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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Holiday show week 1 of 3!

the primitives - you trashed my christmas
the school - happy christmas (don't tell me it's over)
les bicyclettes de belsize - bad christmas (cover version)
axolotes mexicanos - te espero en navidad [Spain]
gomes the hitman - churchbells ringing [Japan]
nat king cole - buon natale (means merry christmas to you)
ray anthony - christmas trumpets/we wish you a merry christmas
the crookes - it's just not christmas without you
math and physics club - cold as minnesota
the decibels - christmas wish
northern portrait - leave the trees alone [Denmark]
attic lights - why should christmas be so hard?
the prissteens - christmas is a time for giving
rope store - never had christmas
the hannah barberas - christmas time is here
nixon - anorak christmas [Sweden]
fandaze - big socks [Japan]
remington super 60 - a winter song [Norway]
gomes the hitman - deck the halls [Japan]
french pop dream - silver bells (christmastime in the city)
tracyanne & danny - santa don't say no
les bicyclettes de belsize - christmas card 1983
the school - kiss you in the snow
max & eliza (from wallflower) - santa claus is coming to town like the way i used to do [Japan]
modular - el viaje mágico de santa claus [Spain]
tesco chainstore mascara - last christmas
les bicyclettes de belsize - a very indie christmas
space cossacks - christmas island
mel-tones - silent night
the hollyberries - i wanna go surfin' with santa
the surfites - staffan var en stallendrang
aqualads - angels we have heard on high
the rory mcbrides - (we like) eggnog!
tiki joe's ocean - jingle bells
the kanaloas - x-mas palm tree
tramgirl karaoke club - an eighties christmas song
popguns - in red and in white
fireflies - x-mas song
sharon jones & the dap-kings - 8 days (of hannukah)
go jimmy go - sleigh ride
the very most - wombling merry christmas
the hit parade - i love christmas
les bicyclettes de belsize - white horses
the hit parade & amelia fletcher - christmas tears
the marbles - christmas song
the decibels - white christmas
homecomings - winter bargain [Japan]
figure - christmas eve of 1992 [Japan]
bubblegum lemonade - show me a miracle
the perfect english weather - christmas single (call me)
tender trap - leaving christmas day
the vapour trails - the christmas con
belle and sebastian - santa, bring my baby back to me
milkmustache - christmas song for christmas night [Japan]
bathing beauty - christmas tears
beanpole - let it snow
yo zushi - merry christmas
camera obscura - the blizzard

Saturday, November 23, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
nah... - road trip! [Germany + Netherlands]
orange & lemons - a beginning of something wonderful [Philippines]
beat mark - boxes
linus of hollywood - summer on your shoulders
boys - rabbits [Sweden]
le superhomard - the pomegranate tree [France]
math and physics club - indian ocean
the springfields - sunflower
darryl wezy - tomorrow [Indonesia]
belle and sebastian - safety valve
slipslide - take me back to ealing
destroyer - it just doesn't happen
sprinters - missing
the sound of pop art - sometimes jessamine
flannel - thinking about you
the radio dept. - we climb the wired fences [Sweden]
picnic republic - time to feel alright [France]
pictured resort - good weather [Japan]
the fin. - crystalline [Japan]

nos miran - quien tú quieres que sea [Spain]
for tracy hyde - september [Japan]
1:25pm Surf Set
the del-rios - storm warning
frankie and the pool boys - the wet season
the concussions - whack job
the kilaueas - the dark wave smells
the beechwoods - watusi at night
the surfites - waggin' your tail
the shockwave! - flow waves
silent james - gone [Spain]
woolworm - let me wear the mask
lake ruth - strange interiors
no vacation - changes
the suncharms - jet plane
the besties - what would tim armstrong do?
the icicles - margie
the school - wasting away and wondering
dressy bessy - honey bee
the essex green - waikiki
northern spies - enda vägen ut (the smittens cover) [Sweden]
the smittens - sweet (tullycraft cover)
tullycraft - no tic, all tac
the apples in stereo - everybody let up
holiday - there's a place
someone still loves you boris yeltsin - full possession of all her powers
tape waves - little eyes (yo la tengo cover)
yo la tengo - from a motel 6
the perfect english weather - emigrant song (how's the weather?)
alpaca sports - feel like going home [Sweden]
camera obscura - i missed your party

