictured resort ~ harvest for the world (the isley brothers cover) [Japan]

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Playing tribute to the Math and Physics Club today, whose lead guitarist James Werle passed away recently of cancer.  Our condolences to the band, family, and friends.

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
math and physics club ~ love or loneliness ~ i shouldn't look as good as i do
math and physics club ~ broadcasting waves
swimming tapes ~ easy strand
the essex green ~ penny & jack
whyte horses ~ i saw the light
space daze ~ everyone knows
alpaca sports ~ eiffel tower ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
postbox ~ miss sunshine [Singapore]
the perfect english weather ~ rockin' to the beat
kero kero bonito ~ make believe
kittens ~ more [Japan]
cooper ~ dos grados bajo cero ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacian [Spain]
oslo oscillator ~ newlands [Norway]
math and physics club ~ jimmy had a polaroid ~ i shouldn't look as good as i do
belle & sebastian ~ the boy with the arab strap ~ the boy with the arab strap
gomes the hitman ~ bluebird [Japan]
math and physics club ~ coastal california 1985
math and physics club ~ that's what love is
math and physics club ~ movie ending romance
fortuna POP! all-stars ~ you can hide your love
brideshead ~ that kind of girl ~ never grow up [Germany]
the muldoons ~ lovely things [Scotland]
1:20pm Surf Set
the crazy aces ~ jedd's gold sled
audios amigos ~ el avispon
secret samurai ~ the khazar
the 427's ~ the spy invasion
stronzo gelantino & the boo-men ~ do the demare
the surfites ~ space coach ~ escapades in space
burt rocket ~ boss board ~ fiberglass frenzy
the ambient light ~ wake up tired
moscow olympics ~ still [Philippines]
watoo watoo ~ modern express [France]
picnic republic ~ work it out [France]
the go! team ~ the answer's no - now what's the question?
papercuts ~ laughing man
featherfin ~ keep on walking [Norway]
the radio dept ~ going down swinging [Sweden]
Frøkedal ~ david [Norway]
snail mail ~ heat wave
the sunbathers ~ shifting sand
math and physics club ~ baby i'm yours
math and physics club ~ superboy & supergirl
math and physics club ~ darling please come home
alpaca sports ~ book's i've read ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
lia pamina & dario persi ~ time's passing by ~ so far tonight [Spain/Italy]
theatre royal ~ better say goodbye
the treasures of mexico ~ avalanche
the goon sax ~ make time 4 love [Australia]
yolanda ~ no great shakes ~ what vision
jetstream pony ~ out of reach
the smittens ~ three states
math and physics club ~ all the mains are down
math and physics club ~ dear madeline
math and physics club ~ shadows longer
math and physics club ~ we're not lost
math and physics club ~ weekends away

Saturday, September 8, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
watoo watoo ~ au fond des allees [France]
outerhope ~ out to sea ~ switched on [Philippines]
stereolab ~ brittle ~ switched on
cooper ~ graciela ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacion
family ~ viaje a los suenos polares ~ un soplo en el corazon
lightning in a twilight hour ~ the pattern room
alpaca sports ~ i'll do anything you want ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
alpaca sports ~ baby pop [Sweden]
red sleeping beauty ~ just for fun [Sweden]
alpaca sports ~ books i've read ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
cristina quesada ~ just for fun (alpaca sports cover) [Spain]
moscow club ~ celine (feat. amanda akerman from alpaca sports) [Japan]
sambassadeur ~ stranded [Sweden]
pains of being pure at heart ~ the body
teenage fanclub ~ star sign ~ bandwagonesque
ride ~ making judy smile ~ going blank again
kero kero bonito ~ time today
axolotes mexicanos ~ farmacia ~ salu2 [Spain]
les tres bien ensemble ~ a helene [Spain]
la casa azul ~ la polinesia meridional ~ la polinesia meridional [Spain]
guatafan ~ pink punk party [Spain]
helen love ~ let's go surfing
1:20pm Surf Set
the aquamarines ~ a surfer's life
frankie and the pool boys ~ tan line fever ~ spin the bottle
the apemen ~ cruisin ~ 7 inches of love
the shockwave ~ she bop ~ contact from space
blackball bandits ~ blackball stomp ~ the lost mission
the mobsmen ~ le mans ~ fraternitas aurum factorem
pizzicato five ~ baby love child
giorgio tuma with laetitia sadier ~ through your hands love can shine
saint etienne ~ you're in a bad way
tv girl ~ misery ~ the wild, the innocent, the tv shuffle
jens lekman ~ to know your mission ~ life will see you now
modular ~ picnic en arco iris
neleonard ~ mariadel [Spain]
the school ~ wasting away and wondering
the primitives ~ lose the reason
lia pamina & dario persi ~ so far tonight [Spain/Italy]
papa topo ~ lo que me gusta del verano es poder tomar helado [Spain]
the perfect kiss ~ polaroid dream ~ filter
the yearning ~ do you remember? ~ take me all over the world
marine life ~ the young and free
linda guilala ~ verano [Spain]
tesco chainstore mascara ~ you lost me at hello
milkyway ~ shine (go to california) [Spain]
las annettes ~ la luz del sol [Spain]
band a part ~ la merienda [Spain]
san francisco ~ todos los besos del mundo [Spain]
astrud ~ somos el uno para el otro
cola jet set ~ dosificate [Spain]
attic lights ~ war years (reworked by la casa azul)