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Saturday, September 8, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
watoo watoo ~ au fond des allees [France]
outerhope ~ out to sea ~ switched on [Philippines]
stereolab ~ brittle ~ switched on
cooper ~ graciela ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacion
family ~ viaje a los suenos polares ~ un soplo en el corazon
lightning in a twilight hour ~ the pattern room
alpaca sports ~ i'll do anything you want ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
alpaca sports ~ baby pop [Sweden]
red sleeping beauty ~ just for fun [Sweden]
alpaca sports ~ books i've read ~ from paris with love [Sweden]
cristina quesada ~ just for fun (alpaca sports cover) [Spain]
moscow club ~ celine (feat. amanda akerman from alpaca sports) [Japan]
sambassadeur ~ stranded [Sweden]
pains of being pure at heart ~ the body
teenage fanclub ~ star sign ~ bandwagonesque
ride ~ making judy smile ~ going blank again
kero kero bonito ~ time today
axolotes mexicanos ~ farmacia ~ salu2 [Spain]
les tres bien ensemble ~ a helene [Spain]
la casa azul ~ la polinesia meridional ~ la polinesia meridional [Spain]
guatafan ~ pink punk party [Spain]
helen love ~ let's go surfing
1:20pm Surf Set
the aquamarines ~ a surfer's life
frankie and the pool boys ~ tan line fever ~ spin the bottle
the apemen ~ cruisin ~ 7 inches of love
the shockwave ~ she bop ~ contact from space
blackball bandits ~ blackball stomp ~ the lost mission
the mobsmen ~ le mans ~ fraternitas aurum factorem
pizzicato five ~ baby love child
giorgio tuma with laetitia sadier ~ through your hands love can shine
saint etienne ~ you're in a bad way
tv girl ~ misery ~ the wild, the innocent, the tv shuffle
jens lekman ~ to know your mission ~ life will see you now
modular ~ picnic en arco iris
neleonard ~ mariadel [Spain]
the school ~ wasting away and wondering
the primitives ~ lose the reason
lia pamina & dario persi ~ so far tonight [Spain/Italy]
papa topo ~ lo que me gusta del verano es poder tomar helado [Spain]
the perfect kiss ~ polaroid dream ~ filter
the yearning ~ do you remember? ~ take me all over the world
marine life ~ the young and free
linda guilala ~ verano [Spain]
tesco chainstore mascara ~ you lost me at hello
milkyway ~ shine (go to california) [Spain]
las annettes ~ la luz del sol [Spain]
band a part ~ la merienda [Spain]
san francisco ~ todos los besos del mundo [Spain]
astrud ~ somos el uno para el otro
cola jet set ~ dosificate [Spain]
attic lights ~ war years (reworked by la casa azul)

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Back on air today after missing last week due to what was once a category 5 hurricane.

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
big star ~ september gurls
stephen's shore ~ the sun ~ september love [Sweden]
the bilinda butchers ~ half open
mariana in our heads ~ september ~ since you get home EP [Japan]
velocity girl ~ tripping wires
plant cell ~ shine (slowdive cover) [Japan]
ride ~ chelsea girl
bourgeois ~ do i really have to understand you [Indonesia]
gomes the hitman ~ twilight, twilight, dawn [Japan]
watoo watoo ~ modern express [France]
the very most ~ let her dance
the vapour trails ~ godspeed it
tears run rings ~ helios heliadae
figure ~ christmas eve of 1992 [Japan]
frøkedal ~ david [Norway]
fazerdaze ~ take it slow [New Zealand]
basement revolver ~ johnny ~ heavy eyes
alvvays ~ your type ~ antisocialites
summer twins ~ stop & go ~ limbo
camera obscura ~ every weekday ~ desire lines
men in grey suits ~ bossa amore ~ return of the cnidarians
frankie and the pool boys ~ the wet season ~ spin the bottle
the nebulas ~ swan lake
the kilaueas ~ saturday nite at the lavapond ~ mundaka calls
reverberati ~ zako ~ combat surf
the mobsmen ~ lacanau ~ fraternitas aurum factorem
blackball bandits ~ saturday night (end of the world)
the ambient light ~ summer thoughts
hibou ~ hide away
djokovic ~ relay [France]
pains of being pure at heart ~ say no to love
belle and sebastian ~ crash (primitives cover)
the lousy pop group ~ that kind of pop song [Indonesia]
the sunbathers ~ summer's gone
oslo oscillator ~ newlands [Norway]
cullen omori ~ four years ~ the diet
summer magic ~ hey!
yolanda ~ goldtimes ~ what vision
team me ~ patrick wolf & daniel johns ~ to the treetops [Norway]
gabby's world ~ rear view
dutch criminal record ~ waiting on the weekend
summer salt ~ heart and my car
hazel english ~ never going home
no vacation ~ yam yam
frankie rose ~ cage tropical
peel dream machine ~ qi velocity
stereolab ~ la demeure ~ margerine eclipse
honey moon ~ yours, girl
surfer blood ~ frozen
sugarspin ~ crossroad [Indonesia]
eduardo ogawa ~ someone to spend time with
kim gray ~ taking it too easy
pre nup ~ the grudge

