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Saturday, September 21, 2019

First hour of the show covered by my buddy Maynard G, then I step in at 1:00pm.

days - downhill
banana collection - teen wonder [Japan]
young agings - armor [Japan]
tv girl - lonely girls
SGGK - boy with dead eyes [Japan]
pictured resort - age of evening calm [Japan]
1:20pm Surf Set
the surfites - far and beyond
man or astro-man? - espanto del futuro
dick dale & his del-tones - break time
the kanaloas - the day of malibu war
the kilaueas - la gondola lactasia
los kahunas - 6G15
king pelican - morocco
tikiyaki orchestra - kono's revenge
the sweetest touch - too many dust, too many haze [Indonesia]
teen runnings - new power [Japan]
the seashells - lovebirds
evripidis and his tragedies - kati gia mena (featuring nalyssa green) [Greece]
lost tapes - rubber bracelet [Spain]
the fin. - gravity [Japan]
colormal - maximum [Japan]
the wedding present - panama
still dreams - satellite of you [Japan]
pure mids - walking in place
den baron - goodbye night [Germany]
the decibels - stupidity
attic lights - kings of whatever
tullycraft - vacaville
young guv - every flower i see
the proctors - letters to the girl
jeanines - why
doggy - spud [France]
munya - hotel delmano
anemone - vanilla (here we go again)
hibou - an hour of vision
starry eyed cadet - slow

Saturday, September 14, 2019

First half the show covered by Mr. Modular today, many thanks to him!

1:20pm Surf Set
los straitjackets - ashokan farewell
the volcanics - ship has sailed
the aqua barons - into the deep
the head henchmen - craig charles taxi
the mobsmen - barbershop accident
frankie and the pool boys - hang 'em high
burt rocket - the great brain robbery
hibou - flood
lost tapes - lost in youth [Spain]
the fin. - when the summer is over [Japan]
plant cell - escape (soft ballet cover) [Japan]
kero kero bonito - when the fires come
den baron - now is the time [Germany]
the last detail - trash core
foxes in fiction - rush to spark
heavenly - nous ne sommes pas des anges
JIV - for you [Japan]
watoo watoo - au fond des alles [France]
nixon - out of love [Sweden]
mumbly - 1, 2, i lost you
le superhomard - refuel [France]
doggy - les agisseurs [France]
freedom fry - je taime moi non plus (serge gainesbourg cover)
yelle - florence en italie [France]
picnic republic - time to feel alright [France]
the shapiros - paris kiss
clémentine - easy money [France]
the castaway stones - daydream of you at night

Saturday, September 7, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
surfer blood - summer song (Chad & Jeremy cover)
apples in stereo - signal in the sky
halfby - repeat [Japan]
den baron - now is the time [Germany]
rat fancy - making trouble
low perfection - see you
tori project - ai wa ossan o sukuu [Japan]
anri - remember summer days [Japan]
the last detail - places
la bien querida - ¿Qué? [Spain]
night flowers - fortune teller
the chesterfields - ask johnny dee
the suncharms - spaceship
picnic republic - man in the mirror [France]
no vacation - estrangers
the planet we can see - steps [Japan]
lia pamina & dario persi - midnight walk [Spain & Italy]
kero kero bonito - try me
pizzicato five - domino
cibo matto - beef jerky
the go! team - reason left to destroy
the very most - number five
starry eyed cadet - baby please come home
1:20pm Surf Set
rondo hatten - o.k. boys, let's get western
the aqua barons - zehra
the kilaueas - the dark wave smells
frankie and the pool boys - prayer wheel
the shockwave! - flow waves
the mobsmen - pow wow
the surf zombies - flat black
the whip hand - lay down
teen blush - felt like home
cigarettes after sex - heavenly
this certain kind - make your heart bleed
the memory fades - space pilot
doggy - oó tu vas [France]
terry vs tori - chambré [Spain]
the popguns - a miserable boy
dronjo kept by 4 - what a wonderful world [Japan]
the proctors - space station
miniature tigers - manic upswings
movienite - nervous rex
moon loves honey - crystal clear
piroshka - everlastingly yours
linda guilala - salga bien [Spain]
lost tapes - war in the netherlands
anemone - sunshine (back to the start)
happypills - swimming [Japan]
the sweetest touch - crystal shades [Indonesia]

