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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Thanks for tuning in!  Playlist updated as show progresses.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the silent love - a teenager in love [Indonesia]
northern portrait - i give you two seconds to entertain me [Denmark]
gene - be my light, be my guide
the smiths - wonderful woman
the crookes ~ i wanna waste my time on you "lucky ones" [modern outsider]
les bicyclettes de belsize - the commercial (2016 remix)
little secrets - all i need
youth in my videotapes - you don't know i love you [Japan]
boyish - S.S.L. (in the blue shirt remix) [Japan]
a novel resort - turning to ashes [Denmark]
brideshead - weather report [Germany]
avaleya and the glitterhawks - pony lonely
nothing ~ vertigo flowers "tired of tomorrow" [relapse]
tonight. - hby beer beer [Japan]
the fin. - divers [Japan]
ferraro ~ my girl (for you) "losing sleep" [cadence]
evripidis and his tragedies - buying time "futile games in space and time" [snap! clap!]
the orielles - joey says we got it
the suncharms - spaceship
summer twins ~ juju "limbo" [burger]
the primitives - rattle my cage
1:20pm Surf Set
the dead rocks - la terrible madicion de tutankamon
the insect surfers - DelMarVa
the surfaders ~ hot club du surf "a greater silence" [turbasco]
the meltones - kung fu saturdays
burt rocket - the left arm of buddha
the surfites - vanadis (the excelsiors cover)
the kanaloas ~ fat fender "surf a go go!" [double crown]
cristina quesada - ya no puedo más [Spain]
club 8 - my heart won't break
the school ~ baby won't you stay with me tonight? "wasting away & wondering" [elefant]
the buildings - manila's a trap [Philippines]
hammock ~ burning down the fascination "everything and nothing" [hammock music]
the recreations - how's it going (alternative mix) [Japan]
letting up despite great faults - disappear
san francisco ~ ada hoy se va a enamorar "ada" [elefant]
los popov - dobap [Spain]
go cozy - sophie starlight
space daze ~ every day i dream "terrestrial mosey" [s/r]
the spook school ~ richard and judy "try to be hopeful" [fortuna pop]
sunny summer day - shining light [Indonesia]
the go! team - buy nothing day
kid wave - best friend
juniper moon - rutina [Spain]
summer heart - pretty haze
manon meurt - in these eyes [Czech]
stella diana - aphrodia [Italy]
sally shapiro - if you ever wanna change your mind
the very most ~ things to obvious to sing (featuring Geoff Crestwell from Pellow)
shin rizumu - harunoniji [Japan]
the bilinda butchers - all my friends
the lodger - the story's over

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Many thanks to the illustrious Ross Jackson for covering the Happyoblivion Show last week.  Hope you enjoyed it!  I'm back this week with all your favorite indiepop tunes.  Thanks for tuning in!

(Playlist updated as show progresses)
super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the school ~ do i love you "wasting away & wondering" [elefant]
alpaca sports - i love you [Sweden]
san francisco ~ en lugar que te enseñé "ada" [elefant] [Spain]
close lobsters - under London skies
death by unga bunga ~ lesson learned the hard way "tell me why" [jansen] [Norway]
go cozy - sage along my life
mercury girls - ariana
the chandler estate ~ spies (no more) "infrastructure" [jigsaw]
juniper moon - El Último Tiro [Spain]
les bicyclettes de belsize - stone lions (2016 remix)
the sun days ~ get him off your mind "album" [run for cover]
the suncharms - one i see
high hazels - hearts are breaking
the very most ~ good fight fighting (featuring Adriano do Couto of Postal Blue)
Postal Blue - Northern England [Brazil]
camera obscura - every weekday
red sleeping beauty - if you want affection [Sweden]
the spook school ~ i want to kiss you "try to be hopeful" [fortuna pop]
the crookes ~ six week holiday "lucky ones" [modern outsider]
and summer club - surfer girl [Japan]
the like - release me
the orielles - jobin
1:20pm Surf Set
the madiera - farthest shore
incredible sucking spongies - sputniks thema
the surfaders ~ sharkbait "a greater silence" [turbasco]
burt rocket - hang twang
tikiyaki orchestra - la hula rhumba
daytonas - sound barrier
the volcanics - the baron
secret samurai - the khazar
the kanaloas ~ swallow tail "surf a go go!" [double crown]
the bird and the bee - birthday
smittens - birthday reminder
red sleeping beauty - happy birthday [Sweden]
the havenot's - happy birthday to you!! [Japan]
northern portrait - some people [Denmark]
jens lekman - postcard #33
dent may - 26 miles (santa catalina)
the simple carnival - misery
kids on a crime spree - sweet tooth
the recreations - smile again [Japan]
teen runnings - stars [Japan]
moscow club - band of outsiders [Japan]
the bored - music a three trail [Japan]
space daze - you and everyone else
evripidis and his tragedies - dreamboat
haruca hinata - be my baby (the ronettes cover) [Japan]
summer twins ~ demons "limbo" [burger]
tacocat ~ horse grrls "lost time" [hardly art]
the Pirouettes - Qu'est-ce que sera demain (Yves Simon cover) [France]
strfkr ~ never ever "never ever" [polyvinyl]
wallflower - feverfew [Japan]
star tropics - swept away
some gorgeous accident - heaven sent [Philippines]
cape canaveral - oblivious (galaxie 500 cover)
the strange creatures - stargazer [Philippines]

Friday, April 15, 2016

The superb Ross Jackson (of Ross Jackson's Daydream Nation) will be filling in for me this Saturday. Do tune in!  Don't fret, I'll be back next week.   

