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Saturday, October 27, 2018

It's time for the annual Halloween-themed Happyoblivion Show!

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
big quiet ~ ghost
summer twins ~ demons
la casa azul ~ niño zombi [Spain]
shonen knife ~ ghost train
little racer ~ ghosty
the john buzon trio ~ mr. ghost goes to town
gypsy and the cat ~ zombie world [Australia]
club 8 ~ we're all going to die [Sweden]
they go boom!! ~ candy
girls names ~ bury me
shin rizumu feat. sodapop ~ mysterious candy [Japan]
future bible heroes ~ digging my own grave
barcelona ~ haunted by the ghost of patty
magic kids ~ candy
the besties ~ zombie song
num contena ~ smile when you're dead [Japan]
teeny frahoop ~ eat candy [Japan]
dangerous ponies ~ ghosts
tullycraft ~ dig up the graves
the belafontes ~ skeleton
crocodiles ~ electric death song
from bubblegum to sky ~ vampire
redd kross ~ meet frankenstein
jonny ~ wich is wich
1:20pm Surf Set
twang ~ night of the twang creatures
blackball bandits ~ skull dance
blackball bandits ~ swingy creepy
the kilaueas ~ black phantom twang
shadowy men on a shadowy planet ~ zombie compromise
rondo hatton ~ riding the coffin
the kanaloas ~ boneyard reef
man or astro-man? ~ munster's theme
tokyo ska paradise orchestra ~ monster rock
the aggrolites ~ grave digger
tokyo ska paradise orchestra ~ vampire
specials ~ ghost town
tokyo ska paradise orchestra ~ skull collector
ursula 1000 ~ graveyard stomp
moscow club ~ ghost dance [Japan]
veronica falls ~ found love in a graveyard
lia pamina ~ ghost [Spain]
autumn leaves ~ phantom girl blues
the bird and the bee ~ witch
the very most ~ zombies in the city of trees
telekinesis ~ ghosts and creatures
cut copy ~ so haunted
starfucker ~ bury us alive
magnetic fields ~ zombie boy
gene ~ haunted by you
ferns ~ death of a lifetime [Malaysia]
her space holiday ~ ghost in the garden
fairmont ~ you haunt me
lake ~ skeleton costume
toxie ~ haunted
jumprope ~ notes from a chateau ghost
po! ~ haunt you
supermoon ~ witching hour

Saturday, October 20, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
transit my youth ~ help [Japan]
next time passions ~ win the universe [Greece]
funeral advantage ~ CEOT7K
youthcomics ~ weekend [Japan]
kero kero bonito ~ flyway ~ time 'n' place
stereolab ~ super-electric ~ switched on
for tracy hyde ~ emma (reimagined) [Japan]
young agings ~ you found me [Japan]
swimming tapes ~ easy strand
the beths ~ happy unhappy ~ future me hates me [New Zealand]
the proctors ~ seven wonders
the perfect english weather ~ pennies in the jar
the sunbathers ~ big boy now ~ a weekend away with...
math & physics club ~ across the paper
corinodakao ~ aerial swing [Japan]
the fin. ~ through the deep ~ there [Japan]
club 8 ~ a small piece of heaven ~ above the city [Sweden]
puffy amiyumi ~ sunday in the park ~ splurge [Japan]
tv girl ~ king of echo park ~ death of a party girl
the go! team ~ hey! ~ semicircle
helen love ~ my imagination ~ day-glo dreams
still dreams ~ invisible
1:20pm Surf Set
the mobsmen ~ flamenco ~ scelerats syndicate
killer bananazz ~ freaks of nature
dick dale & the del-tones ~ night rider
man or astro-man? ~ intoxica ~ destroy all astromen!!
the concussions ~ doc rockblock ~ newaygo sound machine
burt rocket ~ spy vs spy vs spy ~ savage iceland
the kanaloas ~ elevator drop ~ surf a go go!
mermonte ~ motorique [France]
sugarcube ~ tonight
tangingugun ~ spring is over [Japan]
featherfin ~ the crimson spill [Norway]
vamping ~ incantations X
the sweetest touch ~ precious time [Indonesia]
alpaca sports ~ saddest girl in the world ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
acid house kings ~ i just called to say jag alsker dig [Sweden]
summer twins ~ stop & go ~ limbo
dent may ~ love song 2009 ~ the good feeling music of dent may & his magnificent ukulele
jens lekman ~ an argument with myself [Sweden]
northern portrait ~ when goodness falls [Denmark]
the lightning seeds ~ the life of riley ~ sense
the essex green ~ smith & 9th ~ hardly electronic
martin courtney ~ northern highway ~ many moons
richard hawley ~ tonight the streets are ours
the holiday crowd ~ anything anything
the mayfields ~ all you ever say
EggS ~ i fell in love
pooll ~ i secretly went on a journey [Japan]
yusuke tsuruta ~ rain falls gently girl [Japan]
strawberry whiplash ~ now i know it's you ~ hits in the car
juvenile juvenile ~ perfect lies (teto 2 remix) [Japan]