Saturday, August 24, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
red sleeping beauty - pop song [Sweden]
winter & triptides - raio de sol
the fin. - gravity [Japan]
seazoo - throw it up
the wedding present - panama
dronjo kept by 4 - summer [Japan]
phobia quartet - we could do that though
magnapop - need to change
papa topo - sirenear [Spain]
king of prussia - actuary
young prisms - runner
two door cinema club - once
freedom fry - je taime moi non plus [serge gainesbourg cover]
california snow story - begin again
chastity belt - elena
queue dance - fringe of the affair
silver screen - a little more each day
den baron - the girl at the door [Germany]
the school - is he really coming home?
homecomings - you never kiss [Japan]
kero kero bonito - picture this
jens lekman - evening prayer [Sweden]
1:25pm Surf Set
the aqua barons - eesos
the spytones - surfing salzburg
audios amigos - el avispon
el supernaut - billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles
the surfites - the picador (excelsiors cover)
the insanitizers - dark eyes rock
the east coast tremors - sandblaster
martin cilia - end of summer
shin rizumu - tabi/journey [Japan]
tsuchiyamakoto - good morning and farewell [Japan]
math and physics club - broadcasting waves
ivory wave - uptown
picnic republic - make it happen! [France]
electric guest - waves
sci-fi lovestory - electrocutie
the primitives - spin-o-rama
the chills - molten gold
swimming tapes - cameos [Sweden]
the raveonettes - last dance
cut copy - take me higher
youthcomics - and his car [Japan]
when nalda became punk - when it'll come [Spain]
cozy catastrophes - go steady with me
lush - 500
del sur - been so long
picnic - in this cold [Estonia]
constatin veis - sweet hill observatory [Greece]
stray fossa - these days
the yearning - if i can't have you
moscow olympics - talk like this [Philippines]
humsikk - i can always be around you [Indonesia]
pushy parents - secret secret

Saturday, August 10, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
alpaca sports - a new boyfriend [Sweden]
talulah gosh - the girl with the strawberry hair
tullycraft - sent to the moon
heavenly - c is the heavenly option
space daze - close the curtains
plant cell - carolyn's fingers [cocteau twins cover] [Japan]
math and physics club - darling, please come home
pale sunday - unknown half [Brazil]
future bible heroes - living, loving, partygoing
magnetic fields - you and me and the moon
doggy -  les agisseurs [France]
brideshead - me and the stars and the sea [Germany]
den baron - would you hold me (if i die tonight)? [Germany]
the proctors - letters to the girl
dayflower - sweet georgia gazes
death by dumpling - the type who wants to enjoy movies from the trailer [Japan]
all ashore! - perfect popsong
the royal landscaping society - clean
the popguns - a miserable boy (remaster)
magnapop - need to change
hidenobu ito - shiny diamond [Japan]
tsuchiyamakoto - kotoba wa [Japan]
kero kero bonito - time today
1:20pm Surf Set
the chancellor - mach one
the meltones - surf clam!
west samoa surfer league - point zero
the concussions - stiletto
the razorblades - anthem for the beach freaks
de surfures - rock 'n' roll clef
le superhomard - paper girl [France]
still dreams - satellite of you [Japan]
the wedding present - go out and get 'em boy!
the death of pop - kiss me quickly
surfer blood - i melt with you (modern english cover)
the orchids - bemused, confused & bedraggled
the hannah barberas - it's not over for the heartache
jeanines - all the same
flying fish cove - sleight of hand
the popguns - carrying the fire
honey lung - nothing
lost tapes - teardrops [Spain]
evripidis and his tragedies - i files tis mamas mu [Greece]
the sweetest touch - bitter [Indonesia]
starry eyed cadet - stargazer
business of dreams - keep the blues away
young guv - patterns prevail
sea pinks - staycation
tracyanne & danny - cellophane girl
erin rae - gold plated
the yearning - never learn to cry
the school - i should do
blueboy - clear skies
jumprope - mary moon electric
gingerlys - better hearts

