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Saturday, November 28, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
northern portrait - at attention [Denmark]
the very most - mirasticles (feat. Ashley Eriksson)
strawberry whiplash - whoʻs in your dreams
the artisans - the national trust disco
all ashore! - sunny day
remington super 60 - tropical drone pop [Norway]
the fin. - sapphire [Japan]
the luxembourg signal - the morning after
summer cats - super
brideshead - on your trail [Germany]
allo darlinʻ - wonderland
alpaca sports - saddest girl in the world [Sweden]
the lousy pop group - when iʻm with you [Indonesia]
leach me lemonade - blue shading light [Indonesia]
the shermans - wrong day [Sweden]
european sun - never too old to be young
pale sunday - unknown half [Brazil]
the like - catch me if you can
the school - i want you back
the yearning - whyʻs she making those eyes at you?
the pipettes - pull shapes
lia pamina - sycamore tree [Spain]
annemarie - living in my dream [Indonesia]
1:20pm Surf Set
men in grey suits - walk, donʻt run
the surfites - ding in my board
the concussions - trouble gum
los straitjackets - ashokan farewell (theme from ken burnsʻ the civil war)
frankie and the pool boys - tic toc
the kanaloas - swallow tail
burt rocket - stomping midget
anemone - sheʻs the one
stereolab - jaunty monty and the bubbles of silence
peel dream magazine - pill
le superhomard - mister corn [France]
julie et joe - arcade
tronco - la casa de tus sueños [Spain]
tv girl - girls like me
still dreams - envy [Japan]
juvenile juvenile - the picture [Japan]
teen runnings - i wonder what your momʻs thinking [Japan]
pictured resort - heavenly life [Japan]
the bilinda butchers - luminous
shin rizumu - in the mood for surfing [Japan]
san francisco - todos los besos del mundo [Spain]
strawberry generation - tango
dent may - easier said than done
honeybunch - everything to everyone
velocity girl - crazy town
heavenly - lemonhead boy
tullycraft - stowaway
charle darling - ʻ67
the beths - donʻt go away [New Zealand]
lush - burnham beeches
lost tapes - brilliance of the language [Spain]
the palindromes - happy and oblivious

Saturday, November 21, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
elektone - the girl from katong (serenaide cover) [Singapore]
my favorite - working class jacket
the bilinda butchers - tulips (the cold napoleons remix)
the pirouettes - encore un peu dʻamour [France]
jens lekman - whatʻs that perfume you wear? [Sweden]
delorean - seasun [Spain]
juliper sky - into the outer light
temples - youʻre either on something
northern portrait - at attention [Denmark]
brideshead - in the movies [Germany]
happydeadmen - silent sigh city [Sweden]
growing pains - houseboat
the decibels - PFS (pessimist fight song)
the suncharms - tranquil day
slow hello - cold turkey [Philippines]
dead famous people - looking at girls
super furry animals - northern lites
the go! team - mayday
kero kero bonito - flyway
puffy amiyumi - mole-like [Japan]
young agings - my universe [Japan]
teen runnings - dream life [Japan]
1:20pm Surf Set
the aquaholics - big red button / gut feelinʻ
penny & the marshalls - mexico
the volcanics - quick draw
if mars had waves - veggie surfer
the mobsmen - lazurite
the lunatics - a girl from tesoma
the surfites - for surfers only
wallflower - feverfew [Japan]
fred fredburguer - tardes de sol [Spain]
very truly yours - heirlooms
stephenʻs shore - brisbane radio [Sweden]
nah... - tumbledown weekend (they go boom!! cover) [Germany/Netherlands]
morningwhim - most of the sun shines [Japan]
moscow olympics - talk like this [Philippines]
the very most - ten years from now today (feat. sarah lowenbot)
remington super 60 - the highway again [Norway]
teenage fanclub - sometimes i donʻt need to believe in anything
belle and sebastian - another sunny day
apples in stereo - you said that last night
the minders - right as rain
beulah - cruel minor change
the essex green - sloane ranger
the hermit crabs - bravado and rhetoric
heavenly - you tore me down
swansea sound - corporate indie band
the shermans - adulthood for beginners [Swe
leach me lemonade - single light [Indonesia]
ivory past - something wrong [Japan]
cozy catastrophes - the gettysburg address of love
watoo watoo - ne pas croire [France]
softies - count to ten
the royal landscaping society - frost [Spain]

