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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
fragile flowers - maribu no umi ni hanataba o [Japan]
tabiken - plastic [Japan]
homecomings - alphabet floating in the bed [Japan]
jodi in the morning glory parade - sun flower [Indonesia]
goodnite - twilight [Japan]
genders - life is but a dream
the mary onettes - lost [Sweden]
tender trap - talking backwards
heavenly - modestic
allo darlin' - the letter
pocketbooks - cross the line
smittens - typing texting
crayon - crown
beat happening - teenage caveman
irene - stardust
still corners - endless summer
the stone roses - standing here
teenage fanclub ~ live in the moment "here" [merge]
the perfect english weather - the sweetest feeling
letting up despite great faults - breaking
kuroma ~ tennessee walker "the dark horse rides again" [votiv]
the seams ~ rememberance day "meet the seams" [hand drawn dracula]
1:20pm Surf Set
surf heroes - wipeout
the vibrants - scorpion
the nematoads - no mr. bond, i expect you to surf
the jokers - purple crackle
kingargoolas - acme speed dynamite
the surfites - space mover
tikiyaki orchestra - hawaii nocturne
stereolab - baby lulu
watoo watoo - ce vide [France]
french pop dream - the world is happening somewhere
pirouettes - carrément carrément [France]
ice choir - unprepared
swan dive - breezeway
the icicles - la ti da
lia pamina ~ keep on dancing "love is enough" [elefant]
la casa azul - europa superstar [Spain]
couple - brief pop [Japan]
the proctors - daydream girl
moscow olympics - cut the world [Philippines]
ferns - anti social scene [Malaysia]
daydream cycle - avenue [Philippines]
the camerawalls feat. sarah gaugler - the sight of love [Philippines]
soft pillow kisses - 16 ft. [Philippines]
the yearning ~ fools fall in love "evening souvenirs" [elefant]
honeyblood ~ justine, misery queen "babes never die" [fatcat]
tuns ~ back among friends "tuns" [royal mountain]
chain wallet ~ abroad "chain wallet" [jansen]
strfkr ~ something ain't right "being no one, going nowhere" [polyvinyl]
momoiro clover z - get down

Saturday, November 19, 2016

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
layne - beautiful life [Japan]
post modern team - the modern age [Japan]
batwings catwings ~ medicine "coast to coast" [broken world]
public access tv ~ summertime "never enough" [rallye]
hideout - doctor
shin rizumu - kadai midi ongen [Japan]
faded old city - summertime [Japan]
chelsea time - the place we've been looking for [Japan]
totos - from now [Japan]
monochrome chocolate - ohako [Japan]
fragile flowers - maribu no umi ni hanataba o [Japan]
silver screen - really no wonder
homecomings - great escape [Japan]
the  fin. - misty forest
genders - life is but a dream
toy ~ another dimension "clear shot" [heavenly]
the seams ~ seeds "meet the seams" [hand drawn dracula]
ablebody ~ the sun, a small star "adult contemporaries" [lolipop]
rose melberg - i don't believe in the sun (magnetic fields cover)
tomiji ~ fine day for sailing "constant and true: a tribute to rose melberg" [february]
tomiji - home [France]
the very most - sweater (feat. thomas guilcher of tomiji and pale spectres)
charm bracelet - deep sea diving suit (magnetic fields cover)
magnetic fields - love is lighter than air
1:20pm Surf Set
the madiera - taco wagon (live)
the concussions ~ trouble gum "newaygo sound machine" [double crown]
the surf mist - fear and tremolo
the aqua barons - into the deep
the volcanics - laguna
the kanaloas - el rodo
los venturas - venturas' groove
the radio dept. - never follow suit
the pains of being pure at heart - jeremy (magnetic fields cover)
kuroma ~ i don't know what i should do "the dark horse rides again" [votiv]
velocity girl - always
ride - mousetrap
acid house kings - 7 days
the school - why do you have to break my heart again?
lia pamina ~ talking to myself "love is enough" [elefant]
the yearning ~ don't know what i'm doing "evening souvenirs" [elefant]
azure blue - every ending story
westkust - weekends [Sweden]
letting up despite great faults - reprise
moscow olympics - alphonsine [Philppines]
the bilinda butchers - the lover's suicide
big troubles - freudian slips
craft spells - you should close the door
the depreciation guild - dream about me
porcelain raft - drifting in and out
wild nothing - chinatown
sambassadeur - memories [Sweden]
rocketship - kisses are always promises
irene - stardust
hibou - hide away

