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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The last show in July, my favorite month of all.  Indietracks happening this weekend in the UK!  Indiepop music and old steam locomotives in the English countryside--what a great idea.  New albums from Alvvays and the Bilinda Butchers! Find me on facebook and/or soundcloud. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
alvvays ~ adult diversion "alvvays" [polyvinyl]
zebras - try (Australia)
teen runnings - i wonder what your mom's thinking (Japan)
the hi-life companion ~ sabatini "our years in the wilderness" [no pudding annie]
the very most - let her dance
the pains of being pure at heart ~ eurydice "days of abandon" [yebo]
the pirouettes - danser dans les boites de nuit (France)
the bilinda butchers ~ heaven holds a place "heaven" [orchid tapes]
hibou - above us
your imaginary friends - oh liza (Philippines)
aislers set - the red door
the wellgreen - grin and bear it
linda guilala - verano (Spain)
the manhatten love suicides - (never stop) hating you
the spook school - you make it sound so easy
working - can't wait for summer
dump truck - back where i belong
ayushita - morning sugar (Indonesia)
the icicles - lemonade & somersaults
velocity girl - medio core
heavenly - lemonhead boy
acid house kings - say yes if you love me
camera obscura - let's get out of this country
1:25pm Surf Set
the surf zombies - candyass
the stingrays - panic beach
the surfites - mercurian surf stomp
the hi-fives - mr. moto
the meltones - mission to mazatlan
los venturas - beach bunny
walkmen - another one goes by
blackbird blackbird ~ feel it in my bones "tangerine sky" [OM]
craft spells - komorebi
third mirror - briller comme des etoiles (the pirouettes remix) (France)
the hobbes fanclub - why should you tell the truth?
parcel post - centimetres
king of prussia ~ actuary "Zonian Girls… And the Echoes That Surround Us All" [minty fresh]
the yearning ~ never learn to cry "dreamboats & lemonade" [elefant]
northern portrait - some people (Denmark)
the popguns - every dream
arctic flow - isle of palms
night flowers - embers
tv girl ~ birds don't sing "french exit" [s/r]
tahiti 80 - crush! (France)
real estate ~ it's real "atlas" [domino]
belle & sebastian - blues are still blue
red sleeping beauty - after all (Cardigans cover) (Sweden)
franny & zooey - sorry, you're breaking up (Dominican Republic)
the raveonettes - sisters
nightlands ~ so far so long "oak island" [secretly canadian]
band à part - franny y tú (Spain)
juvenile juvenile - don't tell your friends (Japan)
shin rizumu - in the mood for surfing (Japan)
la casa azul - galletas (Spain)
beulah - gene autry

