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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Featuring music from the Philippines in the 2nd half of the show!

super furry animals  ~ juxtaposed with u
kero kero bonito ~ if i'd known ~ time 'n' place
the last detail ~ tears ~ the last detail
tsuchiyamakoto ~ good morning and farewell [Japan]
jens lekman ~ an argument with myself [Sweden]
dent may ~ face down in the gutter of your love
some gorgeous accident ~ stating the obvious ~ imaginary lines [Philippines]
azure blue ~ don't turn me on [Sweden]
cristina quesada ~ hero ~ hero EP [Spain]
the radio dept. ~ never follow suit [Sweden]
le superhomard ~ under a charm ~ springtime EP [France]
balloon at dawn ~ one hundred days [Japan]
gomes the hitman ~ spring fair [Japan]
pictured resort ~ daylight moonlight [Japan]
wool strings ~ erase the summer's tail [Japan]
the perfect english weather ~ only shadows
very truly yours ~ across the sea
cariño ~ canción de pop de amor ~ movidas [Spain]
juniper moon ~ me siento mejor ~ el resto de mi vida + singles y rarezas (1999-2003) [Spain]
the garlands ~ don't cry
help stamp out loneliness ~ record shop
murder beach ~ 8 great ways
tullycraft ~ georgette plays a goth
1:20pm Surf Set
the apemen ~ percolator stomp
the surf mist ~ swingin' sisters
the surfites ~ surfville
the volcanics ~ vesuvian ~ stompin' garage
los venturas ~ tales from the deep
terry and the renegades ~ live drive
burt rocket ~ wave vehicle ~ fiberglass frenzy
orange & lemons ~ lovers go, lovers come [Philippines]
dragonfly collector ~ dragonfly collector [Philippines]
soft pillow kisses ~ 16 ft. [Philippines]
moscow olympics ~ still [Philippines]
the strange creatures ~ i feel like i'm on drugs ~ phantasms [Philippines]
ness ~ drifting falling (the ocean blue cover) [Philippines]
sunday picnic love affair ~ sunday picnic love affair [Philippines]
that lingering feeling ~ little athletics [Philippines]
carnival park ~ portland, oregon [Philippines]
slow hello ~ show and tell [Philippines]
fantasy lights ~ i prefer the twentieth century [Philippines]
radiomanila ~ discorama queen [Philippines]
outerhope ~ no end in sight [Philippines]
spring boutique ~ candy blue skies [Philippines]
the gentle isolation ~ let's go slow [Philippines]
daydream cycle ~ avenue [Philippines]
the camerawalls ~ lizards hiding under rocks [Philippines]
the camerawalls ~ a gentle persuasion [Philippines]
ang bandang shirley ~ polygonal graphs [Philippines]
your imaginary friends ~ oh liza [Philippines]
the buildings ~ manila's a trap [Philippines]
balloon derby ~ be my lorraine [Philippines]
lazy lorelei ~ pop song (can't figure out) [Philippines]

