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Saturday, November 23, 2013

November is almost on its way out already!  Playlist for this week below.

I will be out on Saturday, November 30.  My good friend Maynard G, from the Kitchen Sink (Mondays 6-9pm) will be subbing in me for me next week.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
one thousand violins - halcyon days
the orchids - i've got a habit
best coast ~ who have i become "fade away" [jewel city]
veronica falls - shooting star
tennis ~ 100 lovers "small sound" [communion]
buffetlibre - bali honeymoon "songs for elaine" [tommy boy]
slow beach - lover, lover (Japan)
the bodines - shrinkwrap
der englische garten - die aufgeräumte stadt (Germany)
the felt tips - backwards born
dutch barn - heart in the middle    
making marks - barcodes            
math and physics club - that's what love is
northern portrait - the young and hopefuls   
withered hand - black tambourine
the simple carnival - smitten
fronds ~ gold "fronds" [do not disturb]
verskotzi ~ brain rack "lemon heart" [prince]
audit division ~ a little respect "audit division" [bigdog/littledog]
ducktails ~ honey tiger eyes "wish hotel" [domino]
cults ~ so far "static" [Columbia]
of montreal ~ raindrop in my skull "Lousy With Sylvianbriar" [Polyvinyl]
sebadoh ~ oxygen "defend yourself" [joyful noise]
1:24pm Surf Set
the sea turtles- slippery flippers
the varitones - repeto
husky & the sandmen - diamond eye
satan's pilgrims - harlem nocturne
bay of pigs - retribution
cut copy ~ we are explorers "Free Your Mind" [Loma Vista]
paradise - i can feel your love
azure blue - the bitter end
boyish - soccer club (Japan)
city riots ~ lonely hearts "sea of bright lights [s/r]
slow beach - hawaii (Japan)
the fin. - without excuse (Japan)
wallflower - dreamy days (Japan)
alpaca sports - telephone (Sweden)
les bicyclettes de belsize - beatnik my guest (beat mix)
bilinda butchers - teen dream
silver screen - really no wonder
the school - never thought i'd see the day
the arctic flow - bright summer days
the sheets - jamboree
dent may ~ corner piece "warm blanket" [paw tracks]
the wild swans - disintegrating
wild nothing - summer holiday
beach vacation - escape
sleeping policemen - vogelbird
stars in coma - life without the community
belle & sebastian - funny little frog

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Welcome to another edition of the Happyoblivion Show!  Thanks for tuning in!  Playlist updated as we progress through each show.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
northern portrait - the young and hopefuls
slow beach - lover, lover
the arrogants - the incurables
best coast ~ this lonely morning "fade away" [jewel city]
lush - ex
pizzicato five - tokyo, mon amour (discotigue 96 mix)
heavenly - our love is heavenly
starlight recorder - girl from outer space
dutch barn - come down
lost tapes - war in the netherlands (Spain)
fandaze - city girl (Japan)
homecomings - you never kiss (Japan)
sourpatch - things you say
bubblegum lemonade vs fin-ray - fourteen days
ezra furman ~ my zero "day of the dog" [bar/none]
math and physics club - we're not lost
teen runnings - sightseeing (Japan)
La Casa Azul - Mis nostálgicas manías (Spain)
velocity girl - the all-consumer
cub - she's like a rainbow
shonen knife - (love is like a) heat wave
la luz ~ all the time "it's alive" [hardly art]
1:25pm Surf Set
the majestics - big noise from makaha
the barbary coasters - please please me
the anacondas - space truffle
the meltones - return of the surfin' headhunters
man or astroman? - time bomb
the zebras - chase
beach vacation - escape
pink martini -  Je Ne T'aime Plus (I Don't Love You Anymore) "get happy" [heinz]
leaving rio - vanish
the simple carnival - a geek like me
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - sekaichizu
phantogram ~ celebrating nothing "phantogram" [universal]
cults ~ always forever "static" [Columbia]
wild nothing - the body in rainfall
slow magic ~ corvette cassette "triangle" [Lebensstrasse]
delorean - stay close
cut copy ~ take me higher "Free Your Mind" [Loma Vista]
sleigh bells ~ sugarcane "bitter rivals" [lucky number]
pendentif - embrasse moi (Malouines remix)
teen daze ~ ice on the windowsill "glacier" [lefse]
the postcard music - the perfect song!
the hurries - not that easy
the fin. - without excuse (Japan)
fake laugh - short of breath
the hit parade - as i lay dying
suspicious for the winter - empty streets
the electric pop group - summer's day
belle & sebastian - i could be dreaming
beulah - landslide baby

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thank you to the wonderful DJ Vina for subbing in the past 2 Happyoblivion shows!  You can also check out the KTUH Banzai Sushi event in Haleiwa tonight.  Playlist below!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
paradise - i can feel your love
fandaze - some kind of sadness (Japan)
happy accidents - warm brains
bubblegum lemonade - you can't be sad all the time
the lucksmiths - when i'm walking
melodie group - only forever
girls names - the new life (david holmes remix)
northern portrait - the young and hopefuls
strawberry whiplash - september saturday
charlie big time - one step closer to enemies
the electric pop group - parliament square
math and physics club - i know it's over
wallflower - this love is not wrong (Japan)
boyish - pleasant girl song (Japan)
elen never sleeps - skyline (Japan)
post modern team - in the city(Japan)
jazz butcher - rain
azure blue - when the love is pure and true
camera obscura - troublemaker
the very most - sod off
OJ Law - Fantastic Adventure (feat. Liyana Fizi) (Malaysia)
lost tapes - war in the netherlands
the hit parade - house of sarah
les bicyclettes de belsize - simple thing
1:30pm Surf Set
surf heroes - pipeline
the jesters - side tract
mr. gerrymanders - molicone surf
martin cilia - surfabilly
dolphingull - my secret hills forever (Japan)
glaciers - wolves (australia)
the just joans - friday afternoon
my light shines for you - little little (Chile)
dream boys - born yesterday
the wild swans - maybe it's you
trick mammoth - delphine (with a purpose) (New Zealand)
finnmark! - everyone's dying (UK)
misterfireflies - the end of october
palmy - crush (Thailand)
lullatone - the biggest pile of leaves you have ever seen
the secret history - gideon and the zeroes
pinact - brew
simpatico - the rays
swimming elephants - sarah (Indonesia)
would-be-goods - no more tearstained makeup
still corners - berlin lovers
veronica falls - nobody there
the fin. - misty forest
city riots ~ lonely hearts "sea of bright lights [s/r]
silver screen - here to hold you
the sheets - peter pan
dent may ~ found a friend "warm blanket" [paw tracks]
tullycraft ~ elks lodge riot "lost in light rotation" [magic marker & fortuna pop!]