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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Back on air!  Many thanks to DJ Jonny Baby for filling in for me last week.  You can catch his usual show on Sunday mornings 6-9am.

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
math and physics club ~ broadcasting waves
burrito panza ~ barcelona [Spain]
cooper ~ el sueño [Spain]
le superhomard ~ black diamond [France]
the spook school ~ while you were sleeping ~ could it be different?
black sea ~ analeptic
hibou ~ malison
the go! team ~ semicircle song ~ semicircle
the death of pop ~ 700 spas
best friend ~ seguy
hinds ~ new for you [Spain]
peonies ~ thin holidays [Indonesia]
rose melberg ~ all that i can give (linda smith cover)
pale lights ~ the army game
salt lake alley ~ deals at the crossroads
tori project ~ yakaina 8 moji [Japan]
superchunk ~ all for you ~ what a time to be alive
alpaca sports ~ summer days [Sweden]
stereo total ~ urville [Germany]
jens lekman ~ dandelion seed [Sweden]
club 8 ~ what shall we do next? [Sweden]
camera obscura ~ if looks could kill
apples in stereo ~ tidal wave
reverberati ~ zako ~ combat surf
the apemen ~ pogo a gogo ~ 7 inches of love
the shockwave! ~ contact! ~ contact from space
sandy nelson ~ let there be drums
the volcanics ~ trick shot ~ the lonely one
the mobsmen ~ wavy's revenge ~ fraternitas aurum factorem
man or astroman? - you can't get good riblets in space
mono club ~ place called home
beach vacation ~ gossamer love
del sur ~ in my room
GeGeGe ~ shiranai koto [Japan]
girl in red ~ summer depression [Norway]
spritzer ~ melt
kero kero bonito ~ only acting
linda guilala ~ ausencia es presencia [Spain]
holy ~ heard her ~ all these worlds are yours [Sweden]
red sleeping beauty ~ top love [Sweden]
soft regime ~ lockdown [France/Germany/England]
valerie lemercier ~ domir dans [France]
swimming tapes ~ tides (acoustic)
tres oui ~ off the rails
kikagaku moyo ~ kogarashi [Japan]
teenage fanclub ~ baby lee
belle & sebastian ~ the boy with the arab strap
acid house kings ~ sleeping [Sweden]
the pains of being pure at heart ~ say no to love
northern portrait ~ the young and hopefuls [Denmark]
ride ~ i don't know where it comes from

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The wonderful DJ Jonny Baby will be filling in for me today on the Happyoblivion Show! Tune in 12-3pm HST on KTUH. I’ll be back next Saturday!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Tunes for your Valentine's Day Week!

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
the school ~ valentine
pelle carlberg ~ i love you, you imbecile [Sweden]
rizumu & ikkubaru ~ love sunset [Japan]
math and physics club ~ baby i'm yours
teenage fanclub ~ what you do to me
summer aviation ~ love so fine
rocketship ~ kisses are promises
benjamin schoos ~ all night, every night (feat. dent may) [Belgium]
lia pamina ~ wrap your love around my heart [Spain]
the yearning ~ how do you make somebody fall in love?
bubblegum lemonade ~ your valentine (takes me back in time)
PEP ~ as lovers
milkyway ~ in love [Spain]
the dayoffs ~ love, love, love
the perfect english weather ~ the sweetest feeling
holiday ~ obviously love
orange & lemons ~ lovers go, lovers come [Philippines]
cozy catastrophes ~ coworkers in love
the spook school ~ i want to kiss you
franny & zooey ~ i love you [Dominican Republic]
camera obscura ~ this is love (feels alright)
bmx bandits ~ i wanna fall in love
alpaca sports ~ i love you [Sweden]
go sailor ~ together forever in love
acid house kings ~ say yes if you love me [Sweden]
lunchbox ~ give a little love
the surf mist ~ booty trap
dick dale & the del-tones ~ take it off
sputnicks ~ so much love
men in grey suits ~ pray for sex
the volcanics ~ fool around
tikiyaki orchestra ~ polynesian village love theme
math and physics club ~ that's what love is
gabardine ~ it's love ~ constant and true - a tribute to the songs of rose melberg
brideshead ~ love in june [Germany]
goodly thousands ~ kiss me upside-down
the muscadettes ~ i'm in love
softies ~ i love you more
girls ~ saying i love you
heavenly ~ our love is heavenly
youth in my videotapes ~ you don't know i love you [Japan]
allo darlin ~ kiss your lips
the siddeleys ~ love grows (where my rosemary grows)
marisa monte ~ amor i love you [Brazil]
tv girl ~ lovers rock
puffy amiyumi ~ angel of love [Japan]
red sleeping beauty ~ mi amor [Sweden]
club 8 ~ late nights [Sweden]
pains of being pure at heart ~ young adult friction [Sweden]
push kings ~ the wild ones
barcelona ~ everything makes me think about sex
stereo total ~ amo amor a tres [Germany]
post modern team ~ i just wanna make love to you [Japan]
simon love ~ the meaning of love
slow beach ~ lover lover
pizzicato five ~ tokyo, mon amour [Japan]
saint etienne ~ lover plays the bass

