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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mostly indie pop today with some Scandinavian bands sprinkled throughout.  Thanks for tuning in!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
northern portrait - some people (Denmark)
a novel resort - everything we ever hoped for (Denmark)
arts & leisure - bridge
the pipers - camp fire tales
habibi ~ i got the moves "habibi" [burger]
the arctic flow - sentiments and artifacts
the new mendicants ~ cruel annette "into the lime" [one little indian]
soft science - blue
quiz kids - i want you to know
Малыш Камю (Malish Kamu) - Как солнце (like the sun)
blondfire ~ young heart "young heart" [tender tender rush]
alpaca sports - just for fun (the very most mandolin magic remix)
fireflies - new november leaves
papel pintado - ayer, hoy y mañana (Spain)
pale spectres - i know we're special (France)
skittle alley - which sad day
the yellow melodies - found your smile (sundae mix)  (Spain)
cecilia ann - romperosa (Spain)
sundae - los amantes de mentira (Spain)
pop at summer - hello (Indonesia)
some gorgeous accident - see you shine (feat Cris Miller from Silver Screen & his wife Arina from Mocca) (Philippines)
jupe jupe ~ hollow "crooked kisses" [s/r]
1:20pm Surf Set
the typhoons - south of heaven
the surfites - space mover
the barbwires - la caja del muerto
pollo del mar - tsunami struck
the nova rays - playa del sol
Making Marks - Nøkkelkort (Norway)
the sun days - don't need to be them (Sweden)
sunny intervals - south circular
lost tapes - poetry dates (Spain)
seagull travels - starlight (Japan)
ski lodge - our love is over now
teto 2 - why don't you find out for yourself (Sweden)
the sundays - wild horses
reputante ~ safe n' sound "oceanside" [cult]
bart davenport - dust in the circuits
the saturday people - slipping through your fingers
should - down a notch
fanfarlo - landlocked "let's go extinct" [new world]
slow hello - cold turkey (Philippines)
the very most - wond'ring
surf club - until then
sambassadeur - final say (Sweden)
red sleeping beauty - stupid boy (Sweden)
the yearning - pretty lies
nina persson ~ jungle "animal heart" [the end]  (Sweden)
simian ghost - echoes of songs (Sweden)
the radio dept. - heaven's on fire
is tropical - land of the nod
makana - only you

Saturday, February 15, 2014

In honor of Valentine's Day, it's Sex Jams week on KTUH.  Songs of love, yearning, and all that, of course.  Enjoy!

heavenly - i fell in love last night
the school - valentine
acid house kings - tonight is forever
la casa azul - love is in the air (Spain)
the yearning - if you were my boyfriend
autumn leaves - every night
delorean - real love (Spain)
nous non plus - c'est vrai, bebe!
camera obscura - this is love (feels alright)
mocca - i think i'm in love (Indonesia)
the gist - fool for a valentine
les bicyclettes de belsize - the girl with the paintbrush
baffin island - you make two weeks two days
club 8 - when lights go out
the love language - heart to tell
girls - saying i love you
allo darlin' - kiss your lips
marisa monte - amor i love you
the free design - i found love
dear nancy - love (Indonesia)
pains of being pure at heart - young adult friction
the decibels - (so you're) in love again
ramones - baby i love you
1:23pm Surf Set
dick dale & the del-tones - take it off
the pyramids - penetration
the hi-fives - humping away
kaiser george & the hi-risers - i'd rather be with you
aqua velvets - smoking panatelas on the blue mediterranean sea
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - in a sentimental mood (Japan)
slow beach - lover lover (Japan)
kisses - funny heartbeat
nat king cole - more and more of your amor (re:generations)
jimmy parramore - a rainbow of loves
la casa azul - la revolucion sexual (live)
stereo total - amo amor a tres
go sailor - together forever in love
the icicles - sugar sweet
misterfireflies - love so pure
math and physics club - love or loneliness
skittle alley - a story of love
bmx bandits - i wanna fall in love
teenage fanclub - what you do to me
the hit parade - my favourite girl
yelle - amour du sol
CéU - Amor De Antigo
the smittens - half my heart breaks
telekinesis - awkward kisser
bubblegum lemonade - your valentine (takes me back in time)
the radio dept. - all about our love
furns - love aches (Denmark)
summer aviation - love so fine
push kings - the wild ones 
barcelona - everything makes me think about sex

