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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lots of good positive tunes for you all.  Thanks for tuning in!

I will be gone the next 2 weeks, but don't fret, the wonderful DJ Vina will be subbing in.  Happy Halloween!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
veronica falls - nobody there
bubblegum lemonade - your's still beautiful (when you're sad)
fandaze - some kind of sadness (Japan)
the electric pop group - out of sight
the fin. - without excuse (Japan)
alexander von mehren ~ Champs-Élysées "aeropop" [the control group]
smith westerns ~ varsity "soft will" [mom + pop]
brothers in law ~ leave me (shadow 2) "hard times for dreamers" [watta lab]
city riots ~ catch the sun "sea of bright lights [s/r]
club 8 ~ i'm not gonna grow old "above the city" [labrador]
camera2 ~ this is not a sad song "this is not a sad song" [s/r]
paradise - stars shine bright
teen runnings - sightseeing (Japan)
silver screen - come, go, return
northern portrait - i give you two seconds to entertain me
camera obscura - i don't do crowds
the go! team - apollo throwdown
la casa azul - Los Chicos Hoy Saltarán A La Pista
the hit parade - there's something about mary
the sheets - crashing
1:23pm Surf Set
the beechwoods - watusi at night
the spokane mystics - check point
los kahunas - another summer song
freddy countryman - back up and push
jens lekman - having an argument with myself
dent may ~ it takes a long time "warm blanket" [paw tracks]
the apples in stereo - it's all right
the minders - red bus
holiday - saturday
aden - green
pocketbooks - cross the line
the school - i want you back
kuryakin - leave me alone
pizzacato five - the girl from ipanema
northern spies - the girl who wants it all
les bicyclettes de belsize - astronaut (beat version)
alpaca sports - let's go somewhere
heavenly - wrap my arms around him
rose melberg - spin
softies - all in good time
teenage fanclub - baby lee
beulah - gene autry
yo la tengo - here comes my baby
belle and sebastian - here comes the sun
tullycraft ~ dig up the graves "lost in light rotation" [magic marker & fortuna pop!]
attic lights - stay before you leave
autumn leaves - you didn't say a word
the decibels - can't play tag alone
the hi-fives - let's hear a cheer
jesus & mary chain - down on me
wild nothing - chinatown

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Indie popsters are the best!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
diosque - soy las seis
the electric pop group - i know i will
fake laugh - short of breath
the fin. - faded light (Japan)
the fireworks - runaround
the future dead - dancing on the inside
teen daze ~ listen "glacier" [lefse]
theory of discoustic - bias bukrit harapan (Indonesia)
northern portrait - happy nice day
brightener ~ make real friends "make real friends" [s/r]
arctic flow - you never will
silver screen - really no wonder
the hit parade - the queen of mousehole
dent may ~ it takes a long time "warm blanket" [paw tracks]
les bicyclettes de belsize - sure
silver swans - mother of pearl
tamankota - happiness (Indonesia)
national express - it's all i have (Philippines)
the hi-life companion - night comes down
lois - long time gone
crocodiles ~ cockroach "crimes of passion" [frenchkiss]
superchunk ~ out of the sun "i hate music" [merge]
literature - grifted
1:20pm Surf Set
the run-a-bouts - wild fire
the scavengers - curfue
space party - spanish song
the anacondas - the guns of brixton
the volcanics - the baron
poor moon - holiday
neko case ~ ragtime "The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You" [ANTI]
tullycraft ~ queenie co. "lost in light rotation" [magic marker & fortuna pop!]
seabirds - real tears
bedroom eyes - dancing under the influence
the pastels - check my heart
smittens - year of the lake
the moments - faraway (Japan)
is tropical ~ dancing anymore "i'm leaving" [Kitsuné]
cub sport ~ pool! "paradise" [s/r]
paradise - stars shine bright
washed out ~ all over now "paracosm" [sub pop]
boyish - soccer club (Japan)
teen runnings - sightseeing (Japan)
kids on a crime spree - sweet tooth
azure blue - the bitter end
au revoir simone ~ somebody who "move in spectrums" [instant]
arts & leisure - city life
camera obscura ~ fifth in line to the throne “desire lines” [4ad]
tesco chainsaw mascara - mr grey sky
la casa azul - como un fan
strawberry whiplash - sleepy head
mood rings ~ minor slaloms "vpi harmony" [mexican summer]
brothers in law ~ leave me (shadow 2) "hard times for dreamers" [watta lab]

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thanks for tuning in!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the secret history - our lady of stalingrad
paradise - stars shine bright
boyish - pleasant girl song (Japan)
lost tapes - war in the netherlands
summer heart - beat of your heart
the fin. - faded light (Japan)
n.e.v.e.r - ::atlas|moan:: (Japan)
the moments - drift (Japan)
post modern team - by the sea (Japan)
teen runnings - sightseeing (Japan)
don't cry shopgirl - boy you can tell me (Sweden)
 kids on a crime spree - i don't want to call you baby baby
azure blue - time is on our side
elen never sleeps - the marching amnesiac (Japan)
the magnetic fields - all the umbrellas in london
tiger trap - you're sleeping
soft pillow kisses - try to smile (Philippines)
the derevolutions - yell it out!
september girls - heartbeats
adventure gallery ~ please please me "beatles reimagined" [community projects]
bmx bandits - i wanna fall in love
dent may ~ summer is over "warm blanket" [paw tracks]
au revoir simone ~ more than "move in spectrums" [instant]
1:25pm Surf Set
the vibrants - wildfire
the starfires - billy's blues
aqua velvets - holly tiki
the meltones - break point
the surge - rippin'
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - sesame street
silver screen - a little more each day
northern portrait - some people
push kings - orange glow
alpaca sports - let's go somewhere
les bicyclettes de belsize - these days
best friends - happy anniversary
washed out ~ it all feels right "paracosm" [sub pop]
clubfeet ~ my shadow "heirs & graces" [illusive/plant]
starf***r - boy toy
arts & leisure - city life
mocca - i think i'm in love (Indonesia)
tullycraft ~ wake up, wake up "lost in light rotation" [magic marker & fortuna pop!]
camera obscura ~ troublemaker “desire lines” [4ad]
tesco chainsaw mascara - m62
strawberry whiplash - you make me shine
alexander von mehren ~ aerosuite, pt. g: survol de l'amerique "aeropop" [the control group]
cocoanut grove - afternoon
candy claws - transitional bird (clever girl)
seabirds - oh buoy!
skywritings - serenity serenade (Philippines)
niko niko! - How I Raveiously Tipjilted The Givious On A Sunday Morning
'73 - a grave with no name
the wild swans - bringing home the ashes (extended dance mix)