Saturday, November 14, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the artisans - appleby fair
the siddeleys - something almost brilliant happened last night
northern portrait - life returns to normal [Denmark]
bubblegum lemonade - here they come
sportique - tiny clues
the kensingtonʻs - this town
happydeadmen - a lovesong
the brilliant corners - brian rix
the shermans - dumbhead [Sweden]
bunnygrunt - macho beagle
tullycraft - elks lodge riot
glo-worm - stars above
very truly yours - uncertain times
the catʻs miaow - not like i was doing anything
the chesterfields - love mountain
the hepburns - abattoir
brideshead - the leaf-H [Germany]
the sugargliders - sway
den baron - riding cows [Germany]
red sleeping beauty - just for fun (alpaca sports cover) [Sweden]
alpaca sports - nobody cares but me [Sweden]
club 8 - the beauty of the way weʻre living [Sweden]
sambassadeur - kors [Sweden]
fred fredburguer - esto no es serie [Spain]
1:20pm Surf Set
the meltones - curl rider stomp
frankie and the pool boys - seafoam angels
the doltones - seventh wave
the seatopians - krell love theme
the surfites - single seater
secret samurai - the khazar
burt rocket - sea-n-shore
morningwhim - wandering [Japan]
strawberry generation - lying to lauren
sapphire & steel - home [Norway/Netherlands]
pier lights - come back stronger 
lost tapes - the attraction of the opposites [Spain]
evripidis and his tragedies - your dreams (feat. flowers & rachel kenedy) [Greece/Spain]
still dreams - ultra doomed [Japan]
teen runnings - new power [Japan]
stereolab - vodiak
strawberry whiplash - press 4 for love
love, burns - gate and the ghost
pale lights - mother cries
the radio dept. - the new improved hypocrisy [Sweden]
teenage fanclub - home 
nah... - porthcawl (the hepburns cover) [Germany/Netherlands]
the very most - i live my boring dreams
even as we speak - sun
skittle alley - on the flight of steps
real numbers - brighter then
the BVs - be enough
the luxembourg signal - the morning after

Saturday, November 7, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the go! team - feelgood by numbers
the very most - better fight fighting (feat. sally jati)
axolotes mexicanos - cara de idiota [Spain]
chavales - no me lo creo [Spain]
Band À Part - nuestro momento [Spain]
Band À Part - Todas Se Llaman Anne [Spain]
the pirouettes - Encore un peu d'amour [France]
jaruulak ball - hand in hand [Thailand]
julie et joe - marelle
strawberry generation - tango
nous non plus - pas la peine
lanna pop club - thinking of you pessimistically [Thailand]
my little airport - edward, had you ever though that the end of the world would come on 20-9-01? [Hong Kong]
starry eyed cadet - baby please come home
dutch criminal record - 00ʻs nostalgia
jetstream pony - mitte
the bilinda butchers - edo method
ken nordine - crimson
teen runnings - want you bad [Japan]
pictured resort - good weather [Japan]
still dreams - envy [Japan]
for tracy hyde - be my blue [Japan]
my lucky day - march [Japan]
superfriends - because of you [Japan]
1:25pm Surf Set
the 427ʻs - the spy invasion
black flamingos - flamingo twist
martin cilia - los spaniard
the takeoffs - mosquito bay
the surf kings - blue pacific
ted boys marinos - getaway in sta. barbara
the doltones - garbageman twist
the sweetest touch - itʻs all come undone [Indonesia]
turks & caicos - subversive [Indonesia]
the radio dept. - pulling our weight [Sweden]
surfer blood - in the tempestʻs eye
sweet william - dutch mother
ferns - ms. aligned [Malaysia]
math and physics club - i know what i want
jeanines - is it real
alpaca sports - just like johnny marr [Sweden]
velocity girl - tripping wires
ken nordine - blue
pocketbooks - the sky at night
heavenly - tool
european sun - never too old to be young
the pooh sticks - on tape
nothing painted blue - missed the point
les bicyclettes de belsize - unsure
den baron - done and gone [Germany]
sambassadeur - days [Sweden]
belinda may - everyday in love [Japan]
puffy amiyumi - forever [Japan]
shonen knife - top of the world [Japan]
teenage fanclub - december

