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Saturday, March 21, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
carter the unstoppable sex machine - panic
the beths - happy unhappy [New Zealand]
my favorite - let's stay alive
#poundsign# - isolation
wild balbina - stay alive [Spain]
le superhomard - maple key [France]
youthcomics - weekend [Japan]
terry vs tori - dream wild [Spain]
hibou - inside illumination
lost tapes - six by six [Spain]
the zephyr bones - black lips
the fin. - the end of the island [Japan]
army navy - mistakes
martin courtney - northern highway
with me! - starshy (heavenly cover) [Japan]
jeanines - either way
the primitives - been hiding (aisler's set cover)
chelsea times - time is gonna come [Japan]
youth genius - flowers on her skirt [Japan]
kero kero bonito - you know how it is
morningwhim - most of the sun shines [Japan]
the school - i will see you soon
northern portrait - when goodness falls [Denmark]
1:20pm Surf Set
the volcanics - ship has sailed
agent octopus - avalon
the madiera - farthest shore
the greasy gills - swamp meet
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - harlem by the sea
the surfites - disillusional youth (the angry breed cover)
the hang-ten hangmen - back alley rumble
wild swans - english electric lightning
watoo watoo - modern express [France]
daisy jaine - into the light [Japan]
violens - doomed
fake laugh - the empty party
summer fiction - perfume paper
day wave - wasting time
red sleeping beauty - someone somewhere [Sweden]
tesco chainstore mascara - mr grey sky
the marías - jupiter
delorean - seasun [Spain]
silver swans - mother of pearl
apples in stereo - seems so
british sea power - please stand up
teen runnings - don't care about me [Japan]
strange hellos - we are trouble
the secret history - our lady of stalingrad
holiday - everything you say
the recreations - someday i will [Japan]
whyte horses - any day now
alpaca sports - where'd you go [Sweden]
young agings - my universe [Japan]
heavenly - escort crash on marsten street

Saturday, March 14, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
moscow olympics - talk like this [Philippines]
elva - ghost writer
single - el roce [Spain]
the fresh & onlys - presence of mind
the suncharms - into the sun
dragonfly collector - brave the distance  [Philippines]
the bank holidays - folded in half
alpaca sports - baby what can i say? [Sweden]
brave irene - hit the grass running
the icicles - snappy
the very most - flying m
aberdeen - sink or float
very truly yours - girls tell you secrets
cocoanut groove - afternoons
ferns - anti social scene [Malaysia]
starry eyed cadet - social call
cassolette - crash (primitives cover)
the bilinda butchers - rie
strawberry generation - hannah
surfer blood - karen
temples - context
belle ghoul - around for the weekend
picnic republic - time to feel alright [France]
1:20pm Surf Set
big surf - toba
the mobsmen - lacanau
the sidemen - volo no. 1062
the volcanics - revel rally
los venturas - tales from the deep
death by unga bunga - dollar slice
the surfrajettes - hale'iwa hustle
letting up despite great faults - keepsake
chavales - las plantas de la terraza [Spain]
fake laugh - alarm bells
small forward - imagine so
the king in mirrors - when in rome
kiwi jr. - salary man
boyish - 1990 [Japan]
seablite - skipping stones
peanut butters - yugata kara [Japan]
waater - ocean [Japan]
oddly - concrete jungle [Japan]
muddy days - stone ocean [Japan]
Soleá Morente - Viniste a por Mí [Spain]
les bicyclettes de belsize - the bicycle thieves
for tracy hyde - you, as a season [Japan]
secret meadow - of one's desire [Indonesia]
still dreams - a million light years [Japan]
teen runnings - feeling happy [Japan]
happypills - floe [Japan]
and summer club - surfer girl [Japan]
le superhomard - meadow lane park [France]
stereolab - the light that will cease to fail

