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Saturday, June 30, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
red sleeping beauty ~ dressed in yellow and blue [Sweden]
alpaca sports ~ baby pop [Sweden]
Nervösa Hjärtan ~ alltid vetat [Sweden]
kero kero bonito ~ time today
cooper ~ ya llego el verano ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacion [Spain]
soft science ~ sooner ~ maps
hatchie ~ sugar & spice ~ sugar & spice
the go! team ~ the answer's no - now what's the question? ~ semicircle
the perfect kiss ~ at the end of the rainbow ~ filter
axolotes mexicanos ~ estanquero ~ salu2 [Spain]
pale fruit ~ femme fatale [Japan]
the essex green ~ sloane ranger ~ hardly electronic
the beths ~ future me hates me [New Zealand]
the yetis ~ little surfer girl
whyte horses ~ any day now ~ empty words
zoey ~ winter ~ ethereality
PEP ~ stephen
saint etienne ~ whyteleaf
tv girl ~ blue hair ~ death of a party girl
acid house kings ~ would you say stop? (sunny intervals mix) [Sweden]
stereolab ~ ...sudden stars ~ margerine eclipse 
the yellow melodies ~ life [Spain]
sambassadeur ~ between the lines [Sweden]
jens lekman ~ wedding in finistere ~ life will see you now [Sweden]
1:25pm Surf Set
the aquamarines ~ stormtail
the shockwave! ~ shock a go go ~ contact from space
nebulas ~ bus stop
the meltones ~ vista del mar ~ surf sensation
frankie and the pool boys ~ spin the bottle ~ spin the bottle
the doltones ~ collision course ~ dance or die
burt rocket ~ kanaloa ~ savage iceland
the surfites ~ mercurian surf stomp ~ escapades in space
musique le pop ~ falling in love
snail mail ~ heat wave ~ lush
lia pamina & dario persi ~ so far tonight ~ so far tonight [Spain/Italy]
capitan sunrise ~ dicen que te vas ~ la vida en la casa del arbol [Spain]
last leaves ~ golden days to come
le superhomard ~ dry salt in our hair [France]
wallflower ~ nowhere (ice choir remix) [Japan]
space daze ~ close the curtains (watoo watoo remix)
heavenly ~ nous ne sommes pas des anges ~ operation heavenly
holiday ~ still in love ~ ready, steady, go
the hang ups ~ the entry ~ so we go
the apples in stereo ~ tidal wave ~ fun trick noisemaker
the minders ~ i've been wondering ~ hooray for tuesday
the radio dept. ~ the video dept. ~ clinging to a scheme [Sweden]
letting up despite great faults ~ ride ~ neon
wild nothing ~ chinatown
the bilinda butchers ~ teen dream ~ goodbyes
pains of being pure at heart ~ come saturday
belle & sebastian ~ blues are still blue ~ the life pursuit
ride ~ taste ~ nowhere
gomes the hitman ~ spring fair [Japan]
pelle carlberg ~ riverbank [Sweden]

Saturday, June 23, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
pure mids ~ maybe it's alright
tv girl ~ king of echo park ~ death of a party girl
letting up despite great faults ~ take my jacket, pauline ~ untogether
the go! team ~ all the way live ~ semicircle
the perfect kiss ~ trying your patience ~ filter
real estate ~ saturday ~ in mind
martin courtney ~ asleep ~ many moons
kevin krauter ~ rollerskate ~ toss up
johnny marr ~ day in day out ~ call the comet
northern bright ~ icecream summer [Japan]
red sleeping beauty ~ tonight, tonight, tonight ~ always on your side EP [Sweden]
camera obscura ~ every weekday ~ desire lines
tracyanne & danny ~ alabama ~ tracyanne & danny
the essex green ~ waikiki ~ hardly electronic
alpaca sports ~ summer days [Sweden]
alpaca sports ~ nobody cares but me [Sweden]
northern portrait ~ happy nice day [Denmark]
jens lekman ~ how can i tell him ~ life will see you now [Sweden]
tall ice lung ~ in gunnersbury park (the hit parade cover)
the hit parade ~ on a rainy day in newlyn
the madiera ~ ricochet ~ center of the surf
the mobsmen ~ pow wow ~ fraternitas aurum factorem
the mobsmen ~ flamenco ~ sclerats syndicate
reverberati ~ roadster ~ combat surf
frankie and the pool boys ~ tan line fever ~ spin the bottle
the aquamarines ~ montunafish
whyte horses ~ greatest love in town ~ empty words
melody's echo chamber ~ breathe in, breathe out ~ bon voyage
the sunshine spectacular ~ family fires [Australia]
fazerdaze ~ little uneasy ~ morningside [New Zealand]
alvvays ~ lollipop (ode to jim) ~ antisocialites
worst place ~ better days
the french pop dream ~ the 1st day of summer
icicles ~ this is it
a smile and a ribbon ~ book cover ~ the boy i wish i never met
all ashore! ~ perfect pop song
the besties ~ what would tim armstrong do?
