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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Welcome to the Happyoblivion Show!  Apologies if everything looks off, blogspot is problematic today.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the camerawalls - a gentle persuasion [Philippines]
beverly - crooked cop
camera obscura - i don't do crowds
summer twins ~ florence "limbo" [burger]
palomica - water walks
night flowers - glow in the dark
papa topo - enero [Spain]
linustate - the north star [Japan]
shin rizumu - try say! [Japan]
shouzou yamada - dobu sarai zinsei [Japan]
ancient youth club - meikyu shoju [Japan]
tsuchiyamakoto - amaoto memo [Japan]
boyish - sakana no yume [Japan]
nixon - sleepwalk
ladyhawke ~ the river "wild things" [mid-century]
the pains of being pure at heart - girl of 1000 dreams
decorations ~ believer "have fun" [frenchkiss]
building rockers - melancholy girl
the crookes ~ roman candle "lucky ones" [modern outsider]
the wild swans - chloroform
sambassadeur - between the lines [Sweden]
de novo dahl - shout
1:20pm Surf Set
skinny jimmy stingray - hurricane surf
the razorblades - anthem for the beach freaks
the volcanics ~ bullseye "stompin' garage" [double crown]
the kanaloas ~ tally ho "surf a go go!" [double crown]
man or astro-man? - a mouthful of exhaust
dick dale & the del-tones - taco wagon
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - having an average weekend
amber arcades ~ perpetuum mobile "fading lines" [heavenly] [netherlands]
alvvays - adult diversion
delorean - simple graces
barcelona - beautiful
the hit parade - you didn't love me then
the proctors - trouble with forever
silver screen - only ever yours
lake - perfect fit
the very most - call the cops
supermoon ~ secrets in a small town "playland" [mint]
pale sunday - a weekend with jane [Brazil]
red sleeping beauty - if you want affection [Sweden]
hurry ~ sinking feeling "guided meditation" [lame-o]
day wave ~ deadbeat girl "headcase/hard to read" [liberator]
swimming tapes - set the fire
martin courtney - northern highway
real estate - it's real
beach house - the hours
diiv ~ under the sun "is the is are" [captured tracks]
the fin. - the end of the island [Japan]
some gorgeous accident - on a clear day [Philippines]
star tropics - swept away
craft spells - after the moment

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Thanks for tuning in to the Happyoblivion Show!  Playlist updated as show progresses.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the death of pop - what a day
kero kero bonito - break
linustate - small world [Japan]
movienite - leisurely pace
amber arcades ~ turning light "fading lines" [heavenly] [netherlands]
kyohei yonemitsu - cicada [Japan]
stephen's shore - ocean blue
supermoon ~ bottle ships "playland" [mint]
twin peaks ~ you don't "down in heaven" [relativity entertainment]
pale sunday - my punk girl [Brazil]
red sleeping beauty - tell me more [Sweden]
in letter form ~ high line "fracture. repair. repeat" [metropolis]
hurry ~ sinking feeling "guided meditation" [lame-o]
space daze - what did you say
the liberty ships - baseball caps and novas
swimming tapes - souvenirs
los popov - dobap [Spain]
lost tapes - war in the netherlands
letting up despite great faults - disappear
the pains of being pure at heart - eurydice
tv girl - taking what's not yours
the recreations - swing together [Japan]
the simple carnival - caitlin's on the beach
1:20pm Surf Set
burt rocket - wave vehicle
the 427's - the spy invasion
the aqua barons - into the deep
the volcanics ~ fool around "stompin' garage" [double crown]
the surfaders ~ sharkbait "a greater silence" [turbasco]
the surfites - farewell old west (the excelsiors cover)
the kanaloas ~ toxica "surf a go go!" [double crown]
craft spells - breaking the angle against the tide
alpaca sports - si tú estás junto a mí (zipper remix)
san francisco ~ El Lugar Que Te Enseñé "ada" [elefant]
gomes the hitman - koi no mikiri hassha [Japan]
sally shapiro - what can i do [Sweden]
beverly - you can't get it right
les bicyclettes de belsize - the london nobody knows
the fin. - divers [Japan]
summer twins ~ stop & go "limbo" [burger]
pale lights - mother cries
the trash can sinatras ~ ain't that something "wild pendulum" [red river]
the suncharms - sparkle
martha - goldman's detective agency
kids on a crime spree - creep the creeps
the crookes ~ i wanna waste my time on you "lucky ones" [modern outsider]
the spook school - the cameraman
star tropics - summer rain
building rockets - thurston & kim
azure blue - sommartid (feat. Tilde) [Sweden]
pictured resort - away to paradise [Japan]
toshiaki yamada - asatte kurai no mirai [Japan]
the go! team - buy nothing day
pizzicato five - the girl from ipanema