Saturday, November 16, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
dead famous people - looking at girls
doggy - ou tu vas [France]
the popguns - can i kick it?
teen runnings - my car [Japan]
the death of pop - what a day
le superhomard - september 9 [France]
remington super 60 - fake crush [Norway]
die katapult - für einen moment [Spain]
pictured resort - heavenly life [Japan]
ed ling - velocity girl (primal scream cover)
belinda may - everyday in love [Japan]
morningwhim - most of the sun shines [Japan]
the radio dept. - someone else [Sweden]
lost tapes - war in the netherlands [Spain]
jeanines - falling off my feet again
big troubles - freudian slips
nice stupid playground - stereo girl [Malaysia]
gomes the hitman - rainbow and sneakers [Japan]
tv girl - benny and the jets
lia pamina - one step [Spain]
the school - is it true
acid house kings - are we lovers or are we friends? [Sweden]
jens lekman - dandelion seed [Sweden]
dent may - love song 2009
silver screen - only ever yours
1:25pm Surf Set
dick dale and his del-tones - break time
the GTV's - the emperor's new jam
the doltones - return to the jupiter [Finland]
the mobsmen - scelerats avenue [Norway]
the surf coasters - vamos por ahi [Japan]
the kilaueas - teenage raptor [Germany]
the madiera - everybody up!
northern portrait - when goodness falls [Denmark]
den baron - gone and done [Germany]
velocity girl - there's only one thing left to say
the go! team - catch me on the rebound
kero kero bonito - you know how it is
alpaca sports - need me the most [Sweden]
kisses - bermuda
cut copy - black rainbows [Australia]
munya - hotel delmano [Canada]
sally shapiro - starman [Sweden]
stereolab - hallucinex
letting up despite great faults - shift
azure blue - millions of stars [Sweden]
starry eyed cadet - worlds collide
e'spaniel - just another day
the primitives - been hiding (ailer's set cover)
holiday - it's wrong to love
the minders - right as rain
marine research - parallel horizontal
young agings - stars [Japan]
silent james - puede ser [Spain]
the decibels - my mind
the dentists - shining like a star

Saturday, November 9, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the suncharms - monster club
post modern team - heartbreak [Japan]
cigarettes after sex - touch
night flowers - fortune teller
pale - switzerland
sally shapiro - time to let go [Sweden]
balloon at dawn - one hundred days [Japan]
pictured resort - stay together [Japan]
the pains of being pure at heart - masokissed
the bilinda butchers - careless teens
the fin. - gravity [Japan]
belinda may - everyday in love [Japan]
still dreams - satellite of you [Japan]
die katapult - mallorca pop [Spain]
dois - cosas [Spain]
belle and sebastian - get me away from here, i'm dying
jeanines - either way
le superhomard - dry salt in our hair [France]
whimsical - crash (the primitives cover)
kero kero bonito - the open road
alpaca sports - she'll come back for indian summer (the royal landscaping society remix) [Sweden]
1:20pm Surf Set
the volcanics - big bossman
the volcanics - superior
the kilaueas - a song called horse
surf muscle - korobeiniki
the mobsmen - wavy's revenge
rondo hatton - backfire
the surfites - campus workout (the royal vikings cover)
the rallies - all over town
push kings - number ones
the decibels - stupidity
the hi-fives - i go feral in just 3 days
groovie ghoulies - school is in
south of france - Comme Ça
new pornographers - twin cinema
a certain smile - cherry bomb
the orange peels - so far
they go boom!! - tumbledown weekend
den baron - have you seen mary too? [Germany]
blueboy - clear skies
the charade - monday morning
the electric pop group - not by another
the catherines - emma's house (field mice cover)
the artic flow - if you need someone (field mice cover)
fascinations grand chorus - echoes
#poundsign# - you're on your own
twin flamingo - long hair [Japan]
summer twins - florence
heavenly - c is the heavenly option
orange & lemons - kailangan kita [Philippines]
band a part - Cómo Hablar Con Chicas En Las Fiestas [Spain]
doggy - Tout Ce Qu'elle Est Devenue [France]
the radio dept. - i don't need love, i've got my band [Sweden]