Saturday, February 3, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
glass arcades ~ slower ~ milquetoastesque EP
new ride ~ kiss [Indonesia]
le superhomard ~ black diamond [France]
dolphingull ~ my secret hills forever [Japan]
group2 - Y.M.C.K. [Japan]
the fin. ~ snow (again) [Japan]
the minders ~ yeah yeah yeah
kidd ~ an afternoon in april
pooll ~ i secretly went on a journey to steal a cat [Japan]
lady flash ~ toraba-yu [Japan]
hibou ~ junipero love
the hit parade ~ oh honey i
pure mids ~ the leader
spearmint ~ the music they love us to hate
transit my youth ~ pray station [Japan]
the whistling possum ~ them are pigs
the silent love ~ vapour trail (ride cover) [Indonesia]
ride ~ lennoy point ~ weather diaries
pocketbooks ~ sound of the carnival
the cardigans ~ carnival
jens lekman ~ hotwire the ferris wheel
the like ~ release me
tori project ~ aa, sukarashiki hibi! [Japan]
tokyo ska paradise orchestra ~ rendezvous in space! [Japan]
1:25pm Surf Set
the kilaueas ~ malagueña
reverberati ~ 77 ~ combat surf
the shockwave! ~ golden gambler ~ contact from space
the volcanics ~ del rey ~ the lonely one
el supernaut ~ the spirit of helsinki '75
burt rocket ~ stomping midget ~ savage iceland
tikiyaki orchestra ~ chateau leilani ~ aloha baby
seapony ~ dreaming
stephen's shore ~ the sun [Sweden]
fazerdaze ~ take it slow ~ morningside [New Zealand]
triptides ~ throne of stars ~ afterglow
burrito panza ~ barcelona [Spain]
the courtneys ~ virgo ~ ii
capitan sunrise ~ regreso al futuro iv ~ ventajas de vivir en un arbol [Spain]
lia pamina ~ cards on the table ~ the boy i used to know  [Spain]
the yearning ~ airplane (fly me to mexico)
the very most ~ if only monday'd never come
the popguns ~ out on the highline ~ sugar kisses
starry eyed cadet ~ pills ~ places we don't belong
the smittens ~ together forever in love ~ constant and true--a tribute to the songs of rose melberg
letting up despite great faults ~ folding under stories told
frankie cosmos ~ jesse
benjamin schoos ~ all night, every night (feat. dent may) [Belgium]
ablebody ~ backseat heart
aberdeen ~ sink or float (legendary house cats remix) ~ remixes
wild nothing ~ chinatown
elisabeth jutel & michael korchia ~ C'est La Vie Qui Veut Ça (serge gainsbourg cover) [France]
chien noir ~ nina ~ en nouvelle-aquitaine [France]