Saturday, June 11, 2016

My voice is back, mostly!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
pelle carlberg - i love you, you imbecile [Sweden]
hurry ~ fascination "guided meditation" [lame-o]
acid house kings - under water [Sweden]
puffy amiyumi - circuit no musume (the readymade JBL mix '99) [Japan]
boyish - blue balloon [Japan]
penguin villa - minute of love for the film [Thailand]
the school - hoping and praying
the bilinda butchers - ume (feat. Juri Nakashima)
the royal landscaping society - friends and lovers
juniper moon - no te pongas el sombrero [Spain]
silver screen - a little more each day
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - beautiful burning forest
stereolab - kyberneticka babicka, pt. 1
some gorgeous accident - stating the obvious [Philippines]
the bosss - rain [Japan]
california snow story - motorway [UK]
hariquem zaboy - tender mind [Thailand]
pale spectres - your boyfriend's girlfriend [France]
ancient youth club - milk [Japan]
supermoon ~ stories we tell ourselves about ourselves "playland" [mint]
bubblegum lemonade - beard on a bike
1:20pm Surf Set
the bananas - srna
bikini atoll beach party - fez paradox
frankie & the poolboys - teke, teke, teke
thunder rocks - johnny sax
the other timelines - theme from the vellocet conspiracy (farfisa mix)
sputnicks - so much love
the jokers - purple crackle
the volcanics ~ mad dog "stompin' garage" [double crown]
sally shapiro - starman (feat. electric youth) (pop remix)
palomica - honeydew
math and physics club - in this together
monotone - a little longer [Thailand]
red sleeping beauty - cheryl, cheryl, bye [Sweden]
nixon - the run [Sweden]
the very most - Scotland
the pastels - check my heart [Scotland]
teenage fanclub - when i still have thee [Scotland]
belle & sebastian - sleep the clock around [Scotland]
camera obscura - every weekday [Scotland]
cocteau twins - summerhead [Scotland]
the vaselines - son of a gun [Scotland]
the trash can sinatras ~ all night "wild pendulum" [red river]
bmx bandits - serious drugs [Scotland]
for tracy hyde - on the beach [Japan]
chelsea times - i hate summer [Japan]
kuchucamera - koisuru shabontama [Japan]
linustate - beauty lies [Japan]
coughs - in the morning [Japan]
cola jet set - sabado [Spain]
gomes the hitman - haru no suketchi [Japan]

Saturday, June 4, 2016

I have laryngitis & bronchitis, so can't talk to you but will still be playing you good indie pop tunes.  Also a short set at 1:40pm from bands playing at SF Popfest this weekend.  Hope to be recovered next week!

Playlist updated as show progresses:
super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
bmx bandits - love makes the world go round
pale sunday - a weekend with jane [Brazil]
dressy bessy ~ if you should try to kiss her "kingsized" [yep roc]
surf city - spec city [New Zealand]
the orchids - she's just a girl [Scotland]
northern portrait - greetings from paris [Denmark]
pushy parents - secret secret
supermoon ~ witching hour "playland" [mint]
twin peaks ~ walk to the one you love "down in heaven" [relativity entertainment]
math and physics club - baby i'm yours
sunny summer day - in summertime (feat. cris miller) [Indonesia]
pictured resort - promised paradise [Japan]
acid house kings - heaven knows i miss him now [Sweden]
sambassadeur - days [Sweden]
red sleeping beauty - tell me more [Sweden]
club 8 - the beauty of the way we're living [Sweden]
stephen's shore - ocean blue
silva - maré [Brazil]
literature - grifted
ondeadwaves ~ california "ondeadwaves" [mute]
in letter form ~ reflecting the rain "fracture. repair. repeat" [metropolis]
hurry ~ under her thumb "guided meditation" [lame-o]
the liberty ship - baseball caps and novas
1:20pm Surf Set
the madiera - burning mirage
burt rocket - wave vehicle
the meltones - surf before sunrise
the kanaloas ~ toxica "surf a go go!" [double crown]
the titans - reveille rock
the surfites - surf reveille
the volcanics ~ calvary call "stompin' garage" [double crown]
nebulas - morpheus
1:40pm Bands playing at SF Popfest this weekend
avaleya and the glitterhawks - pony lonely
dominant legs - already know that it's nice
a certain smile - hold on call
burnt palms - yours not mine
lunchbox - give a little love
the cannanes - let's pretend
the very most - patricia
watoo watoo - le soir [France]
stereolab - bop scotch
giorgio tuma with laetitia sadier - maude hope
the pirouettes - oublie moi [France]
band à part - franny y tú [Spain]
attic lights - war years (reworked by la casa azul)
milkyway - bubblegum [Spain]
the aislers set - my boyfriend (could be a Spanish man)
the shermans - july in london
aberdeen - sink or float
tiger tape - stanna för alltid, gå härifrån [Sweden]
from bubblegum to sky - the gurls & shoo be doo wop
lush - i have the moon
jens lekman - friday night at the drive-in bingo
gene - still can't find the phone
summer fiction - genevieve
teenage fanclub - baby lee