Saturday, March 7, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
milkyway - shine (go to california) [Spain]
the hit parade - on the road to beaconsfield
marine life - big sur
les bicyclettes de belsize - unsure
the fin. - over the hill [Japan]
le superhomard - sweet winter (le superhomard sweet summer remix) [France]
letting up despite great faults - keepsake
still dreams - running away [Japan]
miami wicked - waterfront dining
teen runnings - new work silly [Japan]
belinda may - everyday in love [Japan]
pictured resort - departure [Japan]
dead famous people - looking at girls
den baron - goodbye night [Germany]
young agings - unconsciousness [Japan]
plastic girl in closet - colours of the world [Japan]
burrito panza - barcelona [Spain]
port juvee - desert moon palace
even as we speak - forgiving [Australia]
strawberry generation - when you were here and i was sad
peel dream magazine - emotional devotion creator
for tracy hyde - lost in the wheatfield [Japan]
real estate - the main thing
kero kero bonito - flyway
1:25pm Surf Set
the meltones - vista del mar
the reverb syndicate - the martini cluster
the mystery men? - sky lanterns
rondo hatton - zero hour
the 427's - night of the living surf
the surfites - mercurian surf stomp
the volcanics - trick shot
dronjo kept by 4 - origami [Japan]
charlie darling - '67
the stroppies - holes in everything
the church grims - plaster saint
hinds - come back and love me <3 [Spain]
rorschach - gabriel
the orchids - Les Spectacles De La Foire
pale lights - you and i
lake ruth - sad song
tv girl - blue hair
vundabar - montage music
the little hands of asphalt - six feet over [Norway]
orange & lemons - days and nights [Philippines]
jeanines - why
talulah gosh - break your face
heavenly - so little deserve
the shoptalks - makiko [Indonesia]
the decibels - it's not me
lisasinson - atasco [Spain]
#poundsign# - walking and talking
alvvays - plimsoll punks

Saturday, February 29, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the aislers set - long division
dressy bessy - kingsized
the minders - treehouse
seablite - high rise mannequins
the radio dept - the absence of birds [Sweden]
ultracrush - leave
the brilliant green - nagai tameiki no youni [Japan]
dog hair dressers - coppel [Japan]
strawberry generation - breakthrough feeling
boyish - nagakukunettamichi [Japan]
twin flamingo - long hair [Japan]
stereolab - vonal declosion
giorgio tuma - happiness is a stupid song (alternate version) [Italy]
tennis - late night
the essex green - san bernadino
when nalda became punk - a secret plan [Spain]
band à part - no sé por qué [Spain]
cola jet set - fin del mundo [Spain]
la casa azul - saturno (todo vuela) [Spain]
guatafán - pink punk party [Spain]
astrud - somos el uno para el otro [Spain]
1:25pm Surf Set
the 427's - julie newmar's guitar
rondo hatton - juliana
the doltones - return to the jupiter
tremelo beer gut - junkie tools
chancellor's - jam
the mobsmen - cicero comet
frankie and the pool boys - smoke jumper
terry vs tori - leap day [Spain]
wild honey - messed up [Spain]
lia pamina - para los dos [Spain]
capitán sunrise - dicen que te vas [Spain]
silent james - travel to mars [Spain]
vacaciones - ahora si! [Spain]
juniper moon - el resto de mi vida [Spain]
cooper - ruido [Spain]
puzzles y dragones - fuerzas absurdas [Spain]
family - viaje a los sueños polares [Spain]
neleonard - podemos [Spain]
axolotes mexicanos - trececatorce [Spain]
cariño - souvenirs [Spain]
falso primer ministro - tonto corazón [Spain]
Les Très Bien Ensemble - À Hélèn  [Spain]
las annettes - la luz del sol [Spain]
nos miran - Quien Tú Quieres Que Sea [Spain]
cristina quesada - Y Descubrir Que Te Quiero [Spain]
papa topo - atormentada [Spain]
wild balbina - stoned heart [Spain]
linda guilala - la inseguridad [Spain]
putochinomaricón - Tú No Eres Activista [Spain]
tronco - Es Mejor Que No Os Veáis [Spain]
Los Bonsáis - Hijo Del Señor [Spain]

Saturday, February 22, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the decibels - i need to tell her
heavenly - sort of mine
le mans - H.E.L.L.O [Spain]
orange & lemons - my butterfly [Philippines]
den baron - have you seen mary too? [Germany]
pizzicato five - tokyo, mon amour (discoteque 96 mix) [Japan]
alpaca sports - without you [Sweden]
acid house kings - (i'm in) a chorus line [Sweden]
club 8 - back to A [Sweden]
sambassadeur - foot of afrikka [Sweden]
the go! team - secretary song
camera obscura - if looks could kill
talulah gosh - talulah gosh
math and physics club - cold as minnesota
the apples in stereo - it's all right
the minders - right as rain
teen runnings - baby g [Japan]
the fin. - over the hill [Japan]
for tracy hyde - can little birds remember? [Japan]
silver screen - more than you and i
sunny summer day - semua pasti berubah [Indonesia]
mocca - i would never [Indonesia]
1:25pm Surf Set
the aqua barons - eesos
the concussions - polyester fester
the kanaloas - fat fender
secret samurai - don't fear the reverb
madeira - everybody up (fender IV cover)
frankie and the pool boys - tan line fever
strawberry generation - afloat
beulah - the aristocratic swells
surfer blood - parkland (into the silence)
some gorgeous accident - luminescence [Philippines]
peel dream magazine - pill
sugar world - sad in heaven
melenas - 3 segundos [Spain]
sneaky feelings - stardust magical
close lobsters - in spite of these times
the field mice - of the perfect kind
store front - rip the price off
temples - it's all coming out
massage - michael is my girlfriend
lisasinson - casamiento [Spain]
fake laugh - near you
nah... - as years go by
fazerdaze - bedroom talks
the new pornographers - war on the east coast
generationals - black lemon
wild nothing - blue wings
brightener - make real friends

