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Saturday, May 26, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
the fin. ~ missing [Japan]
the popguns ~ a beaten up guitar
hater ~ blushing [Sweden]
fragile flowers ~ window at the end of the world [Japan]
clones of clones ~ somebody else
HOUNDSds ~ conduct 2 [Brooklyn]
the radio dept ~ always a relief [Sweden]
leave the planet ~ coasts
tallies ~ mother [Canada]
silent james ~ oh tokyo! [Spain]
mikey collins ~ sound in here
david myhr ~ jealous sun [Sweden]
the camerawalls ~ my life's arithmetic means [Philippines]
cooper ~ islandia ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacion [Spain]
gene ~ still can't find the phone ~ olympian
tori project ~ aa, sukarashiki hibi! [Japan]
transit my youth ~ pray station [Japan]
burrito panza ~ barcelona [Spain]
the go! team ~ the answer's no - now what's the question? ~ semicircle
kero kero bonito ~ you know how it is
hatchie ~ sugar & spice ~ sugar & spice [Australia]
the apemen ~ invasion of the apemen ~ 7 inches of love [Holland]
blackball bandits ~ great sand tune ~ the lost mission
the mobsmen ~ gridiron syndicate ~ scelerats syndicate [Norway]
the shockwave! ~ gasping runner ~ contact from space [Finland]
frankie and the pool boys ~ magic river ~ spin the bottle
los venturas ~ makaha surf [Belgium]
the surfites ~ planetary stroll ~ escapades in space [Sweden]
putochinomaricón ~ el test de la bravo y la superpo ~ corazón de cerdo conginsing al vapor [Spain]
axolotes mexicanos ~ nacida para sufrir ~ salu2 [Spain]
le superhomard ~ paper girl [France]
band a part ~ verano azul, invierno nuclear ~ la aventura original [Spain]
#poundsign# ~ walking and talking ~ wavelength
stereo total ~ urville [Germany]
sambassedeur ~ kate ~ coastal affairs [Sweden]
acid house kings ~ windshield ~ music sounds better with you [Sweden]
allo darlin' ~ the polaroid song ~ allo darlin'
alpaca sports ~ summer days [Sweden]
orange & lemons ~ lovers go, lovers come  [Philppines]
girl alliance ~ frances and the dancing fairies
the arctic flow ~ friends for summer
the bilinda butchers ~ half open
moscow club ~ turn groove sounds on [Japan]
tracyanne & danny ~ cellophane girl ~ tracyanne & danny
the yetis ~ little surfer girl
loveles ~ david [Japan]
hinds ~ soberland ~ i don't run [Spain]
la luz ~ lonely dozer ~ floating features
dronjo kept by 4 ~ truants [Japan]
anemone ~ bout de toi ~ baby only you & i [Canada]
miniature tigers ~ easy as all that

Saturday, May 19, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
soft science ~ undone
kero kero bonito ~ time today
the garrys ~ makeout at the drive-in [Canada]
the beths ~ future me hates me [New Zealand]
cooper ~ graciela ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacion [Spain]
toshiaki yamada ~ bananana [Japan]
axolotes mexicanos ~ heavens gate ~ salu2 [Spain]
cattle ~ april showers [Japan]
beat degeneration ~ feet in the sand
the essex green ~ the 710
the raft ~ i'm so high
youthmemory ~ dalin ~ youthmemory [Japan]
father john misty ~ disappointing diamonds are the rarest of them all
trailer trash tracys ~ strangling good guys ~ ester
porcelain raft ~ drifting in and out ~ strange weekend
i break horses ~ wired ~ hearts
winter ~ zoey ~ ethereality
fazerdaze ~ little uneasy ~ morningside [New Zealand]
alvvays ~ your type ~ antisocialites
public service broadcasting ~ progress (feat. tracyanne campbell) ~ every valley
tracyanne & danny ~ alabama
camera obscura ~ break it to you gently ~ desire lines
1:20pm Surf Set
the shockwave! ~ nightwalker ~ contact from space
blackball bandits ~ red sun ~ the lost mission
the mobsmen ~ moaning lisa ~ scelerats syndicate
the aquamarines ~ an ordeal involving five strangers
the madeira ~ undercurrents ~ center of the surf
burt rocket ~ the wreck ~ fiberglass frenzy
frankie and the pool boys ~ spin the bottle ~ spin the bottle
tv girl ~ drift down ~ death of a party girl
sandals ~ summer journey [Japan]
hibou ~ glamour ~ something familiar
nos miran ~ humo ~ humo [Spain]
the pirouettes ~ baisers voles [France]
young scum ~ wasting time
skittle alley ~ secret ~ love is an action [France]
some gorgeous accident ~ evergreen days [Philippines]
eternal summers ~ famous last words ~ every day it feels like im dying
rocketship ~ hey hey girl
tiger trap ~ hiding
talulah gosh ~ don't go away ~ backwash
softies ~ pedestal ~ the softies
go sailor ~ fine day for sailing
seapony ~ he'll never have to know ~ constant and true--a tribute to the songs of rose melberg
14 iced bears ~ come get me
brighter ~ does love last forever? ~ noahs ark 7"
heavenly ~ trophy girlfriend ~ operation heavenly
trembling blue stars ~ november starlings
the hit parade ~ on a rainy day in newlyn
acid house kings ~ i write summer songs for no reason [Sweden]
frankie rose ~ know me
hazel english ~ more like you
la sera ~ break my heart