Saturday, November 12, 2016


super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
le super homard - maple key
the occasional flickers - capitalism begins at home
watoo watoo - l'espace d'un instant [France]
banana collection - last day [Japan]
bubblegum lemonade - tongue tied
heavenly - sacramento
mei ehara - anata [Japan]
rebel kind - kiss you
best friend ~ always is "can you believe it?" [s/r]
lia pamina ~ the boy i used to know "love is enough" [elefant]
the very most - patricia (custom songs and remixes)
teenage fanclub ~ hold on "here" [merge]
kuroma ~ in a california way"the dark horse rides again" [votiv]
holiday - still in love
HINDS - holograma [Spain]
the persian leaps - the concept (teenage fanclub cover)
melicoton - les filles de Périmony [France]
pictured resort - away to paradise [Japan]
the recreations - winter balloon [Japan]
the holiday crowd - anything anything [Canada]
stephen's shore - turn your head [Sweden]
northern portrait - the fallen aristocracy [Denmark]
brideshead - the mermaid [Germany]
pale spectres - d(r)iving [France]
youthcomics - and his car [Japan]
1:20pm Surf Set
the meltones - polynesian adventure
meshugga beach party - s'vivon
surf me up, scotty - downhill madness
the surfites - mercurian surf stomp
stronzo gelantino & the boo-men - do the demare
trabants - mecca
the barbary coasters - please please me
smiths - ask
homecomings - don't worry boys (halfby & last aloha island disco mix)
juvenile juvenile - wish i was skinny (boo radleys cover) [Japan]
the proctors - morning light
pictured resort - promised paradise [Japan]
john girgus and the legendary house cats ~ hello rain "constant and true: a tribute to rose melberg" [february]
kurt baker combo ~ upside down "in orbit" [wicked cool]
scooterbabe ~ sermon "the sorrow you've been toting around" [jigsaw]
the seams ~ adhd "meet the seams" [hand drawn dracula]
letters to cleo ~ can't say "back to nebraska" [s/r]
fake laugh - i made a sound
honeyblood ~ babes never die "babes never die" [fat cat] [Scotland]
motorama ~ deep "dialogues" [talitres] [Russia]
tuns ~ mind over matter "tuns" [royal mountain] [Canada]
tangible excitement ~ puzzle pieces "constant and true: a tribute to rose melberg" [february]
other too pure songs - these are the days i forgot to write down [Japan]
chain wallet ~ abroad "chain wallet" [jansen] [Norway]
kero kero bonito ~ fish bowl "bonito generation" [double denim]
halfnoise ~ in the summer "sudden feeling" [congrats]
STRFKR ~ open your eyes "being no one, going nowhere" [polyvinyl]
got a girl - there's a revolution
nous non plus - stockholm
club '89 - coral [Japan]
gomes the hitman - haru no suketchi [Japan]
linustate - small world [Japan]

Saturday, November 5, 2016

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
he luck door - natsuco [Japan]
beverly - you can't get it right
temples - the guesser
soft science - blue
dolphingull - my secret hills forever [Japan]
le super homard - dry salt in our hair
the high llamas - to the abbey
tripping the light fantastic - heavy heart
making marks - hard to be good
the dentists - space man
the jesus and mary chain - down on me
moscow club - echo beach [Japan]
my favorite - modulate
falso primer ministro - tonto corazón [Spain]
tv girl - on land
youth camp - essence
coffee garden - i can't hide my love [Japan]
linda guilala - accidente [Spain]
cooper - ideal [Spain]
the camerawalls - the sight of love [Philippines]
lia pamina ~ better off without you "love is enough" [elefant]
space daze - you and everyone else
1:20pm Surf Set
the concussions ~ doc rockblock "newaygo sound machine" [double crown]
martin cilia - koko head
los venturas - tales from the deep
the surf mist - booty trap
les agamemnonz - a palavas les flots
the volcanics - the sabotage
the kanaloas - swallow tail
moscow olympics - keeping the avenues open [Philippines]
best friend ~ tesseract "can you believe it?" [s/r]
the very most - flying m
stars in coma - saw the cars burning [Sweden]
teenage fanclub ~ the first sight "here" [merge]
permanent vacation - ends all
the wedding present - two bridges
la casa azul - podria ser peor [Spain]
fragile flowers - uruwashi no orutansu [Japan]
high hazels - hearts are breaking
kuroma ~ a day with no disaster "the dark horse rides again" [votiv]
triptides - couch surfer
ablebody ~ heart keep "adult contemporaries" [lolipop]
public access tv - i don't wanna live in california "never enough" [rallye]
fake laugh - ice
nixon - silent nights
heavenly - me and my madness
holiday - your very last party
the hang ups - top of morning
tuns ~ mixed messages "tuns" [royal mountain]
the suncharms - wash away
your imaginary friends - oh liza