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Welcome back for another installment of the Happyoblivion Show! Playlist updated as the show progresses. Show download available afterwards with the link at the top of this page.  Enjoy!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
camera obscura - i don't do crowds
sambassadeur - between the lines (Sweden)
alpaca sports - she'll come back for Indian summer (Band À Part remix) (Sweden)
red sleeping beauty - after all (cardigans cover) (Sweden)
klaus & kinski - brilla como una estrella (Spain)
the silent love - why don't you love me (Indonesia)
slow beach - run away (Japan)
sunny intervals - counting the days back to you
it happens - going outside (Japan)
dum dum girls ~ too true to be good "too true" [sub pop]
homecomings - i want you back (Japan)
watoo watoo - le soir (France)
trembling blue stars - from a pale blue rosary
tripping the light fantastic - the lane
the skywriters - my friends say
delay trees - perfect heartache (Finland)
king of prussia - oh me
when nalda became punk - song for carrie mathison (Spain)
velocity girl - the all-consumer
the wild swans - chloroform
northern portrait - some people (Denmark)
best coast ~ this lonely morning "fade away" [jewel city]
making marks - falling in love again (Norway)
1:20pm Surf Set
the meltones - the last papaya
the volcanics - the baron
the nematoads - deadwood
the east coast tremors - sandblaster
retroactive gamma rays - the last gamma ray
laika & the cosmonauts - disconnected
obedient wives club - summerloove (Singapore)
the yearning - eyes of a movie star
the school - is it true
mocca - i think i'm in love (Indonesia)
beulah - gene autry
skittle alley - boy meets girl
bubblegum lemonade - you can't be sad all the time
la casa azul - Colisión Inminente (Red Lights, Red Lights) (Spain)
Band À Part - verano azul, invierno nuclear (Spain)
alpaca sports - just like johnny marr (Sweden)
the smiths - wonderful woman
alvvays - adult diversion (Canada)
morning call - fine (Taiwan)
pains of being pure at heart - heaven's gonna happen now
milky wimpshake - cherry pop
tesco chainstore mascara - this heart is breaking
the fin. - the end of the island (Japan)
silver screen - mercy
the bilinda butchers - luminous
paradise - i can feel your love
cut copy ~ in memory capsule "Free Your Mind" [Loma Vista]

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super rainy Super Bowl weekend!  Well, stay dry and enjoy these tunes!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
tesco chainstore mascara - tomorrow (2014 remix)
phil reynolds and the dearly departed - close as stars
dot dash - shopworn excuse
yo la tengo - from a motel 6
best coast ~ sunny adventure "fade away" [jewel city]
perfect little circles - secret touches
the fauns - seven hours
apples in stereo - seems so
memphis - you supply the roses
just handshakes - london bound
astro children - jamie knows
vacaciones - ahora si! (Spain)
the popguns - landslide
september girls - green eyed
bmx bandits - hello again
making marks - barcodes (Norway)
lake ~ i wish for you "the world is real" [k]
lost tapes - poetry dates (Spain)
wild nothing - chinatown
beach house - wishes
elen never sleeps - ola butterfly (Japan)
alvvays - adult diversion (Toronto, Canada)
alpaca sports - as long as i still have you (when nalda became punk remix) (Sweden)
1:22pm Surf Set
the sidemen - volo no. 1062
the lava rats - peligroso
the defiant ones - shadow of pele
the silhouettes - surfin' with sharks
the fin. - the end of the island (Japan)
sambassadeur - days (Sweden)
the skywriters - cherry lips
la casa azul - europa superstar (Spain)
Band À Part - postales desde la costa este (Spain)
the yearning - see you again
elsa - in two
northern portrait - the young and hopefuls (Denmark)
the wild swans - disintegrating
the bird and the bee - love letter to japan
the bilinda butchers - japan time
helen love - j. pop
kero kero bonito - park song
puffy amiyumi - tokyo nights
telekinesis - tokyo
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - sekaichizu
pizzicato five - mon amour tokyo
wallflower - dreamy days (Japan)
slow beach - motel (Japan)
the chambermaids - electric sky
watoo watoo - une si longue attente (France)
love dance - bergen, again (Norway)
tripping the light fantastic - neon ant colony (France)
silver screen - really no wonder
picnic - have it all (Estonia)