language of flowers ~ it's not you
the shermans ~ rush hour
smittens ~ true to you
pipas ~ wells street
bunnygrunt ~ superstar 666
pocketbooks ~ sparklers
annemarie ~ bubblegum i see [Indonesia]
colin clary ~ i miss the bubblegum
the charade ~ monday morning [Sweden]
the fairways ~ get it right
the electric pop group ~ summer's day
honeybunch ~ walking into walls
would-be-goods ~ enemies of promise
the felt tips ~ dear morrisey
california snow story ~ my life is only a daydream
brideshead ~ the whole world [Germany]

Saturday, June 16, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
ACBs ~ ocean ~ little leaves
last leaves ~ golden days to come
marble season ~ modern fear
mikey collins ~ west coast
whyte horses ~ any day now ~ empty words
anemone ~ party theme (bout de toi remix)
melody's echo chamber ~ cross my heart ~ bon voyage
french boutik ~ je regarde les tigres [France]
the essex green ~ don't leave it in our hands
alpaca sports ~ baby pop [Sweden]
cooper ~ infinito ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacion [Spain]
smokescreens ~ someone new
hurry ~ fascination ~ guided meditation
stephen's shore ~ counting days [Sweden]
fantasmamidi ~ mortal [Spain]
mari! mari! ~ the happiest boy on earth [Russia]
tugboat captain ~ don't want to wake up on my own
humsikk ~ i can always be around you [Indonesia]
soft science ~ sooner ~ maps
starry eyed cadet ~ kind ~ kind of
tracyanne & danny ~ it can't be love unless it hurts ~ tracyanne & danny
david myhr ~ jealous sun ~ lucky day
1:25pm Surf Set
frankie and the pool boys ~ prayer wheel ~ spin the bottle
blackball bandits ~ old man's revenge ~ the lost mission
the apemen ~ toronado ~ 7 inches of love
the mobsmen ~ lazurite ~ fraternitas aurum factorem
the insanitizers ~ dark eyes rock
dick dale & the del-tones ~ mr. eliminator
the surfites ~ surfville
retroactive gamma rays ~ the last gamma ray
cut copy ~ standing in the middle of the field (tensnake remix)
azure blue ~ crimson red ~ fast falls in the eventide
the royal landscaping society ~ 2010
beach house ~ dark spring ~ 7
axolotes mexicanos ~ XXX ~ salu2 [Spain]
soft regime ~ a propos ~ hard feelings [France/Germany/UK]
la bien querida ~ el lado bueno ~ fuego [Spain]
putochinomaricon ~ el test de la bravo y la superpop ~ corazon de cerdo con ginseng al vapor [Spain]
juniper moon ~ solo una sonrisa [Spain]
capitan sunrise ~ el cubismo, la vanguardia (alberto iniesta remix) [Spain]
lia pamina & dario persi ~ midnight walk ~ so far tonight [Spain/Italy]
fazerdaze ~ jennifer ~ morningside [New Zealand]
the courtneys ~ silver velvet ~ II 
secret meadow ~ water in the flowing river [Indonesia]
skittle alley ~ she's had a few ~ love is an action [France]
cozy catastrophes ~ summer boy
ferns ~ anti social scene [Malaysia]
tsuchi yamakoto ~ asobini oideyo [Japan]
jellyfish ~ he's my best friend
cast ~ finetime ~ all change
ride ~ pulsar ~ tomorrow's shore

Saturday, June 9, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
homecomings ~ great escape [Japan]
silver screen ~ really no wonder
gypsy & the cat ~ bloom [Australia]
belle ghoul ~ around for the weekend
wild nothing ~ chinatown
the fin. ~ misty forest [Japan]
the loud family ~ jimmy still comes around
the go! team ~ plans are like a dream u organize ~ semicircle
the holiday crowd ~ anything anything [Canada]
sonny smith ~ lost ~ rod for your love
the popguns ~ red white and blue ~ the official matinee world cup EP
soft science ~ still ~ maps
alpaca sports ~ nobody cares but me [Sweden]
cooper ~ salto ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacion [Spain]
lia pamina & dariso persi ~ midnight walk [Spain/Italy]
axolotes mexicanos ~ sin ti ~ salu2 [Spain]
rene ~ confesiones tirado en la pista de baile (fear of tigers remix) [Spain]