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween! We have an expanded one hour Spooky Surf Set 1-2pm today for the middle part of the show!

super furry animals - these bones
the suncharms - monster club
groovie ghoulies - trick or treat
future bible heroes - digging my own grave
barcelona - haunted by the ghost of patty
summer twins - demons
the go! team - lazy poltergeist
john buzon trio - mr. ghost goes to town
den baron - ghost town [Germany]
tullycraft - if you take away the make-up, then the vampires they will die 
big quiet - ghost
la casa azul - niño zombie [Spain]
shonen knife - ghost train [Japan]
little racer - ghosty
shin rizumu feat. sodapop - mysterious candy [Japan]
the belafontes - skeleton
teeny frahoop - eat candy [Japan]
num contena - smile when youʻre dead [Japan]
magic kids - candy
from bubblegum to sky - vampire
magnetic fields - zombie boy
1:00pm Spooky Surf Hour
wave electric - moon surfing
the 427ʻs - dead men donʻt wear plaid
blackball bandits - skull dance
the eyeberries - riot on the cemetery street
the other timelines - vampcamp
the volcanics - the ghost of ichabod crane
frankie and the pool boys - dead man surfinʻ
shadowy men on a shadowy planet - zombie compromise
1:20pm More Spooky Surf
twang - night of the twang creatures
blackball bandits - swingy creepy
the kilaueas - black phantom twang
rondo hatton - riding the coffin
the kanaloas - boneyard reef
man or astroman - munsterʻs theme
howlinʻ wilson - night of the vampire
blackball bandits - the flyinʻ pumpkin
1:40pm Even More Spooky Surf
the routes - yeti spaghetti
ted boys marinos - drukula
satanʻs pilgrims - creep beat
the volcanics - witching hour
the akulas - cemetery stomp
the 427ʻs - night of the living surf
bobbyʻs bar - surfinʻ ghost
danger!! death ray - creepy tiki
the very most - zombies in the city of trees
featherfin - ghosted by a ghost [Norway]
moscow club - ghost dance [Japan]
they go boom!! - candy
fairmont - you haunt me
ferns - death of a lifetime [Malaysia]
gene - haunted by you
lia pamina - ghost [Spain]
veronica falls - found love in a graveyard
lake - skeleton costume
dangerous ponies - ghosts
autumn leaves - phantom girl blues
the besties - zombie song
toxie - haunted
jumprope - notes from a chateau ghost
po! - haunt you
papa topo - la chica vampira 2k20 (feat. maria daniela) [Spain]