Saturday, January 12, 2019

super furry animals  ~ juxtaposed with u
kero kero bonito ~ swimming ~ time 'n' place
homecomings ~ mall ~ somehow, somewhere [Japan]
club 8 ~ back to A ~ the people's record [Sweden]
the last detail ~ fun fair ~ the last detail
tahiti 80 ~ seven seas [France]
the bilinda butchers ~ boyfriend
cariño ~ canción de pop de amor [Spain]
smokebees ~ we surely become happy [Japan]
the pains of being pure at heart ~ until the sun explodes ~ days of abandon
the apples in stereo ~ dream about the future ~ travellers in space and time
rocketship ~ hey hey girl
le superhomard ~ paper girl (cucumber remix) [France]
business of dreams ~ keep the blues away
pictured resort ~ southern freeway (ILYSM remix) [Japan]
moscow club ~ daisy miller pt.2 [Japan]
the fin. ~ chains [Japan]
for tracy hyde ~ first regrets [Japan]
special favorite music ~ machi wo arukeba [Japan]
alpaca sports ~ saddest girl in the world ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
the school ~ just let me be
the yearning ~ why's she making those eyes at you?
acid house kings ~ say yes if you love me [Sweden]
heavenly ~ escort crash on marsten street
talulah gosh ~ looking for a rainbow ~ backwash
1:20pm Surf Set
aqua velvets ~ surf nouveau ~ nomad
the space rangers ~ beluga sunrise
frankie and the pool boys ~ tan line fever ~ spin the bottle
dick dale & the del-tones ~ tidal wave
the alder kings ~ who goes there
nebulas ~ nebulop
the surfaders ~ sharkbait ~ a greater silence
the orchids ~ good words are never long
math and physics club ~ coastal california 1985
the hit parade ~ sugar
the proctors ~ seven wonders
even as we speak ~ falling down the stairs
the icicles ~ trees touch skies
sambassasdeur ~ small parade [Sweden]
archery ~ ici oku no hoshifuruyoru [Japan]
postal blue ~ weather sensitive [Brazil]
brighter ~ wallflower
wallflower ~ does love last forever [Japan]
the wild swans ~ dark times
camera obscura ~ away with murder ~ my maudlin career
tracyanne & danny ~ alabama
allo darlin' ~ the letter
tender trap ~ 2 to the N ~ dansette dansette
marine life ~ fool of a kind
softies ~ sixteen months
holiday ~ you've got nothing
the minders ~ hooray for tuesday
tullycraft ~ passing observations
nothing painted blue ~ sorely tempted ~ emotional discipline
the essex green ~ sloane ranger
the kensingtons ~ the ground came up to meet us
featherfin ~ the crimson spill

Saturday, January 5, 2019

super furry animals  ~ juxtaposed with u
camera obscura ~ new year's resolution ~ desire lines
les bicyclettes de belsize ~ unhappy new year
homecomings ~ another new year ~ sale of broken dreams [Japan]
when nalda became punk ~ new years day [Spain]
holiday ~ new year's anything ~ cafe reggio
the ambient light ~ summer thoughts
wild nothing ~ oscillation ~ indigo
ride ~ pulsar ~ tomorrow's shore
day wave ~ still let you down
fake laugh ~ on loop
the radio dept. ~ your true name [Sweden]
hater ~ blushing
the beths ~ happy unhappy ~ future me hates me [New Zealand]
whyte horses ~ any day now
jetstream pony ~ out of reach
picnic republic ~ time to feel alright (ft. doc vinegar, kino frontera & dan imposter) ~ picnic republic & friends [France]
alpaca sports ~ without you ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
icicles ~ young & crazy ~ renegade parade
tullycraft ~ passing observations
tv girl ~ king of echo park ~ death of a party girl
winter & triptides ~ desaparecidos ~ estrela magica
kero kero bonito ~ flyway ~ time 'n' place
1:20pm Surf Set
the volcanics ~ twilight ~ stompin' garage
the meltones ~ rocket sled to oahu ~ surf sensation
bounty hunters ~ echo express
blackball bandits ~ saturday night (end of the world) ~ the lost mission
the kanaloas ~ tally ho ~ surf a go go!
the varitones ~ repeto
men in grey suits ~ mt. st. genevieve ~ return of the cnidarians
linda guilala ~ primavera negra [Spain]
double francois ~ ton coeur [France]
red sleeping beauty ~ falling out of love [Sweden]
le superhomard ~ meadow lane park [France]
azure blue ~ shine on [Sweden]
beach youth ~ classroom [France]
the go! team ~ plans are like a dream you organize ~ semicircle
super furry animals ~ something 4 the weekend
smokebees ~ eleven brothers [Japan]
the whistling possum ~ them are pigs [Indonesia]
all ashore! ~ perfect popsong
shiny times ~ easy
the smittens ~ three states
teen runnings ~ my car [Japan]
fantasmamidi ~ mortal [Spain]
nah ~ summers failing
dot dash ~ dead letter rays ~ proto retro
the vapour trails  ~ golden sunshine
yolanda ~ goldtimes ~ what vision
gentle ivanhoe death skulls ~ break the spell easy as hell
corinodakao ~ aerial swing [Japan]
toshiyakiyamada ~ the sun and the full moon [Japan]
the lousy pop group ~ that kind of pop song [Indonesia]
math and physics club ~ broadcasting waves ~ lived here before
transit my youth ~ help [Japan]