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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Mahalo to everyone who contributed during KTUH's Radiothon! Your support means a lot to me!

I'm still regaining my voice after a prolonged bout with laryngitis, but we'll just keep rolling with lots of music...

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
the proctors ~ daydream girl
beverly ~ crooked cop
martin courtney ~ northern highway
e'spaniel ~ just another day
belle & sebastian ~ crash (the primitives cover)
gypsy & the cat ~ bloom [Australia]
the yearning ~ dance with me
tracyanne & danny ~ alabama
kate ~ lemonade [Japan]
peonies ~ thin holidays [Indonesia]
the go! team ~ plans are like a dream you organize ~ semicircle
the death of pop ~ ready for us
soft science ~ undone
stereogram ~ tacocat
le superhomard ~ paper girl [France]
kero kero bonito ~ you know how it is
transit my youth ~ a vista [Japan]
tahiti 80 ~ crush! ~ ballroom
night flowers ~ hey love
ai otsuka ~ chu-lip ~ love piece [Japan]
burrito panza ~ barcelona [Spain]
richard hawley ~ tonight the streets are ours
boo radleys ~ there she goes
1:20pm Surf Set
the shockwave! ~ suon kulkija ~ contact from space
blackball bandits ~ saturday night (end of the world) ~ the lost mission
the apemen ~ baha-ree-ba ~ 7 inches of love
the meltones ~ breakers at hanalei ~ surf sensation
burt rocket ~ hunchback ~ savage iceland
the volcanics ~ kanack attack ~ the lonely one
reverberati ~ reverbero twist ~ combat surf
jake shimabukuro ~ ukulele five-o
ventures ~ hawaii five-o
swimming tapes ~ cameos
outerhope ~ no end in sight [Philippines]
the perfect english weather ~ spirited away
antbrain ~ pony
the color waves ~ better angels
the fin. ~ circle on the snows [Japan]
alpaca sports ~ summer days [Sweden]
kensei ogata ~ gerbera ~ her paperback [Japan]
friends ~ saturday [Japan]
teen runnings ~ my car [Japan]
the youth hostel ~ new kicks [Japan]
dronjo kept by 4 ~ seagull screaming kiss her kiss her [Japan]
fake laugh ~ better for me
featherfin ~ atmosphere (joy division cover) [Norway]
archery ~ tenki ame wa hisoyaka ni [Japan]
hurry ~ heatwave ~ every little thought
superchunk ~ reagan youth ~ what a time to be alive
double francoise ~ donnez moi une autre vie [France]
winter ~ zoey
boytoy ~ static cage
orange & lemons ~ lovers go, lovers come [Philippines]
belle and sebastian ~ sweet dew lee ~ how to solve our human problems

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Today is the final day of Radiothon. Please help support truly independent radio with all-volunteer DJs who love music and our listeners!
Call (808) 956-5288, any amount is appreciated! Or go to to donate and then send me a message to let me know.
Also, I still have laryngitis so you will hear my fellow KTUH DJs speaking and helping me out (again!).

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
camera obscura ~ do it again ~ desire lines
the magnetic fields ~ 100,000 fireflies
recreations ~ smile again [Japan]
rocketship ~ hey hey girl
allen clapp & his orchestra ~ something strange happens
calum bowen ~ lovely city
band a part ~ long distance [Spain]
marine life ~ big sur
the apples in stereo ~ everybody let up
teen runnings ~ don't care about me [Japan]
shin rizumu ~ in the mood for surfing ~ superfine [Japan]
the hang ups ~ top of morning ~ so we go
pale sunday ~ shooting star [Brazil]
brideshead ~ at 45 rpm ~ never grow up [Germany]
the courtneys ~ silver velvet ~ ii [Spain]
youthcomics ~ and his car [Japan]
strange hellos ~ we are trouble
cola jet set ~ lo mejor esta por llegar [Spain]
le superhomard ~ dry salt in our hair [France]
pictured resort ~ away to paradise ~ all vacation long [Japan]
stephen's shore ~ ocean blue [Sweden]
red sleeping beauty ~ tell me more [Sweden]
toshiaki yamada ~ small good things [Japan]
jens lekman ~ the end of the world is bigger than love ~ i know what love isn't [Sweden]
1:25pm Surf Set
men in grey suits ~ hawaii 5-0
man or astro-man? ~ bermuda triangle shorts ~ destroy all astromen!!
the hi-fives ~ mr. moto ~ welcome to my mind
los venturas ~ beach bunny
the surfites ~ launch pad ~ escapades in space
the kanaloas ~ the bronzee bull ~ surf a go go!
tikiyaki orchestra ~ aloha, baby
stereolab ~ super-electric ~ switched on
argo ~ alternate ending ~ attack of the firebots
the lightning seeds ~ the life of riley ~ sense
LAKE ~ perfect fit ~ the world is real
pictured resort ~ now and on [Japan]
the spook school ~ gone home
the golden eaves ~ no other [Germany]
linustate ~ small world [Japan]
juvenile juvenile ~ planet heaven [Japan]
layne ~ beautiful life [Japan]
gomes the hitman ~ jozetsu sutakkato [Japan]
the fin. ~ circle on the snows [Japan]
hoshi ~ on top of the fence [Japan]
alvvays ~ adult diversion
gypsy and the cat ~ bloom [Australia]
richard hawley ~ tonight the streets are ours
tv girl ~ birds don't sing
the primitives ~ spin-o-rama
swimming tapes ~ cameos
craft spells ~ from the morning heat ~ idle labor
ride ~ twisterella ~ going blank again