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Songs for your Valentine's Day...

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
belinda may - everyday in love [Japan]
the proctors - letters to the girl
den baron - now is the time [Germany]
charmwood - show me your love
lia pamina & dario persi - so far tonight [Spain & Italy]
rizumu & ikkubaru - love sunset [Japan]
acid house kings - say yes if you love me [Sweden]
alpaca sports - i'll do anything for you [Sweden]
orange & lemons - just like a splendid love song [Philippines]
the simple carnival - kiss her you dummy
brideshead - love & happiness [Germany]
still dreams - heart skips a beat [Japan]
talulah gosh - in love for the very first time
gabardine - it's love
softies - i love you more
heavenly - our love is heavenly
youth in my videotapes - you don't know i love you [Japan]
holiday - obviously love
teenage fanclub - what you do to me
bmx bandits - i wanna fall in love
rocketship - kisses are always promises
goodly thousands - kiss me upside-down
math and physics club - that's what love is
1:20pm Surf Set
the aqua barons - harbour love
men in grey suits - pray for sex
dick dale & the del-tones - take it off
sputnicks - so much love
the concussions - a skilled, generous lover
the volcanics - fool around
the kilaueas - why do fools fall in lava
tikiyaki orchestra - polynesian village love theme
the decibels - thinking about you
the perfect english weather - the sweetest feeling
the school - valentine
pelle carlberg - i love you, you imbecile [Sweden]
lunchbox - give a little love
the dayoffs - love, love, love
bubblegum lemonade - your valentine (takes me back in time)
benjamin schoos feat. dent may - all night, every night [Belgium]
milkyway - in love [Spain]
musique le pop - falling in love [Norway]
skittle alley - boy meets girl [France]
summer aviation - love so fine
cozy catastrophes - coworkers in love
the yearning - how do you make somebody fall in love?
girls - saying i love you
franny & zooey - i love you [Dominican Republic]
go sailor - together forever in love
the spook school - i want to kiss you
allo darlin' - kiss your lips
puffy amiyumi - angel of love [Japan]
post modern team - i just wanna make love to you [Japan]
barcelona - everything makes me think about sex
slow beach - lover lover [Japan]
pains of being pure at heart - young adult friction
simon love - the meaning of love
camera obscura - this is love (feels alright)
saint etienne - lover plays the bass

Saturday, February 8, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
lost tapes - slumber party
the sweetest touch - it's all come undone [Indonesia]
brown recluse - impressions of a city morning
hibou - dissolve
the death of pop - don't hang around
wild nothing - foyer
temples - you're either on something
yakima - it helped [Scotland]
cornershop - st marie under canon
veronica falls - teenage
ratboys - i go out at night
nectar - blister
go get mum - moving day [Australia]
the lodger - my advice is on loan
the suncharms - jet plane
the radio dept - the absence of birds [Sweden]
the amazing - deportation day [Sweden]
the luxembourg signal - distant drive
fanclub - dreamers
still dreams - stargazing [Japan]
for tracy hyde - lost in the wheatfield [Japan]
teen runnings - dream life [Japan]
kero kero bonito - wherever you go
1:25pm Surf Set
frankie gem - crystal rock
the meltones - papakolea beach
guitar up! - sandblast
ted boys marinos - tom & jerry surf party
the 427's - escape from alcatraz
the doltones - hai horto kaalot (gypsy ride)
reverberati - the grand duel
the fin. - gravity [Japan]
ride - 1,000 miles
of montreal - polyaneurism
chavales - las plantas de la terraza [Spain]
the camerawalls - a gentle persuasion [Philippines]
orange & lemons - isang gabi [Philippines]
the gentle isolation- alone for a while [Philippines]
your imaginary friends - oh liza [Philippines]
outerhope - anna gabrielle [Philippines]
that lingering feeling - when winter's over [Philippines]
soft pillow kisses - just like the sky [Philippines]
daydream cycle - avenue [Philippines]
the buildings - room so small [Philippines]
pocketbooks - sound of the carnival
go sailor - last year
cub - everything's geometry
the icicles - snowbird
shop assistants - all that ever mattered
talulah gosh - break your face
14 iced bears - inside
the flatmates - happy all the time
brighter - poppy day

