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Saturday, January 31, 2015

This show is dedicated to my friend Art Tani, who passed away recently of cancer but lived a long, fulfilling life.  His memorial service is next Saturday. Thank you, Art, for all the wonderful memories!

Note: DJ Ryan will be hosting the Happyoblivion Show on February 7 and 14 (Valentine's Day!).  I'll be back February 21. 

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the lodger - the good old days
belle & sebastian ~ the party line "girls in peacetime want to dance" [matador]
unlikely friends - soft reputation
doggy - dame estrellas o limones (France)
the arctic flow - every star is ours
monogold ~ holograms "this bloom" [s/r]
amason ~ Älgen "sky city" [fairfax]
tape waves - hanging on
the silent love - my sunny day (Indonesia)
belle ghoul - around for the weekend
theatre royal - french riviera 1988
René - Confesiones Tirado En La Pista De Baile (Fear Of Tigers Remix)
would-be-goods - temporary best friend
the electric pop group - postcard
tahiti 80 - seven seas
the dodos ~ bubble "individ" [polyvinyl]
neshband - bulan [Indonesia]
the gentle isolation - faraway [Philippines]
letting up despite great faults - teenage tide
san francisco - tuno, tuno, tuno (Spain)
ski lodge - trust (TENNIS remix)
skittle alley - boy meets girl
ACBs - feel winter
1:20pm Surf Set 
tikiyaki orchestra - lotus operandi
y niwl - dauddegpump
sea lions - hevenu shalom alechem
big surf - ace 10
the kilaueas - malaguena
the surfites - waggin' your tail (the royal vikings)
the surfaders - dragstrip murder mystery
panda bear ~ butcher baker candlestick maker "panda bear meats the grim reaper" [domino]
Superété - Martina Feliz (Spain)
bodyheat - silhouettes (Scotland)
the silent love - why don't you love me (Indonesia)
the jangleberries - only a tuesday (Australia)
high hazels - banging on my door (UK)
2:00pm--Bands from Japan 2-3pm
shin rizumu - if you hear a bell
teen runnings - stars
for tracy hyde - shady lane sherbet
lamp japan - tears to spread
juvenile juvenile ~ i love only when you're cute "our great escape" [flake]
boyish ~ madogiwa no shojo "sketch for 8000 days moratorium" [dead funny]
curumi chronicle - seventeen
fandaze - big socks
post modern team - listen in the time
kensei ogata - her twinkle eyes
tsuchiyamakoto - if i fell
the fin. ~ silver from over the river "days with uncertainty" [s/r]
youth genius - flowers on her skirt
moscow club - radio vietnam
mayu kitaki - latata
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - high numbers

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I would venture to say that indie popsters--like you wonderful listeners--are the kindest, most accepting, and thoughtful people in the world.  Always your own person--so definitely not a cog in the wheel, perhaps a little sad on the inside from time to time as a reflection of your sensitivity and compassion, but striving to be positive and making your part of the world a better place. 

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
bodyheat - silhouettes (Scotland)
talking bush - tell me (Russia)
for tracy hyde - first regrets (Japan)
ablebody - after hours
oscar - daffodil days
teen runnings - sightseeing (Japan)
sleepy seeds - herman
the very most - you're in love with the sun
the orchids - she's just a girl (Scotland)
slow decades - the chaos
arsenic! - broken all your toys
tsuchiyamakoto - on the way home (Japan)
juvenile juvenile - memories [flake] "our great escape" (Japan)
unlikely friends - satellite station
the jangleberries - boyhood heroes (Australia)
high hazels - hearts are breaking (UK)
boyish ~ heartwarm guitar "sketch for 8000 days moratorium" [dead funny records]
the decibels - radio
native america ~ all about you "grown up wrong" [inflated records]
attic lights - hit and miss
literature - jimmy
humsikk - morning TV (Indonesia)
belle & sebastian - blues are still blue
1:20pm Surf Set
aqua velvets - holly tiki
dick dale & the del-tones - surf beat
the kilaueas - black phantom twang
man or astro-man? - taco wagon
the meltones - the perfect wave
nebulas - uhura
the surfites - marching robots
the camerawalls - a gentle persuasion (Philippines)
dragonfly collector - dragonfly collector (Philippines)
the orielles - space doubt (UK)
PEP - all the love i got (Marvelettes cover)
the yearning - how will i know? "Dreamboats & Lemonade" [elefant]
the school - and suddenly
heavenly - our love is heavenly
tahiti 80 - seven seas (France)
violens - doomed
summer fiction - lauren lorraine
dream carousel - these little things (Philippines)
the primitives - spin-o-rama
lia pamina - cómo es (Spain)
die sterne - widerschein (Germany)
pushy parents - secret secret
acid house kings - what you wanna do
the sullivans - optimism
cooper ~ hipsters "UHF" [elefant]
tesco chainstore mascara - writer's block
little secrets - all i need (UK)
marine life - for the camera shy
the apples in stereo - no vacation
wild balbina - looking through you
Band À Part - sputnik, mi amor (Spain)
beulah - gene autry
slow beach - lover, lover

Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 17, 2015

Thanks for tuning in to the Happyoblivion Show!  Playlist updated continuously throughout the show (Saturday 12-3pm Hawaii Standard Time)

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the pearlfishers - everyday i read your stars
dominant legs - already know that it's nice
chirping - ambitions (Sweden)
little secrets - all i neeed (UK)
tuff love - poncho (Scotland)
anthony mawer - sunshine drive
jens lekman - postcard #3
the arctic flow - every star is ours
baker island - you are a cathedral (UK)
close lobsters - in spite of these times
the jangleberries - crackers & cheese (Australia)
high hazels - hearts are breaking (UK)
cat's eyes - the duke of burgundy
the silent love - my sunny day (Indonesia)
les bicyclettes de belsize - francois the postman
nic hessler - hearts, repeating
the clientele - we could walk together
robert church and the holy community - awakening (Sweden)
post modern team - listen in the time (Japan)
juvenile juvenile - forget me soon (Japan)
homecomings ~ dancing in the moonlight "Somehow, somewhere" [second royal]
boyish ~ himitsu no misaki yo eien ni "Sketch for 800 Days of Moratorium" [dead funny]
shin rizumu feat. sodapop - mysterious candy (Japan)
1:25pm Surf Set
tikiyaki orchestra - mana pacifica
bitch boys - the final ride
the surfites - the picador (the excelsiors)
los venturas - beach bunny
the mysteriums - kon-tiki
the kilaueas - triumphator electric
belle ghoul - winter's gone
tape waves - hanging on
ACBs - ocean
letting up despite great faults - wrapped
tesco chainstore mascara - just the weight you are
René - Confesiones Tirado En La Pista De Baile (Fear Of Tigers Remix)
eggstone - thema version 2 (Sweden)
spazzkid - daytime disco feat. neon bunny (kero kero bonito remix)
youth genius - explains (Japan)
consilience - walking through a dead night (Canada)
song of love - tea or me (Thailand)
lia pamina - whirlwind (Spain)
alpaca sports - i was running (tiny fireflies remix) (Sweden)
marine life - the boy from b-612
sambassadeur - days (Sweden)
it's a synth - almost (Denmark)
cooper ~ bengalas "UHF" [elefant] (Spain)
not made in china - cancel the mortgage (UK)
april fool's day - walt D (Spain)
neleonard - capital (Spain)
northern portrait - happy nice day (Denmark)
richard hawley - tonight the streets are ours
pure bathing culture - only lonely lovers
stereolab - baby lulu

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mahalo for tuning in to the Happyoblivion Show!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
camera obscura - happy new year
little secrets - all i need
teen runnings - stars (Japan)
the silent love - memar (Indonesia)
hibou - when the season ends
lucky tapes - peace and magic (Japan)
kemedja poetih - resah menderu (Indonesia)
doggy - dame estrellas o limones (France)
northern portrait - sporting a scar (Denmark)
tigercats - junior champion
linda guilala - Éxodo (Spain)
paradise - endless wave
falso primer ministro - Tonto corazón (Argentina)
watoo watoo - bass drum (France)
literature - new jacket
p.o.p. - non passer by (Thailand)
moscow club - carven (Japan)
jens lekman - postcard #2
rose melberg - i've just seen a face (Beatles cover)
native america ~ dance with me "grown up wrong" [inflated records]
ACBs - attic fan
René - Confesiones Tirado En La Pista De Baile (Fear Of Tigers Remix)
1:20pm Surf Set
sleazy surfers - movin'
the stingrays - panic beach
kilaueas - giant
the surfites - barrel run
incredible sucking spongies - sputniks thema
nebulas - chummy jigger
the electric pop group - postcard
fabric 70 - release (Japan)
movienite - lame duck (Sweden)
coach bombay - cool thing
mad clown & yozoh - chocolate cherry night
the pirouettes - dernier metro (island kizhi remix)
pale lights - twisting the knife
cooper ~ nosotros "UHF" [elefant]
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Kelly "Days of Abandon" [Yebo]
tahiti 80 ~ coldest summer "ballroom" [human sounds]
belle ghoul - timepieces
the orchids - hey sometimes (Scotland)
cheerleader - on your side
korallreven - try anything once "Second Comin'" [Cascine] (Sweden)
theater royal - here it comes
the hit parade - you didn't love me then
temples ~ the guesser "sun structures" [heavenly]
Juvenile juvenile – forget me soon (Japan)
palmy - crush (feat. Erlend Øye) (Thailand)
les bicyclettes de belsize - the drunken postman
marine life - big sur
the lodger - the good old days
the wild swans - melting blue delicious 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Best of 2014 - LPs