Friday, August 24, 2018

Due to Hurricane Lane, KTUH Is currently only broadcasting the Emergency Alert System automated information until Sunday 9am (tentatively). There will be no Happyoblivion Show this Saturday 8/25/18. Take care and stay safe!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

More summer songs!  It's hot and humid in Honolulu for sure...

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
autumn leaves ~ the summer's gone ~ treats and treasures
pearlfishers ~ we're gonna save the summer ~ young picnickers
surf city ~ beat the summer heat ~ jekyll island [New Zeland]
brown recluse ~ summer showers ~ evening tapestry
gold motel ~ summer house
spirit award ~ summer
the zephyr bones ~ weird summer
triptides ~ summer is over ~ afterglow
golden teardrops ~ a summer escape
wallflower ~ summer's end getaway [Japan]
the tallyhoes ~ summer magic [Japan]
a certain smile ~ summer blonde
luby sparks ~ hateful summer [Japan]
public access t.v. ~ summertime
dot dash ~ summer lights ~ searchlights
neon indian ~ deadbeat summer ~ psychic chasms
the proper ornaments ~ summer's gone ~ wooden head
las kellies ~ summer breeze [Argentina]
winter ~ waiting for the summer
acid house kings ~ summer days [Sweden]
voxes ~ sons of summer [France]
chelsea times ~ i hate summer [Japan]
peaness ~ summer song
antonio carlos jobim ~ surfboard [Brazil]
martin cilia ~ makua beach [Australia]
the mutants ~ beachwolley mudparty [Finland]
los venturas ~ beach bunny [Belgium]
the dukes of surf ~ summer of love
the electric pop group ~ summer's day [Sweden]
magic kids ~ summer ~ memphis
working ~ can't wait for summer
maitee ~ summer dream [Japan]
jumprope ~ bright summer sky ~ bookshelf adventures
bmx bandits ~ nuclear summertime ~ theme park
dent may ~ summer is over ~ warm blanket
sweater girls ~ summer girls
the sweetest touch ~ first day of summer [Indonesia]
northern bright ~ icecream summer [Japan]
shin rizumu ~ summer rainbow [Japan]
youth genius ~ hollywood summer! [Japan]
yaoyoros ~ toke dashita natsu ni [Japan]
boyish ~ summer portraits [Japan]
daisyblue ~ summery film [Japan]
sandals ~ summer journey [Japan]
the pirouettes ~ hortensia summer [France]
sameblod ~ norwegian summer [Sweden]
the arctic flow ~ one wretched summer
obedient wives club ~ summerloove [Singapore]
seapony ~ late summer
the ladybug transistor ~ like a summer rain
still corners ~ endless summer

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Playing summer songs this week and next week.  Enjoy!

