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Friday, May 17, 2019

This week and next week (May 18 & 25), DJ's Tommy Fox & Irie-Sistable will be filling in on the Happyoblivion Show.  Enjoy!

Saturday, May 11, 2019
super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
den baron - bonving [Germany]
silent james - puede ser [Spain]
math & physics club - graduation day
kero kero bonito - graduation
the very most - congratulations forever
heron - light
le superhomard - meadow lane park [France]
alpaca sports - saddest girl in the world [Sweden]
bubblegum lemonade - an avenue in france
red sleeping beauty - don't cry for me, california [Sweden]
Band À Part - Cómo Hablar Con Chicas En Las Fiestas [Spain]
la casa azul - el colapso gravitacional [Spain]
post modern team - this time passing [Japan]
young agings - my universe [Japan]
dronjo kept by 4 - parker [Japan]
the BV's - catapult [Germany]
jeanines - winter in the dark
talulah gosh - bringing up baby
pale sunday - go ahead [Brazil]
mademoiselle nineteen - au jardin [France]
cariño - momento inadecuado [Spain]
the go! team - the answer's no, now what's the question?
1:20pm Surf Set
aqua velvets - in a spanish mood
burt rocket - mexican meltdown
the volcanics - el dorado
dick dale & his del-tones - mexico
martin cilia - south of the equator
the aqua barons - salsa picante
man or astro-man? - taco wagon
swim - dead end
souvenir driver - spin
terry vs tori - heathers [Spain]
picnic republic - easy way out (elliot smith cover) [France]
e'spaniel - just another day
baby lemonade - all down to you
the pariahs - faith means nothing
pale fruit - pink [Japan]
i do not love - so simple
putochinomaricon - deporte nacional [Spain]
cristina quesada - crush the flowers [Spain]
neleonard - el ultimo segundo [Spain]
charmwood - honesty
star tropics - the other side of midnight
orange & lemons - when i'm with you [Philippines]
the decibels - it's not me
tullycraft - hearts at the sound
pictured resort - stars above [Japan]
youthcomics - weekend [Japan]
the recreations - someday i will [Japan]
holiday - she never
the hang ups - cornerstore
anemone - she's the one

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Late notice: the Happyoblivion Show will be subbed by Kevan and Maynard G today.  I'll be back next Saturday!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
jeanines - either way
bart & friends - who am i to say no
crayon - the snap-tight wars
my favorite - absolute beginners
the pastels - check my heart
moscow olympics - talk like this [Philippines]
the fin. - come further [Japan]
red sleeping beauty - always on your side [Sweden]
picnic republic - coming up roses [France]
the crabs - debutante
the shapiros - gone by fall
orange & lemons - if i could speak my mind [Philippines]
the leisure society - overheard
the ballet - love letter
linda guilala - estado natural [Spain]
fanclub - imprint
piroshka - hated by the powers that be
den baron - have you seen mary too [Germany]
camera obscura - swans
the suncharms - film soundtrack
yoshida shonen - usago no tsuno [Japan]
bubblegum lemonade - first dance for the last time
the gentle isolation - alone for a while [Philippines]
1:25pm Surf Set
the kilaueas - return of the monkey spy
the spokane mystics - check point
the del-vipers - kapu
the aqua barons - salsa picante
rondo hatten - blast off
los straitjackets - the fishin' hole (theme from the andy griffith show)
shiny times - keep passing through
elva - athens
elva - tailwind
charmwood - show me your love
les bicyclettes de belsize - stop the cavalcades
cristina quesada - y descubrir que te quiero [Spain]
putochinomaricon - doble tic azul [Spain]
halfby - nice buddy!!! [Japan]
la casa azul - nunca nadie pudo volar [Spain]
two door cinema club - satellite
abbie ozard - growing pains
honey moon - if i could only dream
blankenberge - go [Russia]
los bonsáis - algo estraño [Spain]
dronjo kept by 4 - beat it nice [Japan]
boyish - kimi no koe [Japan]
cherry blossom kids - let's run away [Denmark]
the infinites - nina segovia
rat fancy - making trouble
nah... - summers failing [Germany+Netherlands]
sambassadeur - orustfjord [Sweden]
the perfect english weather - only shadows

