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Saturday, August 1, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
starry eyed cadet - pills
stephen's shore - counting days [Sweden]
pictured resort - time in amber [Japan]
northern portrait - the fallen aristocracy [Denmark]
kero kero bonito - fish bowl
le superhomard - from my window [France]
the go! team - voice yr choice
sally shapiro - starman (ft. electric youth) (pop remix) [Sweden/Italy]
stereolab - percolator
saint etienne - a good thing
helen love - day-glo dreams
dent may - i could use a miracle
the luxembourg signal - let's make some plans (the close lobsters cover)
would-be-goods - emmanuel béart
healing potpourri - think about us
holiday - gent
strawberry generation - i know it's sad but it must be done
alpaca sports - si tú estás junto a mí (Zipper Remix) [Sweden]
la casa azul - aunque parazca lo mejor [Spain]
letting up despite great faults - sophia in gold
fonda - in the coach station light
charlie darling - outside edge
1:20pm Surf Set
surf me up, scotty! - lightning bolt
the grande bois - meltdown
the meltones - astronomic
the splashdowns - joe cuba meets the splashdowns uptown
didi wray & los tango boys - tomo y obligo
the 427's - dead men don't wear plaid
trabants - mecca
my favorite - the suburbs are killing us
the berries - saturday music
supergrass - caught by the fuzz (live in nottingham, Jan 18, 1998)
wild nothing - chinatown (live from brooklyn steel)
super furry animals - something 4 the weekend (live at the phoenix festival 1996)
cats on fire - on his right side
the fairways - the back of her hand
pipas - jean c
the liberty ship - northern angel
the siddeleys - something almost brilliant happened last night
bella vista - was the last
real estate - you
the suncharms - reflection (acoustic)
surfer blood (ft. pip blom) - summer trope
razorcuts - i heard you the first time
the windmills - everything is new each day
days - downhill
lost tapes - rubber bracelet [Spain]
neleonard - el mismo [Spain]
guntingkuku - leisure time [Indonesia]
sportique - don't believe a word i say
the lousy pop group - the guy who runs the government has small eyes [Indonesia]
mccarthy - governing takes brains

Saturday, July 25, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the palindromes - happy and oblivious
the rightovers - hello cruel world
Torres Satélite - Cuarentón en Cuarentena (Netflix en el Sofá) [Spain]
fred fredburguer - guapo [Spain]
the radio dept. - you're looking' at my guy [Sweden]
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - russian cavalry [Japan]
the popguns - can i kick it?
kero kero bonito - it's bugsnax!
jens lekman - two young lovers [Sweden]
teen runnings - new work silly [Japan]
strawberry generation - hannah
letting up despite great faults - keepsake
Band À Part - nuestro momento [Spain]
pictured resort - play it by ear [Japan]
doggy - les agisseurs [France]
lost tapes - teardrops [Spain]
surfer blood - summer trope
tullycraft - the punks are writing love songs
charlie darling - '67
den baron - the girl at the door [Germany]
teenage fanclub - baby lee
cooper - cierra los ojos [Spain]
starry eyed cadet - slow
1:20pm Surf Set
ted boys marinos - blue hawaii
the hi-tide orchestra - bullseye!
the splashdowns - point of no return
los coguaros - kalura
the lunatics - blue fidel
the other timelines - vampcamp
didi wray & los tango boys - el firulete
rondo hatton - storm surge
still dreams - lose your dinosaur [Japan]
for tracy hyde - be my blue [Japan]
the fin. - over the hill [Japan]
juvenile juvenile - feel the same [Japan]
the e-types - things will change
the king in mirrors - future glow
bodyheat - new demographic
dom - bochicha
hinds - come back and love me <3 [Spain]
white shoes & the couples company - kampus kemarau [Indonesia]
heavenly - P.U.N.K. girl
brave irene - longest day
allo darlin - the polaroid song
velocity girl - tripping wires
acid house kings - under water [Sweden]
the school - let it slip
loca polka - the sun may know [Indonesia]
silent james - the stones are coming [Spain]
winter - here i am existing
boyish - youki na onanoko no uta [Japan]
moscowclub - bikinikill [Japan]
elektone - falling into you [Singapore]
tamankota - konyol [Indonesia]
picnic republic - don't worry [France]