Saturday, March 17, 2018

It's Radiothon time! Call (808) 956-5288 and please support truly independent community radio! I am grateful to each and every one of you that tunes in to my show!

One programming note, I have laryngitis so won't be able to talk. You will hear other KTUH DJs helping me out today because they are awesome people.

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
norton ~ two points ~ layers of love united [Portugal]
acid house kings ~ save it for the weekend [Sweden]
star tropics ~ another sunny day
le superhomard ~ paper girl [France]
homecomings ~ you never kiss [Japan]
pizzicato five ~ groovy is my name ~ sound of music by pizz. 5
alpaca sports ~ summer days [Sweden]
kero kero bonito ~ you know how it is
peonies ~ thin holidays [Indonesia]
the go! team ~ if there's one thing you should know ~ semicircle
the pains of being pure at heart ~ heart in your heartbreak
starry eyed cadet ~ worlds collide ~ places we don't belong
tullycraft ~ wild bikini ~ beat, surf, fun
heavenly ~ escort crash on marsten street
velocity girl ~ crazy town ~ john peel sub pop sessions
the suncharms ~ wash away ~ the suncharms
teenage fanclub ~ baby lee ~ shadows
northern portrait ~ crazy [Denmark]
secret meadow ~ endlings [Indonesia]
the lodger ~ the good old days ~ life is sweet
pocketbooks ~ harbour lights
1:20pm Surf Set
the volcanics ~ trick shot ~ the lonely one
burt rocket ~ boss board ~ fiberglass frenzy
the concussions ~ trouble gum ~ newaygo sound machine
the shockwave! ~ shock a go go ~ contact from space
the astronauts ~ surf party
the ventures ~ perfida
dick dale & the del-tones ~ taco wagon
shadowy men on a shadowy planet ~ rover and rusty
the depreciation guild ~ dream about me
white shoes & the couples company ~ tentang cita [Indonesia]
puffy amiyumi ~ v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n [Japan]
la casa azul ~ aunque parezca lo mejor [Spain]
moscow club ~ radio vietnam [Japan]
letting up despite great faults ~ ride ~ neon
the bilinda butchers ~ teen dream ~ goodbyes
lush ~ lit up
wild nothing ~ chinatown
fazerdaze ~ lucky girl ~ morningside [New Zealand]
picnic republic ~ waiting for the sun [France]
san francisco ~ una vaina bajo tu cama ~ ada [Spain]
kuchucamera ~ pisu de ikou [Japan]
the recreations ~ swing together [Japan]
feti ~ waffle house [Japan]
wallflower ~ nowhere [Japan]
sunny summer day ~ in summertime [Indonesia]
camera obscura ~ honey in the sun ~ my maudlin career
lia pamina ~ whirlwind [Spain]
the very most ~ patricia
the orange peels ~ back in san francisco ~ so far