Saturday, October 24, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
peel dream magazine - new culture
stereolab - vonal declosion
the pirouettes - oublie moi [France]
dent may - sea salt & caramel
kero kero bonito - it's bugsnax!
coffee garden - coffee garden party
swansea sound - angry girl
heavenly - art school
the very most - to just be good (feat. gerri white)
all ashore! - radio sunshine
nah... - finger on the map [Germany/Netherlands]
pia fraus - nothing to be done (pastels cover)
treasures of mexico - super cute
jetstream pony - self destruct reality
the luxembourg signal - 2:22
LIPS - apartment
color shy - light leak
jens lekman - i saw her in the anti war demonstration [Sweden]
the decibels - bye bye baby (bay city rollers/4 seasons cover)
autumn leaves - you didn't say a word (the ballad of plum tucker)
a certain smile - cherry bomb
the beths - i'm not getting excited [New Zealand]
hinds - spanish bombs (the clash cover) [Spain]
1:20pm Surf Set
surf me up, scotty! - lightning bolt
rabbit ears - shadow creep
the kaputniks - chalk and cheese
if mars had waves - veggie surfer
frankie and the pool boys - cat fight
the doltones - hot swinger
man or astro-man? - jetson's theme
still dreams - ultra doomed [Japan]
dutch criminal record - 26°
tennis - superstar (carpenters cover)
turbo goth - morning swim [Philippines]
the jesus & mary chain - far gone and out
dronjo kept by 4 - (rocknroll) radleys [Japan]
parasouls - can we, can we [Philippines]
axolotes mexicanos - cara de idiota [Spain]
Band À Part - parques y jardines [Spain]
vacance - l'enfer [France]
les bicyclettes de belsize - 1963
brideshead - love makes the sun shine bright [Germany]
the suncharms - jet plane
star tropics - another sunny day
moongazing and her - tnelis [Indonesia]
the gentle isolation - define love [Philippines]
starry eyed cadet - sugar
remington super 60 - dina hender [Norway]
the lucksmiths - under the rotunda
le superhomard - refuel [France]
the school - the grass is always greener on the other side
lia pamina & dario persi - time's passing by [Spain/Italy]
pop at summer - everything's fine [Indonesia]

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Back on air! Many thanks to DJ California Roll for subbing in during Radiothon, and Randi for taking care of the timeslot during Alumni takeover weekend.

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
jetstream pony - mitte
smokescreens - working title
beetleflux - nyctophilia [Indonesia]
toy cities - basement
still dreams - lose your dinosaur [Japan]
julie et joe - single (game over) [France]
vacance - bord de mer [France]
frys - lost [Indonesia]
european sun - favorite day
the lucksmiths - punchlines
the geeks - the first time [Philippines]
the very most - do i have to do my best all the time?
beach youth - two bedrooms [France]
love, burns - gate and the ghost 
lunchbox - i really wanna know
low key crush - been waiting
peel dream magazine - new culture
1:00pm [bands from Japan]
still dreams - envy
juvenile juvenile - feel the same
young agings - you
teen runnings - high school love
kensei ogata - someone will love you
moscow club - choo choo train
1:20pm Surf Set
the doltones - lost in space
Toro Jones & Steve Laudicina - big noise from the jungle
roger & the wraybands - music to watch girls go by
burt rocket - savage iceland
the surfites - tail slide
the volcanics - quickdraw
the lunatics - moon journey
1:40pm [bands from Japan]
paellas - cat out (in the blue shirt remix)
kuchucamera - pisu de ikou
wallflower - dreamy days
hanadorobow - baby blue
twangy twangy - motor boy
elen never sleeps - ola butterfly
post modern team - someday
2:00pm [bands from Japan]
for tracy hyde - happy ice cream
pictured resort - stars above
the fin. - over the hill
homecomings - more songs of pain
gomes the hitman - kotoba wa uso-tsuki
2:20pm [bands from Japan]
sugardrop - 18,19,20
ladyflash - tora wa yu
boyish - heartwarm guitar
youthmemory - raspberry
ether feels - morning star
2:40pm [bands from Japan]
youth in my videotapes - you don't know i love you
belinda may - everyday in love
and summer club - sunbeam is waiting
chelsea times - time is gonna come
the moments - faraway
tsuchiyamakoto - asobini oideyo

Saturday, October 10, 2020

It's Alumni Takeover Weekend at KTUH and the final 1.5 days of Radiothon! I'll be off air but answering phones while alumna DJ Randi, with her show "Confessions of a Shopaholic," will be playing ska and rock, 12-3pm.

Call us at (808) 956-5288 or donate online at! Any amount is appreciated--give us a call!