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Super Furry Animals "Juxtapozed With U"
The Apples In Stereo "What's the #?"
Holiday "Something About You"
Tullycraft "It's Not Explained, It's Delaware"
The Decibels "Misery"
The Minders "Right as Rain"
Tsuchiyamakoto "in a new town" [Japan]
den baron "bonving" [Germany]
Sambassadeur "Ex on the Beach" [Sweden]
The Depreciation Guild "Dream About Me"
Letting Up Despite Great Faults "Pageantry"
Fanclub "Uppercut"
The Radio Dept. "We Made the Team" [Sweden]
Wild Nothing "Blue Wings"
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart "When I Dance with You"
Craft Spells "Scandinavian Crush"
The Bilinda Butchers "The Lovers' suicide"
Jens Lekman "How We Met, The Long Version" [Sweden]
Le Superhomard "Paper Girl" [France]
Kero Kero Bonito "Make Believe"
Alpaca Sports "Feel Like Going Home" [Sweden]
Camera Obscura "French Navy"
Belle & Sebastian "For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea"
The Surf Coasters "happy easter!" [Japan]
The Aqua Barons "Eesos"
Martin Cilia "South of the Equator"
The Del-Rios "Hot Doggin'"
Burt Rocket "Stomping Midget"
Men in Grey Suits "hawaii 5-0"
Alvvays "Next Of Kin"
Fazerdaze "Little Uneasy" [New Zealand]
Real Estate "Kinder Blumen"
Nah "Apple Blossoms" [Germany/Netherlands]
Dutch Criminal Record "Graduate"'
Talulah Gosh "Don't Go Away"
Velocity Girl "what you say"
The Fairways "The Back of the Hand"
Jeanines "Either Way"
Heavenly "Sort of Mine"
Mr. Husband "friends"
Piroshka "Everlastingly Yours"
Brideshead "Love makes the sun shine bright"
The Boo Radleys "I Hang Suspended"
Lush "I Have the Moon"
Star Tropics "The Other Side of Midnight"
Anemone "On Your Own"
The Artisans "Two Hits, Three Misses"
They Go Boom !! "Tumbledown Weekend"
Soft Science "Sooner"

Saturday, April 13, 2019

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
majestic ~ overcoat ~ live it up
elva ~ ghost writer
jumprope ~ kites are fun (free design cover) ~ bookshelf adventures
homecomings ~ don't worry boys ~ sale of broken dreams [Japan]
strawberry whiplash ~ stop, look, and listen
moscow olympics ~ keeping the avenues open [Philippines]
piroshka ~ run for your life ~ brickbat
the ballet ~ love letter
linda guilala ~ espacio de tiempo ~ estado natural [Spain]
film jacket 35 ~ something you should do
fanclub ~ uppercut
bubblegum lemonade ~ our mother's house
tullycraft ~ hearts at the sound ~ the railway prince hotel
apples in stereo ~ that's something i do
papas fritas ~ let's go down to the town oasis
picnic republic ~ division day (elliot smith cover) [France]
evening cinema ~ addiction & depression [Japan]
baby lemonade ~ all down to you [Scotland]
tender trap ~ oh katrina ~ film molecules
illuminati hotties ~ i wanna keep yr dog
lois ~ strumpet
velocity girl ~ sorry again
strawberry someday ~ slow stalker [Thailand]
1:20pm Surf Set
man or astro-man? ~ alien visitors
the cosmic wrays ~ ellen barkin across the 8th dimension
the surfaris ~ point panic
the meltones ~ custom cruiser
the mysteriums ~ the savage
los venturas ~ go-go GTO (full throttle)
frankie rose ~ a forest (cure cover)
spinanes ~ hawaiian baby
gaze ~ shady
the free design ~ i found love
sugar hiccup ~ someday [Philippines]
the luxembourg signal ~ dying star
poor moon ~ holiday
soft science ~ breaking
marine research ~ queen b
cape canaveral ~ oblivious (galaxie 500 cover)
teenage fanclub ~ pet rock
the orange peels ~ back in san francisco
allen clapp ~ whenever we're together
big star ~ back of a car
mudhoney ~ pump it up (elvis costello cover)
superchunk ~ hellow hawk
nothing painted blue ~ swivelchair
the wedding present ~ montreal
the jesus & mary chain ~ rollercoaster
lush ~ 500
rodan ~ darjeeling