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Many thanks to Tommy Fox & Irie-Sistable for subbing last week's show!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
nous non plus - j'en ai marre
camera obscura - do it again
the kensingtons - s is for singing sha la la
jumprope - notes from a chateau ghost
swan dive - saturday, sunday, monday
attic lights - war years (reworked by la casa azul)
la casa azul - hasta perder el control [Spain]
chavales - no me lo creo [Spain]
beat happening - other side
crayon - chutes and ladders
tullycraft - skyway
tomiji - fine day for sailing
jeanines - falling off my feet again
the pearly gatecrashers - i'm dreaming
dream boys - born yesterday
devon williams - right direction
the decibels - misery
push kings - number ones
for tracy hyde - in our kingdom [Japan]
still dreams - farewell [Japan]
teen runnings - new work silly [Japan]
le superhomard - domino [France]
pictured resort - summer of '85 [Japan]
young agings - stars [Japan]
1:20pm Surf Set
blackball bandits - old man's revenge
guitar up! - psyclone
rondo hatton - cerveza on the mesa
the volcanics - sunset rider
the surf coasters - happy easter!
martin cilia - the crusher
the doltones - twang city
triptides - heavy cloud
der englische garten - philoma bar [Germany]
den baron - have you seen mary? [Germany]
nah... - perfect game [Germany+Netherlands]
kero kero bonito - trampoline (saint etienne remix)
tennis - need your love
the radio dept. - heaven's on fire [Sweden]
wild nothing - chinatown
wild nothing - sleight of hand
foxes in fiction - rush to spark
kiwi jr. - salary man [Canada]
lisasinson - atasco [Spain]
the king in mirrors - the river flows
detective agency - eastford lake
palm ghosts - wide awake and waiting
seazoo - the pleasure
swimming tapes - passing ships [Sweden]
east village - violin
a certain smile - honey do
the ambient light - when i fade out
teenage fanclub - sometimes i  don't need to believe in anything
marble arch - gold [France]
math and physics club - Indian ocean
the dentists - space man
marine research - parallel horizontal

Saturday, January 25, 2020

DJs Tommy Fox & Irie-Sistable filling in for me today on the Happyoblivion Show with their reggae sounds!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
dead famous people - looking at girls
youth sector - tonight
for tracy hyde - can little birds remember? [Japan]
still dreams - best dreams [Japan]
teen runnings - dream life [Japan]
fantasmamidi - murcia [Spain]
kero kero bonito - picture this
pictured resort - heavenly life [Japan]
kensai ogata - on the beach [Japan]
homecomings - dancing in the moonlight [Japan]
tesco chainstore mascara - you lost me at hello
san francisco - una vaina bajo tu cama [Spain]
cola jet set - no te enamores de mi [Spain]
cooper - hyde park [Spain]
juniper moon - solo una sonrisa [Spain]
lia pamina - whirlwind [Spain]
vacaciones - alianza interplanetaria [Spain]
den baron - now is the time [Germany]
brideshead - the world stopped turning [Germany]
the decibels - big hits
capitán sunrise - dicen que te vas [Spain]
orange peels - something strange happens
beulah - night is the day turned inside out
1:25pm Surf Set
tikiyaki orchestra - mana pacifica
martin cilia - pipeline
the meltones - return of the surfin' headhunters
burt rocket - boss board
husky & the sandmen - diamond eye
the 427's - night of the living surf
the doltones - gringo's future adventures
jens lekman - i saw her in the anti-war demonstration [Sweden]
the pearlfishers - everyday i read your stars
they go boom!! - somewhere in England
the hang ups - the entry
the proctors - daydream girl
holiday - well enough alone
the very most - let her dance
alpaca sports - eiffel tower [Sweden]
club 8 - the friend i once had [Sweden]
acid house kings - windshield [Sweden]
red sleeping beauty - tell me more [Sweden]
the cardigans - rise and shine [Sweden]
the school - when i fall in love
go sailor - fine day for sailing
heavenly - sort of mine
camera obscura - lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken
saint etienne - you're in a bad way
nixon - secret, secret [Sweden]
sally shapiro - starman [Sweden]
letting up despite great faults - teenage tide
watoo watoo - au fond des allées [France]
the bilinda butchers - less than
pains of being pure at heart - heaven's gonna happen now

