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Saturday, April 21, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
the dentists ~ my heart is like a town you moved away from ~ deep six
king of prussia ~ carolina, carolina ~ zonian girls...and the echoes that surround us all
juvenile juvenile ~ planet heaven [Japan]
stephen's shore ~ change ~ september love [Sweden]
the birthday kiss ~ starting to come back to life
highlight ~ minon [Japan]
wallflower ~ i wish spring would last forever [Japan]
twin flamingo ~ long hair [Japan]
the go! team ~ if there's one thing you should know ~ semicircle
soft regime ~ johnny ~ hard feelings
putochinomaricón ~ gente de mierda ~ corazón de cerdo conginsing al vapor [Spain]
guatafan ~ la merienda ~ sugar pop [Spain]
azure blue ~ reflections of light
future bible heroes ~ hopeless
barcelona ~ kasey keller ~ zero one infinity
northern portrait ~ what happens next [Denmark]
dent may ~ 26 miles (santa catalina) ~ the good feeling music of dent may & his magnificent ukulele
jens lekman ~ you are the light ~ when i said i wanted to be your dog
the cardigans ~ country hell
camera obscura ~ french navy ~ my maudlin career
suede ~ hit me ~ bloodsports
1:20pm Surf Set
the volcanics ~ the lonely one ~ the lonely one
the concussions ~ whack job ~ newaygo sound machine
the mobsmen ~ bubbles ~ fraternitas aurum factorem
blackball bandits ~ blackball stomp ~ the lost mission
shadowy men on a shadowy planet ~ misty ~ savvy show stoppers
the surf coasters ~ happy easter! [Japan]
cut copy ~ black rainbows ~ haiku from zero
club 8 ~ late nights
wild nothing ~ the body in rainfall
night flowers ~ you don't tell me
the magnetic fields ~ all the umbrellas in london
papas fritas ~ let's go down to the town oasis
strange creatures ~ moonstruck [Philippines]
the beths ~ warm blood [New Zealand]
boys ~ that weekend
gobbinjr ~ afraid of me
winter ~ zoey ~ ethereality
kero kero bonito ~ cinema
irummi ~ let's have the same dream [Japan]
transit my youth ~ hipopo [Japan]
kensei ogata ~ someone will love you [Japan]
gomes the hitman ~ spring fair [Japan]
frankie cosmos ~ duet ~ vessel
tesco chainstore mascara ~ system restore
alpaca sports ~ as long as i have you (when nalda became punk stereo lo-fi remix)
superchunk ~ dead photographers ~ what a time to be alive
jumprope ~ man seeking woman ~ bookshelf adventures
allen clapp & his orchestra ~ something strange happens
strawberry whiplash ~ now i know it's you ~ hits in the car
the charade ~ 140 bpm misery love song
the secret history ~ johnny nightmare
ride ~ 1,000 miles
nous non plus ~ J'en ai marre / Had Enough
the pirouettes ~ tu peux compter sur moi [France]
tv girl ~ easier to cry

Saturday, April 14, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
dronjo kept by 4 ~ beach twins [Japan]
sweater girls ~ summer girls ~ pretty when you smile
neleonard ~ mariadel [Spain]
sloan ~ spin our wheels ~ 12
Putochinomaricón ~ el test de la bravo y la superpop ~ corazón de cerdo conginsing al vapor [Spain]
the john buzon trio ~ mr. ghost goes to town
pale blue morning ~ eleanor [Philippines]
soft regime ~ wild swimming (with dickon) ~ hard feelings
CSS ~ hits me like a rock [Brazil]
gomes the hitman ~ spring fair [Japan]
the youth hostel ~ new kicks [Japan]
earthboy ~ drug store romeo
flowertruck ~ enough for now [Australia]
the new tigers ~ domino [Finland]
transit my youth ~ help [Japan]
poise ~ sprint [Japan]
belle and sebastian ~ the girl doesn't get it ~ how to solve our human problems
acid house kings ~ under water ~ music sounds better with you [Sweden]
the cure ~ just like heaven [live] ~ side show
pictured resort ~ head west ~ now and on [Japan]
alpaca sports ~ summer days [Sweden]
cola jet set ~ fin del mundo [Spain]
1:25pm Surf Set
sandy nelson ~ let there be drums
burt rocket ~ the great brain robbery ~ savage iceland
blackball bandits ~ alert! ~ the last mission
the apemen ~ 24 hours from tulsa
the volcanics ~ green room ~ the lonely one
the mobsmen ~ scelerats avenue ~ scelerats syndicate
hibou ~ the way you're breathing ~ something familiar
ride ~ pulsar ~ tomorrow's shore
winter ~ alligator ~ ethereality
#poundsign# ~ isolation ~ wavelength
alvvays ~ your type ~ antisocialites [Canada]
hurry ~ the one i want ~ every little thought
cast ~ finetime ~ all change
kero kero bonito ~ you know how it is
toshiaki yamada ~ the sun and full moon [Japan]
stephen's shore ~ counting days ~ september love [Sweden]
the ocean blue ~ sublime
the recreations ~ smile again [Japan]
les bicyclettes de belsize ~ beatnik my guest
san francisco ~ todos los besos del mundo [Spain]
kuryakin ~ rain
heavenly ~ nous ne sommes pas des anges ~ operation heavenly
the go! team ~ catch me on the rebound
sambassadeur ~ subtle changes [Sweden]
holiday ~ who's gonna find out? ~ ready, steady, go
the bilinda butchers ~ the lover's suicide
the pains of being pure at heart ~ masokissed ~ days of abandon
the radio dept. ~ heaven's on fire [Sweden]
oranges & lemons ~ loves go, lovers come [Philippines]

