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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last day of August already!  Summer coming to a close very soon!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
goldspot ~ new haven green "aerogramme" [mt. hoboken records & nice music group]
ski lodge ~ just to be like you "big heart" [dovecote]
bart & friends - the first time ever i saw your face
the camerawalls - changing horses midstream (Philippines)
silver screen - really no wonder
washed out ~ all i know "paracosm" [sub pop]
the gentle isolation - let's go slow (Philippines)
tesco chainsaw mascara - sun's shinin' for you
les bicyclettes de belsize - beatnik my guest (beat version)
alpaca sports - he doesn't even like you
tullycraft ~ lost in light rotation "lost in light rotation" [magic marker & fortuna pop!]
northern portrait - i feel even better
pure bathing culture ~ only lonely lovers "moon tides" [partisan]
camera obscura ~ cri du coeur “desire lines” [4ad]
jens lekman - having an argument with myself
red sleeping beauty - don't say you love me
acid house kings - heaven knows i miss him now
the radio dept. - heaven's on fire
pains of being pure at heart - heaven's gonna happen now
saint etienne - erica america
stereolab - daisy click clack
the french pop dream - Tell Me Something You Never Told Anyone
lost tapes - war in the netherlands
1:25pm Surf Set
the man from ravcon - moonlight mountain
HJ - Mr. D's mystery
pirato ketchup - escape from tridion
the madeira - burning mirage
city riots ~ take you there "sea of bright lights [s/r]
paper kites ~ leopold street "young north" [nettwerk]
gypsy and the cat ~ bloom "the late blue" [alsatian]
superchunk ~ breaking down "i hate music" [merge]
british sea power - living is so easy
the very most - patricia
heavenly - it's you
apples in stereo - tin pan alley
holiday - everything you say
the crabs - debutante
glo-worm - tilt-a-whirl
flowers - when you lie
dot dash - the color and the sound
wild nothing - summer holiday
trilingual ~ nunca "trials and ways" [s/r]
greyjoy ~ idle thoughts "greyjoy EP" [s/r]
boyish - crazy for you (Japan)
post modern team - fade away (Japan)
elen never sleeps - hazel (Japan)
talk - in refrain rain (Japan)
electric pop group - the way it used to do
club 8 ~ i'm not gonna grow old "above the city" [labrador]
some gorgeous accident - a constant rotation (Philippines)

miette one - anorak song
sally shapiro ~ what can i do "somewhere else" [paper bag]
sunny summer day - in summertime (feat. cris miller)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thanks for tuning in! 

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
electric pop group - popgirly
flowers - watch and wonder
cassolette - crash
aberdeen - sink or float
superchunk ~ me & you & jackie mittoo "i hate music" [merge]
washed out ~ falling back "paracosm" [sub pop]
ayu tokio - my room (Japan)
the charade - my song to you
when nalda became punk - when it'll come
pocketbooks - cross the line
cape canaveral - crazy love
tullycraft ~ westchester turnabouts "lost in light rotation" [magic marker & fortuna pop!]
bart & friends - i was
math and physics club - cold as minnesota
the secret history - my life with the living dead
trilingual ~ mtn tune "trials and ways" [s/r]
travel kyoto - romances and absences
camera obscura ~ break it to you gently “desire lines” [4ad]
the very most - if only monday'd never come
close lobsters - in spite of these times
grand resort - every night
life model - take it slowly (Scotland)
1:20pm Surf Set
big surf - gypsy cove
secret samurai - the khazar
docteur legume - der trabant twist
the bananas - srna
model railway exhibition - victoria
misterfireflies - Rêve
ski lodge ~ boy "big heart" [dovecote]
yakuri cable - stars fall down (Scotland)
trick mammoth - baltimore (New Zealand)
tesco chainsaw mascara - just the weight you are
alpaca sports - telephone
northern portrait - leave the trees alone
brothers in law ~ childhood "hard times for dreamers" [watta lab]
les bicyclettes de belsize - stop the cavalcades (beat version)
richard hawley - tonight the streets are ours
pure bathing culture ~ only lonely lovers "moon tides" [partisan]
club 8 ~ straight as an arrow "above the city" [labrador]
fancy books - sister carry stars (yuitz from asoboys Remix) (Japan)
part time ~ night drive "pda" [Mexican Summer]
the strange creatures - stargazer (Philippines)
weekend - oubliette "jinx" [slumberland]
dot dash - countdown
greyjoy ~ distance "greyjoy EP" [s/r] (Australia)
wild nothing - chinatown
fandaze - your smiles (Japan)
the fin. - faded light (Japan)
youth genius - explains (Japan)
delorean - real love