Many thanks to DJ California Roll for filling in for me last Saturday.  The Happyoblivion Show will return to the airwaves next Saturday. In the meantime you can follow me and listen to shows on Mixcloud

Saturday, September 26, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
treasures of mexico - stick with you
say sue me - good people
the hang ups - cornerstore
starry eyed cadet - slow
pop at summer - summer is coming! [Indonesia]
blueboy - popkiss
the very most - her three-year old laugh or the time the microphones played in my living room
nah... - finger on the map [Germany+Netherlands]
smokescreens - fork in the road
brideshead - arrogance or elegance [Germany]
the vapour trails - sparky's dream (teenage fanclub cover)
low key crush - been waiting [Australia]
tugboat captain - day to day
the king in mirrors - stop and look
the geeks - the first time [Philippines]
strawberry whiplash - september saturday
nevver - nada me importa [Spain]
chavales - Ey, Que Estoy Aquí [Spain]
Band À Part - Supersimetría [Spain]
for tracy hyde - can little birds remember? [Japan]
teen runnings - dream life [Japan]
still dreams - addicted [Japan]
1:25pm Surf Set
martin cilia - apache
Los Frenéticos - palmira
rondo hatton - zero hour
didi wray & los tango boys - El Firulete
black flamingos - flamingo twist
the mobsmen - barbershop accident
reverberati - 77
strawberry generation - tango
the luxembourg signal - 2:22
ferns - ms. aligned [Malaysia]
red go cart - who urged me [Japan]
thank you please - secretly love you [Thailand]
stalopty - then you [Thailand]
the yearning - only when i'm dancing
the school - shoulder
all ashore! - 17 again
shop assistants - seems to be
the flatmates - happy all the time
the orchids - bemused, confused & bedraggled
swansea sound - corporate indie band
the pooh sticks - sweet baby james
talulah gosh - steaming train
tiger trap - hiding
cub - ticket to spain
strawberry story - close my eyes
brighter - if i could see
math and physics club - i know what i want
comet gain - saturday night facts of life
the lucksmiths - never & always
the siddeleys - you get what you deserve
the proctors - underwater
dent may - full speed ahead

Saturday, September 19, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the someloves - know you now
the jesus & mary chain - i can't get enough
lavender blush - i'm in love (jeremie ruest/topographies remix)
dronjo kept by 4 - jiminy [Japan]
my lucky day - no title [Japan]
eddy dillon - what do you say [Australia]
letting up despite great faults - release
sprinters - missing
strawberry generation - breakthrough feeling
the radio dept. - you're lookin' at my guy [Sweden]
silver swan - mother of pearl 
the fin. - over the hill [Japan]
lake heartbeat - pipedream [Sweden]
lake ruth - sad song
alpaca sports - books i've read [Sweden]
dent may - sea salt & caramel 'late checkout
chavales - dame veneno [Spain]
Band À Part - El Año Sin Verano [Spain]
cariño - Mierda Seca [Spain]
Cristina Quesada - Y Descubrir Que Te Quiero [Spain]
Linda Guilala - Nadie Se Dará Cuenta [Spain]
Fred Fredburguer - Tardes De Sol [Spain]
1:20pm Surf Set
martin cilia - end of summer
the jet tones - twangy
big surf - island serenade
blackball bandits - slalom under the pier
the volcanics - moonlight serenade
the aqua barons - anastenaris
the 427's - victory city
watoo watoo - ce vide [France]
le superhomard - elephant in the room [France]
magnetic fields - the dreaming moon
remington super 60 - still near [Norway]
tennis club - vodkas
caramel snow - who's afraid of sasha grey?
the beths - acrid [New Zealand]
grids and dots - the great divide [Australia]
project orange - play, pretend [Philippines]
the hannah barberas - every beat of my heart
the suncharms - jet plane
the proctors - not so far away
all ashore! - radio sunshine
smokescreens - i love only you
ferns - in seconds [Malaysia]
space cubs - the boy with the golden arrow [Indonesia]
den baron - (oh no, you can't leave me) halfway to Mexico [Germany]
stereolab - space moth
the boo radleys - wish i was skinny
yo la tengo - dreaming (blondie cover)
redd kross - how much more (the go-go's cover)
the muffs - rock & roll girl (paul collins beat cover)