Saturday, August 3, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the death of pop - don't hang around
doggy - cheville oeil couer [France]
evripidis and his tragedies - o kobos-lagudaki [Greece]
lost tapes - rubber bracelet [Spain]
terry vs tori - cascais (ft foliage) [Spain]
anemone - endless dive [Canada]
the artisans - distant call
den baron - dito [Gemany]
stephen's shore - ocean blue [Sweden]
starry eyed cadet - slow
the proctors - footsteps
the ambient light - when i fade out
common or garden - bought
ether feels - kowloon sunset [Japan]
omoya - cider [Japan]
ai otsuka - sakuranbo [Japan]
kero kero bonito - swimming
pictured resort - someday [Japan]
the cure - in between days
jens lekman - you are the light [Sweden]
tokyo ska paradise orchestra - sekaichizu [Japan]
1:25pm Surf Set
the volcanics - starry eyes
the aqua barons - lonely siren
los straitjackets - game of thrones
the seatopians - canadian dream girl
the apaches - pacific coast highway
rondo hatten - storm surge
the mobsmen - barbershop accident
the sweetest touch - bitter [Indonesia]
happypills - floe [Japan]
rat fancy - finely knitted
munya - dove [Canada]
lips - in summer
the perfect english weather - she isn't counting on a miracle
photo-ops - palm trees
band of horses - dilly
stone irr - all we want anymore
miniature tigers - easy as all that
cheerbleederz - staying up late
the popguns - can i kick it? (remaster)
tv girl - on land
lush - lit up
the radio dept. - heaven's on fire [Sweden]
orange peels - something in you
acid house kings - what you wanna do [Sweden]
camera obscura - french navy
CSS - hits me like a rock [Brazil]
cut copy - black rainbows
wild nothing - chinatown
the pains of being pure at heart - simple and sure
the go! team - her last wave

Saturday, July 6, 2019

This will be the only show for July since I'll be out the next 3 Saturdays--tune in to Mohammed July 13 on Alumni Takeover Week (see below for the schedule), and Tommy Fox & Irie-Sistable on July 20 & 27!)

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
teen runnings - new power [Japan]
den baron - i just walked the wrong way [Germany]
pictured resort - the age of evening calm [Japan]
gomes the hitman - kotoba wa uso-tsuki [Japan]
superfriends - because of you [Japan]
hibou - clarity
terry vs tori - cascais (ft. foliage) [Spain]
tv girl - girls like me
the ballet - love letter
transit my youth - help [Japan]
yonezawa morihito - fuyu no hajime (early winter) [Japan]
kung-fu girl - anorak [Japan]
loveles - david (ft. like this parade) [Japan]
silver screen - really no wonder
tesco chainstore mascara - just the weight you are
strawberry whiplash - stop, look, and listen
brideshead - the mermaid [Germany]
northern portrait - some people [Denmark]
jens lekman - wedding in finistere [Sweden]
kero kero bonito - make believe
le superhomard - papergirl [France]
young agings - remember me [Japan]
1:20pm Surf Set
the kanaloas - bronzee bull
burt rocket - ho-dad hot dog
blackball bandits - saturday night (end of the world)
the meltones - the perfect wave
the concussions - have mersey
the mobsmen - le mans
rondo hatten - blast off
los venturas - makaha surf
camera obscura - i don't do crowds
the hit parade - the queen of mousehole
munya - hotel delmano
anemone - she's the one
double françoise - loin de toi [France]
star tropics - the other side of midnight
cristina quesada - love at third sight [Spain]
la casa azul - el final de amor eterno [Spain]
stereolab - super-electric
acid house kings - under water [Sweden]
apples in stereo - tidal wave
holiday - ace tone
heavenly - ben sherman
marine research - parallel horizontal
the school - let it slip
alpaca sports - i'll do anything you want [Sweden]