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mortality and life, such a tenuous thing, yet we often take it for granted.  Fill your days with superb music, because there is more good music than hours in the day, yet most people are content to listen to the same dreck repeatedly.  You, my friend, are not "most people,"  You are excellence, personified...

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
tesco chainsaw mascara - this heart is breaking
les bicyclettes de belsize - happy (beat version)
alpaca sports - as long as i have you
tullycraft ~ We Knew Your Name Until Your Heart Stopped "lost in light rotation" [magic marker & fortuna pop!]
northern portrait - bon voyage (Denmark)
some gorgeous accident - a constant rotation (Philippines)
washed out ~ all i know "paracosm" [sub pop]
pure bathing culture ~ seven 2 one "moon tides" [partisan]
camera obscura ~ troublemaker “desire lines” [4ad]
bubblegum lemonade - Your Valentine (Takes Me Back In Time)
electric guest - waves
the bilinda butchers - teen dream
the very most - sweater
the bird and the bee - heard it on the radio
the arctic flow - books and magazines
wild nothing - only heather
moscow club - radio vietnam (Japan)
la bien querida - golpe de estado (Spain)
the school - hoping and praying
marine life - fool of a kind
puffy amiyumi - V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N
the french pop dream - eurostar, the musical
the camerawalls - a gentle persuasion (Philippines)
1:20pm Surf Set
the surge - paddle or die!
the silhouettes - surfin' with sharks
reverb galaxy - invasion
the bitch boys - the breeze & I
trilingual ~ nunca "trials and ways" [non-market records]
boyish - mary, mary (Japan)
paper kites ~ when our legs grew tall "young north" [nettwerk]
the gentle isolation - is it possible to see you again(Philippines)
talulah gosh - my best friend
big troubles - never mine
kissing party - empty bed, but bed
math and physics club - across the paper
wandering lucy - marthy's tune
miette one - anorak song
arts and leisure - toria
picnic - i'm here
pizzicato five - it's a beautiful day (Japan)
turbo goth - morning swim (the drowned remix) (Philippines)
ang bandang shirley - polygonal graphs (Philippines)
beach vacation - i saw you
tv girl - easier to cry
the moments - midnight escape (Japan)
real estate - kinder blumen
the fin. - misty forest (Japan)
papa topo - roselles i esbarzers (Spain)
computer magic - about you
club 8 ~ hot sun "above the city" [labrador]
gypsy and the cat ~ it's a fine line "the late blue" [alsatian]
strfkr ~ kahlil gibran "miracle mile" [polyvinyl]
M83 - reunion