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
the school ~ summer's here ~ loveless unbeliever
acid house kings ~ i write summer songs for no reason ~ sing along with acid house kings [Sweden]
space daze ~ woke up in the summer (shiny times) ~ phases
alpaca sports ~ summer days [Sweden]
sunny summer day ~ in summertime (feat Cris Miller) (new version) [Indonesia]
travel kyoto ~ summer days
carnival park ~ this feels like summer [Philippines]
kero kero bonito ~ forever summer holiday
when nalda became punk ~ summer, you and me [Spain]
youthcomics ~ summer crawl [Japan]
linus of hollywood ~ summer on your shoulders
lia pamina & dario persi ~ il mio monde [Spain/Italy]
true love always ~ summer trains and tears
peonies ~ summer [Indonesia]
aaps ~ summer trip [Japan]
cozy catastrophes ~ summer boy
wonder wonder ~ early summer [Japan]
verandah ~ let's summer [Japan]
future bible heroes ~ real summer ~ memories of love
the recreations ~ summer days [Japan]
evening cinema ~ everlasting summer [Japan]
the proctors ~ summer begins
special favorite music ~ summer serve [Japan]
1:25pm Surf Set
frankie and the pool boys ~ summer cold ~ spin the bottle
martin cilia ~ christmas in july
the stingrays ~ panic beach
the astronauts ~ surf party
the beach boys ~ surfer girl
postal blue ~ summer is what you call it [Brazil]
the french pop dream ~ the 1st day of summer
the very most ~ a mid-80s lower-middle class family summer road trip ~ a year with the very most
abderdeen ~ super sunny summer
sunny intervals ~ until the summer ~ step into spring
pocketbooks ~ summertime
the bridge ~ summertime
strawberry story ~ summer scene
gingerly's ~ summer cramps
wild nothing ~ summer holiday
tahiti 80 ~ coldest summer (the reflex revision) [France]
halfnoise ~ in the summer
the pains of being pure at heart ~ summer of dreams ~ days of abandon
star tropics ~ summer rain
strawberry whiplash ~ looking out for summer
king of prussia ~ spain in the summertime
westkust ~ summer 3d [Sweden]
youth in my videotapes ~ summer rain, beside me [Japan]
boyish ~ second summer love [Japan]
someday ~ summer project [Thailand]
preston cochrane ~ summer flings ~ stumble into tomorrow
night flowers ~ summer rain
the moments ~ summershine (sea urchins cover) [Japan]

Saturday, August 4, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
gentle ivanhoe death skulls ~ break the spell easy as hell
t. soomian ~ can't hold my love ~ love relief
tanukichan ~ natural ~ sundays
fortuna POP! all-stars ~ you can hide your love forever
the muldoons ~ rub it in [Scotland]
space daze ~ never have fun
snail mail ~ pristine ~ lush
honey mustard sauce ~ ice cream ~ freezer [Japan]
#poundsign# ~ piano song ~ underneath the marquee
the smittens ~ three states
thee mightees ~ record store day
nixon ~ our time has come [Sweden]
the pirouettes ~ ce paradis [France]
the perfect kiss ~ polaroid dream ~ filter
musique le pop ~ mateo [Norway]
red sleeping beauty ~ falling out of love [Sweden]
kero kero bonito ~ forever summer holiday
kero kero bonito ~ fish bowl (frankie cosmos remix)
tv girl ~ blue hair ~ death of a party girl
the go! team ~  chain link fence ~ semicircle
day wave ~ still let you down
homecomings ~ you never kiss [Japan]
1:20pm Surf Set
the run-a-bouts ~ wild fire
frankie and the pool boys ~ smoke jumper ~ spin the bottle
los kahunas ~ another summer song
the 'verb ~ bikini sunrise
blackball bandits ~ great sand tune
the surfites ~ gremmie's blues ~ the surfites & co.
mike barbwire & the blue ocean orchestra ~ s.o.s. rock & roll
citrusphere ~ everything she had ~ summer escape compilation [Philippines]
lia pamina & dario persi ~ il mio mondo ~ so far tonight
hater ~ i wish gave you more time because i love you
the king in mirrors ~ fall into place
Σ ~ tokimeki bundo [Japan]
gunshu ~ midnight [Japan]
shonen knife ~ (love is like a) heat wave ~ the birds and the b-sides
redd kross ~ how much more?
suede ~ it starts and ends with you ~ bloodsports
cast ~ back of my mind ~ all change
belle and sebastian ~ show me the sun ~ how to solve our human problems
teenage fanclub ~ i don't know ~ bandwagonesque
martin courtney ~ vestiges
los waldners ~ nunca nos fuimos ~ eclipse total del corazon [Costa Rica]
cooper ~ dos grados bajo cero ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacion [Spain]
cola jet set ~ sabado ~ el fin del mundo [Spain]
brideshead ~ class of 86 ~ never grow up [Germany]
northern portrait ~ what happens next [Denmark]
alpaca sports ~ nobody cares but me [Sweden]
pale sunday ~ unknown half [Brazil]
the fin. ~ outskirts [Japan]
the holiday crowd ~ anything anything [Canada]

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Back on air today!  Many thanks to Mr. Modular, Tommy Fox, and Irie-Sistable for subbing in the past 3 weeks!