Saturday, April 6, 2019

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
le superhomard ~ meadow lane park ~ meadow lane park [France]
john girgus & the legendary house cats ~ act two
picnic republic ~ on our own [France]
the proctors ~ perfect world
bart & friends ~ i'm sure we haven't me before
the fin. ~ outskirts (acoustic version) [Japan]
night school ~ july
other too pure songs ~ sunday [Japan]
boyish ~ color film [Japan]
the earth earth ~ misunderstanding [Japan]
delsbo beach club ~ another day [Sweden]
simen mitlid ~ chaotic good [Norway]
nevver ~ redencion [Spain]
silent james ~ puede ser [Spain]
elva ~ ghost writer
blue jeans ~ jenny am i fading
the hannah barberas ~ i like you in blue
outerhope ~ no end in sight [Philippines]
the gentle isolation ~ is it possible to see you again [Philippines]
fanclub ~ stranger
neleonard ~ lo mas importante [Spain]
kero kero bonito ~ swimming
la casa azul ~ gran esfera ~ la gran esfera [Spain]
cariño ~ su portal [Spain]
young agings ~ unconsciousness [Japan]
1:20pm Surf Set
reverberati ~ 77 ~ combat surf
the mobsmen ~ le mans
the apaches ~ pacific coast highway
i fat tones ~ the legend of the masked hero
frankie and the pool boys ~ magic river
blackball bandits ~ blackball stomp
the 427's ~ liberty belle
some gorgeous accident ~ luminescence [Philippines]
business of dreams ~ keep the blues away
anemone ~ memory lane ~ beat my distance
marble arch ~ gold [France]
the death of pop ~ 08:10
tullycraft ~ vacaville ~ the railway prince hotel
attic lights ~ people come on ~ love in the time of shark attacks
the decibels ~ sympathy
los bonsáis ~ septiembre [Spain]
fake laugh ~ honesty
the pariahs ~ going down niagra falls
the perfect english weather ~ pennies in the jar
swimming tapes ~ pyrenees [Sweden]
broncho ~ keep it in line
dylan mondegreen ~ don't call me
camden ~ scars
winter & triptides ~ raio de sol
the strange creatures ~ stargazer [Philippines]
orange & lemons ~ my butterfly [Philippines]
the camerawalls ~ changing horses midstream [Philippines]
ang bandang shirley ~ polygonal graphs [Philippines]
your imaginary friends ~ oh liza [Philippines]

Saturday, March 30, 2019

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
teen runnings ~ don't care about me [Japan]
kero kero bonito ~ trampoline

Youthcomics "L.L.D." [Japan]
Jens Lekman "Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo" [Sweden]

camera obscura "the sweetest thing"

sambassadeur "stuck (azure blue remix)" [Sweden]

red sleeping beauty "the swedish winter" [Sweden]

glom "tell me who to be"

terry vs tori "braille" [Spain]

fake laugh "surrounded"

the ocean blue "therein lies the problem with my life"

the artisans "all at sea"

le superhomard "elephant in the room" [France]

la casa azul "el colapso gravitacional" [Spain]

anemone "she's the one"

lost tapes "six by six" [Spain]
the decibels "she thinks of everything"

tullycraft "has your boyfriend lost his flavor on the bedpost overnight"

attic lights "kings of whatever"

brideshead "at melancholy bay" [Germany]

the kensingtons "the ground came up to meet us"

norton "two points" [Portugal]
1:20pm Surf Set

reverberati "zako"

the head henchmen "craig charles taxi"

terremotor "piratas do lago aratimbo"

the kilaueas "touch my alien"

drifting sand "surf, surf, surf"

the surf mist "tailspin"

fanclub "leaves"

young agings "stars" [Japan]

star tropics "the other side of midnight"

parks, squares, and alleys "lucky 9" [Russia]

orange & lemons "kailangan kita" [Philippines]

space daze "cosmic sign"

los bonsais "buena idea" [Spain]

yawners "la escalera" [Spain]

cristina quesada "mona lisa" [Spain]

cariño "nada sigue igual" [Spain]

picnic republic "MCMLXXXIV (1984)" [France]

tv girl "natalie wood"

winter & triptides "doce violeta"

strawberry whiplash "who's in your dreams"

post modern team "never let you down" [Japan]

alpaca sports "without you" [Sweden]

pains of being pure at heart "my only"

spice boys & boys "think about you a lot"

XTC "earn enough for us"

the very most "today it is even better (watoo watoo remix)"

ice choir "unprepared"

the bilinda butchers "the lover's suicide"

business of dreams "NREAM"

stars in coma "for the oblique minds" [Sweden]
mariana in our heads ~ september [Japan]
youth in my videotapes ~ summer rain, beside me [Japan]
juvenile juvenile ~ memories [Japan]
wallflower ~ feverfew [Japan]
the english beat ~ save it for later

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Thanks to everyone who contributed during KTUH's Radiothon and thank you to DJ Ross Jackson for subbing in for me last week! 

