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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Today's show will be extra jangly!

super furry animals~juxtaposed with u
a certain smile ~ aberdeen
day wave ~ something here (acoustic)
modern aquatic ~ edgar allan poe was a hardcore dancer
the very most ~ polygraph
toshiaki yamada ~ small good things [Japan]
wool strings ~ silver arrows [Japan]
camera obscura ~ shine like a new pin
the suncharms ~ sort it out
san francisco ~ todos los besos del mundo [Spain]
the free design ~ i found love
jumprope ~ mary moon electric
lois ~ long time gone
brighter ~ poppy day
jodi in the morning glory parade ~ good morning [Indonesia]
talulah gosh ~ beatnik boy
heavenly ~ skipjack
gaze - shady
blueboy ~ clear skies
marine life ~ big sur
the bank holidays ~ folded in half
the go-betweens ~ right here
shop assistants ~ seems to be
brideshead ~ the world stopped turning [Germany]
der englisch garten ~ philoma bar [Germany]
1:20pm Surf Set
speedchicken ~ sketa shuffle
royals ~ precision
the singing guitars ~ perfidia
incredible sucking spongies ~ sputniks thema
tikiyaki orchestra ~ mysteria
the pastels ~ illuminum song
the hit parade ~ sugar
the orchids ~ caveman
the moments ~ summershine (sea urchins cover) [Japan]
the sea urchins ~ pristine christine
ferns ~ hey OK [Malaysia]
girlfrendo ~ happy days [Sweden]
the haywains ~ why do i get the feeling your mother hates me?
the minders ~ comfortably tucked up inside
the apples in stereo ~ it's all right
tullycraft ~ piano lessons for beauty queens
holiday ~ just follow
the fairways ~ the back of her hand
the shermans ~ fly away
acid house kings ~ i didn't think your kiss would affect me
bart & friends ~ who am i to say no
the shapiros ~ gone by fall
glo-worm ~ stars above
lovejoy ~ brightness falls
bunnygrunt ~ superstar 666
happydeadmen ~ life inside a frame
language of flowers ~ it's not you
pale sunday ~ unknown half [Brazil]
pocketbooks ~ summertime
days ~ downhill
california snow story ~ my life is only a daydream
carnival park ~ this feels like summer [Philippines]
my favorite ~ working class jacket

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Thank you to all the listeners who tell me the show is perfect for listening when driving around!

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
teen runnings ~ seatown punk [Japan]
the recreations ~ someday i will [Japan]
ride ~ lateral alice ~ weather diaries
the wagner logic ~ this is why you don't ~ heart is dark
lush ~ burnham beeches
beach house ~ equal mind ~ b sides and rarities
the pains of being pure at heart ~ my only
verandan ~ short dream [Finland]
weareclover ~ lullaby for the fireflies [Indonesia]
pictured resort ~ southern freeway [Japan]
hinds ~ carribean moon (kevin ayers cover) [Spain]
the school ~ do i love you
the yearning ~ heart beats a little bit faster
eri n ~ little lights [Japan]
mumrunner ~ sputnik [Finland]
minor poet ~ judith beheading holofernes
walter etc ~ stumptown summer heartthrob
sugardrop ~ how lazy [Japan]
kirigu ~ dance dance [Japan]
pep ~ run
worst place ~ dreamer
the go! team ~ secretary song
camera obscura ~ let's get out of this country
1:25pm Surf Set
the surf mist ~ swingin' sisters
the meltones ~ in praise of the lime
dick dale & the del-tones ~ night rider
the grande bois ~ meltdown
the doltones ~ hot swinger
the kanaloas ~ toxica
secret samurai ~ the khazar
the lousy pop group ~ morning train to tanah abang [Indonesia]
silent james ~ swedish for beginners [Spain]
the hayman kupa band ~ a tent of blankets
stars in coma ~ subtraction exercises [Sweden]
benjamin gibbard ~ what you do to me ~ bandwagonesque
the very most ~ flying m
the field mice ~ sensitive
fandaze ~ cloud, cloud [Japan]
alpaca sports ~ need me the most [Sweden]
pictured resort ~ now and on [Japan]
juvenile juvenile ~ wish i was skinny [Japan]
northern portrait ~ the fallen aristrocracy [Denmark]
totos ~ some more love [Japan]
gomes the hitman ~ rainbow and sneakers [Japan]
moscow club ~ sanatorium [Japan]
triptides ~ gone for a while
star tropics ~ all the way to heaven
picnic republic ~ waiting for the sun ~ picnic republic [France]
stereolab ~ hillbilly motorbike [France]
fazerdaze ~ jennifer ~ morningside [New Zealand]
the pearlfishers ~ everyday i read your stars
push kings ~ number ones