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Still a touch of laryngitis, but as always you can just sit back and enjoy the music!

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
transit my youth ~ help [Japan]
all tomorrows party ~ sheltered life [Russia]
strange hellos ~ we are trouble
le superhomard ~ paper girl [France]
GRDNS ~ night dance
beulah ~ gravity's bringing us down ~ the coast is never clear
the fin. ~ shedding [Japan]
stephen's shore ~ new jersey ~ september love [Sweden]
gomes the hitman ~ spring fair [Japan]
math and physics club ~ broadcasting waves
big white ~ right before everything dies
boyish ~ new kicks [Japan]
the boys with perpetual nervousness ~ nervous man
winter ~ alligator
soft science ~ undone
wallflower ~ i wish spring would last forever [Japan]
brideshead ~ the world stopped turning ~ never grow up [Germany]
cola jet set ~ dosificate ~ el fin del mundo [Spain]
starry eyed cadet ~ on the run ~ places we don't belong
lush ~ single girl ~ lovelife
apples in stereo ~ mystery
1:20pm Surf Set
blackball bandits ~ slalom under the pier ~ the lost mission
the mobsmen ~ boom ~ fraternitas aurum factorem
the surfites ~ la ronde infernale ~ the surfites & co.
the surge ~ paddle or die!
man or astro-man? ~ jetson's theme ~ intravenous television continuum
the shockwave! ~ penetration from space ~ contact from space
yo la tengo ~ polynesia #1 ~ there's a riot going on
red sleeping beauty ~ you and me [Sweden]
frankie cosmos ~ bus bus train train ~ vessel
marine life ~ the young and the free
the icicles ~ lemonade & somersaults ~ pure sugar
Band À Part ~ franny y tú ~ la aventura original [Spain]
when nalda became punk ~ a secret plan ~ indiepop or whatever! [Spain]
the holiday crowd ~ anything anything [Canada]
the go! team ~ all the way live ~ semicircle
kero kero bonito ~ the one true path
helen love ~ shy girl ~ day-glo dreams
velocity girl ~ medio core ~ simpatico
heavenly ~ ben sherman ~ operation heavenly
cub ~ i'm your angel ~ come out, come out
cristina quesada ~ when i'm an aeroplane [Spain]
lia pamina ~ one step ~ sycamore tree [Spain]
los bonsais ~ hijo del señor [Spain]
alpaca sports ~ as long as i have you [Sweden]
the very most ~ you're in love with the sun ~ a year with the very most
the minders ~ more and more ~ hooray for tuesday
holiday ~ everything you say ~ ready, steady, go
tullycraft ~ cowgirls on parade ~ beat, surf, fun
nothing painted blue ~ blooming, buzzing ~ emotional discipline
lost tapes ~ war in the netherlands
the hermit crabs ~ i don't know how
making marks ~ hard to be good
the hobbes fanclub ~ why should i tell you the truth?
someloves ~ know you now
autumn leaves ~ you didn't say a word (the balled of plum tucker)
tripping the light fantastic ~ heavy heart
Capitán Sunrise ~ El cubismo, la vanguardia [Spain]