Alumni Takeover Schedule
Sunday July 7
6am Micky Weems
9am TBA
12pm Pat Rock
3pm DJ No Request
6pm Shere'e
9pm Jojo
Monday July 8
6am Roman Candles
9am DJ Cassie Jane
12pm PHDJ
3pm DJ Hang the DJ
6pm TBA
9pm Native Girl
Tuesday July 9
6am DJ MarcNado & Rhombus
9am Dr. Dread
12pm Dale Machado
3pm Imani Ayat
6pm DJ Ling
9pm Randi
Wednesday July 10
6am DJ Tommy Fox & Irie-Sistable
9am DJ Sazz
12pm Jimmy Craine
3pm Generic DJ
6pm Mr. Nick
9pm Joan 9
Thursday July 11
6am TBA
9am Steve Stoddard
12pm Lori
3pm Caju
6pm Native Girl
9pm Kavet the Catalyst
Friday July 12
6am TBA
9am DJ Sazz
12pm Fred Barbaria
3pm TBA
6pm Davey Shindig
9pm DJ Mala
Saturday July 13
6am TBA
9am Brother J
12pm Mohammed
3pm Prince of Darkness
6pm Blakeney
9pm DJ Popolo

Saturday, June 29, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the decibels - poor sidney
young guv - every flower i see
hibou - an hour of vision
lost tapes - the bill
neleonard - el ultimo segundo [Spain]
tennis club - stay
doggy - Tout Ce Qu'elle Est Devenue [France]
jeanines - either way
the catenary wires - dream town
remington super 60 - the highway again [Norway]
cristina quesada - estar a tu lado [Spain]
frankie cosmos - windows
orange & lemons - pag-big sa tabing dagat [Philippines]
they go boom!! - missing person
the nivens - let loose of my knee
heavenly - fat lenny
the fairways - get it right
teen runnings - new power [Japan]
pictured resort - age of evening calm [Japan]
kero kero bonito - flyway
la casa azul - la revolucion sexual (2019 DJ friendly mix) [Spain]
red sleeping beauty - someone somewhere [Sweden]
tullycraft - midi midinette
1:25pm Surf Set
the aquamarines - gemstar
the head henchmen - craig charles taxi
burt rocket - lobster boat
the volcanics - quickdraw
los straitjackets - medley: dancing with the stars/sex in the city
drifting sand - surf, surf, surf
the concussions - flicksville
rondo hatten - untitled pop anthem
MUNYA - benjamin [Canada]
frode fivel - pour your sunshine [Norway]
kishi bashi - penny rabbit and summer bear
superchunk - water wings (2019 acoustic)
sambassadeur - kors [Sweden]
cariño - souvenirs [Spain]
alpaca sports - books i've read [Sweden]
le superhomard - SDVB [France]
fanclub - leaves
azure blue - event horizon [Sweden]
jens lekman - i saw her in the anti-war demonstration [Sweden]
rat fancy - RIP future
jetstream pony - self-destruct reality
the siddeleys - every day of every week
the buildings - room so small (big version)
okaydokeyband - thick and thin (feat. dent may)
lia pamina - party in the night [Spain]
the BVs - gentiana
the suncharms - one i see
ride - making judy smile
teenage fanclub - speed of light
space daze - cosmic sign

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Celebrating the beginning of summer on today's show!

during the show:
after the show:

