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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Welcome to the Happyoblivion show!  Playlist updated as the show progresses...

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
les bicyclettes de belsize - beatnik my guest (2016 mix)
teenage fanclub - thin air
camera obscura - if looks could kill
the school - that boy is mine
#poundsign# - isolation
the arctic flow - seagull (ride cover)
sambassadeur - subtle changes [Sweden]
new pornographers - sing me spanish techno
velocity girl - labrador
club 8 - the next step you'll take
acid house kings - dive for your memory
allo darlin' - dive for your memory (go-betweens cover)
tape waves - so fast
california snow story - motorway
summer twins ~ florence "limbo" [burger]
juvenile juvenile - planet heaven [Japan]
san francisco ~ una vaina bajo tu cama "ada" [elefant] [Spain]
post modern team - girls (the 1975 cover) [Japan]
banana collection - stop like a heartbeat [Japan]
homecomings ~ don't worry boys (halfby and last aloha island disco mix) "sale of broken dreams" [second royal records]  [Japan]
pictured resort - pheonomenon on my pillow [Japan]
the go! team - the scene between
1:25pm Surf Set
the razorblades - anthem for the beach freaks
men in grey suits - sleepwalk
los venturas - makaha surf [Belgium]
martin cilia - koko head [Australia]
the surf mist - teahupoo [Australia]
the takeoffs - goofy foot
the volcanics ~ test flight "stompin' garage" [double crown]
pocketbooks - footsteps
dent may - at the academic conference
the wild swans - disintegrating
brideshead - me and the stars and the sea [Germany]
british sea power - living is so easy
sunny summer day - in summertime [Indonesia]
brighter - poppy day
the hit parade - huevos mexicana
magnetic fields - save a secret for the moon
evripidis and his tragedies – time enough for rocking when we’re old (magnetic fields cover)
charm bracelet - deep sea diving suit (magnetic fields cover)
the pains of being pure at heart - jeremy (magnetic fields cover)
letting up despite great faults - the colors aren't you or me
the bilinda butchers - careless teens
the radio dept. - this repeated sodomy
the cure - friday i'm in love
the hi-life companion - sabatini
the dentists - charms and the girl
close lobsters - under london skies
the shermans - rush hour
veronica falls - teenage
go cozy - silverlining

the lightning seeds - the life of riley

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Today's time zone fact: If you are in Valencia, Spain, the start time is midnight, exactly 12 hours difference!

Playlist updated as show progresses:
super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the spook school - gone home
wildhoney - horror movie
pale sunday - unknown half [Brazil]
terry vs. tori - hit and miss [Spain]
the proctors - fun sunday
boyish - second summer love (strings and piano mix) [Japan]
they go boom!! - candy
math and physics club - darling, please come home
cozy catastrophes - summer boy
obedient wives club - this is it [Singapore]
star tropics - swept away
the hobbes fanclub - stay gold
he luck door - natsuco [Japan]
hanadorobow - daydream [Japan]
beach house - myth
gorgeous bully - just like before
martin courtney - northern highway
homecomings ~ alphabet floating in the bed "sale of broken dreams" [second royal records] [Japan]
tape waves - nowhere
layne - stay with me [Japan]
juvenile juvenile - wish i was skinny (Boo Radleys' cover) [Japan]
the prissteens - how does it feel (Ride cover)
the primitives - been hiding (Aisler's Set cover)
1:20pm Surf Set
martin cilia - makua beach
bikini atoll beach party - fez paradox
los venturas - beach bunny
the east coast tremors - sandblaster
the volcanics ~ mad dog "stompin' garage" [double crown]
the kanaloas ~ el rodo "surf a go go!" [double crown]
man or astro-man? - jetson's theme
letting up despite great faults - details of my world
field mouse ~ the order of things "episodic" [top shelf]
bart & friends - these words are too small
commotion upstairs - not like that
takeaki oda - cat street [Japan]
hurry ~ when i'm with you "guided meditation" [lame-o]
ivory past - hold its shine [Japan]
holiday - gent
featherfin - helen richey (feat. the very most and watoo watoo) [Norway]
the soulboy collective with antenne danger - let's stay undecided [Germany]
linda guilala - accidente [Spain]
chelsea times - a precious moment [Japan]
swimming tapes - set the fire
strawberry whiplash - who's in your dreams
tv girl - birds don't sing
kero kero bonito - wherever you go
youthcomics - teen age about you and me [Japan]
jessica and the fletchers - marble fountain [Spain]
the brilliant corners - trust me
public access tv - sudden emotion
dot dash ~ woke up saturday night "searchlights" [the beautiful music]
seeing hands - i knew you
villa!! - observatory crest (captain beefheart cover) [Japan]
papa topo ~ sangre en los zapatos "Ópalo Negro" [elefant]
starry eyed cadet - on the run [Japan]

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Playlist updated as show progresses:

