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Saturday, October 25, 2014

I'm back!  Many thanks to DJ Ryan who filled in for me the past 2 shows.  You can download the most recent show at the link above, and see the playlist and more at Sometimes it's nice to be able to just sit back and enjoy the music.  As a DJ, I'm often planning ahead, thinking of the music and the overall flow.  To take a break and just listen, to relax, to be suprised with great new music, that is a nice luxury on occasion...

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
ivor macgyver - saliva
arts & leisure - over you
soft science - blue
the quiet hearts - bluebird
brideshead - the loneliest boy in the world
summer heart - shoreline
the pains of being pure at heart ~ masokissed "days of abandon" [yebo]
beach vacation - washington weather
skittle alley - i must confess i have regrets
eternal summers - you kill
beach day - don't call me on the phone
watoo watoo - tuesday's secret (France)
the primitives ~ dandelion seed "spin-o-rama" [elefant]
heavenly - lemonhead boy
jens lekman - sipping on the sweet nectar
palms on fire - cars
the big troubles - softer than science
stereolab - wow and flutter
1:00pm Set for DJ Ryan
mad clown & yozoh - chocolate cherry night (S.Korea)
twin forks - cross my mind
lawrence arabia - apple pie bed
silver swans - mother of pearl
tennis ~ never work for free "ritual in repeat" [communion]
generationals ~ black lemon "alix" [polyvinyl]
1:25pm Surf Set
the surf zombies - flat black
the surfites - around the galaxy
los venturas - beach bunny
the champs - tequila
the ventures - lullaby of the leaves
men in grey suits - goldfinger
korallreven - limitless (Sweden)
simian ghost - a million shining colours (Sweden)
teenage fanclub - metal baby
would-be-goods - temporary best friend
wild balbina - looking through you (Spain)
martha - lost without you
the cabana kids - oh lorelei
imaginary pants - branches as bridges
hibou - valium
marine life ~ for the camera shy "fool of a kind" [elefant]
the pastels/tenniscoats ~ yomigaeru "two sunsets" [domino]
juvenile juvenile - just like you do (Japan)
tv girl ~ birds don't sing "french exit" [s/r]
silva ~ disco novo "ocean view" [six degrees]
yelle ~ florence en italie "complètement fou" [kemosabe]
the pirouettes - un mec en or (France)
the bilinda butchers ~ heaven holds a place "heaven" [orchid tapes]
Capitán Sunrise - Tardes de café con leche (Spain)
the belljars - found you (Sweden)
shin rizumu - tabi/journey (Japan)
outerhope - no end in sight (Philippines)
azwel - don't take it for granted

Saturday, October 4, 2014

All kinds of favorites today.  Thanks for listening!

NOTE: October 11 and October 18, the wonderful DJ Ryan from Timbre Tantrums will be subbing for me, so definitely tune in! 

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the cabana kids - just let me know
generationals ~ black lemon "alix" [polyvinyl]
alvvays ~ atop a cake "alvvays" [polyvinyl]
imaginary pants - creaking gates
the pains of being pure at heart - until the sun explodes
hibou - above us
the hi-life companion - meet me at the pier
ryoko moriyama ~ ame agari no samba "nippon girls" [big beat international]
the gentle isolation - wind chase (Philippines)
franny & zooey - sorry, you're breaking up (Dominican Republic)
literature - grifted
marine life ~ big sur "fool of a kind" [elefant]
the pastels/tenniscoats ~ sodane "two sunsets" [domino]
pizzicato five - it's a beautiful day
northern portrait - greetings from paris (Denmark)
the very most - today is even better (watoo watoo remix)
cocoanut groove - huckleberry
mane laundering - elephant clone (Japan)
neshband - heaven knows i'm miserable now (Indonesia)
twangy twangy - ask (Japan)
telekinesis - sheila take a bow
kitten - panic
the smiths - wonderful woman
1:20pm Surf Set
centuries - outer limits
the scavengers - curfue
the surfites - space coach
the silhouettes - surfin' with sharks
the man from ravcon - moonlight mountain
the mobsmen - chunkje
stronzo gelantino & the boo-men - do the demare
army navy ~ the mistakes "the wilderness inside" [the fever zone]
silver screen - really no wonder
acid house kings - say yes if you love me
juvenile juvenile - don't tell your friends (Japan)
tv girl ~ birds don't sing "french exit" [s/r]
silva ~ é preciso dizer "ocean view" [six degrees]
yelle ~ les soupirs et les refrains "complètement fou" [kemosabe]
the pirouettes - oublie moi (France)
stereolab - super-electric
blackbird blackbird ~ love unlimited "tangerine sky" [OM]
zebras - try (Australia)
the bilinda butchers ~ edo method "heaven" [orchid tapes]
red sleeping beauty - don't say you love me (Sweden)
sambassadeur - kate (Sweden)
beulah - if we can land a man on the moon, surely i can win your heart
Capitán Sunrise - Súper Plan B (Spain)
the primitives ~ petals "spin-o-rama" [elefant]
lia pamina - cómo es (Spain)
the belljars - poeten (Sweden)
the icicles - lemonade & somersaults
brave irene - longest day
shin rizumu - in the mood for surfing (Japan)
yael meyer ~ yo soy "warrior heart" [KLI]