Saturday, November 2, 2019

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super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
carter the unstoppable sex machine - panic (smiths cover)
lush - heavenly nobodies
juvenile juvenile - wish i was skinny (boo radleys cover) [Japan]

the wonder stuff - merry go round
the lightning seeds - sweet dreams
fabric 70 - space walker [Japan]
Últim cavall - incendi [Spain]
anemone - vanilla (here we go again)
slow beach - slow down
bathe - the silence
the memory fades - big pop stars
happypills - summersong [Japan]
no vacation - changes
the artisans - two hits, three misses
dead famous people - looking at girls
den baron - dito [Germany]
transit my youth - scroll down [Japan]
northern portrait - crazy [Denmark]
the decibels - ship went down
ex-void - only one
young scum - seltzer
the orielles - come down on jupiter
pictured resort - play it by ear [Japan]
1:25pm Surf Set
los straitjackets - the fishin' hole (theme from the andy griffith show)
frankie and the pool boys - tan line fever
the mobsmen - Mediterranean blitz
the doltones - space probe
the madeira - surf fidelis
the volcanics - the traveler
the kilaueas - the men from M.E.N.S.C.H.
the proctors - footsteps
tape waves - age of consent (new order cover)
lake ruth - strange interiors
sprinters - 3s & 4s
the suncharms - jet plane
the catherines (feat. nah...) - some much time and so little to do
the hobbes fanclub - why should you tell the truth?
bart & friends - i'm sure we haven't met before
red sleeping beauty - after all (cardigans cover) [Sweden]
when nalda became punk - daylight saving time [Spain]
happydeadmen - life inside a frame
sugargliders - police me
les bicyclettes de belsize - stop the cavalcades
cassolette - crash (primitives cover)
heavenly - smile
strawberry whiplash - never ending now
the haywains - badgerline day return
the june brides - being there
the cat's miaow - not like i was doing anything
tullycraft - goldie and the gingerbreads
orange & lemons - hey please [Philippines]
picnic repubic - hello!!!
they go boom!! - tumbledown weekend

Saturday, October 19, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
den baron - ghost town [Germany]
the decibels - kiss me carolynne
the radio dept. - pulling our weight [Sweden]
laughed the boy - post card [Canada]
a certain smile - cherry bomb
shin rizumu - kadai midi ongen [Japan]
lost tapes - slumber party [Spain]
no vacation - days
the springfields - sunflower
the fin. - gravity [Japan]
pictured resort - stay together [Japan]
kero kero bonito - the river
munya - hotel delmano [Canada]
alvvays - plimsoll punks [Canada]
fazerdaze - jennifer [New Zealand]
hazel english - more like you
single - el roce [Spain]
the perfect english weather - pennies in the jar
lampukota - definitely my day [Indonesia]
foxes in fiction - rush to spark
no middle name - meet the folks part 2
washed out - it all feels right
1:25pm Spooky Surf Set
howlin' wilson - night of the vampire
blackball bandits - the flyin' pumpkin
the routes - yeti spaghetti
satan's pilgrims - creep beat
ted boys marinos - drukulla
the volcanics - the ghost of ichabad crane
the volcanics - witching hour
the akulas - cemetery stomp
the go! team - lazy poltergeist
ride - leave them all behind
pale beach - enough already [Japan]
pictured resort - summer of '85 [Japan]
special favorite music - machi wo arukeba [Japan]
youth in my videotapes - you don't know i love you [Japan]
post modern team - listen to the music [Japan]
hearsays - when i'm wrong [Japan]
superfriends - let's talk about feelings [Japan]
juvenile juvenile - don't tell your friends [Japan]
fandaze - your smiles [Japan]
SGGK - boy with dead eyes [Japan]
the boo radleys - i hang suspended
cast - finetime
super furry animals - wrap it up
the wedding present - you should always keep in touch with your friends
supergrass - sun hits the sky

Saturday, October 12, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
doggy - les agisseurs [France]
teen runnings - hair wax 95 [Japan]
j girls - kiiro no sekai [Japan]
cristina quesada - bailar conmigo [Spain]
morningwhim - most of the sun shines [Japan]
beach house - dive
pictured resort - play it by ear [Japan]
den baron - i just walked the wrong way [Germany]
northern portrait - new favourite moment [Denmark]
belle and sebastian - another sunny day
allo darlin' - northern lights
elva - athens
elva - ghost writer
making marks - forgive and forget [Norway]
my little pony - skipping down the street [Norway]
the hobbes fanclub - stay gold
tigercats - junior champion
red sleeping beauty - you and me [Sweden]
the shermans - rush hour [Sweden]
acid house kings - heaven knows i miss him now [Sweden]
sambassadeur - kors [Sweden]
club 8 - straight as an arrow [Sweden]
the go! team - ready to go steady
1:20pm Surf Set
the dantes - zebra shoot
the volcanics - panic run
rondo hatton - zero hour
the aqua barons - abandon ship!
men in grey suits - mt. st. genevieve
tsunami experiment - elements/nucleotides
frankie and the pool boys - raise hell
the very most - objective perfect
smittens - sometimes people get sad
math and physics club - across the paper
the proctors - letters to the girl
camera obscura - cri du couer
frankie cosmos - caramelize
tender trap - chemical reaction
heavenly - three star compartment
the besties - what would tim armstrong do?
the palindromes - step
flying fish cove - no ending
toy tambourine - maybe
this certain kind - make your heart bleed
tsuchiyamakoto - kazeta yori [Japan]
swimming pool - tu carta [Spain]
space cubs - 50/50 situations [Indonesia]
say sue me - good people [Korea]
the BVs - clipping
for tracy hyde - september [Japan]
pale beach - enough already [Japan]
dronjo kept by 4 - summer days [Japan]
pocketbooks - falling leaves
jens lekman - to know your mission [Sweden]
wild nothing - chinatown (live from brooklyn steel)
naive super - pacific sketches [Japan]