Time for the best LPs of 2014!  Top 20 countdown towards the latter part of the show.  Enjoy!

listings are as follows: band name - song name "album name" 
s/t stands for "self-titled"

kishi bashi - the ballad of mr. steak "lighght"
habibi - i got the moves "s/t"
carsick cars - everybody comes to the city now, everybody wants to be free but don't know how "3"

temples - shelter song "sun structures"
the new pornographers - brill bruisers "brill bruisers"
the proper ornaments - gone "wooden head"
korallreven - death is not for us "Second Comin'"
eternal summers - gouge "the drop beneath"
the new mendicants - cruel annette "into the lime"
papercuts - life among the savages "life among the savages"
the raveonettes - sisters "Pe'ahi"
flowers - hide and seek "Do What You Want To, It's What You Should Do"
tennis - timothy "Ritual In Repeat"
dum dum girls - too good to be true "Too True"
blondfire - where the kids are "young heart"
wild balbina - stay alive "Sisters Before Misters "
blackbird blackbird - love unlimited "tangerine sky"
avi buffalo - so what "at best cuckold"
allo darlin' - bright eyes "We Come From the Same Place"
hearsays - when i'm wrong "in our time"
real estate - talking backwards "atlas"
secret colours - quite like you "positive distractions"
army navy - the mistakes "the wilderness inside"
generationals - black lemon "alix"
zebras - try "siesta"
silva - maré "ocean view"
the hobbes fanclub – stay gold "up at lagrange"
sunny intervals - counting the days back to you "step into spring"
The Luxembourg Signal – distant drive "s/t"
The Smittens – Love Record Breaker "Love Record Breaker"
Literature – the English soft hearts "Chorus"
Simian Ghost – cut-off point "the Veil"
Top 20 LPs of 2014:
20. Yelle - florence en italie "Complètement fou"
19. Pale Lights – boy of your dreams "Before There Were Pictures"
18. Tacocat - stereogram "NVM"
17. Tape Waves - I can tell "Let You Go"
16. The Hi-Life Companion - meet me at the pier "our years in the wilderness"
15. Space Daze - line up on the solstice "Follow My Light Back Home"
14. Homecomings – i want you back "somehow, somewhere"
13. Watoo Watoo - le soir "Une Si Longue Attente"
12. Alvvays - next of kin "S/T"
11. The Pirouettes - oublie moi "L'Importance Des Autres"
10. Soft Science – blue "Detour"
9. King of Prussia - actuary "Zonian Girls… And the Echoes That Surround Us All"
8. Bilinda butchers - heaven holds a place "Heaven"
7. The Primitives – dandelion seed "Spin-O-Rama"
6. Juvenile juvenile – just like you do "our great escape"
5. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – masokissed "Days of Abandon"
4. The fin. – the end of the island "days with uncertainty"
3. The Yearning - dreamboat "Dreamboats & Lemonade"
2. Tv girl – birds don't sing "French Exit"
1. Alpaca Sports – just like Johnny Marr "Sealed With A Kiss"
Alpaca Sports – she'll come back for Indian summer (Band À Part remix) "Bellas Mixtape"
3:00pm bonus tracks
ryoko moriyama - ame agari no samba "Nippon girls: japanese pop, beat & bossa nova"
bmx bandits - my girl midge
the school - when i fall in love
the rentals - 1000 seasons