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Saturday, January 27, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
violens ~ doomed
post modern team ~ heartbreak [Japan]
korallreven ~ the truest faith ~ an album by korallreven [Sweden]
johan agebjรถrn ~ love on ice (feat. sally shapiro & ryan paris) [Sweden]
burrito panza ~ barcelona [Spain]
plant cell ~ come in alone (my bloody valentine cover) [Japan]
dronjo kept by 4 ~ claps [Japan]
winter issue ~ bersama ria [Indonesia]
hello paris ~ wake up at the lake [France]
no middle name ~ sax for melody
colour me wednesday ~ don't tell anyone
perfect body ~ getting cold
mindflowers ~ collections
pooll ~ always spring [Japan]
silver screen ~ mercy ~ when you and i were very young
tesco chainstore mascara ~ big bowl of wrong
orange peels ~ something strange happens
pizzicato five ~ baby love child [Japan]
vanilla acoustic ~ daehwaga pil-yohae [S. Korea]
jens lekman ~ an argument with myself [Sweden]
northern portrait ~ the young and hopefuls [Denmark]
1:25pm Surf Set
the doltones ~ return to the jupiter ~ dance or die [Finland]
reverberati ~ fishbone ~ combat surf [Italy]
the volcanics ~ green room ~ the lonely one [Australia]
the insanitizers ~ dark eyes rock
the shockwave! ~ shock a go go ~ contact from space
burt rocket ~ savage iceland ~ savage iceland [Norway]
the stone roses ~ elephant stone
camera obscura ~ if looks could kill ~ let's get out of this country
king of prussia ~ spain in the summertime
death of lovers ~ here lies ~ the acrobat
beverly ~ you can't get it right
spirit award ~ summer ~ neverending
math and physics club ~ dear madeline ~ lived here before
doble pletina ~ un dia gris [Spain]
heavenly ~ she says
the apples in stereo ~ told you once
tullycraft ~ stowaway
the cherry orchard ~ everybody knows
loveles ~ david (feat. like this parade) [Japan]
teen runnings ~ my car [Japan]
orange yellow red ~ we ran
the sheets ~ crashing
the go! team ~ reason left to destroy
red sleeping beauty ~ stupid boy [Sweden]
the hit parade ~ there's something about mary
the electric pop group ~ i know i will [Sweden]
push kings ~ nine straight lines
tv girl ~ birds don't sing ~ french exit
starry eyed cadet ~ worlds collide ~ places we don't belong
mariana in our heads ~ september ~ since you get home EP
red red eyes ~ untold
night flowers ~ losing the light
cut copy ~ no fixed destination [Australia]

Saturday, January 20, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
stephen's shore ~ the sun [Sweden]
triptides ~ love me too ~ afterglow
hazel english ~ never going home (live)
fazerdaze ~ lucky girl ~ morningside [New Zealand]
teen runnings ~ whoops i OD'd (NOFX cover) [Japan]
alexander von mehren ~ neuschwanstein ~ aeropop [Norway]
lia pamina ~ one step ~ sycamore tree [Spain]
the yearning ~ do you remember? ~ take me all over the world
terry vs tori ~ love galore (SZA cover) [Spain]
benjamin schoos feat. Dent may ~ all night, every night [Belgium]
le superhomard ~ black diamond [France]
oranges & lemons ~ lovers go, lovers come [Philippines]
pampa folks ~ blind silhouettes [France]
barcelona ~ planet jerk ~ transhuman revolution
sunny day service ~ tropical cyclone [Japan]
moscow olympics ~ alphonsine (valdorea remix) [Philippines]
lake ruth ~ one of your own
jens lekman ~ how can i tell him ~ life will see you now [Sweden]
math and physics club ~ broadcasting waves
san francisco ~ una vaina bajo tu cama ~ ada [Spain]
from bubblegum to sky ~ some kind of fantastic ~ nothing sadder than a lonely queen
garotas suecas ~ eu [Brazil]
1:20pm Surf Set
the kilaueas ~ antenna moon ~ mundaka calls
the mobsmen ~ tanderborstel twist ~ scelerates syndicate
burt rocket ~ the agent from planet spy ~ savage iceland
the meltones ~ mission to mazatlan ~ surf sensation
terremotor ~ piratas do lago aratimbo [Brazil]
blackball bandits ~ azteca verano
dronjo kept by 4 ~ anytime with teenage sound fanclub [Japan]
tomato ketchup boys ~ boys go to hell [Japan]
sappy ~ divv for you [Japan]
the go! team ~ catch me on the rebound ~ the scene between
cola jet set ~ lo mejor esta por llegar [Spain]
the suncharms ~ wash away ~ the suncharms
super furry animals ~ inaugural trams ~ dark days/light years
teenage fanclub ~ metal baby ~ bandwagonesque
prefab sprout ~ the best jewel thief in the world
summer twins ~ stop & go ~ limbo
gomes the hitman ~ jozetsu sutakkato [Japan]
the golden eaves ~ no other [Germany]
belle & sebastian ~ i'm not living in the real world ~ write about love
holiday ~ ace tone
tender trap ~ 2 to the N ~ dansette dansette
the hobbes fanclub ~ stay gold
club 8 ~ isn't that great? ~ the people's record [Sweden]
acid house kings ~ heaven knows I miss him now ~ music sounds better with you [Sweden]
alpaca sports ~ let's go somewhere [Sweden]
stars in coma ~ miles away [Sweden]
heavenly ~ P.U.N.K. girl
layne ~ beautiful life [Japan]
tiny fireflies ~ 2040
tokyo ska paradise orchestra ~ russian cavalry [Japan]

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Frightening emergency alert this morning in Hawaii--warning of impending missile attack! Luckily it was a false alarm. Take your mind off things and please enjoy some music instead!