Saturday, July 18, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
elemental gaze - unperfect sky [Indonesia]
linda guilala - Un Millón De Zombies Más [Spain]
brideshead - at melancholy bay [Germany]
den baron - riding cows [Germany]
picnic republic - are you ready [France]
eddy dillon - OFTS DERPIN [Australia]
the suncharms - 3 billion heartbeats
the stroppies - holes in everything
the proctors - not so far away
the pains of being pure at heart - hell
lajur - faded [Indonesia]
Band À Part - parques y jardines [Spain]
Les Bicyclettes de Belsize - these days
fred fredburguer - colegas [Spain]
hinds - good bad times [Spain]
the king in mirrors - still feeling alive
real estate - silent world
pictured resort - time in amber [Japan]
peanut butters - yugata kara [Japan]
camera obscura - if looks could kill
the apples in stereo - no one in the world
strawberry generation - afloat
malamute - Todo el Mundo Está en Japón [Spain]
1:20pm Surf Set
the hang-ten hangmen - back alley rumble
the lunatics - a girl from tesoma
men in grey suits - walk don't run
the 427's - blue hawaii
martin cilia - telstar
the kanaloas - tally ho
frankie and the pool boys - skinny dippin'
the radio dept - heaven's on fire
day wave - nothing at all
nah... - under the radar [Germany+Netherlands]
remington super 60 - still near [Norway]
swimming tapes - keep her closer
rocketship - sleeping pills
the lousy pop group - the ballads of a powerful antagonist [Indonesia]
the skating party - brenda years
The Marías - jupiter
the BV's - mould
waater - ocean [Japan]
puffy amiyumi - missing you baby [Japan]
pizzicato five - my baby portable sound [Japan]
acid house kings - there is something beautiful [Sweden]
heavenly - snail trail
lois - strumpet
lia pamina - Créeme [Spain]
winter - healing
fake laugh - near you
british sea power - living is so easy
the arctic flow - goodbye oceana
turks & caicos - urban demand [Indonesia]

Saturday, July 11, 2020

A full show of covers today!

maya the showgirl - juxtaposed with u (super furry animals) [Indonesia]
the persian leaps - the concept (teenage fanclub)
whimsical - crash (the primitives)
capitán sunrise - velocista (primal scream - velocity girl) [Spain]
the manhattan love suicides - superboy & supergirl (tullycraft)
the smittens - sweet (tullycraft)
frankie rose - a forest (cure)
cape canaveral - oblivious (galaxie 500)
the gentle isolation - seahorses (blueboy) [Philippines]
kotomi - come on, let's go (ritchie valens)
tall ice lung - in gunnersbury park (the hit parade)
Los Bonsáis - Hijo Del Señor (vaselines - son of a gun) [Spain]
twangy twangy - ask (the smiths) [Japan]
with me! - starshy (heavenly) [Japan]
lilacs - cool guitar boy (heavenly) [Japan]
cristina quesada - just for fun (alpaca sports) [Spain]
pale sunday - emma's house (the field mice) [Brazil]
the arctic flow - if you need someone (the field mice)
golden teardrops - i remember bridget riley (television personalities)
wallflower - does love last forever (brighter) [Japan]
elektone - the girl from katong (serenaide) [Singapore]
kensei ogata - bunny girl (spitz) [Japan]
post modern team - there she goes (the la's) [Japan]
the very most - if only monday'd never come (brilliant at breakfast)
teen runnings - won't go home without you (maroon 5) [Japan]
1:20pm Surf Set
dick dale & the del-tones - pipeline (chantays)
the nebulas - swan lake (pyotr tchaikovsky)
madiera - everybody up (the fender IV)
men in grey suits - sleepwalk (santo & johnny)
the surfites - the picador (the excelsiors)
man or astro-man? - taco wagon (dick dale)
the surf coasters - miserlou (traditional/dick dale)
the moments - anorak city (another sunny day) [Japan]
lake ruth - dry salt in our hair (le superhomard)
red sleeping beauty - after all (the cardigans) [Sweden]
neshband - heaven knows i'm miserable now (the smiths) [Indonesia]
finnmark - tugboat (galaxie 500)
watoo watoo - pourquoi es-tu devenu si raisonnable (wedding present - why did you become so reasonable?) [France]
libtina - gothic people (pulp - common people)
the pains of being pure at heart - jeremy (magnetic fields)
the vapour trails - sparky's dream (teenage fanclub)
the raveonettes - my boyfriend's back (the angels)
hinds - davy crockett (thee headcoats) [Spain]
the decibels - pictures of matchstick men (status quo)
the darling buds - my lips are sealed (go-gos)
belle and sebastian - here comes the sun (beatles)
surfer blood - i melt with you (modern english)
the primitives - been hiding (aisler's set)
postal blue - northern england (wild swans) [Brazil]
the catherines - emma's house (field mice)
dayflower - pristine christine (sea urchins)
au revoir simone - fade into you (mazzy star)
baker island - opportunities (let's make lots of money) (pet shop boys)
soft science - i don't know why i love you (house of love)
post modern team - there is a light that never goes out (the smiths) [Japan]
the silent love - vapour trail (ride) [Indonesia]