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Thanks for tuning in to the Happyoblivion Show!  Playlist updated as the show progresses:

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the sun days ~ get him off your mind "album" [run for cover]
san francisco ~ una vaina bajo tu cama "ada" [elefant]
cozy catastrophes ~ go steady with me "Have You Ever Heard of Cozy Catastrophes?" [jigsaw]
the spook school ~ speak when you're spoken to "try to be hopeful" [fortuna pop]
los popov - dobap [Spain]
death by unga bunga ~ dollar slice "pineapple pizza" [jansen] [Norway]
summer twins ~ stop & go "limbo" [burger]
peaness - oh george
poastal blue - laughing and crying [Brazil]
juniper moon - ¿Volverás? [Spain]
les bicyclettes de belsize - sebastian (2016 remix)
red sleeping beauty - mi amor [Sweden]
the buildings - different shades of blue [Philippines]
the chandler estate ~ past tenses "infrastructure" [jigsaw]
perfect girl - three for tea
very truly yours - across the sea
marlovers - known faces [Spain]
eerie wanda ~ working on the field "hum" [beyond beyond is beyond]
a novel resort - everything we ever hoped for [Denmark]
ginnels - it's not a summer (without you)
watoo watoo - tes histoires invisibles (version alternative)
the very most - jonathan richman (featuring Colin Clary of the Smittens)
the bosss - rain [Japan]
the recreations - winter balloon [Japan]
1:20pm Surf Set
martin cilia - makua beach
the madiera - everybody up (the fender IV cover)
the surfaders ~ teenage rendezvous at the ballroom "a greater silence" [turbasco]
man or astro-man? - espanto del futuro
the lava rats - peligroso
the kanaloas ~ elevator drop "surf a go go!" [double crown]
balloon at dawn - teenage idol [Japan]
sad culture - raspberry ooze
night flowers - chaser
wildhoney ~ thin air "your face sideways" [top shelf]
ringo deathstarr ~ big bopper "pure mood" [club ac30]
best friend - the killing moon (echo & the bunnyman cover)
diiv ~ dopamine "is the is are" [captured tracks]
cullen omori ~ and yet the world still turns "new misery" [sub pop]
exmagician ~ place your bets "scan the blue" [bella union]
brothers in law - life burns [Spain]
amber arcades - turning light
VLIVM - life [Spain]
in the white - black light (don't look towards me) [Japan]
tv girl ~ loving machine "who really cares" [s/r]
california snow story - suddenly everything happens
SaToA - sprout [Japan]
craft spells - from the morning heat
the crookes ~ i wanna waste my time on you "lucky ones" [modern outsider]
the airplanes - buddy holly and the soviet big muff fuzz
letting up despite great faults - sophia in gold
the suncharms - sparkle
bent shapes - panel of experts
dressy bessy ~ dirty birdies "kingsized" [yep roc]

day wave ~ gone "hard to read" [liberator]

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Happyoblivion Show starts a half hour early today!  11:30am-3:00pm for 3.5 hours of indiepop goodness!

[playlist updated as show progresses]
super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
m. ward ~ temptation "more rain" [merge]
death by unga bunga ~ ooh, i'm a bad man "pineapple pizza" [jansen] [Norway]
soft science - blue
the crookes ~ roman candle "lucky ones" [modern outsider]
the goon sax - up to anything
ride - twisterella
violens - doomed
the airplanes - ed wood
rodney cromwell - baby robot
recreations - summer days [Japan]
milkyway - in love [Spain]
the strange creatures - moonstruck [Philippines]
plant cell - cyan
lloyd cole & the commotions - rattlesnakes
camera obscura - lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken
gorgeous bully - beaucoup
charlie darling - since yesterday
René - Confesiones Tirado En La Pista De Baile (Fear Of Tigers Remix)
the chandler estate ~ el camino real "infrastructure" [jigsaw]
tv girl ~ taking what's not yours "who really cares" [s/r]
the very most - this is where i should be (featuring Sam Counsil from Central City Music Company)
some gorgeous accident - evergreen days [Philippines]
the suncharms - wash away
the school ~ the grass is always greener on the other side "wasting away and wondering" [elefant]
juniper moon - enfermedad
peaness - no-one
san francisco ~ Todos Los Besos Del Mundo "ada" [Elefant]
the luxembourg signal - dying star
the spook school ~ richard and judy  "try to be hopeful" [fortuna pop]
we. the pigs - something new
1:20pm Surf Set
the madiera - undercurrents
the surfaders ~ sarpha "a greater silence" [turbasco]
mic's masters - sandstorm
burt rocket - fiberglass frenzy
the surfites - gnarly charlie brown
the jokers - purple crackle
thunderhead - thunderhead
nebulas - el boracho
mary's danish - yellow creep around
velocity girl - drug girls
the buildings - manila's a trap [Philippines]
kailios - round and round [Japan]
dressy bessy ~ pop phenom "kingsized" [yep roc]
why we love - surrender
summer heart - just wanna get high
gypsy & the cat - i just wanna be somebody else [Australia]
weekender - no time to waste
maria usbeck - moai y yo
and summer club - surfer girl [Japan]
cullen omori ~ hey girl "new misery" [sub pop]
day wave ~ deadbeat girl "hard to read" [liberator]
hariguem zaboy - tender mind [Thailand]
letting up despite great faults - disappear
monochrome chocolate - death cab so cutie [Japan]
the sun days ~ don't need to be them "album" [run for cover]
lia pamina - cómo es
bent shapes - realization hits
espíritusanto - polígono industrial [Spain]
wild nothing ~ to know you "life of pause" [captured tracks]