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
craft spells ~ komorebi
dylan mondegreen ~ a place in the sun [Norway]
safariari ~ karlek [Norway]
starry eyed cadet ~ sugar (acoustic) ~ kind of
tracyanne & danny ~ jacqueline ~ tracyanne & danny
lamp ~ place in my dream [Japan]
swimming tapes ~ what's on your mind
beach fossils ~ saint ivy
she's so rad ~ you and i [New Zealand]
mikey collins ~ west coast
snail mail ~ golden dream ~ lush
teen runnings ~ my car [Japan]
club 8 ~ the beauty of the way we're living ~ strangely beautiful [Sweden]
transit my youth ~ help [Japan]
yelle ~ ce jeu [France]
alpaca sports ~ summer days [Sweden]
dent may ~ dream 4 me ~ across the multiverse
allo darlin' ~ wonderland ~ europe
velocity girl ~ i can't stop smiling
cub ~ tomorrow go away ~ come out, come out
tullycraft ~ wild bikini ~ beat, surf, fun
1:20pm Surf Set
the madiera ~ intruder ~ center of the surf
the aquamarines ~ a surfer's life
frankie and the pool boys ~ hang 'em high ~ spin the bottle
the mobsmen ~ gold factory ~ fraternitas aurum factorem
the shockwave! ~ flow waves ~ contact from space
a painted september ~ until goodbye ~ summer escape compilation [Philippines]
gomes the hitman ~ hareta hi no asurito [Japan]
zerone ~ PS [Japan]
big troubles ~ sad girls ~ romantic comedy
lia pamina & dario persi ~ time's passing by ~ so far tonight [Spain/Italy]
the youthhostel ~ summer vacation doesn't start [Japan]
pale fruit ~ summer anarchy [Japan]
the zephyr bones ~ penny's week ~ secret place
the raft ~ orion
the essex green ~ don't know why (you stay) ~ cannibal sea
one thousand violins ~ halcyon days
fortuna POP! all-stars ~ you can hide your love forever
all ashore! ~ perfect popsong
jetstream pony ~ self-destruct reality
the muldoons ~ lovely things [Scotland]
kevowah ~ i remember you
fanclub ~ leaves
cut copy ~ stars last me a lifetime ~ haiku from zero
figure ~ daylight [Japan]
a strange desire ~ promise to lie
suncharms ~ red dust

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Programming Alert for July

I have some extra-special guests subbing in for me the first 3 weeks in July.  I'll be back on air July 28.

July 7 & 14: Mister Modular of My Little Corner of the World

July 21: DJ Tommy Fox and Irie-Sistable of Iturnally Dread Meets Rudie's Hi-Fi

Saturday, June 30, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
red sleeping beauty ~ dressed in yellow and blue [Sweden]
alpaca sports ~ baby pop [Sweden]
Nervösa Hjärtan ~ alltid vetat [Sweden]
kero kero bonito ~ time today
cooper ~ ya llego el verano ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacion [Spain]
soft science ~ sooner ~ maps
hatchie ~ sugar & spice ~ sugar & spice
the go! team ~ the answer's no - now what's the question? ~ semicircle
the perfect kiss ~ at the end of the rainbow ~ filter
axolotes mexicanos ~ estanquero ~ salu2 [Spain]
pale fruit ~ femme fatale [Japan]
the essex green ~ sloane ranger ~ hardly electronic
the beths ~ future me hates me [New Zealand]
the yetis ~ little surfer girl
whyte horses ~ any day now ~ empty words
zoey ~ winter ~ ethereality
PEP ~ stephen
saint etienne ~ whyteleaf
tv girl ~ blue hair ~ death of a party girl
acid house kings ~ would you say stop? (sunny intervals mix) [Sweden]
stereolab ~ ...sudden stars ~ margerine eclipse 
the yellow melodies ~ life [Spain]
sambassadeur ~ between the lines [Sweden]
jens lekman ~ wedding in finistere ~ life will see you now [Sweden]
1:25pm Surf Set
the aquamarines ~ stormtail
the shockwave! ~ shock a go go ~ contact from space
nebulas ~ bus stop
the meltones ~ vista del mar ~ surf sensation
frankie and the pool boys ~ spin the bottle ~ spin the bottle
the doltones ~ collision course ~ dance or die
burt rocket ~ kanaloa ~ savage iceland
the surfites ~ mercurian surf stomp ~ escapades in space
musique le pop ~ falling in love
snail mail ~ heat wave ~ lush
lia pamina & dario persi ~ so far tonight ~ so far tonight [Spain/Italy]
capitan sunrise ~ dicen que te vas ~ la vida en la casa del arbol [Spain]
last leaves ~ golden days to come
le superhomard ~ dry salt in our hair [France]
wallflower ~ nowhere (ice choir remix) [Japan]
space daze ~ close the curtains (watoo watoo remix)
heavenly ~ nous ne sommes pas des anges ~ operation heavenly
holiday ~ still in love ~ ready, steady, go
the hang ups ~ the entry ~ so we go
the apples in stereo ~ tidal wave ~ fun trick noisemaker
the minders ~ i've been wondering ~ hooray for tuesday
the radio dept. ~ the video dept. ~ clinging to a scheme [Sweden]
letting up despite great faults ~ ride ~ neon
wild nothing ~ chinatown
the bilinda butchers ~ teen dream ~ goodbyes
pains of being pure at heart ~ come saturday
belle & sebastian ~ blues are still blue ~ the life pursuit
ride ~ taste ~ nowhere
gomes the hitman ~ spring fair [Japan]
pelle carlberg ~ riverbank [Sweden]

