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Saturday, July 25, 2015

The KTUH website and internet streams are down currently.  Download the show above (after the show is done) or stream KTUH live at

The 2nd and 3rd hours of this week's show features bands that are playing or that have played at Indietracks!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
boyish - cellophane (Japan)
jens lekman - postcard #29
HINDS - chili town (Spain)
letting up despite great faults - wrapped
the sun days - get him off your mind (Sweden)
pajama people - go on, go on
the pains of being pure at heart - say no to love
funeral advantage - sisters
milkyway - in love (Spain)
autumn stones ~ spirit shadows "escapists" [MAPL]
tacachale chamber orchestra ~ side of the road "ocean floor funeral" [cuscowilla conservatory]
part time ~ honey lips "virgo's maze" [burger]
westkust ~ swirl "last forever" [run for cover]
deep fields - leonidas
the bird & the bee ~ please take me home "recreational love" [rostrum]
northern portrait - some people
the go! team - ye ye yamaha
firestations - never closer
the school - i will see you soon
cristina quesada - just like honey (Spain)
band a part - no sé por qué (Spain)
guatafán - cucurucho
1:20pm Surf Set
slingshot dragster - tatiana
burt rocket - santo's hot rod
clouseaux - genie versus genie
the 427's - the stingray shuffle no. 1
men in grey suits - aquatica
tikiyaki orchestra - hawaii nocturne
love dance - skisse #3
martha - 1997, passing in the hallway
pocketbooks - sparklers
math and physics club - trying to say i love you
Papa Topo - Lo que me gusta del verano es poder tomar helado
the proctors - perfect world
tender trap - love is hard enough
the smittens - love record breaker
the darling buds - long day in the universe
the tuts - do i have to look for love?
Los Bonsáis - Los Perdimos de Vista (Spain)
the hi-life companion - times table
the luxembourg signal - distant drive
giorgio tuma with laetitia sadier - through your hands love can shine
the haywains - why do i get the feeling your mother hates me?
firestations - never closer
bunnygrunt - open my eyes
doggy - quand tu dors (France)
the secret history - age of victoria
michealmas - no go
Rémi Parson - Eau Claire
the hobbes fanclub - stay gold
the chills - molten gold
the very most - patricia
alpaca sports - as long as i have you
pale spectres - better than love

Saturday, July 18, 2015

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
letting up despite great faults - ride
gypsy and the cat - bloom
cooper - hyde park (Spain)
tomiji - home
plums - parking lots
deep fields - leonidas
lost pets - a bad year for artichokes
bodyheat - upside down (Scotland)
juvenile juvenile - bored of shining (Japan)
boyish - blue balloon (Japan)
special favorite music - summer serve (Japan)
kensei ogata - golden hair (Japan)
funeral advantage - gardensong
major leagues - someone sometime (Australia)
tabiken - teenage girl suicide (demo 3) (Japan)
heavenly - wrap my arms around him
wavves - way too much
sci-fi lovestory - electrocutie
wallflower - feverfew (Japan)
the bird & the bee ~ lovey dovey "recreational love" [rostrum]
the bilinda butchers - golden house
surfer blood - swim
1:20pm Surf Set
man or astro-man? - taxidermist surf
el supernaut - billions of bilous blue blistering barnacles
de surfures - rock 'n' clef
the del-rios - storm warning
the kilaueas - black phantom twang
nebulas - uhura
the surfites - danger ahead '66 (the angry breed cover)
youthmemory - raspberry (Japan)
belle ghoul - lift me up
seagull travels - sunny day (Japan)
seapony - let go
the fin. - the end of the island (Japan)
mymeans - souiu ko to data (it was that kind of thing) (Japan)
jaill ~ brain cream "change reaction" [burger]
renny wilson ~ youngsters "punk explosion/extension" [mint]
the reflection A.O.B. - mind the gap
theatre royal - doubt (UK)
someloves - i didn't mean that
brideshead - the loneliest boy in the world
marine life - big sur
Capitán Sunrise - Tardes de café con leche (Spain)
lush - 500
stars in coma - your kindness
the death of pop - headaches
wild nothing - the body in rainfall
miami horror ~ wild motion (set it free) [dine alone]
gene - your love, it lies
doc hartley - come on
cape canaveral - oblivious (galaxie 500 cover)
third mirror - briller comme des etoile (the pirouettes remix)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mahalo to Mr. Modular for subbing the Happyoblivion last week.  Hope you enjoyed the show!  For more, you can go to

Special guest DJ Jenny joining me in the 1-2pm hour.  Visiting from Fresno and helping me out while I eat some delicious takeout sushi that she and my friend New brought to me during the show.  Yum!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
working - can't wait for summer
the chandler estate - spies
honey mustard sauce - ice cream (Japan)
sol marianela - los novios (Argentina)
the bird and the bee - los angeles
talking bush - hear it (Russia)
the school - do i love you?
the death of pop - rayban party
muscadettes - i'm in love
belle & sebastian - blues are still blue
deep fields - oh well
the reflection A.O.B. - no compromise
theatre royal - the days grow hotter (UK)
horsebeach - disappear (UK)
the train set - stop stalling
skittle alley - not that kind of love (France)
the color waves - chirology
mori wa ikiteiru - Ki maku ゙re na asa [whimsical morning] (Japan)
jens lekman - postcard #26
stars in coma - your kindness (Sweden)
teeny frahoop - ride the rockin' rocket (Japan)
helen love - let's go surfing
1:20pm Surf Set
satan's pilgrims - el toro
burt rocket - boss board
martin cilia - surf explosion
the charades - all around in the space
men in grey suits - goldfinger
dick dale & the del-tones - taco wagon
the meltones - the last papaya
ventures - hawaii five-o
cattle - bit and little (Japan)
totos - some more love (Japan)
youthmemory - 1980's (Japan)
kung-fu girl - wendy (the ants cover) (Japan)
owl & mouse - octopi (Australia)
kevin - let me be the one
brown recluse - summer showers
san francisco - ada hoy se va enamorar (Spain)
lia pamina - whirlwind (Spain)
tahiti 80 - seven seas (France)
the bilinda butchers - teen dream
juvenile juvenile - feel the same (Japan)
shine! - bite the apple
would-be-goods - temporary best friend
the ocean blue - sad night, where is morning
the icicles - i wanna know
acid house kings - under water
magnetic fields - all the umbrellas in london
the apples in stereo - told you once
beulah - night is the day turned inside out
camera obscura - break it to you gently
richard hawley - tonight the streets are ours