Saturday, July 4, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the popguns - red, white, and blue
dressy bessy - lady liberty
business of dreams - keep the blues away
stereolab - ping pong
pizzicato five - domino [Japan]
the death of pop - the house that we built
star tropics - swept away
den baron - (oh no, you can't leave me) halfway to Mexico [Germany]
the radio dept. - all about our love [Sweden]
the radio dept. - you're lookin' at my guy [Sweden]
tahiti 80 - coldest summer (the reflex revision) [France]
super furry animals - liberty belle
le superhomard - under a charm [France]
belle & sebastian - for the price of a cup of tea
picnic republic - MCMLXXXIV (1984) [France]
the very most - idaho, america in 2049
heavenly - me and my madness
comet gain - saturday night facts of life
jeanines - is it real
holiday - prostitutes in town
secret meadow - water in the flowing river [Indonesia]
lush - lit up
1:20pm Surf Set
martin cilia - surfersaurus
didi wray & los tango boys - nocturna
black flamingos - just dropped in (to see what condition my condition was in)
surfer joe & band - black sand beach
the shockwave! - gasping runner
the surfites - for surfers only
the 427's - liberty belle
day & dream - forest fire
corasandel - cracked light
tamankota - takkan hilang [Indonesia]
evripidis and his tragedies - evil love [Greece/Spain]
torres satellite - la enfermera (mood hawaii) [Spain]
sleuth - flowers
the bunbury - evil knievel [Indonesia]
kiwis - fer [Spain]
Band À Part - Cómo Hablar Con Chicas En Las Fiestas [Spain]
boosegumps - perfect autumn day
astrolab - crystal clear [Indonesia]
mirrorlakes - three song [Indonesia]
papercuts - do you really wanna know
king of prussia - our fellow countrymen
thee american revolution - blow my mind
yo la tengo - dreaming (blondie cover)
go metric USA - just because your garden grows
arts & leisure - rescue me
saint etienne - erica america
kero kero bonito - battle lines
stereo total - LA, CA, USA [Germany]
c.c.f. - like it [Japan]
miami horror - american dream
two door cinema club - 19
the leisure society - fight for everyone

Saturday, June 27, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
kero kero bonito - time today
dutch criminal record - 26°
oddly - concrete jungle [Japan]
hinds - just like kids (miao) [Spain]
malamute - la espiral [Spain]
the moments - summershine (sea urchins cover) [Japan]
dayflower - pristine christine (sea urchins cover)
the sea urchins - you're so much
hatchie & the pains of being pure at heart - sometimes always (jesus & mary chain cover)
jesus & mary chain - far gone and out
teenage fanclub - sparky's dream
the go! team - reason left to destroy
strawberry whiplash - sleepy head
the blue dress - anorak city (another sunny day cover)
ride - time of her time
dronjo kept by 4 - lash [Japan]
the suncharms - 3 billion heartbeats
nah... - under the radar [Germany+Netherlands]
the hit parade - huevos mexicana
the muldoons - in love again
the proctors - not so far away
the orchids - doot doot (till it happens to you)
the vapour trails - she don't care about time (the byrds cover)
the occasional flickers - a sparrow
1:20pm Surf Set
didi wray & los tango boys - caminito
the lunatics - east-tuira
frankie and the pool boys - manx!
roger & the wraybands - midnight surfer
the 427's - gemini & june
the surfites - ding in my board
black flamingos - flamingo twist
remington super 60 - still near [Norway]
trashcan sinatras - in the music
the high llamas - to the abbey
close lobsters - in spite of these times
evripidis and his tragedies - mia triti stin cantina (johnny labelle remix) [Greece]
starry eyed cadet - kind
the camerawalls - my life's arithmetic means [Philippines]
orange & lemons - armageddon is coming [Philippines]
dragonfly collector - brave the distance [Philippines]
outerhope - no end in sight [Philippines]
slow hello - show and tell [Philippines]
the gentle isolation - foxheads (close lobsters cover) [Philippines]
your imaginary friends - your silence is the villain [Philippines]
ang bandang shirley - polygonal graphs [Philippines]
some gorgeous accident - see you shine [Philippines]
soft pillow kissses - 16 ft. [Philippines]
cub - she's like a rainbow
boyracer - alaska
go sailor - fine day for sailing
heavenly - pet monkey
space daze - sunday afternoon
subway daydream - twilight [Japan]
the king in mirrors - future glow
of montreal - don't let me die in america