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
red sleeping beauty - in the darkest hour [Sweden]
the chills - molten gold
and summer club - surfer girl/goodbye witches [Japan]
linustate - the north star [Japan]
layne - beautiful life [Japan]
best friend - i want wind to blow (microphones cover)
sambassadeur - subtle changes [Sweden]
camera-stylo - suripazu hai [Japan]
juvenile juvenile - planet heaven [Japan]
boyish - nagakukunettamichi [Japan]
pi ja ma ~ in the air "radio girl" [bleepmachine]
letting up despite great faults - ride
stephen's shore - ocean blue
alpaca sports - need me the most [Sweden]
brideshead - that kind of girl [Germany]
wallflower - butterfly kisses [Japan]
summer twins ~ stop & go "limbo" [burger]
gomes the hitman - jozetsu sutakkato [Japan]
san francisco ~ todos los besos del mundo "ada" [elefant]
pictured resort - now and on [Japan]
homecomings ~ perfect sounds forever "sale of broken dreams" [second royal records]
sunny summer day - shining light [Indonesia]
1:20pm Surf Set
burt rocket - bedouin banzai
the meltones - reef patrol
the surfites - around the galaxy
the spokane mystics - check point
death by unga bunga - dollar slice
the kanaloas ~ tally ho "surf a go go!" [double crown]
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - bennet cerf
the death of pop - still stupid
swimming tapes - souvenirs
hurry ~ under her thumb "guided meditation" [lame-o]
evripidis and his tragedies - secrets of the moon
northern portrait - some people [Denmark]
hoshi - on top of the fence [Japan]
ride - mousetrap
teenage fanclub - speed of light
the jesus & mary chain - rollercoaster
the bilinda butchers - less than
lush - lit up
the hi-life companion - dark heart
heavenly - escort crash on marsten street
cola jet set - lo mejor esta por llegar [Spain]
the primitives - up so high
the school - some day my heart will beat again
lia pamina - como es [Spain]
the muscadettes - i'm in love
the icicles - ralphy rodriguez
outrageous cherry - pale frail lovely one
the smoking trees ~ it's up to you "the archer and the bull" [burger]
shozou yamada - dobu sarai zinsei [Japan]
the recreations - swing together [Japan]
the pirouettes - oublie moi

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Welcome back and thanks for tuning in!

Today's time zone fact: If you are in London, the start time is 11:00PM!

playlist updated as show progresses

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
red sleeping beauty - tell me more [Sweden]
terry vs. tori - dream wild [Spain]
teenage fanclub - i'm in love
bubblegum lemonade - saturday girl
the spook school - gone home
letting up despite great faults - stand still
René - Confesiones Tirado En La Pista De Baile (Fear Of Tigers Remix) [Spain]
papa topo ~ Sangre En Los Zapatos (Mi Amor) "Ópalo Negro" [elefant]
shin rizumu - tabi/journey [Japan]
california snow story - motorway
space daze - no control
the school - all i want from you is everything (alternative version)
youthmemory - starfall [Japan]
jc flowers ~ spent "driving excitement and the pleasure of ownership" [ATP]
the very most - changed me
king of prussia - carolina, carolina
del sur ~ been so long "eating in bed" [rough beast]
homecomings ~ don't worry boys "sale of broken dreams" [second royal records]
marine life - big sur
and summer club - into the white [Japan]
pep - dreams (fort lean cover)
the guild league - gravity
las kellies - summer breeze [Argentina]
1:20pm Surf Set
dick dale & the del-tones - the wedge
retroactive gamma rays - the last gamma ray
the volcanics ~ the sabotage "stompin' garage" [double crown]
the mutants - beachwolley mudparty
the kanaloas ~ fat fender "surf a go go!" [double crown]
the stingrays - panic beach
the aqua barons - into the deep
ancient youth club - meikyu shojo [Japan]
harper lee - i could be wrong
Selvática - El Castigo [Spain]
lightning in a twilight hour - the sky beyond the sky
doggy - les derniers des furets vivants [France]
coughs - time [Japan]
the fin. - days with uncertainty [Japan]
best friend - flowers
Capitán Sunrise - Yo a la izquierda, tú en el Centro [Spain]
he luck door - i love you ocean [Japan]
the arctic flow - as close to a kiss as we will ever be
math and physics club - love again
trash can sinatras ~ let me in (or let me out) "wild pendulum" [red river]
nixon - one last look [Sweden]
the sweetest touch - first day of summer [Indonesia]
blue seagull - 2nd love/4th love [Japan]
franklin's kite - the colours they bring
susan ~ leave me "never enough" [volar]
amber arcades ~ turning light "fading lines" [heavenly] [netherlands]
gypsy & the cat ~ give & take "virtual islands" [alsatian]
club 8 - late nights [Sweden]
tv girl - birds don't sing
azure blue - every ending story