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Playing the Muffs today in tribute to Kim Shattuck, who passed away this week.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the muffs - changes (david bowie cover)
night flowers - fortune teller
kero kero bonito - battle lines
a certain smile - cherry bomb
the decibels - PFS
missael balmares - polly pocket gil
baker island - opportunities (let's make lots of money) (pet shop boys cover)
den baron - gone and done [Germany]
cassolette - annie
nah... - road trip [Germany/Netherlands]
acid house kings - we're the acid house kings [Sweden]
the memory fades - run away
the youth hostel - september [Japan]
recreations - winter balloon [Japan]
stephen's shore - counting days [Sweden]
jeanines - falling off my feet again
majestic - bub
the muffs - everywhere i go
heavenly - tool
marine research - at the lost and found
teenage fanclub - baby lee
le superhomard - mister corn [France]
helen love - let's go surfing
1:20pm Surf Set
burt rocket - the agent from planet spy
the kilaueas - return of the monkey spy
pirato ketchup - escape from tridion
balu & die surfgrammeln - die traurige grammel
men in grey suits - nuuanu
the pyramids - penetration
mighty surf lords - sunset on maui
the moments - summershine (sea urchins cover) [Japan]
gomes the hitman - hareta hi no asurito [Japan]
pictured resort - someday [Japan]
reiko kudo/pastels/tenniscoats - sodane
orange & lemons - she's leaving home [Philippines]
fastbacks - gone to the moon
the decibels - but i love you
the muffs - rock & roll girl
the mr. t experience - stephanies of the world unite
tsunami - in a name
the suncharms - tranquil day
strawberry whiplash - september saturday
bubblegum lemonade - cool guitar girl
no vacation - days
Últim cavall - incendi [Spain]
star tropics - the other side of midnight
soccer mommy - lucy
hellogoodbye - when we first met
tahiti 80 - seven seas [France]
left banke - pretty ballerina
lake - perfect fit
foxes in fiction - say yes to violence
the muffs - saying goodbye

Saturday, September 28, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
math and physics club - coastal california 1985
elva - airport town
rat fancy - never is forever
happypills - glider [Japan]
young agings - remember me [Japan]
le superhomard - snowflakes [France]
letting up despite great faults - teenage tide
the popguns - star
the artisans - two hits, three misses
fanclub - dreamers
red sleeping beauty - someone somewhere [Sweden]
the perfect english weather - call me when the rain comes (drum mix)
the yearning - do you remember?
kishi bashi - penny rabbit and summer bear
humsikk - i can always be around you [Indonesia]
the leaves - maybe tonight [Japan]
rocketship - i'm lost without you
the springfields - sunflower
flying fish cove - en garde
a certain smile - honey do
the radio dept - i don't need love, i've got my band [Sweden]
the memory fades - listening to the marychain
wild nothing - summer holiday (live from brooklyn steel)
1:20 Surf Set
the shockwave! - after stormy weather
frankie and the pool boys - the wet season
the concussions - storm team dave
rondo hatten - storm surge
the aquamarines - stormtail
the surfites - rainy days in space
the go! team - hey!
la casa azul - la revolucion sexual (2019 mix) [Spain]
two door cinema club - so many people (high contrast remix)
generationals - say for certain
freedom fry - the boy with the thorn in his side (the smiths cover)
morrissey - certain people i know
the fin. - melt into the blue [Japan]
the death of pop - last
superchunk - reagan youth
joy cleaner - pink lite
transit my youth - scroll down [Japan]
foxes in fiction - rush to spark
babe rainbow - many moons of love [Australia]
oslo oscillator - peninsular [Norway]
champion of youth - bearpits
karibean - we need the sun [Italy]
doggy - cheville oeil coeur [France]
my favorite - homeless club kids (future bible heroes remix)
anemone - endless dive
the ambient light - when i fade out
orange and lemons - days and nights [Philippines]
den baron - i just walked the wrong way [Germany]