Saturday, June 23, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
pure mids ~ maybe it's alright
tv girl ~ king of echo park ~ death of a party girl
letting up despite great faults ~ take my jacket, pauline ~ untogether
the go! team ~ all the way live ~ semicircle
the perfect kiss ~ trying your patience ~ filter
real estate ~ saturday ~ in mind
martin courtney ~ asleep ~ many moons
kevin krauter ~ rollerskate ~ toss up
johnny marr ~ day in day out ~ call the comet
northern bright ~ icecream summer [Japan]
red sleeping beauty ~ tonight, tonight, tonight ~ always on your side EP [Sweden]
camera obscura ~ every weekday ~ desire lines
tracyanne & danny ~ alabama ~ tracyanne & danny
the essex green ~ waikiki ~ hardly electronic
alpaca sports ~ summer days [Sweden]
alpaca sports ~ nobody cares but me [Sweden]
northern portrait ~ happy nice day [Denmark]
jens lekman ~ how can i tell him ~ life will see you now [Sweden]
tall ice lung ~ in gunnersbury park (the hit parade cover)
the hit parade ~ on a rainy day in newlyn
the madiera ~ ricochet ~ center of the surf
the mobsmen ~ pow wow ~ fraternitas aurum factorem
the mobsmen ~ flamenco ~ sclerats syndicate
reverberati ~ roadster ~ combat surf
frankie and the pool boys ~ tan line fever ~ spin the bottle
the aquamarines ~ montunafish
whyte horses ~ greatest love in town ~ empty words
melody's echo chamber ~ breathe in, breathe out ~ bon voyage
the sunshine spectacular ~ family fires [Australia]
fazerdaze ~ little uneasy ~ morningside [New Zealand]
alvvays ~ lollipop (ode to jim) ~ antisocialites
worst place ~ better days
the french pop dream ~ the 1st day of summer
icicles ~ this is it
a smile and a ribbon ~ book cover ~ the boy i wish i never met
all ashore! ~ perfect pop song
the besties ~ what would tim armstrong do?
language of flowers ~ it's not you
the shermans ~ rush hour
smittens ~ true to you
pipas ~ wells street
bunnygrunt ~ superstar 666
pocketbooks ~ sparklers
annemarie ~ bubblegum i see [Indonesia]
colin clary ~ i miss the bubblegum
the charade ~ monday morning [Sweden]
the fairways ~ get it right
the electric pop group ~ summer's day
honeybunch ~ walking into walls
would-be-goods ~ enemies of promise
the felt tips ~ dear morrisey
california snow story ~ my life is only a daydream
brideshead ~ the whole world [Germany]