Saturday, March 10, 2018

gas pump AM/FM radio + cassette player
12:00pm Hawaii Standard Time
super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
alpaca sports ~ summer days [Sweden]
miles away ~ i saw you yesterday [Japan]
ride ~ pulsar
archery ~ tenki ame wa hisoyaka ni [Japan]
dronjo kept by 4 ~ who's children [Japan]
homecomings ~ play yard symphony (DSPS remix) [Japan]
cornershop ~ what did the hippie have in his bag
belle and sebastian ~ the girl doesn't get it ~ how to solve our human problems
boys ~ end of time [Sweden]
small imperfections ~ small imperfections
hibou ~ amethyst ~ something familiar
del sur ~ cape coast
toshiaki yamada ~ kedama [Japan]
twin flamingo ~ long hair [Japan]
superchunk ~ all for you ~ what a time to be alive
the go-betweens ~ right here ~ tallulah
northern portrait ~ greetings from paris [Denmark]
GeGeGe ~ wasurete [Japan]
star tropics ~ another sunny day
camera obscura ~ every weekday ~ desire lines
jens lekman ~ evening prayer ~ life will see you now [Sweden]
1:25pm Surf Set
the apemen ~ intoxica ~ 7 inches of love
blackball bandits ~ great sand tune ~ the lost mission
burt rocket ~ spy vs spy vs spy ~ savage iceland
the mobsmen ~ smau sound ~ fraternitas aurum factorem
reverberati ~ combat surf ~ combat surf
the volcanics ~ superior ~ the lonely one
martin cilia ~ cronulla point
the shockwave! ~ take on me ~ contact from space
caroline says ~ i tried
linus of hollywood ~ wasted and in love
hurry ~ read between the lines ~ every little thought
silver screen ~ really no wonder ~ when you and i were very young
daisy jaine ~ into the light [Japan]
tall ice lung ~ in gunnersbury park (the hit parade cover)
the hit parade ~ as i lay dying
pale lights ~ i will not pray
red sleeping beauty ~ top love [Sweden]
soft regime ~ lockdown [France/Germany/UK]
kero kero bonito ~ cinema ~ TOTEP
the go! team ~ if there's one thing you should know ~ semicircle
saint etienne ~ dive ~ home counties
stereolab ~ vodiak ~ fab four suture
madamoiselle nineteen ~ au jardin [France]
peonies ~ thin holidays [Indonesia]
transit my youth ~ shuffle girl [Japan]
the radio dept ~ your true name [Sweden]
fazerdaze ~ little uneasy ~ morningside [New Zealand]
the lousy pop group ~ the ballad of a powerful antagonist [Indonesia]
pooll ~ i secretly went on a journey to steal a cat [Japan]
mono club ~ place called home

Saturday, March 3, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
lampukota ~ definitely my day [Indonesia]
sunny summer day ~ shining light [Indonesia]
the BVs ~ be enough [Germany]
cosmic fields ~ melophonia [Switzerland]
e'spaniel ~ talking shop
rocketship ~ the pains of being remixed
le superhomard ~ paper girl [France]
alpaca sports ~ summer days [Sweden]
linus of hollywood ~ cabin life
toshiyaki yamada ~ the sun and full moon [Japan]
kero kero bonito ~ you know how it is
the go! team ~ The Answer's No - Now What's the Question? ~ semicircle
spinn ~ who you are
the spook school ~ alright (sometimes) ~ could it be different?
superchunk ~ black thread ~ what a time to be alive
holy ~ she breaks the day! a clarity ~ all these worlds are yours
transit my youth ~ pray station [Japan]
capitan sunrise ~ vigilantes de playas y nubes [Spain]
madison acid and tv girl ~ speak french ~ maddie acid's purple hearts club band
plastic girl in closet ~ junior [Japan]
saint etienne ~ you're in a bad way
linus' blanket ~ show me love
1:20pm Surf Set
the derechos ~ tropical time
the apemen ~ when johnny comes wreckin' home ~ 7 inches of love
the ventures ~ lullaby of the leaves
the shockwave! ~ space glider ~ contact from space
the volcanics ~ moonlight serenade ~ the lonely one
burt rocket ~ mr. motor ~ savage iceland
glass arcades ~ slower ~ milquetoastesque EP
hibou ~ junipero love ~ something familiar
the fin ~ snow (again) [Japan]
dent may ~ don't let them ~ across the multiverse
cut copy ~ airborne ~ haiku from zero [Australia]
linda guilala ~ primavera negra [Spain]
the wagner logic ~ this is why you don't
pains of being pure at heart ~ falling apart so slow ~ the echo of pleasure
pulp ~ babies ~ his n hers
lush ~ runaway
stereolab ~ hillbilly motobike
pizzicato five ~ my baby portable player sound (high llamas remix) [Japan]
pinkshinyultrablast ~ in the hanging gardens (ice choir remix) [Russia]
ice choir ~ timeline
group2 ~ y.m.c.k. [Japan]
theatre royal ~ borrowed pen
aberdeen ~ when it doesn't matter any more ~ left off the reel: cassette demos 1992-1995
lois ~ press play and record
velocity girl ~ rubble ~ simpatico
the popguns ~ we don't go round there anymore
starry eyed cadet ~ on the run
letting up despite great faults ~ photograph shakes
candids ~ ecstatic [France]