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Playing you summer-themed songs for today, the first day of summer!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the proctors - summer begins
nah... - summer's failing [Germany + Netherlands]
alpaca sports - summer days [Sweden]
pictured resort - summer of '85 [Japan]
surfer blood - summer song (chad & jeremy cover)
the ambient light - summer thoughts
the french pop dream - the 1st day of summer
gulfside - summer, summer
den baron - summer [Germany]
brown recluse - summer showers
autumn leaves - the summer's gone
carnival park - this feels like summer [Philippines]
pocketbooks - summertime
when nalda became punk - summer, you and me [Spain]
cozy catastrophes - summer boy
papa topo - Lo Que Me Gusta Del Verano Es Poder Tomar Helado [Spain]
kero kero bonito - forever summer holiday
future bible heroes - real summer
acid house kings - i write summer songs for no reason [Sweden]
the school - summer's here
sunny summer day - in summertime (new version) [Indonesia]
the recreations - hot summer days [Japan]
special favorite music - summer serve [Japan]
verandah - let's summer [Japan]
1:25pm Surf Set
martin cilia - endless summer
the doltones - summer games
frankie and the pool boys - summer cold
los kahunas - another summer song
aqua velvets - summer at dreampoint
halfnoise - in the summer
wild nothing - summer holiday (live from brooklyn steel)
tahiti 80 - coldest summer [France]
the fin. - when the summer is over [Japan]
the pains of being pure at heart - summer of dreams
the very most - a mid-80's lower-middle class family summer road trip
sunny intervals - until the summer
jacob borshard and helena sundin - summer will have its way
the bridge - summertime
strawberry story - summer scene
gingerlys - summer cramps
someday - summer project [Thailand]
star tropics - summer rain
strawberry whiplash - looking out for summer
youth in my videotapes - summer rain, beside me [Japan]
space daze feat. shiny times - woke up in the summer
linus of hollywood - summer on your shoulders
pearlfishers - we're gonna save the summer
the arctic flow - friends for summer
dronjo kept by 4 - summer days [Japan]
wonder wonder - shoka, dakashiya e hashiru [Japan]
evening cinema - everlasting summer [Japan]

Saturday, June 13, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
healing potpourri - think about us
fred fredburguer - ei, uriel [Spain]
pains of being pure at heart - my only
tamankota - galaxy tree [Indonesia]
the wellington - ocean [Indonesia]
the ambient light - feelin' kinda lost (feat. pure mids)
the proctors - morning light
the kensingtons - this town
the hobbes fanclub - love from the stars
bubblegum lemonade - saturday girl
the haywains - why do i get the feeling your mother hates me
they go boom!! - missing person
nixon - continue [Sweden]
happydeadmen - heaven no!
the shermans - sweet as honey
the driscolls - sky high
the suncharms - reflection
heavenly - ben sherman
holiday - your very last party
charlie darling - johnny flynn
super furry animals - liberty belle
apples in stereo - tidal wave
jens lekman - to know your mission [Sweden]
1:25pm Surf Set
the aquaholics - big red button/gut feelin'
the aqua barons - eesos
the concussions - polyester fester
the other timelines - belka doge
the lunatics - bolivian coup d'etat
TarantinosNYC - you're gonna lose that curl
the surfites - thou shalt drag
azure blue - justice [Sweden]
stereolab - captain easychord
my favorite - james dean (awaiting ambulance)
red sleeping beauty - in the darkest hour
letting up despite great faults - gold
starry eyed cadet - worlds collide
the hi-life companion - sabatini
swimming tapes - out of line
very truly yours - across the sea
the silent love - imipramine (blueboy cover) [Indonesia]
strawberry generation - hannah
lost tapes - teardrops [Spain]
the very most - dodged ev'ry bullet pt.1
comet gain - another girl
turks & caicos - urban demand [Indonesia]
nah... - this light will always shine [Germany + Netherlands]
lisle mitnik - paper crane
airu - a bike ride away [Spain]
Band à Part - templos y neones [Spain]
linda guilala - verano [Spain]
the death of pop - once good
the arctic flow - goodbye oceana
the windmills - cloud five
my raining stars - head over heels
language of flowers - if it's not you
radio dept - we got game