Saturday, June 16, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
ACBs ~ ocean ~ little leaves
last leaves ~ golden days to come
marble season ~ modern fear
mikey collins ~ west coast
whyte horses ~ any day now ~ empty words
anemone ~ party theme (bout de toi remix)
melody's echo chamber ~ cross my heart ~ bon voyage
french boutik ~ je regarde les tigres [France]
the essex green ~ don't leave it in our hands
alpaca sports ~ baby pop [Sweden]
cooper ~ infinito ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacion [Spain]
smokescreens ~ someone new
hurry ~ fascination ~ guided meditation
stephen's shore ~ counting days [Sweden]
fantasmamidi ~ mortal [Spain]
mari! mari! ~ the happiest boy on earth [Russia]
tugboat captain ~ don't want to wake up on my own
humsikk ~ i can always be around you [Indonesia]
soft science ~ sooner ~ maps
starry eyed cadet ~ kind ~ kind of
tracyanne & danny ~ it can't be love unless it hurts ~ tracyanne & danny
david myhr ~ jealous sun ~ lucky day
1:25pm Surf Set
frankie and the pool boys ~ prayer wheel ~ spin the bottle
blackball bandits ~ old man's revenge ~ the lost mission
the apemen ~ toronado ~ 7 inches of love
the mobsmen ~ lazurite ~ fraternitas aurum factorem
the insanitizers ~ dark eyes rock
dick dale & the del-tones ~ mr. eliminator
the surfites ~ surfville
retroactive gamma rays ~ the last gamma ray
cut copy ~ standing in the middle of the field (tensnake remix)
azure blue ~ crimson red ~ fast falls in the eventide
the royal landscaping society ~ 2010
beach house ~ dark spring ~ 7
axolotes mexicanos ~ XXX ~ salu2 [Spain]
soft regime ~ a propos ~ hard feelings [France/Germany/UK]
la bien querida ~ el lado bueno ~ fuego [Spain]
putochinomaricon ~ el test de la bravo y la superpop ~ corazon de cerdo con ginseng al vapor [Spain]
juniper moon ~ solo una sonrisa [Spain]
capitan sunrise ~ el cubismo, la vanguardia (alberto iniesta remix) [Spain]
lia pamina & dario persi ~ midnight walk ~ so far tonight [Spain/Italy]
fazerdaze ~ jennifer ~ morningside [New Zealand]
the courtneys ~ silver velvet ~ II 
secret meadow ~ water in the flowing river [Indonesia]
skittle alley ~ she's had a few ~ love is an action [France]
cozy catastrophes ~ summer boy
ferns ~ anti social scene [Malaysia]
tsuchi yamakoto ~ asobini oideyo [Japan]
jellyfish ~ he's my best friend
cast ~ finetime ~ all change
ride ~ pulsar ~ tomorrow's shore

Saturday, June 9, 2018

super furry animals ~ juxtaposed with u
homecomings ~ great escape [Japan]
silver screen ~ really no wonder
gypsy & the cat ~ bloom [Australia]
belle ghoul ~ around for the weekend
wild nothing ~ chinatown
the fin. ~ misty forest [Japan]
the loud family ~ jimmy still comes around
the go! team ~ plans are like a dream u organize ~ semicircle
the holiday crowd ~ anything anything [Canada]
sonny smith ~ lost ~ rod for your love
the popguns ~ red white and blue ~ the official matinee world cup EP
soft science ~ still ~ maps
alpaca sports ~ nobody cares but me [Sweden]
cooper ~ salto ~ tiempo, temperatura, agitacion [Spain]
lia pamina & dariso persi ~ midnight walk [Spain/Italy]
axolotes mexicanos ~ sin ti ~ salu2 [Spain]
rene ~ confesiones tirado en la pista de baile (fear of tigers remix) [Spain]
transit my youth ~ help [Japan]
tv girl ~ blue hair ~ death of a party girl
jens lekman ~ dandelion seed ~ life will see you now [Sweden]
northern portrait ~ sporting a scar [Denmark]
1:25pm Surf Set
the madiera ~ journey to the center of the surf ~ center of the surf
frankie and the pool boys ~ poser ~ spin the bottle
reverberati ~ rotowash ~ combat surf
the volcanics ~ kanack attack ~ the lonely one
the surfaders ~ teenage rendezvous at the ballroom ~ a greater silence
the mobsmen ~ cicero comet ~ scelerats syndicate
blackball bandits ~ great sand tune
mariana in our heads ~ september [Japan]
craft spells ~ from the morning heat
hatchie ~ try ~ sugar & spice
beach house ~ woo ~ 7
the perfect kiss ~ indebted to you
aberdeen ~ sunny in california (the very most - syntherely yours remix)
azure blue ~ my final candle [Sweden]
wild nothing ~ letting go
red sleeping beauty ~ dressed in yellow and blue [Sweden]
lush ~ burnham beeches
last leaves ~ golden days to come [Australia]
the arctic flow ~ friends for summer
tracyanne & danny ~ deep in the night ~ tracyanne & danny
hello paris ~ in between us [France]
rocket 3 ~ hip shot ~ what's the frequency
hinds ~ the club ~ i don't run [Spain]
the essex green ~ the 710
the yearning ~ every time i fall in love ~ dreamboats & lemonade
gingerlys ~ summer cramps
the beths ~ warm blood [New Zealand]
the caracals ~ city girl
the lodger ~ the good old days
cattle ~ april showers [Japan]
strange babes ~ come back around
pale sunday ~ dirt pitch superstars [Brazil]
seapony ~ tell me so