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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Halloween, Happyoblivion style!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
big quiet - ghost
future bible heroes - digging my own grave
club 8 - we're all going to die [Sweden]
la casa azul - niño zombi [Spain]
shonen knife - ghost train
the john buzon trio - mr. ghost goes to town
shin rizumu feat. sodapop - mysterious candy [Japan]
gene - haunted by you
the secret history - johnny nightmare
autumn leaves - phantom girl blues
evripidis and his tragedies - ghost town [Greece/Spain]
holiday - candy
summer twins - demons
they go boom!! - candy
supermoon - witching hour
moscow club - ghost dance [Japan]
veronica falls - found love in a graveyard
the depreciation guild - sky ghosts
toxie - haunted
from bubblegum to sky - vampire
crocodiles - electric death song
magic kids - candy
barcelona - haunted by the ghost of patty
1:20pm Surf Set
the kilaueas - black phantom twang
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - zombie compromise
twang - night of the twang creatures
rondo hatton - riding the coffin
man or astro-man? - munster's theme
the aggrolites - grave digger
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - vampire
the bird and the bee - witch
belle & sebastian - sukie in the graveyard
little racer - ghosty
teeny frahoop - eat candy [Japan]
tullycraft - dig up the graves
fairmont - you haunt me
felt - i will die with my head in flames
ferns - death of a lifetime [Malaysia]
lake - skeleton costume
po! - haunt you
jumprope - notes from a chateau ghost
kids on a crime spree - trumpets of death
pale lights - ghosts of youth
num contena - smile when you're dead [Japan]
her space holiday - ghost in the garden
mazes - 'til i'm dead
redd kross - meet frankenstein
are you feverish ian? - ghosts and demons
besties - zombie song
big dipper - meet the witch
the fireworks - bury me
beat happening - black candy
magnetic fields - zombie boy
girls names - bury me
gypsy and the cat - zombie world
jaill - house with haunting
beach house - days of candy

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Random cute photo for your enjoyment as you listen to the Happyoblivion Show!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
tuns ~ throw it all away "tuns" [royal mountain]
the swapsies - a fleeting summer
moscow olympics - still [Philippines]
mountain states - 1984
triptides - wake
grand resort - night is dark
the fin. - circle on the snows [Japan]
the depreciation guild - dream about me
shonen knife - osaka rock city
pizzicato five - mini cooper
puffy amiyumi - tokyo i'm on my way
kero kero bonito - waking up
crying ~ wool in the wash "beyond the fleeting gales" [run for cover]
ablebody ~ powder blue "adult contemporaries" [lolipop!]
makar ~ funeral genius "funeral genius" [s/r]
tacocat - stereogram
bodyheat ~ moon singer "constant and true: a tribute to rose melberg" [february]
Band à Part - La Merienda [Spain]
heavenly - pet monkey
pale sunday - go ahead [Brazil]
juvenile juvenile - planet heaven [Japan]
letting up despite great faults - ride
dream boys - born yesterday
1:20pm Surf Set
aqua velvets - summer at dreampoint
the razorblades - the wake up call
tremelo beer gut - junkie tools
the volcanics ~ vesuvians "stompin' garage" [double crown]
the mobsmen - chunkje
dick dale & the del-tones - king of the surf guitar
juniper moon - enfermedad [Spain]
the hang ups - cornerstore
velocity girl - not at all
lia pamina ~ walking away "love is enough" [elefant]
gabardine ~ it's love "constant and true: a tribute to rose melberg" [february]
rose melberg - look skyward
holiday - she never
boyish - nagakukuettamichi [Japan]
e'spaniel - no common sense
alpaca sports - as long as i have you (when nalda became punk stereo lo-fi remix) [Sweden]
talulah gosh - my boy says
red sleeping beauty - stupid boy [Sweden]
the groovy cellar - ask mr magic [Germany]
orange yellow red - we ran
northern portrait - the young and hopefuls [Denmark]
the hit parade - the queen of mousehole
wild swans - english electric lightning
push kings - number ones
silver screen - really no wonder
tesco chainstore mascara - sun's shinin' for you
the very most - patricia
youth genius - flowers on her skirt [Japan]
kids on a crime spree - trumpets of death
pocketbooks - harbour lights
teenage fanclub - speed of light