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Back on air!

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
camera obscura - let's get out of this country
the go! team - secretary song
happypills - monsoon [Japan]
apple orchard - she knows
allo darlin' - half heart necklace
joakim karud - good old days [Sweden]
nausea - T.D.
sugar world - we fell in love
the francine odysseys - round & round
the pains of being pure at heart - hell
les bicyclettes de belsize - 1963
tesco chainstore mascara - tonight i'm fine
turks & caicos - subversive [Indonesia]
linda guilala - exodo [Spain]
dronjo kept by 4 - groovin' [Japan]
swimming tapes - pyrenees
the suncharms - cosmonaut
strawberry generation - afloat
starry eyed cadet - pills
letting up despite great faults - keepsake
band a part - nuestro momento [Spain]
fred fredburguer - diana (no quiere esuchar pop) [Spain]
capitan sunrise - velocista (primal scream cover) [Spain]
1:20pm Surf Set
black flamingos - kali ma
the tikiyaki orchestra - singapore swing
frankie and the pool boys - cat fight
didi wray & los tango boys - por una cabeza
the lunatics - snake remote
the cocktail preachers - haulin' honda
the surfites - big pounder
worry club - in my ear
space daze - bloody mary
the vapour trails - sparky's dream (teenage fanclub cover)
jetstream pony - worthless
whyte horses - fear is such a...
den baron - gone and done [Germany]
marine research - parallel horizontal
pale sunday - shooting star [Brazil]
lia pamina - one step [Spain]
tsuchiyamakoto - asobini oideyo [Japan]
pizzicato five - baby love child [Japan]
for tracy hyde - happy ice cream [Japan]
barcelona - planet jerk
ride - magical spring
the jesus and mary chain - down on me
temples - context
the fin. - over the hill [Japan]
the decibels - PFS (pessimist fight song)
young agings - my universe [Japan]
gene - be my light, be my guide
crashin' butterfliez - long wait [Malaysia]
northern portrait - when goodness falls [Denmark]
letting up despite great faults - disappear

Saturday, March 21, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
carter the unstoppable sex machine - panic
the beths - happy unhappy [New Zealand]
my favorite - let's stay alive
#poundsign# - isolation
wild balbina - stay alive [Spain]
le superhomard - maple key [France]
youthcomics - weekend [Japan]
terry vs tori - dream wild [Spain]
hibou - inside illumination
lost tapes - six by six [Spain]
the zephyr bones - black lips
the fin. - the end of the island [Japan]
army navy - mistakes
martin courtney - northern highway
with me! - starshy (heavenly cover) [Japan]
jeanines - either way
the primitives - been hiding (aisler's set cover)
chelsea times - time is gonna come [Japan]
youth genius - flowers on her skirt [Japan]
kero kero bonito - you know how it is
morningwhim - most of the sun shines [Japan]
the school - i will see you soon
northern portrait - when goodness falls [Denmark]
1:20pm Surf Set
the volcanics - ship has sailed
agent octopus - avalon
the madiera - farthest shore
the greasy gills - swamp meet
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - harlem by the sea
the surfites - disillusional youth (the angry breed cover)
the hang-ten hangmen - back alley rumble
wild swans - english electric lightning
watoo watoo - modern express [France]
daisy jaine - into the light [Japan]
violens - doomed
fake laugh - the empty party
summer fiction - perfume paper
day wave - wasting time
red sleeping beauty - someone somewhere [Sweden]
tesco chainstore mascara - mr grey sky
the marías - jupiter
delorean - seasun [Spain]
silver swans - mother of pearl
apples in stereo - seems so
british sea power - please stand up
teen runnings - don't care about me [Japan]
strange hellos - we are trouble
the secret history - our lady of stalingrad
holiday - everything you say
the recreations - someday i will [Japan]
whyte horses - any day now
alpaca sports - where'd you go [Sweden]
young agings - my universe [Japan]
heavenly - escort crash on marsten street