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the proctors - summer begins
alpaca sports - summer days [Sweden]
gold motel - summer house
brown recluse - summer showers
the french pop dream - the 1st day of summer
nah... - summer's failing [Germany/Netherlands]
the recreations - hot summer days [Japan]
verandah - let's summer [Japan]
future bible heroes - real summer
evening cinema - everlasting summer [Japan]
special favorite music - summer serve [Japan]
wonder wonder - shoka, dakashiya e hashiru [Japan]
cozy catastrophes - summer boy
postal blue - summer is what you call it [Brazil]
the very most - a mid-80's lower-middle class family summer road trip
space daze - woke up in the summer (shiny times cover)
peonies - summer [Indonesia]
kero kero bonito - forever summer holiday
the school - summer's here
acid house kings - i write summer songs for no reason [Sweden]
sunny summer day - in summertime (new version) [Indonesia]
carnival park - this feels like summer [Philippines]
linus of hollywood - summer on your shoulders
1:25pm Surf Set
aqua velvets - summer at dreampoint
martin cilia - end of summer
the beach boys - surfer girl
frankie and the pool boys - summer cold
los kahunas - another summer song
halfnoise - in the summer
wild nothing - summer holiday
tahiti 80 - coldest summer (the reflex revision) [France]
the pains of being pure at heart - summer of dreams
when nalda became punk - summer, you and me [Spain]
strawberry story - summer scene
sunny intervals - until the summer
pocketbooks - summertime
true love always - summer trains and tears
aaps - summer trip [Japan]
aberdeen - super sunny summer
jacob borshard and helena sundin - summer will have its way
the bridge - summertime
gingerlys - summer cramps
star tropics - summer rain
strawberry whiplash - looking out for summer
youth in my videotapes - summer rain, beside me [Japan]
someday - summer project [Thailand]
the moments - summershine [Japan]
the electric pop group - summer's day
magic kids - summer
youthcomics - summer crawl [Japan]
the ambient light - summer thoughts

Saturday, June 15, 2019

during the show:
after the show:

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
alpaca sports - just like them [Sweden]
cariño - souvenirs [Spain]
le superhomard - domino [France]
hatchie - sugar & spice
the last detail - tears
moscow olympics - talk like this [Philippines]
cristina quesada - quand on est ensemble [Spain]
la casa azul - hasta perder el control [Spain]
linda guilala - estado natural [Spain]
los bonsáis - sin avisar [Spain]
neleonard - ¿Dónde Están Los Niños? [Spain]

tennis club - vodkas

lia pamina - talking to myself [Spain]
naive super - pacific sketches [Japan]
the school - do i love you
the primitives - petals
orange & lemons - isang gabi [Philippines]
mysteries of life - kira's coming over
the kensingtons - S is for singing sha la la
kero kero bonito - the open road
azure blue - event horizon [Sweden]
sambassadeur - KORS [Sweden]
wallflower - feverfew [Japan]
1:25pm Surf Set
surf muscle - korobeiniki
the volcanics - the creature
the aqua barons - zehra
rondo hatton - surf party
the kilaueas - santa cruz
the kanaloas - toxica
piroshka - village of the damned
happypills - maldive [Japan]
featherfin - godstar (psychic tv cover) [Norway]
hibou - your echo (to remember)
marble arch - gold [France]
jeanines - falling off my feet again
elva - airport town
rat fancy - stay cool
bubblegum lemonade - an avenue in France
the sunbathers - freiston shore
peaness - same place
nah... - road trip [Germany/Netherlands]
anemone - endless dive
yoshida shonen - usagi no tsuno [Japan]
nixon - secret secret [Sweden]
the boo radleys - if you want it, take it
the minders - if you're lonely
heavenly - different day
talulah gosh - the girl with the strawberry hair
the decibels - that's when happiness began
the  hi-fives - let's hear a cheer
the mr. t experience - spy vs. spy
the push kings - sunday on the west side

