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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Thanks for tuning in!  Almost time to say farewell to my favorite month, July.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
lia pamina - wrap your love around my heart [Spain]
swimming tapes - queens parade
elektone - the girl from katong [Singapore]
gomes the hitman - rainbow and sneakers [Japan]
bourgeois - mattias
star tropics - sparrow
sprinters - young as me
the recreations - someday i will [Japan]
pictured resort - southern freeway [Japan]
wallflower - nowhere (ice choir remix) [Japan]
kero kero bonito - forever summer holiday
cola jet set - lo mejor esta por llegar [Spain]
the tuts - let go of the past
beach house - the arrangement "b-sides and rarities"
fazerdaze - half-figured "morningside" [flying nun] [New Zealand]
saturday looks good to me - invisible friend
le superhomard - dry salt in our hair (GUM remix) [France]
moon loves honey - my friends [Denmark]
easycome - as usual [Japan]
the acoustics - don't look back [Japan]
saint etienne - soft like me
1:23pm Surf Set
the splashdowns - point of no return
the doltones - collision course
the concussions - doc rockblock
los venturas - bubamara
the marauders - sliding in
pizzicato five - twiggy twiggy
shonen knife - osaka rock city
the go! team - apollo throwdown
puffy amiyumi - wild girls on circuit/the readymade JBL mix '99
momoiro clover z - get down
camera obscura - do it again
the popguns - finished with the past
bubblegum lemonade - set the boy free
the pains of being pure at heart - when i dance with you
dent may - picture on a screen
fonda - moving forward
junk culture - indian summer
city riots - lonely hearts
the jesus and mary chain - the two of us "damage and joy"
ride - lennoy point "weather diaries" [wichita]
grand resort - endless
the camerawalls - a gentle persuasion [Philippines]
alpaca sports - he doesn't even like you [Sweden]
dolphingull - my secret hills forever [Japan]
attic lights - future bound (reworked by la casa azul)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Thanks for tuning in!  You can also find me on facebook and soundcloud.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
slowdive - star roving
fazerdaze - misread "morningside" [flying nun]
ride - lateral alice "weather diaries" [wichita]
lush - burnham beeches
the death of pop - pain is needless
charlatans UK - then
plant cell - escape (soft ballet cover)
le superhomard - dry salt in our hair (le panama club remix)
no vacation - yam yam
star tropics - lost world
rain paints - funeral rain
YOOKs - sunday tripper
saint etienne - what kind of world
beach house - equal mind "b-sides and rarities"
the fin. - afterglow (anchorsong remix)
lia pamina - one step
the yearning - heart beats a little bit faster
the school - do i love you
strawberry whiplash - me, my selfie and i
mademoiselle nineteen - au jardin
the hermit crabs - game plan
1:20pm Surf Set
aqua velvets - summer at dreampoint
the kilaueas - black sands
bay of pigs - retribution
tarantinosNYC - mr. wolf
husky & the sandmen - diamond eye
the dukes of surf - summer of love
doggy - je suis né sur un bateau
dent may - 90210
frankie rose - red museum
eddy dillon - lady godiva
fake laugh - as i get to know you better
rocketship - sleeping pills
gomes the hitman - rainbow and sneakers
the recreations - someday i will
jetstream pony - self destruct reality
honeyrude - the color blue
luby sparks - lunar sea (camera obscura cover)
swimming tapes - what's on your mind
axolotes mexicanos - trececatorce
guillermo farré - desenfocada
the orchids - the coolest thing
plume of feathers - no tabs
acid house kings - 7 days
the simple carnival - lunch for dinner
starry eyed cadet - sugar
the decibels - so you're in love again
the icicles - young & crazy
the dentists - this is not my flag
picnic republic - back on me
totos - documents
the holiday crowd - anything anything
the proctors - perfect world

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Back on air today!  Many thanks to Ryan Dancemachine for subbing in last week.  You can find him a