Saturday, October 13, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
Day Wave~
Still Let You Down
Bird Streets
~Betting On the Sun
Lala Lala~
Lens Mozer
~Cut My Heart in Two
senyuman senja
~galaxy of sina & glow eye [Indonesia]
The Suncharms
~Film Soundtrack
Swimming Tapes
~Easy Strand
The Vapour Trails
~the inner truth
~Supercar [Japan]
Kero Kero Bonito
~Visiting Hours
The Pirouettes
~Ça Ira Ça Ira [France]
~Die Happy
Watoo Watoo
~Au Fond Des Allées [France]
~Magical Spring
the dekkoes
~cash for your car
~money [Indonesia]
Alpaca Sports
~Without You [Sweden]
Pizzicato Five~
It's A Beautiful Day [Japan]
Pushy Parents~
Secret Secret
Whyte Horses
~I Saw the Light
Dutch Criminal Record
~Waiting on the Weekend
1:25pm Surf Set
The Aquamarines
~An Ordeal Involving Five Strangers
Blackball Bandits
~The Lost Mission
The Mobsmen
~Mediterranean Blitz
Men in Grey Suits
~Mt. St. Genevieve
The Meltones
~Carvin' the Drift
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
lipstik lipsing
~Suburban Love [Indonesia]
The Goon Sax
~A Few Times Too Many [Australia]
Picnic Republic
~before it all gets over [France]
The Fin.
~Shedding [Japan]
The Sweetest Touch
~Precious Time [Indonesia]
Kero Kero Bonito
~Dear Future Self
Oslo Oscillator
~Newlands [Norway]
Dronjo Kept by 4
~autumn river [Japan]
The Hi-Life Companion
~Dark Heart
~Graciela [Spain]
Johnny Payne~
Lazy Love
Tracyanne & Danny
~Can't Get Over You
The Electric Pop Group
~The Best of Times
Tripping the Light Fantastic
~Heavy Heart
~Out to Sea [Philippines]
Stephen's Shore~
The Sun [Sweden]
~David [Norway] 
Basement Revolver
The Recreations
~Smile Again [Japan]
Acid House Kings
~save it for the weekend [Sweden]
The Go! Team
~If There's One Thing You Should Know
Starry Eyed Cadet
~Worlds Collide
letting up despite great faults
Camera Obscura
~Do It Again
~Lit Up
the ambient light ~ summer thoughts
le superhomard ~ paper girl
tesco chainstore mascara ~ sunʻs shininʻ for you
strange hellos ~ we are trouble
the dentists ~ space man
the bilinda butchers ~ teen dream
wild nothing ~ chinatown
pictured resort ~ away to paradise
the apples in stereo ~ everybody let up
tahiti 80 ~ crush!
hoshi ~ on top of the fence
tv girl ~ birds donʻt sing
juvenile juvenile ~ planet heaven
beverly ~ crooked cop
jens lekman ~ the end of the world is bigger than love
gomes the hitman ~ jozetsu sutakkato
linustate ~ small world
the golden eaves ~ no other
brideshead ~ at 45 rpm
cut copy ~ black rainbows
fazerdaze ~ little uneasy
alvvays ~ lollipop (ode to jim)
the radio dept. ~ heavenʻs on fire
halfnoise ~ in the summer

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Maxing out the jangle meters today with pure indie pop!

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
kero kero bonito ~ flyway ~ time 'n' place
the beths ~ uptown girl ~ future me hates me [New Zealand]
the fin. ~ pale blue (acoustic version) [Japan]
tracyanne & danny ~ baby's got it bad
alpaca sports ~ baby what can i say? ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
love dance ~ skisse #3 [Norway]
math & physics club ~ weekends away
colin clary ~ i miss the bubblegum
the sunbathers ~ never coming back ~ a weekend away with...
pocketbooks ~ cross the line
the felt tips ~ backwards born
honeybunch ~ mine your own business
the fairways ~ get it right
summer cats ~ super
pale sunday ~ shooting star [Brazil]
pipas ~ wells street
the charade ~ monday morning
a smile and a ribbon ~ book cover
my little pony ~ breakup with myself
nixon ~ this town [Sweden]
horowitz ~ animal soup
holiday ~ it's wrong to love ~ ready, steady, go
the pearlfishers ~ everyday i read your stars
the simple carnival ~ over coffee and tea
the orange peels ~ so far
happydeadmen ~ life inside a frame
the bank holidays ~ folded in half
1:20pm Surf Set
daytonas ~ sound barrier
mic's masters ~ sandstorm
the starfires ~ billy's blues
the vibrants ~ wildfire
blue stingrays ~ monsoon
burt rocket ~ the spy who came in from the surf
the meltones ~ tiki cabana
pelle carlberg ~ clever girls like clever boys much more than clever boys like clever girls [Sweden]
red sleeping beauty ~ you're the kind [Sweden]
stars in coma ~ amelie [Sweden]
the hobbes fanclub ~ why should you tell the truth?
brave irene ~ hit the grass running
bunnygrunt ~ superstar 666
the shermans ~ fly away
glo-worm ~ stars above
brideshead ~ me and the stars and the sea ~ never grow up [Germany]
they go boom!! ~ somewhere in England
twig ~ please don't turn me into a murderer
the hermit crabs ~ stop this now
the deirdres ~ fun to pretend
bart & friends ~ these words are too small
days ~ downhill
poastal blue ~ it won't last
dream diary ~ bird in my garden
fireflies ~ searching for the sunshine
annemarie ~ apple (suicide on your stereo set) [Indonesia]
the haywains ~ why do i get the feeling your mother hates me?
the crabs ~ mission impossible
the icicles ~ regret ~ arrivals & departures
transmittens ~ words and smiles
california snow story ~ my life is only a daydream
bubblegum lemonade ~ dead poets make me smile
strawberry whiplash ~ you make me shine
the siddeleys ~ things will be different
would-be-goods ~ enemies of promise