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
the silent love ~ easy (real estate cover) [Indonesia]
stephens's shore ~ the sun [Sweden]
secret meadow ~ followed by the voice [Indonesia]
tsuchi yamakoto ~ asobini oideyo [Japan]
alvvays ~ your type
horsebeach ~ my heart longs for you, pizza
oranges & lemons ~ lovers go, lovers come [Philippines]
picnic republic ~ 1984 [France]
teen runnings ~ my car [Japan]
small imperfections ~ bourbon street
the gist ~ assured energy
terry vs tori ~ parallel lines [Spain]
puzzles y dragones ~ la huida de victor [Spain]
chien noir ~ cache cache [France]
rocketship ~ what's the use of books?
holiday ~ run away to memphis
heavenly ~ over and over
post modern team ~ hold you tight [Japan]
public access tv ~ lost in the game
the skating party ~ draped in gloom
apples in stereo ~ you said that last night
jens lekman ~ the world moves on [Sweden]
kero kero bonito ~ forever summer holiday
1:25pm Surf Set
the typhoons ~ south of heaven
burt rocket ~ kanaloa
the mobsmen ~ similau
the volcanics ~ vesuvian
the doltones ~ quicksand
the terrorsurfs ~ ape cape
argo ~ alternate ending
#poundsign# ~ isolation
glass arcades ~ nothingism
the radio dept ~ your true name [Sweden]
tiny fireflies ~ nothing
superchunk ~ erasure
the county fathers ~ lightheaded
tori project ~ i want to become a girl [Japan]
featherfin ~ just like honey (jesus and mary chain cover) [Norway]
the spook school ~ less than perfect
bunnygrunt ~ macho beagle
hello paris ~ interstellar spaceship [France]
postal blue ~ i took the love you were hiding [Brazil]
kkhouse ~ fare wind [Japan]
sappy ~ even if there is no god [Japan]
big troubles ~ never mine
the occasional flickers ~ a sparrow [Scotland]
the brown bucks ~ wilkinson [Japan]
cutupfun ~ crave you (remix of flight facilities)
club89 ~ coral [Japan]
the hayman kupa band ~ no more bombs

Saturday, January 6, 2018

More best of 2017

PROGRAMMING ALERT: The Happyoblivion Show will start early at 11:35am today! Going through some more favorites from 2017.

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
camera obscura ~ new year's resolution ~ desire lines
the hermit crabs ~ game plan
beach fossils ~ saint ivy
the catenary wires ~ you save me from myself
the perfect english weather ~ under my feet
a certain smile ~ mexican coke
secret meadow ~ same old fear ~ same old fear EP [Indonesia]
secret meadow ~ i am you ~ same old fear EP [Indonesia]
triptides ~ rewind ~ afterglow
alvvays ~ hey ~ antisocialites [Canada]
boys ~ rabbits
elektone ~ the girl from katong (serenaide cover) [Singapore]
the popguns ~ a beaten up guitar ~ sugar kisses
seapony ~ imagining things ~ be here again EP
lia pamina ~ sycamore tree ~ sycamore tree EP [Spain]
strawberry whiplash ~ me, my selfie, and i [Scotland]
fazerdaze ~ take it slow ~ morningside [New Zealand]
math and physics club ~ all the mains are down
last leaves ~ the world we had [Australia]
star tropics ~ gemini
beach house ~ white moon ~ b-sides and rarities
the courtneys ~ lost boys ~ ii [Canada]
pains of being pure at heart ~ my only ~ the echo of pleasure
gingerlys ~ see you cry
pep ~ be that girl
cults ~ i took your picture ~ offering
dent may ~ 90210 ~ across the multiverse
tinsel heart ~ talk [Sweden]
the splashdowns ~ point of no return ~ rocket tales [Germany]
wallflower ~ nowhere (ice choir remix) [Japan]
cut copy ~ no fixed destination ~ haiku from zero [Australia]
jens lekman ~ how we met, the long version ~ life will see you now [Sweden]
axolotes mexicanos ~ trececatorce [Spain]
daisy jaine ~ desert meets forest [Japan]
la bien querida ~ si me quieres a mi ~ fuego [Spain]
space daze ~ line up on the solstice (the very most remix)
no vacation ~ draem girl
day wave ~ something here
saint etienne ~ whyteleafe ~ home counties
hanadorobow ~ baby blue ~ baby blue [Japan]
feti ~ toko [Japan]
glass arcades ~ slower ~ milquetoastesque EP 
ride ~ charm assault ~ weather diaries
destroyer ~ cover from the sun ~ ken
the jesus and mary chain ~ all things pass ~ damage and joy
real estate ~ darling ~ in mind
tennis ~ i miss that feeling
swimming tapes ~ what's on your mind
the luxembourg signal ~ blue field
hearsays ~ headrest [Japan]
the youth hostel ~ kanashi [Japan]
the treasures of mexico ~ super cute
the jangleberries ~ crackers and cheese ~ boyhood heroes [Australia]
beach youth ~ days
the arctic flow ~ waiting for the right time
fazerdaze ~ lucky girl ~ morningside [New Zealand]
triptides ~ love me too ~ afterglow