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
whyte horses ~ i saw the light
fortuna POP! all-stars ~ you can hide your love forever
star tropics ~ the other side of midnight
the muldoons ~ lovely things
mikey collins ~ west coast
the ambient light ~ summer thoughts
stars in coma ~ destroying the love [Sweden]
ocean chimes ~ adios amigos [Indonesia]
the artisans ~ no suspicious circumstances
linda guilala ~ mucho mejor (reworked by soft regime) [Spain]
la casa azul ~ el final del amor eterno ~ la gran esfera [Spain]
two door cinema club ~ talk
papercuts ~ kathleen says
swimming tapes ~ passing ships [Sweden]
the fin. ~ snow (again) (of montreal remix) [Japan]
azure blue ~ the rose [Sweden]
the ballet ~ but i'm a top
kero kero bonito ~ the open road
the go! team ~ apollo throwdown ~ rolling blackouts
puffy amiyumi ~ boogie woogie no. 5 [Japan]
pizzicato five ~ sweet soul revue [Japan]
shonen knife ~ strawberry cream puff [Japan]
sunny summer day ~ in summertime (feat. cris miller) [Indonesia]
1:25pm Dick Dale Surf Set
dick dale & his del-tones ~ (ghost) riders in the sky
men in grey suits ~ pipeline
dick dale & his del-tones ~ hava nagila
the apemen ~ miserlou (live)
man or astro-man ~ taco wagon
surfaris ~ dick dale medley (live) (let's go trippin, surf beat, miserlou)
dick dale & the del-tones ~ the wedge
wild nothing ~ chinatown
sunshower ~ almaty [Japan]
coughs ~ still dreaming [Japan]
birgitta alida ~ glory [Norway]
marble arch ~ gold [France]
bubblegum lemonade ~ our mother's house
tugboat captain ~ be strong, smoke less
the pirouettes ~ lescalier [France]
frankie cosmos ~ dancing
the lightning seeds ~ sweet dreams
gene ~ still can't find the phone ~ olympian
the ocean blue ~ sublime
super furry animals ~ (drawing) rings around the world
the stone roses ~ what the world is waiting for ~ turns into stone
teenage fanclub ~ winter
redd kross ~ how much more?
supergrass ~ alright
suede ~ it starts and ends with you
pulp ~ razzmatazz
james ~ crazy
ash ~ girl from mars

Friday, March 15, 2019

Very special guest DJ Ross Jackson will be filling in for me this Saturday (3/16/19) 12-3pm for the final day of Radiothon at KTUH! Please call (808) 956-5288 during the Happyoblivion Show, or donate online ( Listen at 90.1FM Honolulu, 91.1FM North Shore, Digital Cable 866, and streaming online at

Friday, March 8, 2019

It's a very special Radiothon at KTUH!  It's our 50th year of existence, and we need your support to keep the station running at its best.  It's also the 10th year of the Happyoblivion Show, and your donations during my show help demonstrate how important this music is to you.  Please call (808) 956-5288 during the Happyoblivion Show, March 9, 12-3pm, or donate online.   Next week, for the second Radiothon show, a very special guest DJ, Ross Jackson, will be filling in for me.  Thank you so much for your support!

Due to Radiothon preparations requiring extra time, for March 9, the playlist will be on the KTUH website.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
los bonsais ~ septiembre ~ hinoki [Spain]
kero kero bonito ~ swimming
orange & lemons ~ a beginning of something wonderful [Philippines]
le superhomard ~ door after door ~ meadow lane park [France]
lost tapes ~ the bill [Spain]
anemone ~ bout de toi ~ baby only you & i [Canada]
anemone ~ she's the one ~ beat my distance [Canada]
lush ~ olympia ~ lovelife
girl in red ~ homecoming [Norway]
yohuna ~ mirroring [Japan]
grrrl gang ~ just a game [Indonesia]
the perfect english weather ~ only shadows
laura k ~ saboteur
cariño ~ mierda seca ~ movidas [Spain]
star tropics ~ the other side of midnight
eri n ~ dreams tonight (alvvays cover) [Japan]
tullycraft ~ midi midinette ~ the railway prince hotel
the apples in stereo ~ no vacation ~ travellers in space and time
the decibels ~ hey emily ~ scene, not herd
young agings ~ my universe ~ before i go [Japan]
brave irene ~ tangled line ~ brave irene
the besties ~ what would tim armstrong do
1:20pm Surf Set
the mobsmen ~ lazurite
the del-rios ~ hot doggin'
surf me up, scotty! ~ lightning bolt
the kilaueas ~ getaway board
frankie and the pool boys ~ poser
the aquamarines ~ stormtail
the surf mist ~ swelligant
tv girl ~ pretty boys ~ death of a party girl
pictured resort ~ daylight moonlight [Japan]
stars in coma ~ destroying the love [Sweden]
dent may ~ don't let them ~ across the multiverse
the orange peels ~ back in san francisco ~ so far
ciao bella ~ how low?
superfriends ~ let's talk about feelings [Japan]
the very most ~ smiling surprise
baffin island ~ you make two weeks two days
math and physics club ~ jimmy had a polaroid
belle & sebastian ~ wrapped up in books
the hi-life companion ~ sabatini ~ our years in the wilderness
pocketbooks ~ promises, promises
tiny fireflies ~ so sad to say goodbye
alpaca sports ~ birds ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
heavenly ~ cool guitar boy ~ heavenly vs. satan
tiger trap ~ you're sleeping
marine life ~ for the camera shy
strawberry whiplash ~ what do they say about me
bart and friends ~ everything goes quiet in the end
the electric pop group ~ the way it used to be
the shermans ~ fly away
making marks ~ hard to be good
turks & caicos ~ this town [Indonesia]