Saturday, May 12, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
the moments ~ stay away [Japan]
the recreations ~ smile again [Japan]
pale spectres ~ your boyfriend's girlfriend [France]
fandaze ~ cloud, cloud [Japan]
summer heart ~ sleep [Sweden]
tape waves ~ let you go
kensei ogata ~ bunny girl [Japan]
theatre royal ~ what was that sound?
pictured resort ~ phenomenon on my pillow [Japan]
neshband ~ bulan [Indonesia]
surf club ~ swoon
dronjo kept by 4 ~ GW [Japan]
nishio yui ~ touch me [Japan]
zerone ~ PS [Japan]
atom + toshiyuki + yasuda feat. fernanda takai + moreno veloso ~ aguas de marco ~ red hot + rio (disc 2)
teen runnings ~ seatown punk [Japan]
nos miran ~ no te veo enamorado (Por qué será) ~ humo [Spain]
kero kero bonito ~ time today
simple carnival ~ misery ~ girls aliens food
push kings ~ the minute ~ feel no fade
jens lekman ~ you are the light ~ when i said i wanted to be your dog [Sweden]
1:20pm Surf Set
the shockwave! ~ after stormy weather ~ contact from space
the meltones ~ return of the surfin' headhunters ~ surf sensation
freddy countryman ~ back up and push
the doltones ~ collision course ~ dance or die
the splashdowns ~ joe cuba meets the splashdowns uptown ~ rocket tales
the mobsmen ~ roman centurion ~ fraternitas aurum factorem
the aquamarines ~ stormtail
tv girl ~ lonely girls
gomes the hitman ~ spring fair [Japan]
special favorite music ~ summer serve [Japan]
hearsays ~ before too long [Japan]
wallflower ~ i wish spring would last forever [Japan]
days ~ simple thing [Sweden]
le superhomard ~ dry salt in our hair (remington super 60 remix) [France]
remington super 60 ~ at the market [Norway]
toshiaki yamada ~ my favorite things [Japan]
rush week ~ barcelona
putochinomaricon ~ no quiero salir ~ corazon de cerdo conginsing al vapor [Spain]
red sleeping beauty ~ top love [Sweden]
the go! team ~ the answer's no - now what's the question? ~ semicircle
skittle alley ~ video on someone else's phone ~ love is an action [France]
capitan sunrise ~ dicen que te vas ~ la vida en la casa del arbol [Spain]
my favorite ~ homeless club kids ~ the happiest days of our lives
the raft ~ blue and blue
delsbo beach club ~ talking in my head [Sweden]
malconsejo ~ celebracion [Spain]
sea pinks ~ run & run [N. Ireland]
de novo dahl ~ shout
XTC ~ i'm the man who murdered love
allen clapp ~ whenever we're together ~ available light

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Back on air this week.  Many thanks to DJ Ross Jackson for subbing the Happyoblivion Show last week!

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
tender trap ~ may day
lucietoo ~ may [Japan]
brittle stars ~ may
the raveonettes ~ the rains of may ~ pe'ahi
the go! team ~ mayday ~ semicircle
yo la tengo ~ esportes casual ~ there's a riot oing on
pure mids ~ walking in place
fake laugh ~ on loop
golden teardrops ~ for a rainy day
tracyanne & danny ~ it can't be love unless it hurts
skittle alley ~ she's had a few ~ love is an action [France]
love dance ~ more & more [Norway]
the fin. ~ missing [Japan]
capitán sunrise ~ dicen que te vas (Ellos cover) [Spain]
the raft ~ o no she's alone
julian ~ low
winter ~ sunshine device ~ ethereality
foxygen ~ san francisco ~ we are the 21st century ambassadors of peace & magic
frankie cosmos ~ duet ~ vessel
dent may ~ across the multiverse (feat. frankie cosmos) ~ across the multiverse
gomes the hitman ~ maybe someday [Japan]
kensei ogata ~ someone will love you [Japan]
putochinomaricón ~ tú  no eres activista ~ corazón de cerdo conginsing al vapor [Spain]
pizzicato five ~ groovy is my name ~ sound of music by pizz. 5 [Japan]
1:25pm Surf Set
marty & the munks ~ mexican party
the champs ~ tequila
burt rocket ~ mexican meltdown ~ savage iceland
the doltones ~ latin surfer ~ dance or die [Finland]
man or astro-man? ~ taco wagon ~ destroy all astromen!!
blackball bandits ~ azteca verano
the surf coasters ~ vamos por ahi [Japan]
dick dale & his del-tones ~ mexico ~ king of the surf guitar
my bloody valentine ~ only shallow
soft science ~ undone
boys ~ hamtjänsten [Sweden]
coastal ~ intercity loves [France]
soft regime ~ capri underground ~ hard feelings [France/Germany/UK]
#poundsign# ~ vitamin dee
stephen's shore ~ alvaret at night ~ september love [Sweden]
the new tigers ~ domino
sloan ~ essential services ~ 12
flying fish cove ~ sleight of hand
eastoklab ~ in boredom [Japan]
mr husband ~ living in dreams
pale blue morning ~ eleanor [Philippines]
the e-types ~ things will change
triptides ~ all my life ~ visitors
dutch criminal record ~ for the record
death by unga bunga ~ turn my brain off ~ so far so good so cool [Norway]
the prissteens ~ nothing to say
cut copy ~ standing in the middle of the field ~ haiku from zero
azure blue ~ whatever '18
the death of pop ~ cash for gold
delsbo beach club ~ talking in my head
sea pinks ~ run & run