Saturday, March 14, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
moscow olympics - talk like this [Philippines]
elva - ghost writer
single - el roce [Spain]
the fresh & onlys - presence of mind
the suncharms - into the sun
dragonfly collector - brave the distance  [Philippines]
the bank holidays - folded in half
alpaca sports - baby what can i say? [Sweden]
brave irene - hit the grass running
the icicles - snappy
the very most - flying m
aberdeen - sink or float
very truly yours - girls tell you secrets
cocoanut groove - afternoons
ferns - anti social scene [Malaysia]
starry eyed cadet - social call
cassolette - crash (primitives cover)
the bilinda butchers - rie
strawberry generation - hannah
surfer blood - karen
temples - context
belle ghoul - around for the weekend
picnic republic - time to feel alright [France]
1:20pm Surf Set
big surf - toba
the mobsmen - lacanau
the sidemen - volo no. 1062
the volcanics - revel rally
los venturas - tales from the deep
death by unga bunga - dollar slice
the surfrajettes - hale'iwa hustle
letting up despite great faults - keepsake
chavales - las plantas de la terraza [Spain]
fake laugh - alarm bells
small forward - imagine so
the king in mirrors - when in rome
kiwi jr. - salary man
boyish - 1990 [Japan]
seablite - skipping stones
peanut butters - yugata kara [Japan]
waater - ocean [Japan]
oddly - concrete jungle [Japan]
muddy days - stone ocean [Japan]
Soleá Morente - Viniste a por Mí [Spain]
les bicyclettes de belsize - the bicycle thieves
for tracy hyde - you, as a season [Japan]
secret meadow - of one's desire [Indonesia]
still dreams - a million light years [Japan]
teen runnings - feeling happy [Japan]
happypills - floe [Japan]
and summer club - surfer girl [Japan]
le superhomard - meadow lane park [France]
stereolab - the light that will cease to fail

Saturday, March 7, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
milkyway - shine (go to california) [Spain]
the hit parade - on the road to beaconsfield
marine life - big sur
les bicyclettes de belsize - unsure
the fin. - over the hill [Japan]
le superhomard - sweet winter (le superhomard sweet summer remix) [France]
letting up despite great faults - keepsake
still dreams - running away [Japan]
miami wicked - waterfront dining
teen runnings - new work silly [Japan]
belinda may - everyday in love [Japan]
pictured resort - departure [Japan]
dead famous people - looking at girls
den baron - goodbye night [Germany]
young agings - unconsciousness [Japan]
plastic girl in closet - colours of the world [Japan]
burrito panza - barcelona [Spain]
port juvee - desert moon palace
even as we speak - forgiving [Australia]
strawberry generation - when you were here and i was sad
peel dream magazine - emotional devotion creator
for tracy hyde - lost in the wheatfield [Japan]
real estate - the main thing
kero kero bonito - flyway
1:25pm Surf Set
the meltones - vista del mar
the reverb syndicate - the martini cluster
the mystery men? - sky lanterns
rondo hatton - zero hour
the 427's - night of the living surf
the surfites - mercurian surf stomp
the volcanics - trick shot
dronjo kept by 4 - origami [Japan]
charlie darling - '67
the stroppies - holes in everything
the church grims - plaster saint
hinds - come back and love me <3 [Spain]
rorschach - gabriel
the orchids - Les Spectacles De La Foire
pale lights - you and i
lake ruth - sad song
tv girl - blue hair
vundabar - montage music
the little hands of asphalt - six feet over [Norway]
orange & lemons - days and nights [Philippines]
jeanines - why
talulah gosh - break your face
heavenly - so little deserve
the shoptalks - makiko [Indonesia]
the decibels - it's not me
lisasinson - atasco [Spain]
#poundsign# - walking and talking
alvvays - plimsoll punks