Saturday, October 15, 2016

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
featherfin - the only thing i miss [Norway]
swimming tapes - tides
jazz butcher - rain
blueboy - clear skies
mccarthy - governing takes brains
plant cell - marguerite (version 2) [Japan]
tuns ~ back among friends "tuns" [royal mountain]
the hang ups - the entry
arsenic! - conversation is a must
heavenly - trophy girlfriend
the hermit crabs ~ wonderful "constant and true: a tribute to rose melberg" [february]
swan dive - saturday, sunday, monday
gomes the hitman - maybe someday [Japan]
ciao bella - a glorious night at the ywca
the hit parade - you didn't love me then
the pale fountains - you'll start a war
lia pamina ~ sycamore tree "love is enough" [elefant]
postal blue - northern england (wild swans cover) [Brazil]
holiday - sherman
nixon - sommar i bilen [Sweden]
fireflies ~ selfish "constant and true: a tribute to rose melberg" [february]
field mouse ~ the order of things "episodic" [top shelf]
1:20pm Surf Set
the 427's - the spy invasion
crazy aces - stomp it
burt rocket - sea-n-shore
nebulas - bus stop
the concussions ~ flicksville "newaygo sound machine" [double crown]
de surfures - rock'n'roll clef
the surfites - la ronde infernale
tikiyaki orchestra - mysteria
calum bowen - lovely city
youthcomics - L.L.D. [Japan]
juvenile juvenile - i love only when you're cute [Japan]
the holiday crowd - anything anything
best friend - sure
terry malts - seen everything
e'spaniel - just another day
the OXs - still nothing [Japan]
chain wallet ~ shade "chain wallet" [jansen]
winter - dreaming
the radio dept. - we got game
pirouettes - signaux [France]
tape waves - little eyes (yo la tengo cover)
the suncharms - verge of tears
lake ~ tracks and tunnels "constant and true: a tribute to rose melberg" [february]
penelope isles - bad head
ACBs - surface
street chant - pedestrian support league [New Zealand]
i saw you yesterday - lisbon [Japan]
public access tv - in our blood "never enough" [rallye]
jackie zealous - satellite "psychic data" [s/r]
halfnoise ~ in the summer "sudden feeling" [congrats]

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Going heavy on the twee today!  Thanks for tuning in!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
Band á Part - long distance "constant and true: a tribute to rose melberg" [february]
PEP - dreams
spy - heaven
le super homard - dry salt in our hair
spring boutique - so twee [Philippines]
poundsign - piano song
the very most - today it is even better (watoo watoo remix)
postal blue - you should keep it to yourself
cub - everything's geometry
allo darlin' - still young
softies - pedestal
heavenly - over and over
the springfields - sunflower
allen clapp & his friends - something strange happens
blueboy - popkiss
the field mice - between hello and goodbye
tiger trap - supercrush
the minders - comfortably tucked up inside
stereolab - the light that will cease to fail
mary lou lord - western union desperate
apples in stereo - glowworm
the lucksmiths - after the after party
the pastels - i'm alright with you
go sailor - fine day for sailing
1:20pm Surf Set
martin cilia - end of summer
the concussions - trouble gum
rondo hatton - riding the coffin
the kanaloas ~ swallow tail "surf a go go!" [double crown]
death by unga bunga - dollar slice
HJ - loud & fast
the silhouettes - tornado
magnetic fields - the dreaming moon
future bible heroes - but you're so beautiful
jumprope - kites are fun
the field mice - of the perfect kind
even as we speak - swimming song
the chesterfields - love mountain
le mans - la balada de la primavera
brighter - wallflower
wallflower - does love last forever (brighter cover) [Japan]
annemarie - bubblegum i see [Philippines]
the bartlebees - you are still beautiful
the crabs - debutante
talulah gosh - my best friend
primal scream - velocity girl
tullycraft - pop songs your new boyfriend's too stupid to know about
poastal - dizzy
bmx bandits - space girl
close lobsters - in spite of these times
nothing painted blue - sorely tempted
the orchids - apologies
the june brides - a january moon
another sunny day - things will be nice
the wild swans - liquid mercury
would-be-goods - temporary best friend

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Thanks for tuning in!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
youthcomics - teen age about you and me [Japan]
teenage fanclub - thin air
halfnoise ~ in the summer "sudden feeling" [congrats]
moo - freak
chain wallet ~ abroad "chain wallet" [jansen]
boyish - asagao-dori [Japan]
humi dumi - sleep [Indonesia]
Pirouettes ~ l'escalier "Carrément Carrément" [Kidderminster]
death by unga bunga - i wanted everything "fight" [jansen]
the death of pop - what a day
the holiday crowd - anything anything
kero kero bonito - trampoline
real numbers - frank infatuation
gomes the hitman - jozetsu sukkato [Japan]
the fin. - silver from over the river [Japan]
silver screen - really no wonder
la sera - queens
summer fiction - dirty blonde
secret meadow - water in the flowing river [Indonesia]
ice choir - designs in rhythm
motorama - tell me
1:25pm Surf Set
the concussions - storm team dave
los venturas - bubamara
les agamemnonz - a palavas les flots
the kanaloas ~ the bronzee bull "surf a go go!" [double crown]
the starfires - billy's blues
the surfites - comet's tail
the meltones - suicide clutch
shin rizumu - kadai midi ongen [Japan]
the persian leaps - the weather
temples - certainty
the king in mirrors - talk about today
acrylics - one in seven
best friend - time trap (built to spill cover)
arbes - sun on my back
computer magic - gone for the weekend "obscure but visible" [channel 9]
four pens - summer tragedy [Taiwan]
ravages - hier, demain, maintenant [France]
the breakfast club - distance [Indonesia]
shouzou yamada - dobu sarai zinsei [Japan]
the primitives - been hiding (aisler's set cover)
stephen's shore - ocean blue [Sweden]
kids on a crime spree - dead ripe
hariguem zaboy - tender mind [Thailand]
beverly - crooked cop
argo - alternate ending
the very most - good fight fighting (feat. adriano do couto from postal blue)
alpaca sports - my favorite girlfriend
sunny summer day - in summertime (feat. cris miller)
kensei ogata - her twinkle eyes [Japan]