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Welcome back for another edition of the Happyoblivion Show!  You can follow me on facebook and/or soundcloud now.  Or just stick with the good old reliable blog.  Don't forget the most recent shows can be had from the link at the top of the page: "Directly access audio archives online here."  Thanks for tuning in!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
avi buffalo - so what
alvvays - next of kin (Canada)
blackbird blackbird ~ love unlimited "tangerine sky" [OM]
the pains of being pure at heart ~ kelly "days of abandon" [yebo]
when nalda became punk - DIY (Spain)
stereolab - get a shot of the refrigerator
postal blue - it won't last
moments are moments [lost tapes + wallflower] - the saint valentine state
the yearning ~ how will i know? "dreamboats & lemonade" [elefant]
band à part - contra toda previsión (Spain)
aislers set - the way to market station
sunny summer day - so much fun
the hobbes fanclub - stay gold
the luxembourg signal - we go on
another sunny day - you should all be murdered
strange babes - holiday
the april skies - fading dreams
tsuchiyamakoto - wooly minded (Japan)
juvenile juvenile - don't tell your friends (Japan)
shin rizumu - superfine (Japan)
f@shion - coming up into the light (Japan)
literature - the english softhearts
the bilinda butchers ~ less than "heaven" [orchid tapes]
1:20pm Surf Set
9th wave - tsunami escape route
the surfites - space mover
audios amigos - el avispon
the spytones - surfin salzburg
jason lee & the R.I.P. tides - snake eyes
the smiths - half a person
lush - lit up
king of prussia ~ carolina, carolina "Zonian Girls… And the Echoes That Surround Us All" [minty fresh]
northern fields - never take the beauty
las annettes - la luz del sol (Spain)
franny & zooey - daydream (Dominican Republic)
the icicles - margie
attic lights - hit and miss
puffy amiyumi - V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N (Japan)
teen runnings - high school love (Japan)
la casa azul - ¿qué se siente al ser tan joven? (Spain)
tv girl ~ birds don't sing "french exit" [s/r]
tahiti 80 - crush! (France)
lake - perfect fit
bouquet - don't look now
real estate ~ crime "atlas" [domino]
nightlands ~ born to love "oak island" [secretly canadian]
tape waves - age of consent (new order cover)
arctic flow - january stars
falso primer ministro - un altar (Argentina)
the pipettes - pull shapes
helen love - you and stacy
the go! team - apollo throwdown
ladytron - playgirl
kensai ogata - bunny girl (Japan)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Welcome back!  Got all kinds of great music again this week.  Also check out this great post & mix from DJ Ryan of Timbre Tantrums!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
zebras - fire fire (Australia)
tape waves - let you go
tv girl ~ daughter of a cop "french exit" [s/r]
some gorgeous accident - luminescence (Philippines)
stars in coma - amelie
youthmemory - dreamin' (Japan)
the pains of being pure at heart ~ masokissed "days of abandon" [yebo]
the icicles - la ti da
franny & zooey - sally meets c. (Dominican Republic)
ramones - i wanna be sedated
northern portrait - some people (Denmark)
the yearning ~ lemonade "dreamboats & lemonade" [elefant]
the school - i love everything
tacocat ~ time pirate "nvm" [tacocat]
finnmark! - top of the pops
eternal summers ~ not for this one "the drop beneath" [kanine]
nightlands ~ so far so long "oak island" [secretly canadian]
sly hats - does he cry
the bank holidays - folded in half
velocity girl - tripping wires
the hit parade - you didn't love me then
the hi-life companion ~ dark heart "our years in the wilderness" [no pudding annie]
british sea power - living is so easy
slow beach - lover lover (Japan)
1:20 Surf Set
the grand bois - meltdown
the surfites - launch pad
9th wave - victory at sunset
martin cilia - koko head
the meltones - kung fu saturdays
the electric pop group - i know i will
when nalda became punk - a secret plan (Spain)
the very most - patricia
heavenly - cool guitar boy
teen runnings - don't care about me (Japan)
i was a king - norman bleik
camera obscura - honey in the sun
club 8 - the friend i once had
acid house kings - save it for the weekend
tullycraft - stowaway
push kings - florida
bedroom eyes - norwegian pop
the decibels - can't play tag alone
the apples in stereo - no vacation
holiday - well enough alone
the minders - i've been wondering
pocketbooks - sound of the carnival
the smittens - love record breaker
gingerlys - set you off
jumprope - man seeking woman
the free design - i found love
tahiti 80 - crush! (France)
arctic flow - january stars
the bilinda butchers - edo method
king of prussia ~ the dean & the photographer "Zonian Girls… And the Echoes That Surround Us All" [minty fresh]
cozy castrophes - unlovable
la casa azul - la fiesta universal

Saturday, July 5, 2014

As an accessory to this blog, there is now a Facebook page, which you can find at

Here is today's playlist.  Enjoy!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
gingerlys - summer cramps
parcel post - centimetres
some gorgeous accident - see you shine (ft cris miller) (Philippines)
tv girl ~ her and her friend "french exit" [s/r]
teen runnings - high school love (Japan)
paellas - cut out (in the blue shirt remix) (Japan)
the yearning ~ tomorrow night "dreamboats & lemonade" [elefant]
the school - when i fall in love
franny & zooey - otto y ana (Dominican Republic)
band à part - la merienda (Spain)
the pains of being pure at heart ~ eurydice "days of abandon" [yebo]
marine life - the young and the free
alvvays - next of kin (Canada)
bouquet - come to your house
finnmark - tugboat (galaxie 500 cover)
the flatmates - happy all the time
post modern team - the girl i never (Japan)
dean wareham - the dancer disappears
tahiti 80 - crush! (France)
avi buffalo - so what
the catalysts - autumn everywhere
conae - mrs. moss dress (Japan)
1:20pm Surf Set
the surfites - far and beyond
y niwl - dauddegpump
9th wave - tsunami escape route
the surf zombies - flat black
jet tones - twangy
reverb galaxy - invasion
les anarcho - okane wo moyasou (Japan)
mariana on our heads - the polaroid dreams (Japan)
pale spectres - for you (France)
arctic flow - january stars
lunchbox - give a little love
the yellow melodies - you make me fall in love
strange babes - holiday
the radio dept. - i don't need love, i've got my band
the hit parade - my stupid band
bmx bandits - take me to heaven (cineplexx remix)
the west coast pop art experimental - here's where you belong
zebras - fire fire (Australia)
soft science - gone
big troubles - make it worse
the hi-life companion ~ i served on ships "our years in the wilderness" [no pudding annie]
kensei ogata - gerbera (Japan)
the bilinda butchers - golden house (ft sarah psalti)
the very most - fireworks
friends - our love is true
king of prussia ~ anna nordeen "Zonian Girls… And the Echoes That Surround Us All" [minty fresh]
cozy castrophes - pillow fight
the new mendicants ~ cruel annette "into the lime" [one little indian]
kishi bashi ~ carry on phenomenon "lighght" [joyful noise]