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A little bit rainy today, but that's okay, because you have the Happyoblivion show to brighten your day!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the gentle isolation - faraway
bubblegum lemonade - i read in heat she's wearing meat
the pains of being pure at heart - lost saint
camera obscura ~ every weekday “desire lines” [4ad]
pale spectres - helen of troy
clones of the queen - rapture
azure blue - willows and pines
club 8 ~ travel "above the city" [labrador]
the fin. - faded light
superhumanoids ~ canteen "exhibitionists" [Innovative Leisure]
post modern team - she does something to me (Japan)
telekinesis - lean on me "dormarion" [merge]
silver firs ~ motherland "ep#1" [s/r]
gypsy and the cat ~ bloom "the late blue" [alsatian]
jappers - settle down
kissing party - the game
the dentists - space man
the smiths - asleep
smiths - nowhere fast (august 1984 peel session)
twangy twangy - ask (smiths cover) (Japan)
post modern team - there is a light that never goes out (smiths cover) (Japan)
kitten - panic (smiths cover)
northern portrait - when goodness falls (Denmark)
1:20pm Surf Set
the nebulas - logan's run
los kahunas - another summer song
hang ten hangmen - terror tube
the sea turtles - slippery flippers
the dukes of surf - summer of love
the mary onettes - hit the waves
arts and leisure - wolf pack (Sacramento)
boyish - summer portraits (Japan)
outerhope - pale as the day (Philippines)
some gorgeous accident - tough to chew (Philippines)
tesco chainsaw mascara - mr. grey sky
minks - margo
part time ~ i won't be your little secret "pda" [Mexican Summer]
smittens - turn the music up
cassolette - blame the weatherman
paper lions ~ little liar "my friends" [Fountain Pop Records]
alpaca sports - he doesn't even like you
smith westerns ~ 3 A.M. spiritual "soft will" [mom + pop]
tullycraft ~ agincourt "lost in light rotation" [magic marker & fortuna pop!]
The Very Most - A Mid-80s Lower-Middle Class Family Summer Road Trip
of montreal - disguises
brilliant corners - how embarassing to dance like that
acid house kings - under water
sambassadeur - small parade
northern spies - Enda Vägen Ut (The Smittens Cover)
the shermans - fly away
future bible heroes ~ living, loving, partygoing "partygoing" [merge]
strfkr ~ last words "miracle mile" [polyvinyl]
mood rings ~ minor slaloms "vpi harmony" [mexican summer]

Saturday, August 3, 2013

What?  August already!  Well, at least you can pass the time in quality with indie pop music from the Happyoblivion Show.  Thanks so much for tuning in!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
la casa azul - Los Chicos Hoy Saltarán A La Pista (Spain)
pocketbooks - five day forecast
the school - is it true
the hi-life companion - you're the greatest
The fin. - you can see it in the blue (Japan)
kuryakin - leave me alone
jens lekman - you are the light
yo la tengo - here comes my baby
belle & sebastian - here comes the sun (live, beatles cover)
belle & sebastian - crash (primitives cover)
velocity girl - i can't stop smiling
picnic - forget yourself through
barcelona - teenage pop star
the go-betweens - right here
teenage fanclub - when i still have thee
the simple carnival - misery
veronica falls - teenage
beach vacation - washington weather 
carnival park - this feels like summer (Philippines)
softies - sixteen months
camera obscura ~ break it to you gently “desire lines” [4ad]
alpaca sports - i was running (tiny fireflies remix)
tullycraft ~ dig up the graves "lost in light rotation" [magic marker & fortuna pop!]
1:20pm Surf Set
the meltones - incognito
the east coast tremors - sandblaster
the apemen - bahareeba (live)
the neptunes - betheny rides again
the dukes of surf - daydream
the moments - vivid (old lacy bed cover) (Japan)
the french pop dream - It's the Middle of Winter but it will be the Summer Soon
kissing party - ashley smashley
the secret history - johnny nightmare
math and physics club - love or loneliness
my teenage stride - cast your own shadow
the very most - just a pup
flowers - you held you my hand
papa topo - oso panda
smith westerns ~ varsity "soft will" [mom + pop]
british sea power - living is so easy
tv girl - laura
some gorgeous accident - luminescence (Philippines)
club 8 ~ i'm not gonna grow old "above the city" [labrador]
phoenix ~ oblique city "bankrupt!" [glassnote]
wild nothing ~ ride "empty estate" [captured tracks]
vampire weekend ~ finger back “modern vampires of the city” [xl]
young galaxy ~ pretty boy "ultramarine" [paper bag]
brothers in law ~ leave me (shadow 2) "hard times for dreamers" [watta lab]
mood rings ~ minor slaloms "vpi harmony" [mexican summer]
camera2 ~ this is not a sad song "this is not a sad song" [s/r]
strfkr ~ Malmö "miracle mile" [polyvinyl]
grandchildren ~ where's the knife "golden age" [ernest jenning]
night flowers - single beds
moscow club - turn groove sounds on (Japan)