Saturday, September 21, 2019

First hour of the show covered by my buddy Maynard G, then I step in at 1:00pm.

days - downhill
banana collection - teen wonder [Japan]
young agings - armor [Japan]
tv girl - lonely girls
SGGK - boy with dead eyes [Japan]
pictured resort - age of evening calm [Japan]
1:20pm Surf Set
the surfites - far and beyond
man or astro-man? - espanto del futuro
dick dale & his del-tones - break time
the kanaloas - the day of malibu war
the kilaueas - la gondola lactasia
los kahunas - 6G15
king pelican - morocco
tikiyaki orchestra - kono's revenge
the sweetest touch - too many dust, too many haze [Indonesia]
teen runnings - new power [Japan]
the seashells - lovebirds
evripidis and his tragedies - kati gia mena (featuring nalyssa green) [Greece]
lost tapes - rubber bracelet [Spain]
the fin. - gravity [Japan]
colormal - maximum [Japan]
the wedding present - panama
still dreams - satellite of you [Japan]
pure mids - walking in place
den baron - goodbye night [Germany]
the decibels - stupidity
attic lights - kings of whatever
tullycraft - vacaville
young guv - every flower i see
the proctors - letters to the girl
jeanines - why
doggy - spud [France]
munya - hotel delmano
anemone - vanilla (here we go again)
hibou - an hour of vision
starry eyed cadet - slow

Saturday, September 14, 2019

First half the show covered by Mr. Modular today, many thanks to him!

1:20pm Surf Set
los straitjackets - ashokan farewell
the volcanics - ship has sailed
the aqua barons - into the deep
the head henchmen - craig charles taxi
the mobsmen - barbershop accident
frankie and the pool boys - hang 'em high
burt rocket - the great brain robbery
hibou - flood
lost tapes - lost in youth [Spain]
the fin. - when the summer is over [Japan]
plant cell - escape (soft ballet cover) [Japan]
kero kero bonito - when the fires come
den baron - now is the time [Germany]
the last detail - trash core
foxes in fiction - rush to spark
heavenly - nous ne sommes pas des anges
JIV - for you [Japan]
watoo watoo - au fond des alles [France]
nixon - out of love [Sweden]
mumbly - 1, 2, i lost you
le superhomard - refuel [France]
doggy - les agisseurs [France]
freedom fry - je taime moi non plus (serge gainesbourg cover)
yelle - florence en italie [France]
picnic republic - time to feel alright [France]
the shapiros - paris kiss
clémentine - easy money [France]
the castaway stones - daydream of you at night

Saturday, September 7, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
surfer blood - summer song (Chad & Jeremy cover)
apples in stereo - signal in the sky
halfby - repeat [Japan]
den baron - now is the time [Germany]
rat fancy - making trouble
low perfection - see you
tori project - ai wa ossan o sukuu [Japan]
anri - remember summer days [Japan]
the last detail - places
la bien querida - ¿Qué? [Spain]
night flowers - fortune teller
the chesterfields - ask johnny dee
the suncharms - spaceship
picnic republic - man in the mirror [France]
no vacation - estrangers
the planet we can see - steps [Japan]
lia pamina & dario persi - midnight walk [Spain & Italy]
kero kero bonito - try me
pizzicato five - domino
cibo matto - beef jerky
the go! team - reason left to destroy
the very most - number five
starry eyed cadet - baby please come home
1:20pm Surf Set
rondo hatten - o.k. boys, let's get western
the aqua barons - zehra
the kilaueas - the dark wave smells
frankie and the pool boys - prayer wheel
the shockwave! - flow waves
the mobsmen - pow wow
the surf zombies - flat black
the whip hand - lay down
teen blush - felt like home
cigarettes after sex - heavenly
this certain kind - make your heart bleed
the memory fades - space pilot
doggy - oó tu vas [France]
terry vs tori - chambré [Spain]
the popguns - a miserable boy
dronjo kept by 4 - what a wonderful world [Japan]
the proctors - space station
miniature tigers - manic upswings
movienite - nervous rex
moon loves honey - crystal clear
piroshka - everlastingly yours
linda guilala - salga bien [Spain]
lost tapes - war in the netherlands
anemone - sunshine (back to the start)
happypills - swimming [Japan]
the sweetest touch - crystal shades [Indonesia]