Saturday, August 12, 2017

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
hi-life companion - our years in the wilderness
juniper moon - el ultimo tiro [Spain]
mademouselle nineteen - au jardin [France]
the suncharms - sparkle
surf rock is dead - as if
beach house - wherever you go ~ b sides and rarities
honey moon - best in town
the siddeleys - every day of the week
terry vs tori - larusso [Spain]
triptides - rewind
the walters - she's gonna leave you
e'spaniel - just another day
the orielles - jobin
fazerdaze - misread ~ morningside [New Zealand]
plume of feathers - no tabs
we. the pigs - go away [Sweden]
teenage fanclub - baby lee
benjamin gibbard - metal baby ~ bandwagonesque
capitán sunrise - yo a la izquierda, tu en el centro [Spain]
la casa azul - sucumbir [Spain]
star tropics - windfall
the electric pop group - summer's day
gomes the hitman - kotoba wa uso-tsuki [Japan]
the volcanics - twilight
the doltones - latin surfer
the insect surfers - delmarva
the trabants - coast of capri
the surfites - moon buggy
tikiyaki orchestra - chateau leilani
les bicyclettes de belsize - stone lions (2016 remix)
helen love - we are all the lo-fi kids
alpaca sports - i love you [Sweden]
san francisco - el lugar que te enseñé [Spain]
postal blue - bitterness is sweet
camera obscura - every weekday
the recreations - smile again [Japan]
teen runnings - stars [Japan]
moscow club - band of outsiders [Japan]
the bored - music a three trail [Japan]
wallflower - feverfew [Japan]
lia pamina - wrap your love around my heart ~ sycamore tree [Spain]
talulah gosh - my best friend
cub - i'm your angel
heavenly - nous ne sommes pas des anges
stereolab - eye of the volcano
saint etienne - kiss and make up (sarah cracknell version)
velocity girl - there's only one thing left to say
elektone - the girl from katong [Singapore]
kuchucamera - pisu de ikou [Japan]
wallflower - nowhere [Japan]
brighter - does love last forever?
acid house kings - say yes if you love me [Sweden]
some gorgeous accident - luminescence [Philippines]
brideshead - me and the stars and the sea [Germany]
the courtneys - silver velvet
letting up despite great faults - disappear
the pains of being pure at heart - my terrible friend

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Playlist for today!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
gomes the hitman - rainbow and sneakers [Japan]
dent may - 90210
lake - work with what you got
surf rock is dead - in between
axolotes mexicanos - trececatore [Spain]
plant cell - yume no nakae [Japan]
triptides - love me too
the english mccoy - give me something to believe in
star tropics - wildfire
best friend - moon bring down
the darling buds - our lips are sealed (go-gos cover)
elephant noise - this song is our friend
picnic republic - back on me [France]
teen runnings - seatown punk [Japan]
plume of feathers - first date
kero kero bonito - fish bowl
beach house - equal mind - b sides and rarities
the wagner logic - another universe - heart is dark
corridor - Du Moyen Âge à l'âge moyen [Canada]
the luxembourg signal - let's make some plans
the monochrome set - Fêlé 
surf city - spec city [New Zealand]
1:20pm Surf Set
nebulas - logan's run
spr-4 - parabolic
the surfaders - teenage rendezvous at the ballroom
the surfites - lunatic express (excelsiors cover)
the ventures - perfida
satan's pilgrims - el toro
bradipos iv - forbidden island
the fin. - pale blue [Japan]
fragile tom - elbows
oliver - i must be a good boy [Japan]
dama scout - suzie wong
tuska - da da da
houseplants - honey garden
guillermo farré - desenfocada [Spain]
ride - lateral alice - weather diaries
the jesus and mary chain - all things pass - damage and joy
ana - boys don't cry [Japan]
the siddeleys - things will be different
lia pamina - nobody's baby [Spain]
swimming tapes - what's on your mind
the recreations - someday i will [Japan]
le superhomard - sweet winter (le superhomard sweet summer remix) [France]
fazerdaze - reel [New Zealand]
moscow olympics - still [Philippines]
surfer blood - voyager reprise (another summer of love remix)
stephen's shore - ocean blue [Sweden]
totos - documents [Japan]
youthcomics - and his car [Japan]
allo darlin' - the polaroid song
space daze - line up on the solstice (the very most remix)

the very most - the motor-vu lights