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
triptides - love me too
the tallyhoes - rendezvous [Japan]
wallflower - nowhere (ice choir remix) [Japan]
fazerdaze - lucky girl "morningside" [flying nun]
star tropics - wildfire
le superhomard - dry salt in our hair [France]
pictured resort - southern freeway [Japan]
the death of pop - keep me guessing
picnic republic - make it happen! [France]
plume of feathers - one year on
saint romance - sleepy head [Japan]
strange hellos - we are trouble
hanadorobow - baby blue [Japan]
supergrass - caught by the fuzz
day wave - something here
no vacation - draem girl
beach beach - just like before
real estate ~ saturday "in mind" [domino]
the zephyr bones - black lips
houseplants - honey garden
frankie rose - trouble
kidd - an afternoon in april
dom - bochicha
1:20pm Surf Set
aqua velvets - smoking panatelas on the blue mediterranean sea
the surge - rippin'
the concussions - polyester fester
nebulas - bus stop
the doltones - les aventuriers
burt rocket - the wreck
the arctic flow - waiting for the right time
white shoes and the couples company - kampus kemarau [Indonesia]
kisses - kisses
jens lekman - the opposite of hallelujah
big troubles - freudian slips
surfer blood - swim
de novo dahl - shout
secret meadow - followed by the voice [Indonesia]
starry eyed cadet - baby please come home
acid house kings - are we lovers or are we friends [Sweden]
friska viljor - what you gonna do [Sweden]
the school - is it true
velocity girl - the all-consumer
letting up despite great faults - pageantry
space daze - line up on the solstice (the very most remix)
brave irene - longest day
holiday - your very last party
the hang ups - entry
heavenly - modestic
swimming tapes - cameos
brown recluse - impressions of a city morning
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - in a sentimental mood
barcelona - teenage pop star
seapony - dreaming
twangy twangy - motorboy [Japan]
tv girl - on land
daisy jaine - desert meets forest [Japan]

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Welcome to the first day of July!  Half the year already passed us by. Programming note: I will be away next week, but the super DJ Ryan Dancemachine will be filling in for me on July 8.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
milky wimpshake - putting things right
picnic republic - back on me [France]
teen runnings - seatownpunk [Japan]
brideshead - weather report [Germany]
plume of feathers - first date
rocketship - vile stratagems fallout with resolve
the lodger - the story's over
capitán sunrise - el cubismo, la vanguardia [Spain]
ride ~ charm assault "weather diaries" [wichita]
beach house ~ white moon "b-sides and rarities" [sub pop]
sun trodden ~ never again "are back!" [s/r]
fazerdaze - jennifer "morningside" [flying nun]
the fin. - pale blue [Japan]
beach youth - diary [France]
no buses - girl [Japan]
star tropics - chapel hill
the perfect english weather - spirited away (indietracks mix)
the very most - things too obvious to sing (feat. geoff crestwell)
the wedding present - rachel
the arañads - time to go away [Belgium]
the jangleberries - i could have been prime minister [Australia]
maitee - eye to eye [Japan]
my light shines for you - detective [Chile]
peonies - summer [Indonesia]
the splashdowns - springboard into space
the doltones - triumph a go-go
the surge - paddle or die!
the madiera - the saracen
nebulas - morpheus
the tikiyaki orchestra - makaha
triptides - love me too
rat columns - times no vessel
last leaves - the world we had
the silent love - a teenager in love [Indonesia]
youth in my videotapes - you don't know i love you [Japan]
the recreations - how's it going (alternative mix) [Japan]
letting up despite great faults - starlet
real estate ~ stained glass "in mind" [domino]
tabiken - broken eyes [Japan]
totos - documents [Japan]
feti - waffle house [Japan]
the tallyhoes - rendezvous [Japan]
kuchucamera - shonen buru [Japan]
no middle name - saturday girl sunday boy
karma wears white ties - pasajeros
saint etienne - shower scene
kero kero bonito - forever summer holiday
tahiti 80 - coldest summer (the reflex revision) [France]
wallflower - nowhere (ice choir remix) [Japan]
plasir de france & barbara carlotti - herbes mauves [France]
double Françoise - dreamer (vivo sonhando) [France]
les bicyclettes de belsize - 50 pence in the meter
belle ghoul - winter's gone [Detroit]
azure blue - tragedy & changes [Sweden]