transit my youth ~ help [Japan]
tv girl ~ blue hair ~ death of a party girl
jens lekman ~ dandelion seed ~ life will see you now [Sweden]
northern portrait ~ sporting a scar [Denmark]
1:25pm Surf Set
the madiera ~ journey to the center of the surf ~ center of the surf
frankie and the pool boys ~ poser ~ spin the bottle
reverberati ~ rotowash ~ combat surf
the volcanics ~ kanack attack ~ the lonely one
the surfaders ~ teenage rendezvous at the ballroom ~ a greater silence
the mobsmen ~ cicero comet ~ scelerats syndicate
blackball bandits ~ great sand tune
mariana in our heads ~ september [Japan]
craft spells ~ from the morning heat
hatchie ~ try ~ sugar & spice
beach house ~ woo ~ 7
the perfect kiss ~ indebted to you
aberdeen ~ sunny in california (the very most - syntherely yours remix)
azure blue ~ my final candle [Sweden]
wild nothing ~ letting go
red sleeping beauty ~ dressed in yellow and blue [Sweden]
lush ~ burnham beeches
last leaves ~ golden days to come [Australia]
the arctic flow ~ friends for summer
tracyanne & danny ~ deep in the night ~ tracyanne & danny
hello paris ~ in between us [France]
rocket 3 ~ hip shot ~ what's the frequency
hinds ~ the club ~ i don't run [Spain]
the essex green ~ the 710
the yearning ~ every time i fall in love ~ dreamboats & lemonade
gingerlys ~ summer cramps
the beths ~ warm blood [New Zealand]
the caracals ~ city girl
the lodger ~ the good old days
cattle ~ april showers [Japan]
strange babes ~ come back around
pale sunday ~ dirt pitch superstars [Brazil]
seapony ~ tell me so

Saturday, June 2, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
stephen's shore ~ the sun [Sweden]
axolotes mexicanos ~ trececatorce ~ salu2 [Spain]
beach house ~ dark spring ~ 7
pictured resort ~ sun [Japan]
the ambient light ~ feelin' kinda lost (feat pure mids)
swan dive ~ saturday, sunday, monday
peonies ~ thin holidays [Indonesia]
rocket 3 ~ what if ~ what's the frequency
sonny smith ~ adventures ~ rod for your love
lady legs ~ take control ~ holy heatwave
alvvays ~ your type ~ antisocialites [Canada]
winter ~ zoey ~ ethereality
the beths ~ future me hate me [New Zealand]
tracyanne & danny ~ the honeymooners ~ tracyanne & danny
plume of feathers ~ one year on
star tropics ~ another sunny day
summer twins ~ stop & go
jens lekman ~ evening prayer ~ life will see you now [Sweden]
capitan sunrise ~ dicen que te vas [Spain]
teen runnings ~ don't care about me [Japan]
the recreations ~ summer days [Japan]
cola jet set ~ lo mejor esta por llegar [Spain]
the go! team ~ her last wave
1:20pm Surf Set
the tomorrowmen ~ parsec's paradox
burt rocket ~ the agent from planet spy ~ savage iceland
the meltones ~ vista del mar ~ surf sensation
the doltones ~ collision course ~ dance or die
the concussions ~ brain bats ~ newaygo sound machine
the volcanics ~ bullseye ~ stompin' garage
the kanaloas ~ the bronzee bull ~ surf a go go!
gomes the hitman ~ spring fair [Japan]
wallflower ~ i wish spring would last forever [Japan]
young scum ~ wasting time
pure mids ~ walking in place
frankie cosmos ~ duet ~ vessel
the perfect english weather ~ english weather
ride ~ mousetrap ~ going blank again
boyish ~ blue balloon ~ sketch for 8000 days of moratorium [Japan]
the bilinda butchers ~ edo method ~ heaven
youthcomics ~ L.L.D. [Japan]
le superhomard ~ mister corn [France]
the hang ups ~ top of morning ~ so we go
the pearlfishers ~ everyday i read your stars
gordon ~ motel girl
the proctors ~ morning light
the golden eaves ~ no other [Germany]
northern portrait ~ crazy [Denmark]
brideshead ~ the loneliest boy in the world ~ never grow up [Germany]
holiday ~ just follow ~ cafe reggio
heavenly ~ snail trail
belle & sebastian ~ you're just a baby ~ tigermilk
obedient wives club ~ this is it [Singapore]
icicles ~ no good for you