Saturday, January 11, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
say sue me - good people [S. Korea]
S A Reyners - sharp reminders [New Zealand]
for tracy hyde - happy ice cream [Japan]
still dreams - lose your dinosaur [Japan]
foxes in fiction - flashing lights have ended now
the ambient light - when i fade out
silent james - gone [Spain]
elephant stone - keep the light alive
tsuchiyamakoto - maboroshi no sekai [Japan]
death by dumpling - the type who wants to enjoy movies from the trailer [Japan]
double date with death - fluorescent [Canada]
cones - laugh of the party
grrrl gang - dream grrrl [Indonesia]
night flowers - fortune teller
wild nothing - blue wings
hazy sour cherry - like a radio [Japan]
shonen knife - strawberry cream puff [Japan]
the go! team - catch me on the rebound
heavenly - nous ne sommes pas des anges
teen runnings - new work silly [Japan]
puffy amiyumi - nice buddy [Japan]
1:20pm Surf Set
the shockwave! - nightwalker
the kilaueas - zambesi nocturne
man or astro-man? - journey to the stars
the meltones - villa of mysteries
ted boys marinos - Pânico Na Riviera
the concussions - pump city
the 427's - stingray shuffle no. 1
fake laugh - if you don't wanna know
kero kero bonito - time today
the suncharms - sparkle
the sweetest touch - it's all come undone [Indonesia]
pizzicato five - watashinojinsei, jinsei no natsu [Japan]
star tropics - swept away
she, sir - kissing can wait
letting up despite great faults - automatic
ride - cali
picnic republic - waiting for the sun [France]
ferns - miss stormcloud [Malaysia]
talk - in refrain rain [Japan]
perfect english weather - call me when the rain comes
goldenteardrops - for a rainy day
the BOSSS - rain [Japan]
autumn leaves - magic red raincoat
LA-PPISCH - singing the rain [Japan]
jazz butcher - rain
kuryakin - rain [Sweden]
blu army - rainy days [Thailand]
nice stupid playground - what if it rains [Malaysia]
the loft - why does the rain

Saturday, January 4, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
whimsical - crash (the primitives cover)
young agings - stars [Japan]
le superhomard - SDVB [France]
fortitude valley - wreck
teen runnings - dream life [Japan]
ken ito - glider [Japan]
pale beach - high (the cure cover) [Japan]
secret meadow - of one's desire [Indonesia]
still dreams - addicted [Japan]
for tracy hyde - thoughts of you [Japan]
pictured resort - summer of '85 [Japan]
linda guilala - Será Más Fácil [Spain]
jeanines - falling off my feet again
tullycraft - midi midinette
kishi bashi - penny rabbit and summer bear
lake ruth - strange interiors
munya - dove
turks & caicos - urban demand [Indonesia]
den baron - dito [Germany]
teen runnings - hair wax 95 [Japan]
the decibels - misery
dent may - i'm gonna live forever until i'm dead
a certain smile - honey do
1:20pm Surf Set
rondo hatton - cortina del fuego
ted boys marinos - moocantella
atomic mosquitos - the bloodening
guitar up! - liquid sunshine
the doltones - big challenge
the 427's - bikini thief
my favorite - let's stay alive
barcelona - i have the password to your shell account
happypills - glider [Japan]
fanclub - trespassing
the very most - multnomah now! (synthpop version)
math and physics club - in dreams
space daze - cosmic sign
the slow summits - the spirit of the lyrics
pop at summer - summer night [Indonesia]
golden teardrops - you're keeping me waiting [Philippines]
olivia's world - blotter
the just joans - wee guys (bobby's got a punctured lung)
flannel - thinking about you [Indonesia]
sprinters - missing
steve buscemi's dreamy eyes - moon
remington super 60 - fake crush [Norway]
slipslide - take me back to ealing
drug couple - be in 2
nos miran - no existo [Spain]
la bien querida - ¿Qué? (feat. Carolina Durante) [Spain]
kero kero bonito - when the fires come
marble arch - gold [France]
cut copy - stars last me a lifetime
swimming tapes - passing ships [Sweden]