Saturday, September 12, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
sunny summer day - in summertime (feat. cris miller) [Indonesia]
strawberry generation - i know it's sad but it must be done
the minders - red bus
lush - lit up
marine life - big sur
halfnoise - in the summer
breaking - cars
gypsy and the cat - bloom [Australia]
tesco chainstore mascara - tomorrow
lia pamina - wrap your love around my heart [Spain]
les bicyclettes de belsize - unsure
alpaca sports - i was running [Sweden]
acid house kings - tonight is forever [Sweden]
the clash - lost in the supermarket
the suncharms - 3 billion heartbeats
the bilinda butchers - less than
pains of being pure at heart - heaven's gonna happen now
marine research - hopefulness to hopelessness
heavenly - skipjack
the icicles - lemonade & somersaults
the school - i will see you soon
the like - release me
the push kings - i hate everyone but you
1:25pm Surf Set
the aquaholics - spy vs. spy
the reefriders - fiberglass and foam
el ray - hymn to all rays [Denmark]
terremotor - piratas do lago aratimbo [Brazil]
the lunatics - action plus [Finland]
ted boys marinos - adrenal [Brazil]
the aqua barons - anastenaris [Greece]
mane laundering - elephant clone [Japan]
close lobsters - just too bloody stupid
all ashore! - 17 again
the treasures of mexico - stick with you
lisasinson - volverte a enamorar [Spain]
lunchbox - dream parade
teen runnings - want you bad [Japan]
lake heartbeat - build the wall up [Sweden]
poploader - summerboy blues [Germany]
paul molloy - my madonna
ferns - displeasure cruise [Malaysia]
smokescreens - fork in the road
the lucksmiths - good light
the hang ups - the entry
the delgados - everybody come down
the hannah barberas - W.Y.E.
the decibels - (PFS) pessimist fight song
the king in mirrors - future glow
the sylvia platters - half measures
teenage fanclub - thin air
the wonder stuff - a song without an end
the charlatans UK - the only one i know
james - be my prayer
gene - still can't find the phone

Saturday, September 5, 2020

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
honeybunch - mine your own business
pale sunday - go ahead [Brazil]
jens lekman - two young lovers [Sweden]
velocity girl - tripping wires
the very most - patricia
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - at home (go go mix) [Japan]
jeanines - gone
lois - strumpet
tiny fireflies - so sad to say goodbye
tripping the light fantastic - heavy heart
lake - perfect fit
mocca - i would never [Indonesia]
majestic - bub
math and physics club - such a simple plan
silver screen - a little more each day
nice stupid playground - stereo girl [Malaysia]
camera obscura - i don't do crowds
seapony - dreaming
le superhomard - under a charm [France]
the go! team - her last wave
kero kero bonito - flyway
letting up despite great faults - keepsake
business of dreams - keep the blues away
la casa azul - Mis Nostálgicas Manías [Spain]
1:20pm Surf Set
men in grey suits - carcharias hustle
the starfires - billy's blues
los venturas - beach bunny
the mystery men? - sky lanterns
rondo hatton - fishtail
the surfites - ding in my board
the volcanics - vesuvian
magnetic fields - the dreaming moon
future bible heroes - living, loving, partygoing
lost tapes - poetry dates [Spain]
Capitán Sunrise - dicen que te vas [Spain]
Guatafán - pink punk party [Spain]
Cariño - souvenirs [Spain]
pictured resort - away to paradise [Japan]
kuchucamera - shonen buru [Japan]
for tracy hyde - be my blue [Japan]
juvenile juvenile - just like you do [Japan]
homecomings - dancing in the moonlight [Japan]
turks & caicos - subversive [Indonesia]
holiday - something about you
youth genius - flowers on her skirt [Japan]
the chills - molten gold
brideshead - the world stopped turning [Germany]
den baron - bonving [Germany]
cozy catastrophes - summer boy
days - downhill
tullycraft - lost in light rotation
the minders - i've been wondering
apples in stereo - skyway
the dentists - spaceman
the orange peels - back in san francisco