Saturday, June 8, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
spazzkid - daytime disco feat. neon bunny (remixed by kero kero bonito)
fragile flowers - marionette sings in the garden [Japan]
le superhomard - paper girl (cucumber remix) [France]
bubblegum lemonade - an avenue in France
hibou - inside illumination
nevver - you are the universe [Spain]
the suncharms - reflections
doggy - tout ce quelle est devenue [France]
orange & lemons - pag-big sa tabing dagat [Philippines]
shiny times - easy
the very most - we don't have any cuts to waste
heavenly - so little deserve
charmwood - the best thing to happen
brideshead - love in june [Germany]
english singles - ordinary girls
camera obscura - away with murder
velocity girl - drug girls
acid house kings - brighter [Sweden]
the cardigans - rise and shine [Sweden]
sambassadeur - stuck [Sweden]
pizzicato five - magic carpet ride [Japan]
kero kero bonito - trampoline (saint etienne remix)
1:25pm Surf Set
rondo hatton - fishtail
the doltones - mysterioso
the shockwave! - take on me
tennis club - bella vista surf
reverberati - los gatos
frankie and the pool boys - seafoam angels
dronjo kept by 4 - orange (remaster) [Japan]
frode fivel - pour your sunshine [Norway]
my darling you! - thanks for letting me stay
flying fish cove - johnny paper
superchunk - driveway to driveway (acoustic)
le superhomard - gentle wind (the american spring) [France]
munya - benjamin [Canada]
azure blue - millions of stars
putochinomaricon - ojala (te murieras) [Spain]
the pearly gatecrashers - i'm dreaming
the aislers set - my boyfriend (could be a spanish man)
the pirouettes - rever de toi [France]
saint etienne - side streets
stereolab - nothing to do with me
my favorite - cult hero, come home
watoo watoo - les reflets [France]
candids - young [France]
brilliant colors - how much younger
tennis club - pink sweater! pink shoes!
the gentle isolation - alone for a while [Philippines]
tsuchiyamakoto - machiawase [Japan]
part time - it's alright with me

Saturday, June 1, 2019

super furry animals - juxtaposed with u
the groovy cellar - this is tomorrow [Germany]
daisy jaine - desert meets forest [Japan]
kero kero bonito - build it up
hanadorobow - baby blue [Japan]
munya - hotel delmano [Canada]
moscow olympics - ocean sign [Philippines]
red sleeping beauty - tonight [Sweden]
alpaca sports - baby pop [Sweden]
dronjo kept 4 - me insiders men [Japan]
the leisure society - overheard
bubblegum lemonade - first dance for the last time
death by dumpling - amore [Japan]
okeydokeyband - thick and thin (feat. dent may)
señalada - sabes bien [Spain]
sasami - not the time
velcro curtis - burwick hall [Australia]
teen runnings - hair wax 95 [Japan]
fragile flowers - chinohate shijo no toki [Japan]
jens lekman - hotwire the ferris wheel [Sweden]
le superhomard - domino [France]
two door cinema club - dirty air
pictured resort - someday [Japan]
1:25pm Surf Set
rondo hatton - socorro
the volcanics - ship has sailed
the aqua barons - horror spa
the apaches - pacific coast highway
the seatopians - canadian dream girl
los straitjackets - ashokan farewell (theme from ken burns' the civil war)
the surf coasters - happy easter!
frankie rose - in your house (cure cover)
coral collapse - never go
night channels - sweet
seaside - sycamore
azure blue - millions of stars [Sweden]
lisasinson - barakaldo [Spain]
san francisco - todos los besos del mundo [Spain]
dent may - oh paris!
bubblegum lemonade - heaven with you
girl friday - decoration/currency
tsuchiyamakoto - kazedayori [Japan]
les bicyclettes de belsize - withnail and i
lia pamina - keep on dancing [Spain]
monnone alone - summer of the mosquito [Australia]
the suncharms - tranquil day
rose hotel - write home
the shipbuilders - silk road
smiles - gone for good
doug tuttle - did you need someone
sanctuary lakes - our life together
snail mail - heat wave
pure mids - walking in place